IMPACT Launches #VoteReady

IMPACT Launches #VoteReady


On August 15, IMPACT launched the #VoteReady campaign, which is designed to help answer three questions:

  • Am I prepared to vote?
  • Am I registered to vote?
  • Where do I cast my vote?

The campaign will provide individuals with answers to these critical questions. IMPACT’s goal is to prepare, engage, and educate youth and young professionals to ensure American citizens are equipped and prepared to go to the polls on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.  #VoteReady will also increase voter education and engagement among those who are disproportionately affected by recently enacted voter identification laws.

“Since the beginning of 2011, 176 restrictive voting bills have been proposed in 41 states and have become law in 14 states. These statistics are alarming,” said IMPACT Director Joe Briggs. “The #VoteReady movement is designed to not only mobilize young people, but also to keep them informed.”

Through #VoteReady, voters will be able to:

  • identify polling locations;
  • contact boards of election;
  • access state by state voting deadlines; and
  • equip targeted audiences with best practices to educate community members on vote readiness.

“More than five million voters have been affected by these laws with a large and disproportionate impact on people of color and young adults, which are two demographics that IMPACT serves,” said IMPACT Director Angela Rye. “By providing resources about voter registration opportunities on our website and through our #VoteReady twitter initiative we hope to substantially decrease the potential impact of these laws.”

IMPACT is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage and build a network of young professionals of color to foster civic engagement, increase knowledge of the political and legislative processes, and enhance economic empowerment opportunities. For additional information about IMPACT, visit or follow @teamIMPACT for #VoteReady updates.