Cashing In On Healthcare

Cashing In On Healthcare


As the waiting game for the US Supreme Court’s decision on the Healthcare Law reaches near fever pitch, many of the folks working on the issue are laughing all the way to the bank.

Let’s start with K Street lobbyists and lawyers who have been racking up countless billable hours in developing approaches for the different legal scenarios the Supreme Court could announce.

Then there’s the healthcare and Supreme Court journalists, analysts, and contributors who have suddenly become the most popular people in the newsrooms and cable networks.

Let’s not forget the political consultants, strategists, and communications directors who are furiously working away at putting together talking points and memos on how to best spin the Supreme Court decision to benefit their side or cause.

Finally, there’s a lot of bartenders in Washington and elsewhere who have been working overtime pouring tumblers of scotch to all those people nervously waiting for Lady Justice to sing.

The Winners of the Day are all those people who manage to make a living off the healthcare issue. For them, this national political and legal debate has been a bonanza.