3:45pm May 8, 2012

Obama’s Vacations? Of Any President, Bush Racked Up the Most

obama on vacation

“Some of our viewers are complaining, they get frustrated, even angered, when they see the first family jetting around,” St. Louis TV reporter Larry Conners said to President Obama at the White House during an interview on April 12th. So, Conners asked President Obama a pointed question: how much time are you spending on vacation?

“The economy is a big issue and concern for folks,” Conners said to the President.  Viewers complain, “you’re out of touch, that you don’t really know what they’re experiencing,” the reporter said.

On May 1st, Florida Rep. Allen West complained of President Obama’s “wining and dining” at the White House Correspondents Dinner.  GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has also used President Obama’s down time and golf outings as a campaign issue.  On April 27th, House Speaker John Boehner demanded President Obama reimburse taxpayers for trips on Air Force One to North Carolina, Colorado and Iowa.

“This is the biggest job in the world and I’ve never seen a president make it smaller,” Speaker Boehner complained.

But did Boehner, Conners, Romney or West stop to compare President Obama’s vacation time to other Presidents?

Calls to several Presidential libraries reveal that President Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, was on vacation more — 1,020 days — than any U.S. President since Herbert Hoover and possibly more than any other President in history.

Even President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was in office 12 years from 1933 to 1945, was on vacation less days than President Bush at 958 days.  Calls to several Presidential Libraries reveal that no President can come close to Bush’s 1,020 days on vacation in an 8 year period.  Even Lyndon Johnson, who spent 484 days at his ranch in Texas and at Camp David during his presidency, came in under Bush’s vacation time.  Some claim the cost of Bush’s frequent trips to Crawford, Texas cost taxpayers upwards of $20 million, but the numbers are hard to confirm.

A recession started in 2001 as Bush took office after 22 million jobs were created during the Clinton Administration from 1993 to 2000.  Bush began wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and presided over the loss of 4 million jobs.  The debt when Bush left office was $10.6 trillion.  In 2005, the Washington Post noted President Bush’s frequent vacations in a piece titled Vacationing Bush Poised to Set a Record as Bush took the longest single vacation — 5 weeks — of any President in 36 years.

President Bush spent 32% of his presidency on vacation.

Bush passed Reagan in total vacation days in 2005 with three and a half years left in his presidency. Reagan spent all or part of 335 days in Santa Barbara over his 8 year presidency.  Bush spent 487 days at Camp David during his presidency and 490 days at his Crawford, Texas ranch, a total of 977 days.

When you add the days President Bush spent at Kennebunkport, Maine, he spent a total of 1,020 days away from the White House — close to 3 years.  At 1,020 days, Bush was close to being on vacation more days than President John F. Kennedy’s total days in office (1,036).  Representatives at the Nixon and Johnson Libraries indicate those two Presidents were on vacation less than 1,000 days during their terms.

President Obama has been on vacation 78 days from 2009 to 2011.  At the three year mark into their first terms, George W. Bush spent 180 days at his ranch in Crawford, Texas and Ronald Reagan spent 112 vacation days at his ranch in California.  Of course, staff was around all three Presidents on vacations and all White House aides argue that the commander-in-chief is never “out of touch” with work.

Calls to the Eisenhower and Truman Libraries reveal that those Presidents were not on vacation for more than 1,020 days.  Eisenhower was on vacation for 456 days during his 8 years in office.  When asked on whether President Herbert Hoover’s vacation days could be over 500 for 4 years a historian at the Hoover Library said, “No chance. Everyone agrees he was a grinder — he was the kind of guy for whom a vacation was rare — his vacation days were less than 50.” Hoover was in office from 1929 to 1933.  Frequently Hoover either drove himself on brief trips or was driven by a military attachment or took the train.

President Obama was on vacation for 26 days during his first year in office (2009).  Ronald Reagan spent 42 days on vacation during his first year in office (1981). President George H.W. Bush was on vacation less than his son, 40 days, in 1989, his first year in office.  President Obama was on vacation less in his first year in office than the previous three Republican Presidents.

No President since Reagan was on vacation less than Bill Clinton. Presidents Clinton and Carter vacationed the least of any of the last seven chief executives.

