Grambling President Pogue: Penn State Case “Tragedy,” Proud of Eddie Robinson

Grambling President Pogue: Penn State Case “Tragedy,” Proud of Eddie Robinson


With the announcement today by the NCAA of their punishment on Penn State in the wake of a child  sex scandal and coverup, legendary Grambling football coach, the late Eddie Robinson, now becomes the winningest Division 1 football coach in college football history.

Grambling State University President Frank Pogue reacted to the NCAA’s harsh sanctions on Penn State University and its football program, but he also recognized that the NCAA’s punishment was connected to a tragic events.

“The Grambling State University family continues to recognize that what happened at Penn State University was an unfortunate tragedy that is much larger than athletics and football,” said Pogue. “We at Grambling State University deeply respect the decision of the NCAA to strip Penn State of its wins from 1998 through 2011,” Pogue added.

The rest of Pogue’s press release reads:

“We support the NCAA’s decisions regarding the sanctions against Football Coach Joe Paterno. We will continue to acknowledge the legendary Eddie G. Robinson as the winningest Division I football coach in American history.  On a larger level, we will always respect and thank him for bringing integrity into sports and the culture of Grambling. We invite all of America to visit the Eddie G. Robinson museum, located on the campus of Grambling State University.”

“I have heard the name Eddie G. Robinson nearly all of my life. Having lived and worked for three years in the culture that Eddie G. Robinson created at Grambling and having spent more than 15 years as a university president in Penn State University’s culture and the ever-present shadow of the legendary Joe Paterno, I can easily understand the athletic greatness of Grambling State University and Penn State.  It is easy to see why these two highly successful coaching giants respected each other.  Because of the human being he was known to be, Eddie G. Robinson would have been the first person to express regrets about the tragedies that occurred at Penn State that led to the removal of Joe Paterno as head football coach of the Nittany Lions.

“We are proud that Coach Eddie Robinson will remain the winningest Division I football coach in the history of college football.

“As the Grambling family has said all along, regardless of the action of the NCAA, Eddie G. Robinson will forever be remembered as the coach with more football victories than anyone else in Division I.”


  1. It's great to be proud of Robinson's accomplishments. Nevertheless, theNCAA 's actions places an asterisk beside his name in the record books. Anytime there's an asterisk beside a record, it compromises it. I would rather be #2 than #1 with an asterisk. Forevermore Eddie's name will be connected to Paterno's as the description denoted by the asterisk will explain how he moved to number one on the list. I have to wonder which way Eddie would have wanted it. This is a good example of The Doctrine of Unintended Consequences.