A $1000,000 Horse: Mitt Romney’s Tone-Deafness

A $1000,000 Horse: Mitt Romney’s Tone-Deafness


The day before the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney provided yet another reason why he is not as prepared for the presidency as the athletes are for the Olympics.

Romney’s ill-considered remarks that London was not ready for the Olympics insulted the British. Even GOP pundits agree that Romney’s remark is “beyond human understanding.” Romney is, of course, in London, to watch his wife Anne’s horse in the dressage competition. If you are like the rest of the 99% and do not know what dressage competition is like, here is a primer on the subject.  A good dressage horse, by the way, goes for north of $100,000.

Surely, you can afford it. Just take Romney’s advice and ask your parents for the money. Oh no, silly, that is what you do for college tuition.

I can only imagine the political hay Democrats will make of the fact that Romney’s 2012 Olympic experience is in insulting the British and competing in perhaps the most expensive, elitist sport possible.

Romney won’t hear the critiques of course, walled off as he is in car elevator, which cost just $55,000. You realize you could get two car elevators for just one dressage horse. What a deal!

You think I jest, don’t you? How does Romney afford all this, you ask? Good question. First, you start by hiding all your moneywhere it is exceedingly difficult to find. Don’t think bad of him for doing so, though, as Senator Lindsey Graham describes this activity as “really American.” We should all hide our money. Hmm…where have I seen this before? That’s right, Greece. Hiding from the tax man has really worked wonders there, we should do the same, shouldn’t we, Governor Romney?

Wouldn’t it have been less embarrassing for Romney to just make a quick $10,000 side bet on Anne’s horse?

Romney likes to talk about how he will be a better president for the middle-class, but I am not sure he could find the middle-class if you dropped him off in the middle of a suburban shopping mall.

Romney is so tone-deaf to the concerns of the middle and working-class that it strains credulity that that presidential race is close. It helps to have a small handful of very rich persons save you. Maybe everybody should have a Super PAC. If not, just ask your parents for the money.