Michigan GOP Set to Pass Voter ID Law

Michigan GOP Set to Pass Voter ID Law


A new law moving through the Michigan legislature would make it harder for groups to hold voter registration drives, unregister voters who haven’t recently voted and require voters to show identification at the polls.

Does the new legislation in Michigan make it easier to vote? No. As part of a trend seen across the nation, Republican controlled legislatures are passing new and more restrictive voting laws.  In each case, the legislation makes it more likely that a citizen would be prevented from casting a ballot.

The move in Michigan comes at a time when the Republican presidential nominee, Gov. Mitt Romney, wants to compete in his home state where his father George Romney was Governor.

It would be an uphill climb.  A recent Rasmussen poll showed President Obama ahead in Michigan by 8 points against Romney.   Though the race in the state is getting closer, in the President crushed Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), by 17 points in 2008. Further, Michigan is over 14% African American.

Michigan is about to become the latest in a popular legislative trend over the last two years with regard to voting with less than 5 months to a major election. The Michigan House and Senate is controlled by Republicans. The Governor of Michigan is Rick Snyder, a Republican.

In 2011, voter ID laws passed in Kansas, Rhode Island and Wisconsin as Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas made voter ID laws already in existence even more restrictive.

The legislation that has been proposed and is likely to pass is opposed by The League of Women Voters and Project Vote.  The National Urban League’s Occupy the Vote initiative and the NAACP’s 1-866-MYVOTE effort are attempts to answer the new voter ID and voter suppression laws and educate voters before November.

Speaking on Rachel Maddow’s show, Michigan Reverend David Bullock said, “this legislation restricts voter behavior. We should be making it easier for people to vote and participate in the process, not harder.”

The Associated Press quoted Michigan House Democratic Rep. Woodrow Stanley as saying that the, “legislation… could turn back the clock in terms of making sure that all of our citizens have free and unobstructed access to the right to vote.’  Stanley made the point that there was no evidence of voter fraud.

What eliminating early voting has anything to do with fraud is unclear.  No evidence of widespread voter fraud was presented by Michigan’s Secretary of State, who presented the new legislation.

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Managing Editor Charles D. Ellison also contributed to this report


  1. These so called laws that left wing extremists call restrictive are laws that level the playing field for voters to being fair. Since when has showing identification at the polling place been restrictive? The truth is this: it helps prevent fraud. Any left wing extremist who becomes a victim to voter fraud will be shrieking foul when he gets denied access because some other liberal loon used his name to cast a vote before he got to the polling place. These laws are meant to protect all voters from getting screwed at the polls. Exercising a little common sense such as having identification on hand before going to the polls to vote is a prudent thing to do. Shrieking and throwing temper tantrums over laws that protect voters from voter fraud is a typical move from the left wing extremist camp. There is nothing wrong with these laws. The ones who get upset over these laws are ones who are likely in one of two camps: one who is not street smart, or one who is involved in aiding and abetting voter fraud. I'll give the benefit of the doubt to most of the liberals who read this post: those who are upset over the laws mostly fall in the first camp: the camp without common sense. The higher ups in the left wing extremist side fall in the camp of dirtbags. Now let's exercise some common sense when going to vote: bring your ID. Don't let an ID thief steal your vote! Send an ID thief to prison, and let someone nicknamed Tiny, Momo or Big Bubba become the thief's new boyfriend. Stop blaming Republicans for your political woes, and start taking responsibility for the mess. The far left aided and abetted voter fraud with the help of George Soros.

    • "It helps prevent fraud" …. there is only one problem dummy: THERE IS NO PROOF OF VOTER FRAUD!! You cause more problems than you create with these laws.

      • Hey Steve, cool your jets, and stay off the name calling if you want to stay credible. There might not be voter fraud in Michigan, but there have been cases in other areas such as my home state California. This is meant to be a preemptive strike, and I agree that nothing is perfect. Like I said, it's a smart idea to bring an ID with you to the polls, and if they ask for one, be glad they're watching out for fraudulent votes. It's definitely sad that it has come to this.

  2. Sure. Since when has prohibiting the League of Women Voters from registering people had anything to do with fraud? Since when has there been any history or proof of the League of Women Voters "illegally registering" voters? Since when has illegal aliens run to vote or register. Are you kidding me?

