Augusta National Golf Club Admits First Black Female: Condi Rice

Augusta National Golf Club Admits First Black Female: Condi Rice


Augusta National Golf Club Chairman Billy Payne announced today that former Secretary of State Condi Rice will be a member of the club.  She will be their first Black female member in history.  Former polices at Augusta mandated that all caddies be Black and that no women could join.

Augusta National Golf Club opened in 1932 and did not admit a Black member until 58 years later in 1990.  Augusta National only invited and accepted a Black member following a controversy at another all white country club, Shoal Creek Golf and Country Club, located in Alabama.  Tiger Woods has won the club’s tournament, The Masters, 4 times.  He won the first time in 1997 only 7 years after the club admitted their first Black member.

Rice will be a member along with South Carolina businesswoman Darla Moore.  Rice and Moore will be the first two female members of the club in the 80 year history of Augusta National.

Rice is also the first Black woman to be the provost of Stanford University where she is currently a professor.  Other member of Augusta National Golf Club include Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Jack Welch.

Rice was quoted in USA Today as saying, “I am delighted and honored to be a member of Augusta National Golf Club. I have visited Augusta National on several occasions and look forward to playing golf, renewing friendships and forming new ones through this very special opportunity.  I have long admired the important role Augusta National has played in the traditions and history of golf. I also have immense respect for the Masters Tournament and its commitment to grow the game of golf, particularly with youth, here in the United States and throughout the world.”