Going Nuts in Tampa and CNN Has a Major Fail

Going Nuts in Tampa and CNN Has a Major Fail


Everyone in new media is talking about how two republicans at their convention in Tampa threw nuts at a CNN camerawoman (yes woman, stay classy wingnuts) and called her an animal. This, of course, is not news. We have come to expect this type of behavior from the Neanderthals on the right.

But this post isn’t even about the knuckle dragging bunch in Tampa and their frat boy like and ignorant behavior. This is about the main stream media,– CNN in particular—and how they have bent over backwards to avoid real stories in order to make this election about two viable candidates for president.

The fact that a CNN camerawoman was harassed and CNN hardly reported it is a disgrace. But we have come to expect this. No wonder their ratings are tanking.  We haven’t heard, for instance, any questions about Mitt’s church and their pre 1978 view of blacks. We haven’t heard any questions about Paul Ryan co-sponsoring a very draconian bill towards women with Congressman Todd Akin, and let’s not forget his bill which specifically calls for cuts in Medicare.

What we have seen and heard, was a disgraceful report from CNN’s Gloria Borger. ( I am no Ron Paul fan, but good for him for walking out on her interview)

“In 1968, France was a dangerous place to be for a 21-year-old American but Mitt Romney was right in the middle of it.” — CNN

Come again?