Torrence Brown Jr.: Aurora Shooting is the Fault of Dark Knight, Files...

Torrence Brown Jr.: Aurora Shooting is the Fault of Dark Knight, Files First Lawsuit


Spoiler Warning: If you haven’t See the Dark Knight Rises and plan to, you probably shouldn’t read any further.

The underlying plot of “Dark Knight Rises” is that many of the city’s problems were solved based on a lie. That at the end of the second Batman film, Commissioner Gordon and Batman agree that he’ll take the fall for the death of Harvey Dent, which in turn allowed the mayor and Gordon to push through tough anti-crime legislation that cleaned up the city, but left jails bubbling over like a powder keg about to explode. This deception was then used by Bane to create a fake populist uprising to get what he wanted. Unfortunately the same thing can be said about Torrence Brown Jr.

Torrence who survived the theatre shooting in Aurora was physically but not emotionally unscathed. One of his best friends was killed in the massacre and he has lawyered up and is seeking justice. Now, given than the perpetrator of the crime James Holmes is already in custody and doesn’t have much in the bank (Unless Torrence wants some of his NIH grant money) who exactly is Torrence planning on suing? According to his lawyers who spoke with TMZ, he is suing the theatre for failing to have security at the doors where Holmes entered, the doctors who prescribed Holmes medicine but did not properly follow up on him and then Warner Brothers films for creating the ‘violence’ that Holmes sought to imitate in his attack. That’s right Commissioner Gordon, let’s find a scapegoat.

I have no idea what kind of pain and trauma Torrence Brown Jr. is in, but this case smells of an ambulance chasing lawyer looking to exploit a massacre survivor for a quick payout. I don’t see how James Holmes’ doctors can be held responsible for a grown man going crazy and killing people. It’s not as if he were some deranged student on a college campus who should have been removed, he was a private citizen who had gone for psychological help. Whom were they to warn? Along the same lines, Warner Brothers can be accused of a great many things, jacking up cable rates, producing lousy movies, and hijacking my childhood cartoons onto one cable channel, but according to Torrence Brown’s lawyer Donald Karpel’s interview with TMZ:

“Dark Knight Rises” was particularly violent and Holmes mimicked some of the action.  The attorney says theater goers were helpless because they thought the shooter was part of the movie.  Karpel tells TMZ, “Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today.”

If the goal is to do something about violence that is laudable but I sincerely doubt all of the blame can be placed on a movie that – at the time of the shooting – had only been on the screen for 15 minutes. I can assure you, the first 15 minutes of this film were MUCH less violent than previous film. And clearly this crime was planned long before this man entered the movie. About the only element to this lawsuit that I can think of with a modicum of merit is suing the movie theatre for not keeping the doors secure, but I’m fairly certain that it wouldn’t have mattered whether they doors were locked or not.

The tragedy in Colorado is one that will take people a lifetime to recover from, but in some cases, the main person to blame can’t give you any relief or justice or closure. Focusing on easy scapegoats like theatres and doctors and movie studios might feel nice in the short term but they won’t answer the painfully lingering question of why this massacre happened. And even the man directly responsible probably can’t answer that question.


  1. So sick of everyone filling lawsuits left right and centre, your friend is dead and all you can think about is ways to make a bit of money from it. Sick b******

    • I would say that Holmes is much much worse. The key in this instance is also the lawyer. I think that the lawyers in this case are taking advantage of people who are still in shock and grieving. It's much easier to convince someone that there is someone to 'blame' when they are in shock about what happened.

  2. Pathetic– of all the victims to come out of this filing a suit, it's one of those who was completely untouched. He attended this movie, and therefore sought to bear witness to violence for entertainment. He's taking advantage of the suffering that this has caused in order to gain money. He should be angry with Holmes, and his justification for feeling anger toward any other source has made his presence within the argument less useful than that of a child. He doesn't even realize that he is attempting to impede upon the constitutional rights of/ preclude to the ability of certain organizations (Warner Bros. in this case) to produce ideas that we (including ALL OF THOSE WHO ATTENDED THE MOVIE) as a population have always found entertaining. "They start by taking the things that we enjoy, then they take what we need." You're attempting to stimulate the fall of freedom, Torrence.

    Get out.

