Eight Things White Parents Should Teach About Black People

Eight Things White Parents Should Teach About Black People


Yesterday, I talked about how John Derbyshire’s “advice” to White parents on what to say to their kids about black people was the right idea with the wrong messenger. You can see my column here.

And while Derbyshire’s racist suggestions got him fired from the National Review it doesn’t mean that most White parents out there are doing a particularly good job to talking to thier kids about race.

So, I know you’ve all been waiting patiently to see … drum roll please:

The Talk for White Parents to their White Kids about Black People

In this day and age of Black presidents, a Black First Lady that still makes a White man’s head explode and George Zimmerman killing a defenseless Trayvon Martin in cold blood, you’ll need it.  It will come in handy White people, so read carefully. Don’t just open for emergencies, depending on what’s an emergency to you.  But, this should work for:

1) The first time your kid asks why there’s a Black history month

2) The first time they come to you asking about the word “nigger;” and

3) Just about any other time you’re stumped by a Black/White race issue and don’t know what to say.


Dear White son or daughter [INSERT NAME HERE], here’s what you need to know:

1) Black People and White people are different but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other. Black people look different, often eat different foods, communicate and socialize in ways that may seem strange or odd for you. But just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s bad, or that the way you do things is better. Always remember that.

2) If you don’t know something about Black people ask a lot of them. Your Black friends don’t speak for all Black people. It’s perfectly okay to not know something, because honestly unless you ask every Black person in America you really don’t know. Do you?

3) White People as a group have done terrible things to Blacks in this country – and just because they are black (not to mention Asians, Latinos and American Indians). This is a fact. You may not be personally responsible but you benefit from this fact and therefore have some responsibility. No: you never enslaved anybody, neither did your mother or I, but lots of White people did. Once slavery was over, White people spent about 100 years mistreating Blacks because they couldn’t figure out how to send them all home after that whole nation-building thing. This means that Black people used to get killed just for trying to vote, weren’t allowed to live where they wanted to, and even today some White people refuse to hire Blacks just because they are black. And while those types of things are illegal, people still do it. You benefit from this. So before you ever judge a Black person remember that other White people worked for centuries to make sure you’d be okay and Black people would stay poor.

4) Saying “nigger” is the same thing as saying “bitch.” Even though you may hear it in music, or with your friends at school you know perfectly well that you shouldn’t use that word regardless of who is in earshot. And really, why is it so important to use it anyway?

5) Always remember there is a difference between a Black neighborhood, a bad neighborhood and a poor neighborhood. Just because an area has lots of Black people doesn’t mean they’re poor or that there’s lots of crime. There are plenty of places where black people live that are nicer than our neighborhood. You should avoid any group of people that seem dangerous because of their behavior or activities, whether that’s in a trailer park or an inner city ghetto. You can get robbed by anybody.

6) No matter who your sister/brother has dated, or what your friends have told you, or how many episodes of Chappelle Show you’ve watched you do not KNOW Black people. Who or what you listen to, read, or sleep with does not make you Black. Acting like you know everything about Black people because you have some Black friends or enjoy rap music is ignorant.

7) Black people are not pets, so don’t touch them without permission, or change your voice when you’re around them, or worse: automatically try to set them up with any Black person you know. This never works out. If you’re curious about their hair just ask, you’d be amazed at some of the stuff Black folks hear all day.

8) And finally: the best way to get along with Black people is to not be oblivious. Nothing annoys Black people more than White people who pretend racism doesn’t exist and then proclaim ignorance in the face of overwhelming evidence. Just because you don’t see it, or don’t want to see it, doesn’t mean Black people are paranoid or making things up. If you think about lesson 3 you should be good on this.

I know this talk has made you uncomfortable, but your mother/father and I believe that it’s better for you to hear this at home than learning about it on the streets or from your friends. Now go out to the park and make some Black friends! But just promise me you won’t cut through those trailer parks. I heard those people are all single moms and sell crystal meth.

DR. JASON JOHNSONPolitic365 Chief Political Correspondent, is a professor of Political Science at Hiram College in Ohio and author of the book Political Consultants and Campaigns: One Day to Sell. You can read more at www.drjasonjohnson.com or follow him on Twitter @Drjasonjohnson


  1. I can see that most of us would rather hide under the shade of falsehood instead of basking in the light of truth. I finally rest my case to the inexorable laws of causality within nature, to take its course in the affairs and actions of all people.

  2. You have bought into and resold the lies. You are an ass. The majority of whites did not own slaves. The majority of whites did not benefit from slavery. A small minority of wealthy elite in the Southern States and Caribbean owned and benefited from slavery. You sir are a racist promoting racist ideology against the white race. Go to hell.

