Man Files Lawsuit to Keep Black Man from Bagging His Groceries

Man Files Lawsuit to Keep Black Man from Bagging His Groceries


There are some stories that are so racist that you don’t actually get angry you’re actually kindof shocked that people are that creative. Like the Trayvon Martin shooting gallery, or the All White Basketball League. I mean who has time to come up with so many different ways to not like black people? Apparently DeWitt R. Thomas has found a new religious way to express those beliefs.

In a story that actually makes me chuckle at his audacity Thomas is suing Keith Langston owner of the Two Rivers Grocery & Market in Big Sandy Texas for letting a black man touch his groceries. Literally. DeWitt in his handwritten court statement admits that when he was paying for his groceries a black bag boy began to put his purchases away and he said:

“Wait a minute, don’t touch my groceries. I can’t have someone negroidal touch my food. It’s against my creed.”

First, can I patent the word “negroidal”? Every once in awhile I hear a new racist word that’s so outlandish I want to make sure it can be remembered for posterity. Apparently Thomas insisted that his groceries be bagged by someone of a less contemptable race and then left the store. When he came back a second time and made the same request the store owner called the cops and charged the man with criminal trespass. There are questions as to whether or not DeWitt stayed past closing time to complain about being forced to deal with a ‘black bagger’ again, or if the store was really closing but that is not discouraging his lawsuit. According to interviews DeWitt claims that his Vedism belief (an offshoof of Hinduism) gives him freedom from such invasive experiences as black baggers and thus his rights were violated when the store insisted he have a black bagger and when the cops were called.

 Maybe it’s the way of the world because in the last two weeks I’ve found myself siding with the wrong side of history (first with the Chick-Fil-A owner and now this) but DeWitt Thomas does have a point. He has every right to say that he doesn’t want a black man bagging his groceries. And the store owner has every right to say “Too bad you accept who’s there to bag or you bag your own.” But of course that’s dealing with the higher theoretical issues about fairness and business which is not what this is about. The reason the law does not allow belief’s like Thomas’s to be accommodated is because you’d have people refusing to be operated on by women doctors, or not accepting parking tickets from Asian cops, or refusing to follow laws handed down by Black Presidents….oh wait….

Anyway, this case won’t go anywhere, hand written court filings don’t play too well with judges in a state that would rather put you to death than try you, but there is a lesson to be learned in all of this. If you’re going to be a racist, you should probably find a way to shop for, buy and bag your own groceries. Given that black people are allowed to work for pay in this country it’s pretty hard to ‘Avoid the groid’.


  1. Boy, I'm glad I wasn't at this store. I live in Hawaii & we don't do this kind of shit ! That fat ass would have a very mean physical confrontation with me, regardless if I went to jail just to prove a point. Where the hell was this guy raised ?? This is America, does he know this ??

    • Boy am I glad, too. Esp since the ‘fat ass’ you would’ve beaten up is the grocery store owner protecting your illiterate, violent animal friends.

  2. Sadly Kanaka, he does know that this is America, home of the KKK, the Aryan Nation, and various other hate groups (45 different ones in Texas alone). For all of the progress this country has made in its very short history there is still much vestigial hatred. Think of the country like a branch of the evolutionary tree. Every great, not so great, and down right disgusting milestone in our history represents a new species. We have evolved rapidly, but like whales who still have vestiges of their land dwelling days (ambliocetus forgive the spelling errors), we still have vestiges of our days of slavery, jim crow, and the civil rights era that show their ugly faces from time to time. With enough time hopefully this hatred will be weeded out and lost forever because it is harmful to the society.

    I agree that if I had heard that guy say something like that he would have had a very very angry 5'6" white guy on his hands (apparently even though lacking in size and stature, when angered I get scary). I have in the past "escorted" racists from my place of business, and I feel it would have been my responsibility to make sure that this man realizes how disgusting he truly is.

  3. Has anyone been able to obtain a copy of his nine page letter? As one of the people that he would not have been allowed to bag his groceries, (as though that would somehow be MY pleasure) I am pretty sure that I would find it very entertaining.

    • You’re lucky to live in a White Man’s Country. Otherwise you may have been kidnapped and sold for 12 bucks in Nigeria. Filthy spook.

  4. Let's be clear here: the guy in the white shirt and glasses is the store owner who told the peckerwood never to come back in his store. I assume the guy in the wife beater is the peckerwood.

    • You would have gotten TEN FRIENDS to beat a lone White man’s ass!

      (And you wonder why we see you as sub-human! You NEVER fight one-on-one because you are SCARED the descendants of your former Masters will remind you of why YOU were the slave.

      Your ancestors couldn’t conquer the superior African tribes that beat them in conflict and they couldn’t prevent them from selling them to Jewish slave traders.

      What weak males you are.