Have President Obama’s Back? Vote Down Ballot for Congress

Have President Obama’s Back? Vote Down Ballot for Congress


Here it is.  Congressional Republicans have a single goal: To make Barack Obama a one term president.  Don’t take my word for it, the Republican Leader of the U.S. Senate actually said it on TV.  Since Republicans took the House of Representatives, Republicans have blocked President Obama at every turn.  When it comes time to vote, they don’t even read the bill they’re voting on.  If President Obama is for it, they’re against it.

We all understand the importance of voting for President Obama this November.  Record turnout in our community made him President in 2008 and our votes will be as important as ever this year.  But too many voters in our community vote for President and skip Congress, judges and prosecutors.  With Obama’s success hanging in the balance, and local issues around justice stinging us at every turn, the stakes are too high to skip any position on the ballot.  As a community, we must send a strong message that we have President Obama’s back by voting down ballot, especially Congress.

We must join together and stand up to the Republicans in Congress that want to end Barack Obama’s presidency and support Democrats for Congress who have the President’s back.  For the past two years Republicans have done everything in their power to make sure the President fails.  From offensive language to even more offensive behavior, many GOP Congressional members have dishonored their elected office by putting beating up the President over serving the people. With our help this can come to an end, but the GOP will keep trying.

Time after time, Republicans in Congress have sided with big corporations, Big Oil, and those who are committed to seeing the President fail.  Republicans and their elite and corporate supporters are part of a broken system in Washington that favors scoring political points over making progress on the economy, protecting perks for Members of Congress, and looking out for the elite, big oil, and companies that ship jobs overseas instead of the middle and working class.

We must make this our fight or we’ll be relegated to more Washington politics as usual:

  • Republicans voting against President Obama to make deep cuts to Medicare and to cut benefits for homeless veterans, but voted against cutting their own pension or cutting their own salary during a government shutdown.  Republicans politicians even voted against ending taxpayer funding for first class airfare, the private Congressional dining room and the private Congressional gym.
  • Republicans blocking President Obama’s plan to make progress on getting Americans back to work and are willing to drag our economy down to gain political power and score political points.
  • Republicans making it more difficult for our community to vote so they can keep their own power.
  • Republicans that take thousands of dollars in contributions from big corporations, and then repeatedly voted to protect tax breaks for shipping American jobs overseas, instead of creating jobs here at home.
  • Republicans voting for massive cuts in Medicare forcing seniors to pay more for their health care, in order to give more tax breaks to millionaires, corporations shipping jobs overseas, and Big Oil.
  • Republicans voting for massive cuts to education, student loans, and small businesses in order to give more tax breaks to elites, corporations shipping jobs overseas, and Big Oil.
  • Republicans in Congress pay millionaire’s tax breaks by kicking kids out of Head Start, asking students to pay more for college and by eliminating health insurance for millions of poor, elderly and disabled Americans on Medicaid.

If President Obama says it, Republicans in Congress oppose it.  They don’t even read important legislation that affects our lives before voting on it.  They don’t even read bill!  Republicans in Congress only goal is to make sure President Obama fails.  That’s why we must vote down ballot and have the President’s back.  Don’t skip Congress! And if you think Congress is important,  it is equally as essential for us to educate ourselves on the prosecutors and judges that will also be on the ballot. The power of the legal system to impact the lives of our community is undeniable. Know the history of those with the power to proescute and sentence those you care about. If they are on the ballot you should know enough about them to vote for or against them.

This November we have to send the message that we have President Obama’s back and we will help him and his Democratic allies get elected so they continue making progress.  Make sure you’re supporting President Obama and Democratic candidates who support him. Make sure you know who and what s on the ballot from top to bottom.  Ask your family, friends, neighbors, and others in our community to the same. Our communities can be defended by the proper use of our votes.

The election is about who you are for — and I’m for President Obama and I’m pledging at HaveHisBack.com that I’m going to vote all the way down the ballot.  You should too.


  1. Calvin Leman I have to agree with you that Obama's support of NDAA is terrible as well as a number of other actions that have been taken by the Democrats in Congress. However, please understand that if the Republicans gain control of both houses of Congress as well as the Presidency we shall suffer far greater ills than NDAA to include total economic disaster, loss of our protections guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, no Social Security, as well as a Supreme Court which will be stuffed with radicals who will continue their attack upon America's working class (Others like to say Middle Class but it's all of us who are not members of the "Super Rich" –Working Class = the 99% of us who are not millionaires). Not voting for the leaders who are trying to protect us from the planned destruction of our democracy by those who are placing only the interest of the 1% in our future. NOT voting Democratic IS voting Republican! PLEASE reconsider voting while your vote still means something.

  2. It matters very much if you vote even if you disagree with someone. The naming of supreme court justices should make you think twice. Right now the court is dominated by activist bipartisan judges who don't write opinions based on the law but how they want the laws to be – none of which benefit the American citizens.

    G W Bush,and GOP abuse of power.
    GM is alive, Osama B L is dead..Dick Cheeny still alive ??.Osama was killed , no single soldiers lost. Iraq war of lies . who will pay for this war ?"$55 Trillions lost", 200 thousand Iraqis dead, 10 thousand U S soldier's dead, 100 thousand U S soldiers wounded. and bury us to debt
    ,$55 trilion dollars. China own America in 8 years Of GW Bush. We are safe now.The Devil is dead.
    You need to vote all Democrat in your state, Governor, in your city, the Mayor, the congressman Represntataive,and senators ,you must vote all democrats. Do not listen to all lies in Fox and Rush limbooo.
    what do you ask for more? well 4 more years.
    Obama and all Democrat 2012 ,long live…THIS IS THE FACT…

  4. So here is the bad things. When Obama tries to pass a bill that benefits women and the republicans vote it down. The sad part is that republican voted it do, as well.I still hear people complain about the loan to the automotive industry. What if, that was you family? What if, your husband or wife was losing their job. Would you still want the president to do nothing. If you said no then, you lying and the truth ain't in you.

    Yes, it has been said a few time a few time, by different people. The republicans want to see him as a one term president.