    • You cannot be serious to think, that white people would explain black people to their children in the way you suggested. Yes, white people did some awful and terrible things to people in the past. I said in the past. Not the white people of today. A few haters still around yes, just as blacks have also. Let me remind you, that the American Indian was in many wars with different tribes. They murdered and butchered their own people, the same as the blacks in Africa did and still do today. Get the FBI reports out and look at all of the crimes of murder, rape, robbery, the blacks have comitted against whites, and I will tell them how the african blacks used their own people in slavery before the white man did. I am ashamed of my white ancestors and ashamed of any white hate group. I am a good white man and how dare you blacks to try and treat me and my family as if we here today are responsible for the past. Is all german people responsible for Hitler and the Nazi party? Yes….I will explain the truth to my children like how I was attacked by my fellow black soldiers, while serving my country. The black race is the worst race in our nation. Real african people living here are much more respectful and are also hated by the American Blacks. Yes…..I have much truth to explain to my children and you should do all of your research before posting on here and just to add, this country had no established government before the white man came. Always seek the truth.

      • you blacks
        “Get the FBI reports out and look at all of the crimes of murder, rape, robbery, the blacks have comitted against whites”
        not only black go and and check the FBI white people also
        “The black race is the worst race in our nation.” wtf
        “how dare you blacks to try and treat me and my family as if we here today are responsible for the past.” wow
        it thought this page was but then i saw this you racist prick not all “black” WE LIKE TO BE CALLED AFRICAN AMERICANS im in high school it and it stucks to know that a am apart of the WORST RACE IN THE NATION

      • 1.Yea another problem here, who controls the FBI reports? 2. sounds like Whites are the only race of the above mentioned who have never killed each other or ate each other for that matter (70’s airplane crash in the snow). Sounds like you still have a problem with considering us to be just plane human, perhaps for market/profit control? “naw” you socaled whites (a term created by whites) will never be brothers and sisters of the human race until you commit to acknowledging it as fact, no matter who created what. Many of you are like that dope dealer that nobody likes in the neighborhood oh wait you are the original dope dealers! yea monsters get respect! but it gets harder to want to help and save something that only knows how to trick and fool, and hinder the lives (in secret or in the open) of others to keep yours on top. Most of you are too greedy to see straight; blacks recognize humanity no matter what culture they support, and they not fighting for revenge, the fighting for humanity, you so called white folks who claim to be white (for profit) ain’t brothers or sisters until we win because when we win everyone will win. Blacks are not even permitted to try and create their own FBI then this country will turn around and say its because we not smart enough too..and laugh about it, now look in the mirror and ask yourself who used to be and who is still evil?? we ain’t stupid, we 12% fighting for the biggest cause, when you really decide to join let us know because at this point we can’t win it without you.

      • My reply will not be a short one as I want to break down what you said to both help you to understand and that I also may receive an understanding from you if so wish to respond back and I hope that you do because I think we could both get something from this that we’ll both appreciate.

        “You cannot be serious to think, that white people would explain black people to their children in the way you suggested.”

        Why not? I’m Black and I’ve explained to my children about other races in a very similar fashion. Do you think you’re too good for this type of approach? I’m not trying to insult your intelligence but how would you approach the subject, what would you do differently? You didn’t offer an alternate approach but you managed to insult the author, Jason Johnson, a Black man, so it comes off as you are too good for this approach and that’s why I asked if you’re “too good” and you yourself call yourself a “good white man.” For someone reading your comment this instantly makes you come off as hostile towards others and as I read on I honestly expected a diatribe of anti-Black hatred to follow as this is so often the case, especially on the internet where people use their anonymity as a shield to say how they really feel because they think there will be no repercussions for acting like a complete uncivilized jackass. I’m sure you have seen a lot of it yourself? I believe we all have seen a lot of it these days.

        “Yes, white people did some awful and terrible things to people in the past. I said in the past. Not the white people of today. A few haters still around yes, just as blacks have also.”

        But white people do still do terrible things to Blacks today. To generalize that “white people of today” don’t is just as bad as saying all of them do or all white people are racists. There isn’t just a few haters either…there are a lot of haters but there are more people open to diversity than those who are not. Generalizing any race is something racists do all the time. Given the fact more people are for diversity this doesn’t erase the past. The system is still stacked against all non-whites and exclusive privileges are given to whites whether they want them or not. That’s the nature of the white supremacy system. I do a lot of research on white supremacy and I have found the vast majority of people regardless of race are ignorant of white supremacy and how it works. Most whites from my experience do not understand white supremacy and it’s effects both in the past and today. Since many of the things that happened to Blacks in the past are still prevalent today how are we supposed to “get over it” as I am told so often by whites posting online? I will not get over being abused and being treated like a 2nd class citizen because of the color of my skin. And just because some Black people express hatred towards white people doesn’t excuse the racism that still exists…it won’t accomplish nothing for any of us.

        “Let me remind you, that the American Indian was in many wars with different tribes. They murdered and butchered their own people, the same as the blacks in Africa did and still do today.”