All Presidents point out that work is being done on vacation.  FDR’s Presidential Library included the following note with their information on President Roosevelt’s vacations: “It should be noted that no sitting modern president, including President Roosevelt, can ever take “a vacation.” Simply being away from the White House does not constitute a vacation.  In President Roosevelt’s case, even while relaxing at Hyde Park, Warm Springs, or on a fishing cruise, he received mail, reviewed dispatches, signed and vetoed legislation, met with political and world leaders, and delivered press conferences and speeches.  During wartime, his periods of true relaxation were even fewer.”

LAUREN VICTORIA BURKE, Politic365 Chief Congressional Correspondent, publishes the blog Crewof42 on the Congressional Black Caucus.  She is heard every Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET on WMCS 1290 in Milwaukee on Earl Ingram’s show The Evening Rush as well as on WPFW every Friday at 6:30 p.m. in Washington DC. You can e-mail her at LBurke007@gmail.com follow her on twitter at @crewof42.

About the Author

Lauren Victoria Burke
Lauren Victoria Burke
is the Managing Editor of Politic365 and publishes the blog Crewof42 on Black members of Congress. She can be seen occasionally on NewsOne Now with Roland Martin. Ms. Burke has enjoyed employment with USAToday and ABC News and holds a B.A. in History from The American University. Contact: LBurke007@gmail.com. Twitter: @Crewof42



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    • Mary Wood

      I was just about to post this SAME article! :) Well done. Bush spent 32% of his Presidency on vacation.

      • Paul

        This proggie meme is such a load of BS.

        Bush was often working from his ranch, not ‘vacationing’ yet you proggie trolls get your panties all in a bunch about it.

        • jo jo

          True Paul. And let’s focus on the real issue, vacation or no vacation………….

          Inasmuch as I have no love lost whatsoever for either Bush I or II, especially II, look at what the man who cannot pass a background check for starters and his have done against this nation since he became “president”. Reflect upon the near total annihilation Obama and his have manifested against the USA.
          Sure, Bush I and II tore into this nation, I readily admit that. But what this lie-ridden, hate-filled, naked Marxist megalomaniac and his have done since 2009 makes both Bush I and II look like angels by comparison.

          • Dave

            jo jo, you are out of your pea picking mind. Bush II wrecked the economy, lost focus on Bin Laden, got us into an unjust war in Iraq and handed all of his problems to Obama. President Obama has gotten us out of Iraq, re-focused on getting Bin Laden, and the economy is getting better even without the help of the Republicans in Congress. You are on a lost ship if you think Bush is even close to being a better President of the U.S.

          • jojo, What do you mean “cannot pass a background check?” You know he passed the Bar’s background check, right? Those are very extensive. Not to mention that he passed the most rigorous vetting a person can: a presidential campaign. I suspect your statement is a repetition of the Michael Savage BS. The accusation was that his association with William Ayers disqualifies him. That association was not nearly as intimate as Bush 41′s with the Bin Laden family, and 41 was head of the CIA and president. As for the cocaine accusation, Bush 43 was a documented user, and he became president. It also bears mention that Obama used cocaine in his teens; Bush 43 used as an adult, serving in the military. Note that presidents are given the highest clearance, meaning they HAVE passed a background check. While you express dislike for both Bush 41 and 43, you suggest that their actions are not nearly as reprehensible as Obamas… They seem pretty comparable, if not flat-out identical in some of the things discussed above. Is this more of that birther nonsense? Also, can you explain what you mean by “total annihilation?” I expect I will see the words “ACORN” and “Benghazi”.

        • Dave

          Paul, we men don’t call them panties. Sorry about your confusion. If Bush didn’t work while in the office, why do you think he was working on the ranch? If he was working it was only to sharpen his pencil.

        • Mauricetta Vincent

          Why do you have a problem with truth? Bush was a slacker. EVERY PRESIDENT WORKS 365 DAYS A YEAR. Vacation or not. THEY WORK VACATIONS IT IS PART OF THE JOB FOR ALL OF THEM.

      • Hawkeye

        Bush was typical hard worker while on vacation.

      • Dave

        And still today the Tea Party and the Republicans spend millions to ridicule President Obama and his family when they take short and probably much needed vacations.

      • Yep, I read that W spent 3 years (of his 8 years in office) on vacation. Imagine how much damage he would have done if he had spent the whole 8 years “working”.

      • I don’t care about number of days. These men are working when aboard Air Force One and Bush worked at his Ranch and entertained dignitaries there. I want to know how much each of these 2 families has spent on vacations during their Presidencies.

