Voter Fraud: 4 GOP Staffers Indicted in “Blatant and Disgraceful” Election Fraud

Voter Fraud: 4 GOP Staffers Indicted in “Blatant and Disgraceful” Election Fraud


Four congressional staffers of former Republican Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), who resigned from Congress on July 6, will face criminal felony charges for voter and election fraud in Michigan.  The charges were announced by Michigan’s Attorney General today.

The election fraud, described as “blatant,” includes forgery and faking petition signatures including using old signatures from past election forms.  The voting fraud listed in the indictment report would appear to be the type of criminal activity that various voter ID laws recently passed would not have prevented.

“The approach taken was disgraceful,” said Michigan’s Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette, who announced the charges today.  According to a report by the Attorney General’s office, McCotter’s staff had “completely lost its moral compass.”

Schuette said the staffers undertook forgery and election fraud and executed, “cut and paste jobs that would make an elementary school teacher cringe.”

“The district got stiffed. People got stiffed,” the Attorney General Schuette said.

“Public service is not a game. This is not frat boys go to Washington. This is not a garage band in D.C. … It’s not some little fun exercise that you go to Washington or Lansing and it’s frat boy or ‘Animal House’ goes to the Capitol,” Schuette told reporters today.

The Detroit Free Press, reports that McCotter’s staff “pasted signatures from 2006 onto petitions for this year’s election.”  Michigan’s 11th district where the election fraud took place is one of the wealthiest in Michigan with an average income of $59,000.

Republican legislatures across the country, such as Texas, Florida and Ohio, have passed voter ID laws and shortened early voting saying that fraud was a problem.  Widespread cases of voter fraud have yet to be uncovered.

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  1. If they are going to break the law, they need to learn how to do it like the pros. No one gets away with it like the libs, ACORN, etc. Oh yeah, wait, there IS not voter fraud!! What was I thinking….

  2. Bwahaha! Big Bob, have you been living under a rock since 2008? That ACORN BS has been debunked many, many times since then.
    From PolitiFact – McCain: The ACORN Fables

    In another attempt to paint groups and people with whom Obama has some connection in as unsavory a light as possible, McCain has gone after the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. And we’ve gone after him, for an ad accusing the group of "massive voter fraud" and for saying in the final presidential debate that ACORN is "now on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history in this country, maybe destroying the fabric of democracy."

    Both claims are breathtakingly inaccurate. There’s a huge difference between voter fraud and voter registration fraud. And while ACORN, which hires part-time, $8-an-hour canvassers to go door-to-door and register people to vote, has had widespread problems with phony registrations invented by employees who don’t want to work, the problem has never been that it sent people to the polls using bogus identities or to vote in any other fraudulent manner. Even the Republican prosecutor of the largest ACORN case to date said the shenanigans of ACORN workers were "not intended to permit illegal voting."

  3. Typical.

    Republicultists were behind many of the ACORN problems, too….

    See, when you’re out canvassing and collecting voter registrations, you’re REQUIRED by law to turn in ALL registrations you receive, even if you know they’re bogus. (Good law.) ACORN turned them in, as REQUIRED, in separate batches from the real ones, flagged as problems.

    And there were a number of cases to which I was personally witness wherein blockwalkers were approached by individuals obviously not local residents and handed stacks of registration cards “collected around campus” or “around my block.”

    And when the names were checked… Mickey lives in some of the VERY nice Republican/Rightwing parts of town.

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