Post-Trayvon, Neighborhood Watch Gone Wild

Post-Trayvon, Neighborhood Watch Gone Wild


As sad as it is to admit, Trayvon Martin’s death has done wonders for spotlighting injustice and racism throughout the criminal justice system. Since his murder at the hands of George Zimmerman the press, the Justice Department and social justice organizations have been going after “Stand Your Ground” laws, with their inconsistency being investigated all over the nation – and now the “Neighborhood Watch” dynamic is being put under the microscope, as well.

The latest Trayvon-related Neighborhood Watch crime comes from the North Atlanta suburbs. But it’s not clear if this is neighborhood watch, or neighborhood Klan.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution, in conjunction with local Atlanta news stations, reported on this story last Friday. Jean Kalonji and his wife Angelica were happy to be moving into a foreclosed home that their son had purchased for them in Newton County, just north of Atlanta proper. When the Kalonji’s went by their new home to change the locks they were confronted by two White men at gunpoint who threatened to shoot them if they didn’t leave the house. The unnamed men (a father and son pair) then held the couple at gunpoint and called the police.

The cops didn’t believe the Kalonji’s story that they owned the home and were simply doing maintenance and they were taken to a night in jail for trespassing and loitering. While they were released after one night, the couple is obviously distraught over this experience and Jean Kalonji, an immigrant from the Congo, noted that the cops and ‘neighbors’ treated him with the same disregard for life that caused him to leave the Congo in the first place.

Some outlets have referred to last week’s incident as out of control vigilante justice, an obvious allusion to George Zimmerman and the Trayvon Martin case – but I’m not quite willing to go that far.

This smells to me like good ole’ fashioned racism. Jean Kalonji is a Black man from the Congo and his wife is White, and they were moving into a new house. There is no indication that the men who confronted them were working with Neighborhood Watch – more likely than not they were just two racist White guys who saw an interracial couple hovering around a home they thought was empty and so they decided to act on their prejudices.

To refer to them as vigilantes suggests that there was some overarching plan of justice in mind as opposed to harassing an elderly couple that looked about as likely to be breaking and entering as the Costanzas. While the police claim they are investigating the case, it will be interesting to see if any charges are brought against this father/son due for harassment and trespassing (since they were on the Kalonji’s property in order to hold them at gunpoint) or if they will simply throw up their hands and pull a Sanford, Florida. We’ll keep you posted.


  1. And still we hear very little of all the attacks recently on Whites by Blacks as some kind of distorted "Justice for Trayvon". I have a sinking feeling that White America is getting real tired of all of this nonsense and will stop pandering to Blacks being over-sensitive over every little issue.I'm not talking some sort of Race War since Blacks are just as incapable of waging a War as they were when rounded up in Sub-Saharan Africa.Their rights will simply be taken away and be gone for good.This is a fight the Negro can't win, so he should be thankful for his opportunites and lifestyle America offers him.Just look at how they live in Africa(even with the White Man's assistance). Where would you rather be? be thankful for what you got and stop complaining.

  2. I could not let this one go unchallenged! Let me first agree with you that no form of violence and acts of hatred should be accepted, no matter what. However, it is so funny that all of the places on the planet that existed for millennium without the "white man's" presence were doing just fine before the "white man" came along. Obviously, you take no time to actually study world history. Yes, there is a whole world of history out there. While the "white man" was still living in the dark ages, other "non white" civilizations were flourishing in many areas such as art, science, and agriculture, just to name a few. With the "white man's" assistance the entire world has enjoyed the following: smallpox(Native Americans), the Holocaust, Hiroshima(Japan), Opium wars(China), Apartheid(South Africa), attack dogs, fire hoses, water cannons, immoral human experimentation (Tuskegee Institute), Trail of Tears, slavery, 2 world wars and countless other wars, assassinations of popular world leaders and activists (Dr King), toppling of economies, climate change, looting and ravaging of the world's resources(AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST, ad infinitum)….Yes, with the "white man's" help, the world is a much better place. We can say that we are safer, our earth is cleaner, and any black man can walk the streets freely without the fear of being shot dead by another "white man" so insecure regarding his own existence, that his only repertoire is to resort to barbaric measures. Take the time to free yourself from your ineptitude and complete ignorance. READ more say less. Start with the book: The History of White People by Nell Irvin Painter. You might find it a fascinating read and you may actually learn something. Then, when you are done with that one, here are some other books that might keep you from ever writing something as ignorantly embarrassing ever again. The Black History of the White House by Clarence Lusane, What's So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancey, and The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. Enjoy your transformation…