Immigration Won the Day

Immigration Won the Day


In the last few months of the presidential campaign, little has been said about immigration.

This changed 10 days ago.

We went from not talking about immigration to talking most about immigration. President Obama put the issue on the front burner with his immigration policy announcement that stops deportations for potential DREAM Act eligible youth.

A week later, Republican nominee Gov. Mitt Romney and Obama spoke in front of the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO) where immigration was a key topic in their respective speeches. Today, the immigration flames were stoked even higher when the U.S. Supreme Court announced its decision on the controversial SB 1070 Law inArizona.

Regardless of what side of the immigration debate you are on, we all recognize it is an important national issue. Few disagree with the notion that our immigration system is broken and needs a permanent solution. Immigration deserves to be debated and fleshed-out during the presidential campaign. The American people deserve to know where the candidates stand and what they propose.

This issue is here to stay in the 2012 campaign. Like it or not (yes, Mitt, I’m talking to you), neither candidate will be able to dodge it. Vague answers that lead to more questions will not cut it.

Both candidates have to get more specific. President Obama should tell us how he is going to deliver on an immigration promise in his second term if he didn’t do it in his first term when he had a mandate from the American people and a Democrat House and Senate. Mitt Romney needs to articulate a real immigration proposal beyond just saying he loves legal immigration. That’s like saying we can fix obesity by selling more lettuce.

Not! Immigration poked its ugly head out during the Republican primaries but not since then. Now, the immigration issue is out and loud. Immigration is the Winner of the Day.