        You’re right and to add whites enslaved whites and white tribes in Europe were constantly at war with one another well into 16th century until JF Blumenbach classified humans into race categories. The early U.S. South was used as beta test at bring whites together and the ideology of white supremacy was preached. In the early South before African slaves were brought against their will to the U.S. the white Irish were used as slaves and were viewed as inferior by most of the other whites. Slavery goes way back in the history of man. Ancient Black civilizations such as the Ancient Egyptians enslaved Blacks (Nubians, Hebrews, Hyskos,etc.) and Greeks (Caucasoids)…they enslaved their enemies whenever taken captive or conquered. Today, slavery is not viewed as acceptable and is taboo all over the world but technically slavery still exists today in the sex trade and the prison system (see the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution). None of this makes what whites did to Blacks in the slave trade right. Another argument I hear a lot of white people parrot is “Blacks captured and sold slaves to whites” but this still doesn’t excuse it. Whites encouraged and even trained and armed some Black tribes to do the bidding. Without a buyer there is no slave trade. I feel that if people really learned more about the history of slavery beyond just the connection of the slave trade that was used in this country we could all get a proper understanding of it and deal with the slavery that still exists today and free those slaves.

        “Get the FBI reports out and look at all of the crimes of murder, rape, robbery, the blacks have comitted against whites, and I will tell them how the african blacks used their own people in slavery before the white man did.”

        The latter half of this statement was already covered above…let’s talk about those DOJ statistics. As Cassius asked, who controls those reports? The FBI was caught misreporting and inflating the terrorist statistics so how are we suppose to trust their numbers concerning crime? But since you brought that up….

        Only about 1 percent of African Americans — and no more than 2 percent of black males — will commit a violent crime in a given year;

        Even though there are more black-on-white interracial crimes than white-on-black interracial crimes, this fact is not evidence of anti-white racial targeting by black offenders. Rather, it is completely explained by two factors having nothing to do with anti-white bias: namely, the general differences in rates of criminal offending, and the rates at which whites and blacks encounter one another (and thus, have the opportunity to victimize one another). Once these two factors are “controlled for” in social science terms, the actual rates of black-on-white crime are lower than random chance would predict;

        No more than 0.7 percent (seven-tenths of one percent) of African Americans will commit a violent crime against a white person in a given year, and fewer than 0.3 (three-tenths of one percent) of whites will be victimized by a black person in a given year;

        Whites are 6 times as likely to be murdered by another white person as by a black person; and overall, the percentage of white Americans who will be murdered by a black offender in a given year is only 2/10,000ths of 1 percent (0.0002). This means that only 1 in every 500,000 white people will be murdered by a black person in a given year. Although the numbers of black-on-white homicides are higher than the reverse (447 to 218 in 2010), the 218 black victims of white murderers is actually a higher percentage of the black population interracially killed than the 447 white victims of black murderers as a percentage of the white population. In fact, any given black person is 2.75 times as likely to be murdered by a white person as any given white person is to be murdered by an African American.

        “I am ashamed of my white ancestors and ashamed of any white hate group. I am a good white man and how dare you blacks to try and treat me and my family as if we here today are responsible for the past. Is all german people responsible for Hitler and the Nazi party?”

        If you truly are ashamed of the actions of your ancestors and any white hate group then why do you perpetuate their propaganda against Blacks? And the generalizing as I already pointed out is what racists always do…it’s racist to generalize any race and you did exactly that. All Blacks do not know you or your family and nor do you know all Black people. I’m not even going to answer your question about Germans, that’s just ridiculous to even ask that.

        “Yes….I will explain the truth to my children like how I was attacked by my fellow black soldiers, while serving my country. The black race is the worst race in our nation.”

        Now it seems to me that you want your children to believe your experience with just a few Black men represents Black people as a whole. We could turn the tables and make white people look just as bad to our children if we wanted to teach them to hate others based on the actions of a few. Why did they attack you? Of course we will only hear your side of it but I’m curious as to how you will answer this.

        “Real african people living here are much more respectful and are also hated by the American Blacks.”

        More generalizing and not at all true.

        “Yes…..I have much truth to explain to my children and you should do all of your research before posting on here and just to add, this country had no established government before the white man came.”

        What you are calling truth is not an honest depiction that you want to convey to your children. You seem to want to teach your kids how to be racists. This will not help as white supremacy will destroy civilization if it is allowed to continue. Racism needs to be discussed among all humans in an honest and educated manner. Handing down this ideology to our children will eventually lead to the destruction of man. American Indians each had their own form of politics for their tribes and there was no country, just man and nature living together. Owning land or claiming as one’s own was a foreign concept to American Indians, the had a far greater respect for the world and what it provided them. They were one with the Earth until white men showed up, killed them, and then relocated them to land the white man decided what they would have as their own.

        “Always seek the truth.”

        Do you follow this advice yourself? I guess we’ll find out.

