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Monthly Archives: May 2012

You Can’t Blame Big Bad Republicans For Everything

Change will never come to our communities if we are not willing to change our political strategies

Michelle Obama Should Get Pregnant

The President's re-election campaign should take more cues from HBO's hit political satire "VEEP"

Yo Soy 132 and the Mexican Spring

Mexico is undergoing some profound change as citizens attempt to hold the political process and its "rulers" accountable

MSNBC: Carbon Copy Intellect and Yack

The problem with MSNBC (and, yes, FOX) is that they keep us from taking time to seek out both sides of an issue

Black Lawmakers and Faith Leaders Meet on Voter Education

Black lawmakers must convince Black clergy not to get spooked by the IRS

Rep. Maxine Waters

Name: Rep. Maxine Waters Title/Occupation: Member of Congress Organization: U.S. House of Representatives What Makes The Person A Game Changer:  The Honorable Maxine Waters is the U.S....

After Eight Terms, Silvestre Reyes is Out

The electorate's anti-incumbency mood is shaking out in the Lone Star State

Chicago Gangsters: How to Ruin A City

Gangs think they are fighting each other, but in reality they fight their communities

Note to Romney: There’s No Punk in Politics

Folks want gumption in a President. When will Mitt start showing his?

Romney’s Trump Problem

If Mitt Romney was Barack Obama, we'd be all over him