Romney Ads Feature 98% White Male World with Zero Blacks or Latinos

Romney Ads Feature 98% White Male World with Zero Blacks or Latinos


Someone tell Team Mitt: We get it. You’re courting white blue collar males.  If anyone was hazy about who exactly the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney is focused on and whose votes they are trying to win, a glance at his latest ads would answer the question.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with courting anybody and focusing on a key constituency.  But with 50 million Hispanics, 40 million Black people and 157 million women of all colors in the U.S., the omissions are striking.

Romney’s ads display a narrowly constructed world of men with few women and no color in an effort that is borderline obsessive.  Could it be an accident or pure coincidence that no one in Romney’s latest ads is either Latino or Black?  Though women represent more than half the population in the U.S., only one scene in Romney’s ad on welfare focuses on a female.  In the latest Medicare ad men dominate the imagery once again.

Yesterday in Ohio Romney stood in front of a large group of coal miners. You guessed it: All white males. Few women could even be seen on the outskirts of the scene the campaign staged for the media.  In photos posted on the Romney flickr site there was a lone woman on the edge of an all white male image of Romney greeting coal miners who appeared to be a Romney campaign staff member.

The Republican party tent would appear to have narrowed in recent years.  At a time when Latinos are one of the fastest growing demographics in the U.S., the Romney campaign’s policy agenda has found a singular target.

Under former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele there was talk in the GOP of trying to recruit minorities into the party.  That talk has now completely vanished.

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  1. Thats because he doesnt pander to all groups like Oblamo and biden…gays,illegals, blacks, hispanics all this admin does is PANDER and vilify others. The Obama admin MUST GO. Nov 6th is the day of reckoning.

  2. DeanO,

    Are you saying that Romney's pandering is OK because he is only pandering to one group: white males?????
    If pandering is a bad thing to do isn't it at least as as bad to pander to one group as it is to pander to lots of groups? Indeed, isn't it worse to pander to one group since doing so excludes everyone else? If Obama is pandering to lots of groups then Romney is pandering to one group and in my view pandering to lots of groups is morally superior to pandering to one group because at least pandering to lots of groups is more democratic and inclusive than pandering to one group.