      • In the meantime people there are 10 million slaves in the world as we speak in countries like saudi arabia, sudan, china, india. Some are child slaves. The saudis have a world sex slave. N. American slavery ended in 1865. There were many other nations that had slaves over history, whites were not the only ones. Also Irish were slaves the same time that blacks were in america, england and the commonwealth……

    • This is some of the most ridiculous shit I have ever read. I am second generation German, Portuguese, Irish and Cherokee. I am almost as white as it gets, I bear ZERO RESPONSIBILITY for anything, I owe “Black People” nothing. Thanks for the laugh

      • Mike who asked you specifically for anything?? I dam sure didn’t don’t even know you.. the fact is you ain’t white and black people ain’t black there is only brown pigmentation in various degrees. the massive kidnapping of blacks and training them to become under developed mentally is worse then leaving your defenseless people on an island to survive and calling it a hard lesson to survive. but by the same token scenario wise, if you look like ” massa” after giving others a hell to live in and being fearfully out numbered and developmentally limited, I might try to burn down your house too until you feel….. Or try it this way…..if I look like ” massa” after giving you and your family a hell to live in and being fearfully out numbered and developmentally limited, U might try to burn down my house too until I prove to you otherwise without lies and tricks. please don’t respond by asking to get into no stupid crap! just consider the other view in this conversation. if you can’t understand this , you must be a white person. and many wonder why backs think white people are devils. lol!

        • cassius ,, all those massa’s are dead , get over it …. don’t try blaming the white man of today what happened 100’s of years ago .. we whites owe blacks nothing

          • I used to say this type of crap all the time, “ I’m tired of being blamed for what happened in the past” or “black people need to stop living in the past and move on”… I am currently in a sociology class right now, though, and damn…reading all of these posts about “not owing blacks anything” is one of the main reasons why racism exists today. Tony and Mike- get over yourselves. No one is telling YOU that YOU owe black people anything; other than respect- just as much as any other human being owes anyone else. I am a 23 year old white woman- so I still have plenty to learn about everyone’s past but I’m not ignorant or oblivious to the fact that what white people did was disgusting. I don’t think anyone is asking you to do anything other than acknowledge the fact that history is what it is; so, stop denying the fact that any of it happened. If an African American says “your people did this” why is it so damn hard to genuinely realize that what we did to them still might affect them till this day? By saying “I wasn’t a part of that, I never grew up in that era”- what if you did grow up in that era? Would you be sorry then? Would you know any different than to “hate” African Americans (if that is the type family you are born into)? You’re insisting a lot of colorblind racism in what you say. The answer is not to just stop talking about it and move on- no one is asking you to feel guilty for the past either but damn, take some responsibility as your own ignorance is being reflected. White people do bad things, just as African American people do bad things but that doesn’t erase what happened in the past.
            Same goes for you Cassius- not all white people are the devil. =)

      • Thanks for your comment I hate this conversation its the same all the time look at facts I think the country would be better off without black cultural influences such as rap music. It makes the children stupid.

      • Thank you for the laugh. No one said that you owed anyone. It is interesting that you felt like saying that for no reason. It is funny that people really think that black people want reimbursement for the past. I think they would rather be respected as an individual. The joke is on you because you really believe that all black people in America are a product of slavery. What about black Africans that traveled to America after slavery? They are called black people. What about black people that are mixed with other races? They are called black people. Your comment shows that you are assuming that all black people are the same. You are also assuming that all black people are connected to American slavery. Why would I hold a grudge if my family was never enslaved. Yes you may meet an angry black person that assumes you are the product of a slave owner. You know how that makes you feel right? That is like assuming that every black person is a product of slavery? So maybe you were referring to black people that came here through slavery? If that was the case then you should have said so. Thank you for the laugh. Remember that “You don’t owe people anything.” (Nice try)

    • Agreed.

      I yearn for the day Europeans (white people for all you layman’s out there) grow a spine and tell people like this author and other Africans to stick it. People need to stop caring if people think they’re racist. This is abuse and as a European/white person I have had just about enough of the blame, excuses, b.s., it is time for a change. If Europeans/white people are so racist then Africans should have no problem leaving. That is what the “racist” want anyway. You. Gone.

    • Obviously the person who wrote this decided not to do ANY research regarding facts. Typical disinfo and outright lies. Oh and as far as white’s heads exploding because of a black pres.? Don’t forget whites put him in office. Also, looking at him now, can you see why many didn’t want him in? Duh?

    • You are correct sir. Slavery led to freed blacks which led to our current situation. Blacks are A CANCER the U.S. So are Hispanics, but not as rampant YET. We should be a country founded by whites and controlled by whites. If you think the US will last with our current situation you are crazy. Look at history. How long did empires last? My goodness people, educated white people, look at what was before us. We live in a world that a perverted celebrity is more is more important than a soldier protecting and defending this country. Please Lord let us receive our blessing or curse depending on Your will. We are a country in transition. We will go the wrong way!

    • It’s always been interesting to me that we have a word for whites who blacks – we call them “racists” – but none for blacks who hate whites. I’m thinking miso—– (for hater)….. miso- … miso- what? I think such a word in the English language is sorely overdue.

    • The best thing we as white people can do, is stay as far away as possible from BLACKS.
      That’s the only solution for our well being, hopefully we can ship you and your socialist annoyances to Africa. Empower yourself there, Doctor? Your obviously not an M.D., you’re most likely an Affirmative Action baby, unlike Thomas Sowell, who actually had to make it on his own, when standards appled.