  3. Perhaps turn off Fox News and get a clue. Fox News makes you stupider you know. All you stupid right wing extremist nuts focus on is making it more difficult to vote — not easier. MORE DIFFICULT… and why is that?? You know you're out numbered and you know the higher the registration numbers the better the chance you would lose. The country is becoming more Black and Brown. Period. These are the facts the right wing whackjobs on Fox you watch don't mention. Why else make it more difficult to vote?? And of course no right wing nutjob rant would be complete without a reference to prison and a veiled racist BS line.

    Thanks for reminding all of us why we need to register and vote and keep ignorant dumbasses like you and the people you support out of the game.

    • Ah yes Sutton King…play the race card! Typical liberal tactic when proven wrong! I have news for you: I work in the media. I have sources that you don't see in the public until the news gets reported. And by the way, I'm one of the Brown people in society, so don't insult my intelligence! I used to be quite liberal until I saw the destruction liberals heaped on California, where I live. The liberal Democrats continue to drive out businesses and they keep on putting California into the red ink. If that's what you want in Michigan, keep listening to the pied poopers. California had some problems with voter fraud, and both parties saw the damage. So before you shoot your mouth off again, you really should think about the benefits of carrying your identification to the polls before casting your vote. There is no excuse of not being able to have some kind of ID; your DMV should be able to make an ID card if one can't drive…California makes ID cards for those who don't drive through the DMV.

      By the way, Detroit has a reputation of being one of the most violent cities in the whole nation. That comes from multiple news sources, such as your left wing NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN, along with liberal print media such as the LA and NY Times. I have some contacts at radio stations in Detroit who confirm what I read in the press.

      Next time you play the liberal race card Sutton King, remember the risk of eating some humble pie. As for the prison population, Tiny, Momo and Big Bubba could be any number of races. I have friends in law enforcement who have mentioned these common nicknames.

      Sutton King, do one favor: teach young kids that lying and fraud are things we should stay away from. At least we agree 100% about that. There are too many things that glorify lying, cheating, stealing and blaming others for it being shown on TV and being played in music.

      • You work in the media? Let me guess: The Daily Caller? A political organization with press credentials is not media — it's a political organization with press credentials they shouldn't have. That fake one sided slanted Andrew Breitbart BS is played out. Fox News is close to being the same thing — but if you notice even Chris Wallace and Bill O'Reilly disagreed with the latest angry White boy who hates the fact a Black man is in charge — Neil Munro… It's hard realizing that people you were taught were inferior went to Harvard Law and Columbia but there he is in the White House.

        Detroit — love you're typical Black examples. California and Louisiana and Kentucky and Tenn. are run by Whites right? And they are failing economies with thousands on food stamps and in poverty. When Blacks fail in Detroit it's about "Black failure" when Whites fail you pretend you didn't see it… Let's see if Willard Mitt will visit Appalachia this campaign season — oh but that's right — only Black people are in poverty. When Whites are in poverty you wing nuts try to act like it's Obama's fault — really. Check who runs some of the poorest states in the US — all White baby.

        Teach YOUR kids fraud and just a little bit of American history. When you can say you have an ancestor who was swung from a tree in the 1920s while people cheered and took photos then you can tell me about liberals "playing the race card"…. I know the 12th place American education system didn't teach you this. Whites can't teach other Whites about how immoral they are and about the poll tax and fire hosing black kids in the streets. Guilt is a funny thing. But maybe if you ask your Jewish, Irish and American Indian friends about what oppression and hatred is and how long it can last you may learn something… I know you know everything already but like I said — ask an Irish American about their ancestors and what they went thru– shut up and listen… I know it's hard. With our county's history of genocide against Indians and systematic legally sanctioned hatred against Blacks you just may learn something about "race baiting…"

        This voter suppression stuff is old news. It's been done before — if you weren't just another ignorant dumb American unaware of your own history you'd know that.

  4. Hey I am a Democrat and I think ID to vote is ESSENTIAL. I can't board a plane, see my doctor, or get a hotel room without ID. It is a non-issue for voting. Not all of us Democrats are like the ones you have seen here. It is time for the rest of us to speak up for our party! There is nothing unreasonable or racist about requiring ID to vote. Get a grip. And, yes, I come from an ethnic group that has suffered oppression, but I don't blame people that are generations removed from that oppression…that would make me the racist.