Exclusive: Marissa Alexander’s Current Husband Speaks

Exclusive: Marissa Alexander’s Current Husband Speaks


A man claiming to be the second and current husband of Marissa Alexander contacted Politic365 in response to its recent story about her case.  Though it cannot be verified completely, Politic365 believes the man is indeed her husband since he confirmed certain details few would be privy to.  Despite a confrontation between the two in 2010 which led to her arrest, he and Marissa Alexander are still married. The man did not want his name to be revealed.

We will refer to him as Mr. Smith in this article though “Smith” is not his real name.

In 2010, a jury found Marissa Alexander guilty of three counts of “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon with no intent to kill” after she shot a bullet into a wall during an argument with the husband at their home in Jacksonville, FL. The firearm was legally registered in her name.  Though the altercation resulted in no injuries and no one was shot, she could be sentenced to 20 years in prison.  She is currently in a detention facility in Jacksonville awaiting sentencing.  A sentencing hearing is scheduled for next week.  Many believe her story may be an example of how stand-your-ground laws are not equally applied.

Her ex-husband, Lincoln Alexander, has created a web site to highlight her case in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case called Justice for Marissa.  Lincoln Alexander, who was married to Marissa Alexander for seven years, claims Angela Corey had a hand in the direction of Marissa Alexander’s trial though Corey was not the prosecutor on the case.

Nicholas Lake, who spoke with Politic365 yesterday, is the assistant prosecutor assigned to the case.  Lake confirmed that Alexander is incarcerated in Jacksonville and that she has a sentencing hearing next week.

Marissa Alexander married Mr. Smith in 2010.  He contacted Politic365 yesterday and described the 2010 confrontation he and his wife had saying, “Marissa is not portraying herself as she is, I was begging for my life while my kids were holding on to my side, the gun was pointed at me.” Mr. Smith confirms there was a restraining order on him requested by his wife at the time of the incident but also claimed he had a restraining order on his wife as well.  According to Smith, the couple was married in May 2010 and the altercation where a bullet was shot by Marissa Alexander into a wall occurred in August 2010.

“I got my kids out of the house through the front door. We ran down the street. My son called the police on his cell phone and I called the police on my phone,” Alexander’s husband claims. He informed Politic365 he is a 36-year old self employed truck driver and that his wife Marissa is 31.

“Marissa didn’t come out of the house until 30 minutes later after SWAT had to be called out. SWAT had to get in touch with one of Marissa’s family members and SWAT had to tell Marissa if she didn’t come out in five minutes they were coming in there to get her.  It wasn’t like she came out when the police got there,” Mr. Smith said.

“She’s just using the stand-your-ground because of the Trayvon incident.  I feel sorry for her but at the same time I thought I was going to die that day in front of my kids,” Smith added.

Lincoln Alexander confirmed during an interview on Black Talk Radio News on April 17th that what started the altercation leading to Marissa Alexander firing a bullet into a ceiling was Mr. Smith discovering text messages from Lincoln Alexander on her cell phone.  Her first husband Lincoln Alexander claims Mr. Smith threatened her life and that the acknowledgement of that threat is in his deposition to police.

“There were multiple times when he threatened her and wanted to do bodily harm towards her…the police make the determination whether they will arrest at the time,” Lincoln Alexander said. “It has been difficult to prove that she was justified in standing her ground…” he added during an interview with Black Talk Radio News. “Based on the law she should have been able to stand her ground,” he added.

In 2011, Marissa Alexander’s case was subject to a stand your ground motion hearing according to Lincoln Alexander.  Her stand-your-ground motion was denied by Circuit Court Judge Elizabeth Senterfitt.  According to Lincoln Alexander, the judge said Marissa Alexander could have exited the house during the altercation as she and her husband argued – though the Florida stand-your-ground law states a person “has no duty to retreat.”

“She did not want to use lethal force. She didn’t want to kill anybody,” Lincoln Alexander said during the radio interview. “Her intent was that she was scared and she fired the weapon to get [her husband] away from her,” Lincoln Alexander added.  He also said that Marissa Alexander retrieved the firearm from the glove compartment of her vehicle parked in the garage of her home at some point during the argument.

Whether the information provided to Politic365 by Marissa Alexander’s first husband is true or false their situation points to the confusion the stand-your-ground law can cause.  The Florida law states that a person has no duty to retreat when confronted. Either way, it is interesting to consider that George Zimmerman shot and killed someone and was released by police and Marissa Alexander shot no one and could face a lengthy prison sentence.

The National Bar Association, Michael Baisden and Rev. Al Sharpton are putting attention on Marissa Alexander’s story and stand-your-ground laws which have been passed in 25 states.  The National Bar Association, the nation’s oldest network of predominantly African American attorneys, will hold a town hall meeting today titled, “Standing Our Ground for Justice” in Tampa, FL in light of the Trayvon Martin case. Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the parents of Trayvon Martin, the Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump will attend the town hall and take part in a panel discussion on the issues surrounding stand-your-ground.

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    • I don't understand the system this man, Mr. Rico Edward Gray, Sr., told the court system in the original deposition that he was the abuser and then he changed his story. He should have been put in jail for perjury and the case should have been dismissed.

  1. florida laws is bs because if they are saying marissa alexander cant use stand your ground laws because she could have exited out in a window to get away or because she supposedly retreated than why is it that zimmerman can use stand your ground laws when he was told by officers not to pursue he did so anyways so if he trying to use he was afraid for his life then he put his own life in fear because he followed trayvon the laws there is just that very word law because there is no justice at all

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