Crisis In Chicago, a Series: July 9 to July 15

Crisis In Chicago, a Series: July 9 to July 15


CRISIS IN CHICAGO. Next week from July 9 to July 15, Politic365 will put special focus and attention on epidemic of violence and death in the city of Chicago.  As of July 4, 260 people have been killed in Chicago, Ill.  Though violent crime rates have decreased other U.S. in recent years, Chicago is a literal war zone with casualty rates surpassing that of our soldiers on the battlefield in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2012.

Can the violence be stopped? Have we accepted a certain level of violence? Why isn’t this a national crisis? Should the National Guard be called in? What are the the solutions? Read Politic365 next week as we focus on the #CrisisInChicago.

Pictured from left:
Derrion Albert, who was murdered on September 24, 2009 at age 16.
Joseph Briggs, who was shot to death at 16 standing on his porch.
Heaven Sutton, who was shot to death on June 27, at age 7, by random gunfire.


  1. I hope this series will focused on the failed white liberal leadership which as contributed to the inability to stop the violence in Chicago.

    Unless this series has the courage and integrity to examine all of the factors economic , social and political which has contributed to this carnage ths series will be worthless..

  2. […] of community unrest, as it has in Chicago, Illinois—a great city now immersed in crisis, where 260 lives were lost to senseless killings by the time most of us gathered to enjoy 4th of July fireworks shows—or maniacal bloodshed at the […]