      • You weremt trying to ship us off when you were over in Africa collecting us like wild dogs Now that black people have something to stay and is learning the white man’s game, you want us to go back home to our original roots? Not going to happen. YOu should have told your great, great, great grand daddy this 150 years ago. Get over yourself.

  3. How dare you write that majority of whites did not benefit from slavery- you must be demonic. (Was it the majority of blacks who did.) The historian Eric William asserted that the industrial revolution was at least in part funded by agricultural profits from the proceeds of slave labour in the Americas. He cited examples such as the invention of the steam engine by James Watt which was funded by plantation owners from the caribbeans. He equally stressses that enslavement of Africans was an essential element to the industrial revolution and that british wealth is a result of slavery. So you now see that slave trade= Primitive accumulation of european capital that preceded and created the financial conditions for the british industrialization. The trans-tlantic slave trade and slavery were major elements in the emergence of capitalism in the West. As Karl Max noted, they were pivotal to western industrialization. So, never seem too intellgent for yourself to seperate the foundatonal development of western Technology and trans-atlantic slavery.

      • no it is not disgusting ,, we dont want blacks around us ,,, we are different human beings , different values .. different ways of life ,, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be around and sicializing with your own kind . gornilla say whatever you want ,, don’t let anyone tell you anything

        • That’s like saying that all white people are uneducated hillbillies or rednecks. I find ignorant black people to be very annoying. I also find ignorant white people to be equally annoying. I know black people that are very wealthy and intelligent. I know white people that have flat screen TV’s and use the out-house. It is true, have you been around whites? I have seen the same behaviors on both sides. You only wish that you were better. When will you get tired of playing make-believe?

    • Well said! I got better things to do than spend my day on how white people should coddle blacks because of slavery of which I had nothing to do with. Blacks think they have a right to steal and murder because of slavery 100 years ago. Stop welfare and affirmative action and you will see racism come to an end!

      • alright! blacks have a right to fight to survive and get ahead especially since you think the way you do about us!! if we can gt ahead the right way you are still trying to reduce us to primitive behavior!! people like you make poor people believe there is no other way to get ahead in life. thanks be your self stay selfish and evil solomon says we all eventually die!

    • How dare you blacks try to treat me and my family as if we are responsible for the past? I’m black. I don’t blame anyone in the present for something in the past. You blacks is a generalization. I would encourage you to open yourself to the idea that all black people are not the same. I would not assume that every white person I met would assault me and call me nigger although some have. I judge everyone individualy. I hope you get to know more black people. I don’t judge I feel kind of bad that so many people would hate me without knowing me. Oh well, what can you do?

      • lol! confuzed!!! u generalize too’ lol if a white man in a truck hit you from behind last month would you file charges against him and point him out 2 weeks later in court? you shouldn’t if you don’t blame anyone for the past. lol!!

    • This is hilarious and sad at the same time. I’m a 3 time combat veteran who probably commands more respect than someone with this attitude ever will. A sub human who helped closed down Baghdad in a leadership position. I brought my soldiers home, regardless of their color. I made promises to white and black parents. Your point of view strirs anger in me but you can’t fight hate with hate. I’m glad to have met people like this in real life. Black people have to teach our kids how to protect themselves too. They have to learn that they will be judged by the color of their skin regardless of their achievements. I learned as a child that I would always have to work harder just to prove I wasn’t lazy or stupid. I guess thats why I and my siblings all attended college. I am just one person not a group of people. You can’t say all black people are like me. Thats the point every individual is different. I was taught to be good though…by my mother. I don’t know what your defination of good is but judging from this evil statement it must be perverse. The world is changing we dont want or need hate.

      • Thank you Cassandra; I am glad that there are people like you still left in this world. I am black, 19, and in college and the more I meet and see people…..of all races I wonder why God, whoever created everything, would allow for this mass of evil to continue to go on.

        • I agree Donald. I’d rather deal with zombies than put up with this non sense. Atleast white zombies dont just hate black people, they hate everyone. Watching walking dead now. .

    • So im guessing all of the wars I learn about in history were non-whites too. And correct me if im wrong but were there not a caste system implemented by your kin in Europe. Also not all of your people are well educated either, I spoke with many. What im saying is negative qualities isnt a race, any human can have them the same with postives. But you want to go with racism, “You point the finger because the truth of the matter is the true sub-human is you. You spread misery and evil wherever you go and do even the worst of this…………make them love you afterward. You have all recessive genes, spread disorder and diseases for fun, contain psychological problems, and make other races hate themselves and each other while love you. You are evil incarnate. But no you dont need to be destroyed, you need rehabilitation. I even now, believe you can be helped.” Not all of your race are like you for I have seen so and I am grateful for it and I cant help thinking this is all for something that I cant seem to comprehend of yet but truly I pity you.

    • then why did you ever try to enslave us? and now you try to hide from the past…only an ignorant human would ever look at another human and be too stupid to see his own kind. Devils and monster should be destroyed!! don’t hide live openly! proclaim how you feel in the public places, don’t worry people will love you for it, devil. lol!

