Facebook’s Next Rocket Booster for Success: Wireless Innovation

Facebook’s Next Rocket Booster for Success: Wireless Innovation



Mark Zuckerberg must truly be appreciated for not only what he has done, but for what he is preparing to do.

Thanks to Facebook – and a movie – his is one of the most well-known names of the 21st century, and he has become a leader of the digital age.  When he speaks, people listen, and recently he has been speaking about the importance of wireless services – the same wireless services that minorities were among the first to adopt.

We’ve known how important wireless communications are for a while.  We use it to communicate, pay our bills, and get medical advice, and I’m sure there are many others like me who couldn’t afford to live without it.

So, hopefully our political leaders were taking notes as Zuckerberg recently told potential investors that Facebook’s top business priority is improving the way the company’s services work with wireless devices.  They may also want to recall that he spent $1 billion a few weeks ago to acquire Instagram, a wireless photo sharing site.

Clearly mobile is on his mind, and why shouldn’t it be?  Quality of service is constantly improving, options are seemingly endless, and it is easily accessible.  More minority consumers than ever have become adopters via both smart phones and tablets, and a number of recent studies have shown that the explosion of mobile devices and services is adding to economic growth and supporting several million jobs.   And that is in addition to the many ways that mobile communications are enhancing health care and education and delivering broadband services to minorities, the less affluent, and others who do not have access to wired broadband.

So, if you want to be the candidate of growth and opportunity in this year’s election, you should take a hint from Zuckerberg by giving priority to wireless – through policies that encourage increased private sector investment and growth in mobile services.   It’s not that I am suddenly a fan of big business, but when an industry is producing good results for the country, I think it’s smart to make the most of it.

DORISSA D. GRIFFIN, ESQ. is a Staff Attorney for the Minority Media & Telecommunications Council, where she works on matters that focus on the advancement of civil rights for minorities and women in the nation’s media and telecommunications industries. She graduated this year from the Florida A&M University College of Law.