    • Thainein

      Only deliberate misrepresentation equates days away from the White House as vacation days. They are not the same. Or you need to add all of Obama’s European “working”" trips to his vacation days. That will make a truthful comparison. Not what you are looking for though, is it?

      • Dave

        Well, If you think we are looking for some lies to somehow make Obama’s vacation time look exaggerated, then no.

      • BJ

        If you want to be fair (which it doesn’t sound like), you have to add Bush’s (and all presidents) Official Trips as well. No president is truly on vacation. Usually family (First Lady and or children) trips are Goodwill Trips in one form or another. So, I don’t understand why there is a problem now. I truly don’t want to attribute this to what it probably s, which in this country now days is shameful. By the way, you can’t accuse me of being a blabbering Liberal. I’m 73 years old and a lifelong Republican. But right is right and fair is fair. And, we are entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts.

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  2. very misleading. Bush had his war room set up in Crawford. It was business mostly and he entertained foreign visitors also. Obama is golfing and resorting not working!

    • Dave

      BS and horse hockey!

    • Arnie, how are you privy to the behind-the-scenes activities of either president? You might see pictures of Obama engaged in the activities you mention, but how do you know that he doesn’t spend the overwhelming majority of his “vacation” time working? There were quite a few pictures of W at play also, yet you do not give him the same judgment that you do Obama. You demonstrably feel comfortable in your belief that Obama is a slacker and W did not goof off for a huge chunk of his time in office. As I stated above, I am grateful that W spent so much time on vacation. Imagine the mess this country would have become if he devoted his entire attentions and time to presidentin’!

  3. Do you, Lauren Victoria Burka can actually look in a mirror after the garbage you are writing? How can anyone have any self respect after lying so blatantly. Bush was going on vacation to his own ranch in TEXAs where he not only had a working vacation but also did some work around the ranch. Obama hasn’t worked a DAY in his entire life. Every trip he makes with 500 people entourage -cooks, makeup, teleprompter operators, speech writes, garment attendant, doctors, nurses…etc, etc…King of Brunei doesn’t spend as much…while cancelling the tours to the WH?
    Every trip Obama made cost millions and millions and never did he travel on vacation together with the wife and children, Bo, had been flown on a separate plane as well. How weird and lavishly irresponsible is it? Villa in Hawaii, palace there , villa there…who counts…, the daughters have their separate vacations with numerous friends…Mexoco, now Bafamas, Africa..Can you compare it to the trips any other president took? You are lying dishonorable person and only motivated by the skin color! Shame on you!

    • Jon

      You must be full time idiot ho to post this nonsense. Whomever sired you must be idiot too

    • Dave

      And Bush didn’t have to have hundreds of Secret Service around him on the ranch. Yeah, right.

    • BJ

      You know this stuff is not true. For some reason you hate this president and want to think the worse. If you really believe this, then you need to look at something other than Fox TV and listen and read something other than the Conservative Medias. Like I said earlier, we are entitled to our own opinions but not our own FACTS. Also, like I said earlier, I am a 73 year old life long Republican. I try to be an informed voter (Republican or otherwise). By your tone, since obviously I disagree with your opinions, I would ask that you be respectful in your response.

    • BJ

      SHAME on you for being so blinded by your dislike of these people (even the children) for whatever reason, that you refuse to take the time to find out the truth for yourself. Spreading all of this inaccurate information just makes us look and sound so ignorant. You have look, listen, and read something other than our Conservative Medias. Future generations will look back at this time in our history and wonder what in the world was wrong with these people. They will be looking at FACTS stripped of emotions (which taints opinions). Since it appeared to be so widespread, was it the water or what? Again, even though you may not like my opinions (of which I’m entitled), you can’t accuse me of being a liberal. Just a person that takes the time to be informed.