    • Read your history book. You want them. Mixed children had to come from somewhere. You need them. Many black people were enslaved, they did not volunteer. Now you need them to distract people from noticing that you are not perfect. If black people leave, you will only notice that you are the black people that you fear. Black people did not create trailer parks, abortions, drugs, or gangs. Come back to reality. Black people, like many other races, helped to shape America. Get over yourself.

  4. Why is it that everytime I read about slavery no fault is put on the tribe leaders that sold their own people as slaves to the europeans. Is there no fault in your own people for selling as if a animal? If blame is going to be pointed, it should be going both ways. Also the whole took me from my home land, everyone has the right to move, you can always go back. From what I see in world news you could have a better life and more oppertunity in the US. I can’t change the past and was not a part of the past. Just as no one can change the fact that african tribe leaders sold their own people like livestock. That is never brought up, I have never heard a rant about how africans sold their own people as slaves. Not to mention a lot were slaves in africa prior to arriving here. Why is that never brought up?

    • I don’t know any black person who isn’t aware of that fact, but then again all of the black people I know are educated. We are not all the same. There is a huge amount of ignorance on both sides. Some people are not aware that all black people are not looking for a hand out. I know about my history and I take full advantage of the rights that my ancestors fought for me to utilize. I also know that not all black people will go to college and become productive members of society. I wish things were different. I am black so I know that there are people in this world who hate me and would not like to see me succeed. I pray for those people and their ignorance because that is what I was taught to do.

    • because it ain’t true africans didn’t telegraph for you to come over and buy some other blacks…you people are such evil lies you believe your own filth and want others to be stupid enough to believe it too!! hell even heard you grabbed sellers and strapped them on the ships too’ ….try this out!!…hey you all watch how this idiot handles this!!I….. 500 black men with guns appear at your front door all with guns asking you to sell them you wife and children or die..how would you respond?? either no reply or an ignorant reply lol! lets wait and see…..

      • You sound stupid blacks were not sold because of their color their own people sold them, its possible their were africans that had slaves of their own. I wish slavery never happened because that would mean black people wouldnt be here making our country ignorant.

        • Read a book please. Your comment is ignorant. People know about rednecks, hillbillies, and trailer parker dwellers. White people are not exempt from low SAT scores, Special education classes, low IQ scores, and mental illnesses. I’m guessing that you think white people turn black when they don’t reach your level of perfection. Are you blind?

        • Black accomplishments go far beyond peanut butter look it up. You needed Black inventors in order to have your luxuries. (Frederick McKinley Jones, Garrett A. Morgan…) You want black people to leave but you would like to keep their witty inventions and their cultures. Black cultures helped to shape American art, music and dance. Ben Carson would save someone like you, but you would wish him away. May God excuse your ignorance.

  5. Now i know how ignorant the people i am communicating with are. Some mr. Gorrilla said that africans are sub-humans and must be taught to be good,well I feel sorry for you. Yet, your people, flock all the extractive industries in africa and other vital sectors of the numerous economies . You speak as if africans can’t do without you guys, and here you are definitely wrong. We have lived without whites for millenia before your forefathers arrival to the mother land. If all blacks were to live on their own today, you bet its the whites who would eventually come pop nosing in no time. As for tribal chiefs selling their own people, I would answer by saying “would there have been any trade in the first place without a buyer”. I am not justifying the evil actions of those chiefs but the greed inherent in all or most men is further enhanced by the readily- available flashy products for sale back then.

    • you would still be swinging in the trees if it weren’t for white people,,, everything you do in this modern world came from the whites ,, you would still be in african garb, eating whatever you could get in your hands, ,, every product you touch , listen to , drive ,, wear ,, etc. etc . etc .. you can thank the white man

      • You must not know about the resources that are found in Africa. Also, stay away from tap dance, rock music and jazz. Don’t ever eat peanut butter. Those things exist because of black people. Swinging in a tree is better than being hung in a tree. There is nothing healthy about American junk food. should we thank you for that too? Your comment is not truth. It is wishful thinking. Thank God for diversity.

      • You don’t know history. Black people helped to invent many things that we use today. Poor thing, you think that the white man created it all. I study your history, my history and the history of others. you study your history and fairytales. The truth is that America is a melting pot of cultures. people from all over the world come to America and accomplish great things. you can’t cope with not being special so you believe the rants crazy people.

  6. This moron has posted the most laughably inept and revisionist piece of shit I’ve ever seen. His insinuation that all whites benefit from mistreating all blacks is pathetic , professional grievance mongering at its finest. Ask the single mother on benefits if she is benefiting from racism. The rich and powerful prospered under slavery, not the average man in the street. Blacks sold blacks to other blacks for centuries before Europeans arrived. Ancient Egypt, Muslim imperialism and tribal warfare all traded black slaves and got rich on the misery of their fellow man. So own your own guilt before pointing the finger. As for how to talk to black people, sorry, I couldn’t care less. Try teaching black kids how to interact with civilized, work driven, white society and they might achieve something instead of ghetto living, pimping and drug dealing. Oh and the black on black genocide in Rwanda, Somalia, Ethiopia, D.R.C as well as inner city blacks in the industrialized world, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis etc…are all someone elses fault.

