#CrisisInChicago: 16 Kids Under Fifteen Murdered in 2012

#CrisisInChicago: 16 Kids Under Fifteen Murdered in 2012


#CrisisInChicago. Of the 274 people murdered so far in Chicago in a little over six months, 16 victims were age 15 or younger.  In 2012, the city has seen its highest number of murders in twelve years.  Sixteen of the murders have been kids under 15-years-old.

Last week the murder of 7-year-old Heaven Sutton, who was shot to death on June 27, became a rare case of a Chicago murder making headlines outside of Chicago. Sadly, she was not the only victim under age 15 to be murdered this year in the city.  The total includes two infant victims who died as a result of child abuse.  Both cases were ruled homicides.  The other fourteen murders were the result of gun violence.

Seven year old Heaven Sutton was shot selling candy on a sidewalk. Aliyah Shell, 6, was shot to death on March 17 on the front porch of her home.  Roberto Luna, 13, was shot on his front porch at random on April 7.  Alejandro Jaime, 14,was shot in the back riding his bike by a suspected gang member in a mistaken identity case.  He was in the eight grade. Tyquan Tyler, 13, was shot in late June fleeing a fight that broke out at a party.  Here is a list of kids who have been shot to death in Chicago this year so far:

Aliyah Shell, 6 — Died 3/17/2012
Heaven Sutton, 7 — Died 6/27/2012
Nazia Banks, 12 – Died 5/19/2012
Roberto Luna, 13 — Died 4/7/2012
Tyquan Tyler, 13 — Died 6/24/2012
Ivan Alanis, 13 — Died 5/29/2012
Antonio Davis, 14 – Died on 6/22/2012
Damion Rolle, 14 – Died on  2/21/12
Alejandro Jaime, 14 — Died on 5/18/2012
Mark Watts, 15 – Died 1/4/2012
Anton Sanders, 15 – Died 1/20/2012
Deshun Winfert, 15 – Died on 2/5/12
George Howard, 15 – Died 2/27/12
Albert Guyton, 15 – Died 2/28/12

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