    • Polina Maria, Obama has “never worked a day in his life”? Do you actually believe that? You mention Hawaii; well, let us not forget that Obama is FROM Hawaii. Virtually all (if not all) presidents have had homes in their home states and visit those homes during their administration. Historian Doris Goodwin says “FDR loved Hyde Park. He took the train up from Washington almost every other weekend. He said it was what kept him going–returning to the place he’d known as a child. Often, when he got there, he ‘d sleep 24 hours straight…” During his term, John Quincy Adams spent eight months at his home in Quincy, Massachusetts.Presidents have historically taken vacations during times of great national crisis. From what I have read, Obama is in the same league as numerous other presidents (once you adjust for inflation.) “As conservatives rage about the cost of Obama’s Africa trip, it is important to remember that George and Laura Bush made a combined 7 trips to Africa all on the taxpayers’ dime.
      We’ve played this game before, but anytime the nation’s first black president spends more than a dollar, the right wing freaks out about Barack Obama “wasting taxpayer dollars.” Back in 2011, the right claimed that First Lady Obama’s Africa trip would cost taxpayers millions, but even if you use numbers that the White House disagrees with ($424,000), they weren’t even close.
      This time the right has whipped up the fake outrage over a leaked document showing that President Obama’s upcoming Africa trip could cost $60-$100 million. What these same people don’t tell is that George and Laura Bush loved to go to Africa on the taxpayers’ dime…a lot.”

    • Amber

      You really need to listen to a news report not put out by Fox. Just saying. And a little fact checking will go a long way in not sounding like an uninformed twat.

  4. Do you, Lauren Victoria Burka can actually look in a mirror after the garbage you are writing? How can anyone have any self respect after lying so blatantly. Bush was going on vacation to his own ranch in TEXAs where he not only had a working vacation but also did some work around the ranch. Obama hasn’t worked a DAY in his entire life. Every trip he makes with 500 people entourage -cooks, makeup, teleprompter operators, speech writes, garment attendant, doctors, nurses…etc, etc…King of Brunei doesn’t spend as much…while cancelling the tours to the WH?
    Every trip Obama made cost millions and millions and never did he travel on vacation together with the wife and children, Bo, had been flown on a separate plane as well. How weird and lavishly irresponsible is it? Villa in Hawaii, palace there , villa there…who counts…, the daughters have their separate vacations with numerous friends…Mexoco, now Bafamas, Africa..Can you compare it to the trips any other president took? You are lying dishonorable person and only motivated by the skin color! Shame on you!

    • Mary

      Am I reading an opinion piece in The Onion?

    • Teresa

      Wouldn’t you have to add all of Bush’s time away from the White house when he traveled aboard to his already massive number. Besides all this false indignation at Obama taking any vacation time is due to hypocrisy if not ignorance. Did the government waste tax payer money following Bush’s two daughter as they went drinking when they were underage. The Obama daughters get to have vacations as the Presidents daughters. They get to go to exciting places and meet people most will never meet , just like all previous Presidents children. Eat it if you don’t like the color of their skin and you somehow thinks it make them less worthy. They are living their lives and there is nothing you hypocrites can do about it.

    • Ted Peterson

      Lauren Victoria Burka is definately Obama owned (A slave) to a man who does nothing for the black community, yet as a racist she waves the race flag for B.O.

  5. Read what this sight is about at the bottom. The black community is in denial about their youth, music, welfare abuse, disability claims abuse, and election fraud. Do you really think they are going to give an honest critique of the first half black pres

  6. Read what this sight is about at the bottom. The black community is in denial about their youth, music, welfare abuse, disability claims abuse, and election fraud. Do you really think they are going to give an honest critique of the first half black pres

    • Dave

      Man, are you colorblind or what? You really can only see things in black and white? I will pray for your poor lost white soul. It is probably is not worth it but I will anyway.

  7. But NOT ONCE did the WHite House EVER close or ANYONE ever get laid-off during one of President Bush’s vacations due to “lack of funding”. Not once.

    The vacations are NOT the problem folks. It’s the plan to make us all “feel the pain” to make us pressure our reps to go along with his spending plan. It’s a farce, and you people are the fools in his opus.
    Just sayin’

    • DO NOT fall for the bait! This is designed to make you look like racist whiners, being down on a black man. Don’t bitch about the time spent. We all know that Presidents are NEVER away from work. It’s about the money. It’s always about the money.
      Don’t be fooled, and don’t take the bait!!!

      • John Walters

        Why do Obama worshipers always pull the race card every time someone has the guts to challenge the job or actions of Obama? If you can’t find fault with the performance of a “Black” person without being called racist, that in it self sounds quite racist since it makes a “Black” person better than a non-Black person.

    • Dave

      We are not the fools. You are just plain dumb and easily led around by the freaks on the far right’s lies and rhetoric. It is just pure laziness that you don’t go and find the truth for yourself.

