President Obama Won The Day

President Obama Won The Day


The Affordable Care Act was upheld by the US Supreme Court. It is President Obama’s signature piece of legislation. He spent the bulk of his political capital as an incoming president on passing this law. Had it been found unconstitutional, it would have been a moral defeat and a waste of his political resources.

Winning at the Supreme Court allows the President to take a victory lap. It’s been a hard, long slog. However, this could end up being short term gain and long term pain for the President and the Democrats.

The signing of the Affordable Care Act in March of 2010 galvanized the Republican base and those opposed to big government. It helped the Republicans pick up a net total of 63 seats in the House of Representatives and ushered in a GOP majority in the lower chamber. If those flames are re-kindled, today’s ruling could be a short-lived celebration for President Obama. But today, he should be doing a little happy dance at the White House.

It’s unarguable: President Obama won the day.