Obama Loses to an Inmate, Carville says: “I told you so”

Obama Loses to an Inmate, Carville says: “I told you so”


Just yesterday afternoon, political pundits were chuckling over Democratic strategist James Carville’s May 8th CNN opinion piece telling his party to stop assuming President Obama has this upcoming November reelection in the bag, warning them to  “WTFU” – or Wake the [bleep] up.”

“Democratic fundraisers, activists, supporters, and even politicians alike have somehow collectively lapsed into the sentiment that the president is going to be reelected and that we have a good shot to take the House back while holding the Senate,” he opined. “I ask: What are you smoking? What are you drinking? What are you snorting or just what in the hell are you thinking?”

And look at that, just under a few hours later, we went to bed last night with the news that 20% of the North Carolina Democratic primary voters, approximately 1 million people, voted “no preference” over their party’s leader: President Obama.  A majority of that state’s residents, 61%, also opted to vote for Amendment 1, a ballot item which amends North Carolina’s constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

It definitely signaled a striking blow against gay rights advocates, many of which reside in the Democratic party.  But, what does it say about the 2012 election?

Late last night, the President expressed his disappointment that the amendment was voted in. “The President has long opposed divisive and discriminatory efforts to deny rights and benefits to same sex couples,” Obama’s North Carolina spokesman Cameron French said in a statement.  Given his ambivalence over the issue of gay marriage, the President may have been referring more to the stinging electoral dynamics at play and how it makes his re-election bid increasingly difficult.  The disappointment comes from the fact that a key ally in the coalition he’ll need to build in November suffered a major blow in a swing state … and, the home of this year’s Democratic National Convention.

But, wait: it gets even more complicated.

Perhaps, he should also be concerned that in West Virginia, prisoner Keith Judd, currently serving time for making threats in 1999, managed to collect 41% of the total votes in that state’s primary, as well as 10 counties.  Yes: Four  out of 10 Dems in the Mountain State voted for a federal inmate over the President. Judd – a self-dubbed “Rastafarian Christian” – was able to get on the state ballot by paying a $2,500 fee and filing a form known as a notarized certification of announcement, spokesman for the Secretary of State’s office Jake Glance told the Washington Post.

If Democrats were complacent before and thought it was in the bag, how about them apples to jolt them a little?

I guess Carville, if he wants, could stick out his tongue and give a big “I told you so” salute.

“You can shoot five Bin Ladens, you can save 10,000 banks and 20 car companies, even pass the most sweeping legislation in modern American history; if people don’t think that you are connected to their lives and are fighting for their interests they will vote your tush out of office in a nano-second,” he had said in his commentary.” For historical reference see Winston Churchill election of 1945 and President George H.W. Bush in 1992.”

Well isnt’ that the truth?


  1. Its funny but the inmate barely "lost" to Romney. Also Obama nearly beat the whole R field. Take a look see if you think its good news for Meh Romney
    U.S. President – Democrat
    % Complete
    Precincts Reporting: 1843 of 1844 100%
    VOTES %
    D (i) BARACK OBAMA 105,854 59%
    D KEITH JUDD 72,544 41%
    U.S. President – Republican
    % Complete
    Precincts Reporting: 1828 of 1844 99%
    VOTES %
    R MITT ROMNEY 75,402 68%
    R RICK SANTORUM 14,611 13%
    R RON PAUL 12,145 11%
    R NEWT GINGRICH 6,910 6%