      • Jim

        Dave, could you please tell me what the “truth” is? I have been around a half a century and recently attained my graduate degree in accounting. I have actually done the research and discovered cited facts from scholastic sources on President Obama along with other presidents as part of my curriculum and found many facts that lead to my negative view of our current president. Here is one fact for you to ponder: Barrack Obama, then community organizer in Chicago, as part of ACORN intimidated banks into giving home loans to individuals that did not meet the criteria set by the banks loaning the money. Mr. Obama and two attorney cohorts filed a class action law suit on several lenders on behalf of these borrowers. The suit was won awarding $900,000 in damages which was kept by Mr. Obama and his attorney friends. The 85 individuals did not get any of this money. The banks were forced to give these 85 individuals loans as part of the settlement. Of the 85 loans given 82 were foreclosed on for non-payment. This is one example and if you actually go and do the research, as I did, you will find many other alarming facts about our current president. My information doesn’t come from watching MSNBC, CNN or FOX. Try this approach and you will be amazed what finding truth over rhetoric does for your confidence in making statements.

  8. I would actually prefer that asshole to take more vacation so he has less time to ruin America.

  9. I’m surprised no one is really challenging what this author has presented as “facts”. Does anyone actually believe that Bush was on vacation one out of three days during his presidency? That’s nonsense. George W. Bush spent 879 days at his Crawford Ranch. This doesn’t mean he was on vacation for all that time. He constantly flew in staff members, held press conferences, and met with 18 world leaders at the ranch. Evidently, the days that were spent in retreat at his ranch or at Camp David were counted as “vacation days” in this article, which is misleading and simply untrue. Look at it this way. If a “vacation day” is defined as any day a president spends away from the official residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., you could count Obama on vacation at least half the year of 2012, since he was out campaigning most of that year.

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  12. Bush was at his ranch in Texas not running around the world. He had an office set up at his ranch to work at home. He was not on vacation.

  13. No president spent as much money as Bo ever.

  14. [...] he will have taken less time off than Clinton, Reagan, and George W. Bush. George W. Bush, in fact, has possibly taken the most vacation days of any [...]

  15. [...] President in history. Don't EVEN complain about President Obama… he isn't bad about vacations (especially as compared to Mr. Bush). Save American Democracy Reply With [...]

  16. [...] Even President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was in office 12 years from 1933 to 1945, was on vacation less days than President Bush at 958 days. (Politics365) [...]

  17. [...] Obama's Vacations? Of Any President, Bush Racked Up the Most | Politic365 Oops, I posted the wrong link to the number of vacation days that George Bush took. Had too many sites open. The correct one is above. __________________ The President cried for your sins. [...]

  18. [...] political travel costs | The Raw Story FactCheck.org : President Obama’s Vacation Days Obama's Vacations? Of Any President, Bush Racked Up the Most | Politic365 So… ya. And if you just want to talk "expensive" in terms of deficit: Adding to the [...]

  19. [...] can’t take a break — much less the President himself.  That’s a new one.  Nevermind that President Bush was most likely the most vacationing President in American history as he spent almost as many days away from the White House than President Kennedy was in office [...]

  20. Ronnie C

    Wow, who are you??? This dribble isn’t worth the time it took to read it. Wouldn’t want facts to trickle into this mountain of dung you produced. Snap out of it…

  21. tony

    WOW, its great the Obamas vacation so often !!!!
    I do thnk both Hussein and Michelle should take one more vacation !!!
    This time they should both go to HELL !!!!!!!


  23. Art

    So many things wrong with this. First off, like many have pointed out, this is disgustingly misleading. Time away from the White House does not mean time on vacation. Bush held many meetings at his ranch in Texas. Secondly, this is the typical, overly used tactic of distracting people from out problem (Obama) and pointing to Bush. When will die-hard Democrats understand that Bush’s faults do not justify Obama’s failures? I love it when Liberals read these articles and try to use them in debates. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! They get to be proven wrong after acting so arrogantly and snobby.

  24. What a fucking load of non-sensical lies! I hope you on the left all die at the hands of your muslims lovers!

  25. SKBN113

    You are either stupid or a lying sack of sh*t.

    George took 77 days of vacation, not “1,020 days”

    What the hell is the matter with you?!

  26. Bill

    The problem with these numbers is Camp David is not really a vacation, it is a working off site.