    • So im guessing all of the wars I learn about in history were non-whites too. And correct me if im wrong but were there not a caste system implemented by your kin in Europe. Also not all of your people are well educated either, I spoke with many. What im saying is negative qualities isnt a race, any human can have them the same with postives. But you want to with racism, “You point the finger because the truth of the matter is the true sub-human is you. You spread misery and evil wherever you go and do even the worst of this…………make them love you afterward. If I embodied evil and I know I should say this it would look like you. But no you dont need to be destroyed, you need rehabilitation. I even now, believe you can be helped.”

  7. You could certainly see your skills in the article you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  8. What the fuck is this shit ? I’M SO DISGUSTED AND APPALLED BY THIS READING AND IT NEEDS TO BE REMOVED NOW! My own people writing some garbage like this ? REALLY ? This is ridiculous…..

  9. Hi, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam remarks? If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can suggest? I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any support is very much appreciated.

  10. Go to hell, Negroes were not treated badly by Whites, segregation was a separate but equal society, a much better society. Look at what has become of America since forced integration, we’ve degenerated to the level of the Negro. Look at Obama, he’s an absolute wicked anti-White monster, that is intentionally destroying America.

    “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality.” – Abraham Lincoln

    • If a white master had 100 slaves that he bred (you know black people love sex and making plenty of babies–even more today; that is what you type of people say) then how in the world is there more white people than black in America?

    • you first! Edward you selfish heartless animal lol! your proud of it too aren’t you? have you ever been lynched? or had your mother, sister, wife..etc.. whipped until her fetus fellout? yea sure you right!!. in your own evil @#$SS! mind.

      • I have never seen more people chasing their own as in my life lol. This has to be the biggest group of uneducated people on the web. (I’m not blaming white people of today but their has been horrible things done to blacks in the past) this has been said numerous times on this post… Ok I’m glad your not blaming whites of today because it had and has nothing to do with any of us just like slaves of the past have nothing to do with modern day black people. As far as blacks being (picked) on by the law watch the 11 o’clock news tonight or any given night for that matter… Black people don’t want to be profiled but they go out of their way to make them selves stand out… You partake in illegal activities you go to jail that’s as simple as it is white black Chinese Mexican it makes no difference… I suggest the blacks quit hanging on to a past that did not and has not effected anyone in decades stop trying to get something for nothing and move on with your Damn lives. Also the Irish were the first slaves followed by native Americans on top of our land being stolen and we have all moved on why do blacks think they are so special? If anything this kind of shit right here is why there will always be racist people! you all need to grow up get lives let the past go and live for the future.

    • abraham lincoln was a smart man ,, he knew whites and blacks cannot live together,, segregation was the best way to live , but the blacks couldn’t do it on their own ,, they needed the white man to advance .. they couldnt do it on there own,, pathetic people they are

  11. As a REAL African American, as in someone who was ACTUALLY born and raised in Africa. I AM EMBARRASED with my Black Africans in the United States. They are lazy, ignorant, arrogant, and covered in a sense of entitlement.

    If they were sent back to Africa, they would not last 1 week.

    Just like all BLACK AMERICANS Doctors, they are self proclaimed, no real education.

    You can tell by reading his article, he is clearly not a real Doctor.

    Last thought; I love how BLACK AMERICAN’s blame the whites for their laziness, their lack of work ethic, and their situation. Just like their HALF BLACK president, BLACK AMERICANS have an excuse for everything!!

    Get on with it!! Slavery ended over 100 years ago, how long do you need to get your shit together?!!!

    • I am a BLACK AMERICAN as you would say. Stop believing what you see and hear from other people and open up your mind to think for yourself. There are lazy, ignorant, arrogant, and hand out seeking people of all races; not just blacks. The only way to the future is unity and it is a shame that I am so young and know this whereas you do not. Furthermore the context of what you typed suggests you to be ARROGANT is it not. You are no better than anyone for passing judgement on the all for the actions of the one.

    • really? what is the unemployment status in america? who takes the brunt of it you too’ are talking in ignorance my brotha!!! slavery is not needed when a better controlling system is developed, but dont worry my african brotha you will see it when its probably too late! dosent sound like you got your own empire to make any difference anyway.

  12. Ok this is ludicrous and I am an African American. I do not feel any parent should be explaining race and ethnic differences in this format. As a parent you should be teaching your children to be good, honest and wholesome individuals. I will correct the author we are not different we all feel the same emotions, pay bills alike and we all want a better life not only for us but our children. You sir have a very jaded way of viewing race in America and you perpetuate the ideas that African Americans are victims. We sir are no one victims in 2013! We are hard working, highly educated and evolving people. We experience from time to time narrow minded people but I for one will not allow you nor anyone else to send us back 100 years. African Americans are resilient and resourceful so just accept that we are just you!