  3. I think if anyone gets any money at all they should put it in a fund for the families of those that died and for those that may be facing hospital expesnse and future rehab instead of giving it to someone like this….this just smells….it will be inresting to see who does what…instead of helping and thinking of the ones who died and are still in the hopital…not even a week you have something like this…

  4. What a noob, you didn't have a problem paying to watch the violence that you claim was at fault. If anyone should get $, it should be those who were injured and the families of those lost. As Don King would say "only in America".

  5. Give him the money he lost for the ticket and call it a day! They can't lock Emergency exits…it's against fire code to do so… and they can't have people watching them 24/7, so even that part of the lawsuit is a looser. He should be happy he walked away with his life…some were not as lucky. It was a tragedy that could not be prevented any way we cut it… blame the Dr., blame the movie theater, blame the makers of the movie, it still will not take away from the fact that a senseless crime took place and people were killed and injured. Be thank full you were not one of them.

  6. The Theatre Did NOT Provide Security for a Door Which is Only Operable From The Inside Out…An EMERGENCY/EXIT. Does that "red flag" anything people? SOMEONE From INSIDE the Theatre Had to Open the Door To Give HOLMES ACCESS!!!. ATTORNEYS KNOW THIS, So this is a Bullshit Lawsuit. Period. There Was More Than One Shooter, The 1st 20 Minutes of Police Tapes Do NOT LIE…But the Feds Do.

    • Yes, someone from inside opened the door to let him inside the theater….the shooter himself. He purchased a ticket, walked inside the theater, walked out the emergency exit, propped it open, and went out to his car. This has been verified and corraborated numerous times by the other patrons of theater 9.

    • What, in your brain, is causing you to seek out a conspiracy theory even where there is CLEARLY NOT ONE? What other 'red flags' do you obsess over? I am genuinely interested. I know the Net provides a platform for all these sick people to engage with and condone/promote one another's delusions & paranoia, it's just that I still can't believe how many sick people there are out there and why so many of them have internet access instead of padded cells..!?

      • Not seeking out anything, rather the MSM and Feds are totally holding one man accountable when it is clear from other statements by police in their released 20 minute response tapes that they were looking for another man wearing a "blue plaid shirt" carrying long rifle. Why the decision to slam shut, if he had someone helping him (Holmes) you would want him caught too. Media won't even mention this and makes the response team look like they didn't know what they were talking about. In their defense from an overzealous 15 minute famer Police Chief Oates. Yes, I agree he could have bought a ticket and 'walked' in then went through the exit door, changed into all his protection gear within the first 20 minutes of the movie. And yes, I agree that a witness DID see a man sitting in the front row adjacent the emergency/exit talking on a cell phone then get up and go open that door and walk to the other side of the theatre. Where in the world did you come up with "obsess" "these sick people" "delusions" and "paranoia"? Good assessment and investigative skills require looking at these things..and many times the FEDS do not in their hurry to make a home run case and name for themselves. Ever heard of forensics? I suppose much of that is based on conspiratorial speculation also. Deducive reasoning? Can that possibly be called "conspiratorial"? Please. The FEDS would like to hero this case to the detriment of the reputation of the officers who were the first responders here. Again, the 20 Minute Police Communications tape doesn't lie. The Feds Do.

    • He entered the theater just like everybody else. He slipped out of one of those exits to go to his car to change clothes. He propped the door open. I did read that in one of the many articles. Makes total sense to me. I've seen smokers do that at my local theater.

      • It is exactly your kind of ignorance and bigotry that cloud the minds of normal people into not seeing what problems this country really has. In this piece my specific point was that this is a sad crime, people have a right to be angry but there is no one to 'blame'. There will be many lawsuits, with black plaintiffs, and white plaintiffs and white lawyers and Latino lawyers and Asian victims etc. The race of the victims and their lawyers are irrelevant. Unless you plan on getting mad about crazed white people being serial killers, which is a rather silly, if not empirically sound form of racial profiling.

    • And his lawyer is white. Who is worse and what does race have to do with it? My point in writing the piece was that people can grieve but there is no easy answer and no one to 'blame', when a senseless tragedy occurs. That's why it's senseless.

  7. Typical, I hope we aren't forced to see these types of losers getting air play from the media. Stupid to try to sue over a violent movie -no one forced him to go to. Please save the money to the victims that will need to for therapy and long term care, not this little boy looking for a handout. Hiring a PR firm tells me his is a greedy ass wanting something he is not entitled to

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