Will the Real Eric Holder Stand Up?

Will the Real Eric Holder Stand Up?


The Voter Fraud heads strike again. This time, it’s in “Chocolate City” … or, simply, Washington, D.C. to all those sticking with rumors of hyper gentrification. Activists hell bent on proving voter fraud is, indeed, a reality pulled of their latest stunt by using Attorney General Eric Holder as the pawn.

Online activist group Project Veritas has made Andrew Breitbart-like undercover videos targeting Medicaid, NPR and the community group ACORN, successfully obtained a ballot to vote as Eric Holder in the recent D.C. primary. The twist that’s been a sensation on conservative blogs and viral video libraries as of late: the man claiming to be Eric Holder wasn’t actually Eric Holder – and when he showed up at the voting precinct, he didn’t need ID to prove it:

The funnier thing in this video is that the White guy going through the voter lists didn’t recognize the fact that the young White guy posing as “Eric Holder” wasn’t Eric Holder. He didn’t even flinch or do a double-take. You don’t know who the Attorney General is, old timer? What does that say about the top lawyer in the land’s visibility? Or: what does that say about White perceptions of the AG? Would have been interesting if Project Veritas had walked into a Black voting precinct and asked the same question …

So, this week, the District of Columbia Board of Elections opened an investigation after it learned the James O’Keefe group posted the undercover online video of the stunt. It is one of three other similar stunts that took place during the primary. The matter is also being referred to police, the elections board said in its announcement about the investigation.

The election worker did not ask the O’Keefe associate for an ID when he went to a Washington polling station to vote. DC doesn’t require identification to vote and even after the “fake Eric Holder” asked to leave to go get his ID, the poll worker said it wouldn’t be needed. He only needed to verify the spelling of his name and address.

O’Keefe said his group did not misrepresent themselves. Rather, they only asked poll workers “Do you have an Eric Holder?” The elections board has said while the action amounted to voter fraud, they’re not certain it will lead to a prosecution.

Project Veritas was instrumental in getting a voter ID bill passed in the New Hampshire state senate. The group said it is prepared to release other videos it made during the DC primary.

The group says its mission is “ to investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical and transparent society” by “launching specific journalistic investigations and widely publicize the results, conducting training workshops to teach others how to become modern-day muckrakers, and creating a method for the public to alert journalists of issues and institutions that need to be investigated.”

Those who are working against new voter ID laws have said there isn’t enough evidence of actual voter fraud to justify the controversial laws. The net and cumulative effect when they are passed: discouraging and suppressing voting among key Democratic voter blocks that are disproportionately students, the elderly and minorities. And, for some reason, these groups seem to traditionally have problems with possessing a current valid identification that matches their current address.

But, Project Veritas has stepped up to the plate to create a whole new slew of voter fraud cases, it seems.  It definitely makes the debate over Voter ID a lot more contentious as we head into the election year.