  27. Sissy

    Didn’t Bush host 18 world leaders at Crawford “while on vacation”…? I didn’t notice this fact in the article…
    But maybe you guys could research if Bush rented Crawford to himself for us taxpayers to pay? After all,,,, Rent for presidents is pretty darn expensive, isn’t it?

  28. RenaVA

    All I can say is “BS”. The 5 trips that Laura Bush took to Africa were on a Humanitarian Mission not on a friggin vacation like the plus $100,000,000 3 week vacation Obama and family took. Heck most Americans, hard working ones that pay the taxes and do what is needed don’t even get to take a couple of days let a lone a week or two or three.

    Your article is plagued with holes and inaccuracies up the whazooo.

  29. RenaVA

    Obama has been taking vacation every month since his first term and doesn’t care to stop that trend at all.

  30. […] Digby runs the math on Presidential vacations via […]

  31. […] President Obama is taking time off at Martha’s Vineyard.  Every time he goes on vacation, the Orcosphere goes into full hue and cry over him taking so much time off.  And yet… […]

  32. Stiofain Mac Geough

    Why not just tell us exactly how many vacation days a president had in his first term and/or his second took. Not a first year, useless. The total days of Truman and Eisenhower, useless. George H.W.: Just the total(1 term) Clinton: days first term,days second term. So on…this would be useful. Some of us can still add.

  33. Jim Ferringer

    Georgie would much rather sit in the corner and play with his gameboy than govern…….

    • John Walters

      Your distain for Bush shows your stupidity. When Bush was at his ranch he worked 8-12 hour days then rode his horse a few hours. Obama plays on his 5 million dollar trips to Hawaii. Why do you love Obama so much, what has he done for you?

      • Palerider1957

        John Walters, Why ask a question you already know the answer to? She will lie for Obama because he is Black, as is she. But I am a racist for pointing that out.
        I guess I would also be racist to point out that over 96% of ALL Black voters voted for the Black man in 2008 and 2012; and somehow, that wasn’t racist.
        However 80% of White Republicans voting for Mitt Romney WAS racist! LOL!
        That is why she went after who took more vacations instead of the REAL issue. Typical.

  34. Truth

    No integrity in this article.

    I’m hoping the author knows she is not being forthright. I hope she knows she is manipulating numbers.

    But she has so many times done this exact thing. She’s in line with Hannity and others who do nothing but incite with their reportage of manipulation and falsehoods.

  35. […] Re: The President and First Lady Wish Everyone a Happy Holiday Season Information on presidential vacations; http://politic365.com/2012/05/08/oba…d-up-the-most/ […]

  36. John Walters

    When Bush when to his ranch he worked 8 hours every day, when Obama goes on his trips he campaignes the whole time. Saying Bush vacation over 1000 days is a LIE!

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  38. taino21

    You have no credibiliity, politic 365. May I remind you that Afghanistan is not a war that was started by republicans, it was started by your democrap friend, why do you think we are still there and not in Iraq? Of course you know know that, but you are as corrupt as the people you are trying to protect.

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  40. Palerider1957

    Nice deflection. The issue is not who has taken the most vacation days, but who cost the taxpayers more for those vacations. And that would be Obama by a 9:1 ratio.

  41. Chris

    You count President Bush’s time at Camp David as vacation time but not Obama who went to Camp David for 27 days during his first year in office. If you want to compare…at least make the comparison logical.

  42. Truth in Reporting

    As it was clear that the time President Bush spent in Texas and even in Maine were “working” vacations, I would be more interested in who cost the taxpayers the most, not just the president, but his family as well.

  43. […] on vacation as his predecessors? Obama has taken less vacation time than Bush did | Tampa Bay Times Obama's Vacations? Of Any President, Bush Racked Up the Most | Politic365 Bush Spent 5 Times More On Flights To Texas Than Obama You've also been shown that no matter where […]

  44. kip

    boy not too partisan huh? You blast Bush for the 10.5 trillion debt, and not a word what the asshole in chief has done in such a short time. going to your “home” is not a vacation, BUsh would rather work from Texas than DC Obama flies his family and certain members all over the place. HIs mother in law is living at the white house? WHo voted to support her butt. NOt Me. The economy getting better, what planet. And the world is going to hell in a hand basket, but Im sure thats Bush’s fault


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