Riot Police Greet Protesters Outside Anaheim City Hall

Riot Police Greet Protesters Outside Anaheim City Hall


After a weekend of unrest in Anaheim, California prompted by two officer involved shootings, Tuesday night’s scheduled city council meeting became fortified by riot police who turned away over 100 protesters. The council chambers quickly filled and became too full for additional people to enter.

United Press International reported that some protesters shouted obscenities at the Anaheim police and that a few rocks and bottles were tossed at police cars.

The state office of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) issued a statement on Tuesday morning calling for a federal inquiry into the officer involved shootings in Anaheim.

California State Director of LULAC, Benny Diaz, said, “LULAC, a national civil rights organization, wants the FBI to determine whether Diaz’ civil rights were violated during Sunday’s shooting. In addition there are further questions regarding the possible use of excessive force by Anaheim police as they sought to control the resultant commotion,” in reference to the police shooting of 25 year old Manuel Diaz.

The family of Manuel Diaz is filing a $50 million wrongful death claim against the City of Anaheim for the police shooting in addition to a case alleging that Diaz’s civil rights were violated. Footage captured by citizens immediately after the shooting of Diaz show Anaheim police attempting to block people from trying to video record the scene of the bloodied and dying man.

UPDATED 7/25/12, 2:50 PM Eastern:

The U.S.  attorney’s office has agreed to review the killings by the Anaheim police that occurred over the weekend. Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait is scheduled to meet with the U.S. attorney’s office and the FBI on Friday.


  1. The lawyer for Díaz's family said Hispanics feel they are disproportionately singled out by police and instinctively avoid police. "White kids in a rich white neighborhood don't get rousted by police and when they do, they don't have to fear the police. But that's not true with brown kids in a poor neighborhood," said Dana Douglas, the attorney.

    Dana Douglas: One more scumbag, money grubbing lawyer who wants to frame illegal and despicable actions of rioters by RACE BAITING. If the cops shot this young man without just cause (like IF he was armed and an immediate threat to their lives) they should be tried and punished. Attempting to taint all America people and police forces by turning this into a “white rich kid vs. poor brown kid” is the kind of close minded, racist, bigoted act that spurs on more senseless violence and destruction.

  2. I grew up in Anaheim, but have not lived in there in many decades, it looks like the only thing that has changed as far as the police dept. is that instead of harassing ANY teenager, ie. if you were a teen and in a car you could expect your car to be completely searched all the time, is that now there is a Hispanic population that is easier to harass.