  13. The real 8 things white parents should teach:

    1. Blacks have an IQ range between 70 and 85 on average, worldwide.

    2. Blacks commit the most murders per capita.

    3. Blacks commit the most rapes per capita.

    4. Blacks have the highest rates of STDs, including HIV/AIDs.

    5. Black music encourages violence, drug use and promiscuous sex.

    6. Blacks consider all white people responsible for slavery even though less than 2% of whites owned slaves, and black people were largely involved in the slave trade of their own people.

    7. Black people think whites were handed everything in life, hence their poor work ethic.

    8. 70% of black kids don’t have fathers.

    adding a 9th point.

    Blacks will always invent new grievances about white people, so it’s best to not bother trying to talk to them, in their eyes you will always be guilty for the problems in their lives,

    • best comment thus far on this board .. you hit the nail right on the head john,,, whites these are the 8 ,, well 9 things as john says .. these are the things we should be teaching our white children

      • What you need to do is teach little whitey to speak spanish. With Obama opening the boarders, every Juan, Dick, and Geraldo will flood across the border.

  14. Wow! I am so dumbfounded right now. I can’t believe there even has to be a conversation. I am a Scottish woman, living in the US for 8 years now, married to a amazing man, who is half black, half white. But that is no way important. What is important, is that I have never experienced racism or racial issues like this in my life until I came to this country. It knocked me in my back. My husband is very light skinned and from a little town called Massillon, Ohio. When we would be out some places or talk to people, all white may I add, they would spew their racist BS, assuming my husband was white. He would brush it off as he is used to it. I would get so mad. Not saying I don’t know what racism is, because I do. However in my counrty, although it may sound like racist terms, it by noway is. Infact the slang that is used for other races, is usually a term coined by that race themselves. I lived in Glasgow, a major city in Europe and it is so mixed. I went to school with Indian, Pakistani, Jamaican. Jewish, Jehovah witnesses, Muslim. God my cousins are Muslim. 2 of my dad’s best friends, one Pakistani, one black where at my house all the time and never, never at any point did my brother, sister or me question their colour? We never even knew they where different. I only realise this now since I came here. They were my dad’s friends, they were my school mates, they were our neighbours. It baffles me that not only do y’all have to have the conversation with your kids, but you guys are arguing over which is the right way to go about it? I can’t believe that your kids even come home and ask why other kids are different. And that goes for both races. I know black kids who have asked the same question about white kids! Get it together America! If you respective parents didn’t act different or be prejudice around other races & or religions, then maybe you would never have to worry about the conversation having to happen at all. We learn from what we see. And all I can say is that although not educated or intelligent and of working class, my parents, family, friends, neighbours, teachers and such done a dn good f*cking job of teaching us kids what matter. And that sure as sh*t was not race, religion, size, gender and the likes but it was that you should love and respect everyone, no matter what. Give to people who need, wether material or emotional, and most of all, treat everyone the way you expect to be treated.

    • Bitch you are a race traitor! Your husband is an abomination to all things moral and holy. If you have children they will be an abomination too.

      The best thing for a mudbred mixraced to do is kill themselves. That way they will not continue to spread their infection.

  15. Hi to everyone. I only want to share my experience as a single mom, hispanic, devoted catholic woman. I fit in many of the minorities lists and have been almost a target for discrimination. Yet I speak 3 languages, by the grace of God, I am able to to provide for my daughter very well an we are extremely greatful to this country for all the oportunities we have as we all should be, because to my understanding, we are all inmigrants or inmigrant descendent right? So here’s the sharing part, in my house, the teachings were simple, respect others, if the color of the skin is not relevant to the story, you don’t need to tell me if the kid was black, white, hispanic, etc. Believe me, those were long stories until my 4 year old learn to tell difference. I didn’t need to explain “black history month” because I don’t celebrate it at my house, I’m from Peru, if the school wants to make a celebration they probably will explain it. But when I read the books of the history of this country and when I read the books about WWII, I got movies and documentaries and shared them with my daughter, so she can understand what happens when we don’t love and treat each other with love and respect.
    It is difficult to raise a child here, we went for tea at a pakistany store by our house after 9/11 he gave us cookies for free and cried because he felt so bad. My daughter asked him if he knew the attackers and for that moment, that precious conversation they had is that I took my baby there, so she could learn that to destroy and to hate is a personal choice. Stop talking about colors, talk about understanding and teach the best you have from your own history. Make your children better than u.
    Control what is under your control, your home. They way you treat each other, the way you talk to each other. Outside, when your kids get on that bus and go t school, you have no control. But when you talk, they listen, when you are watching a game and use the wrong word, they are listening, when you are driving and someone gets in your way and you use the wrong words, they are listening.

    I’m just saying

    • What a wonderful testimony and advice. I love your attitude. My kids are raised similarly, and they are beautiful human beings who embrace everyone. Racism and prejudice is taught; treat people how you want to be treated, it really is that simple.

  16. This column has to be satire, no one could be serious about this crap.
    The black experience in America has been a disaster for whites. Crime, poverty, ignorance, and general disfunction are the hallmarks of the race. After billions in direct aid and trillions in lost opportunity costs, they still don’t get it. Their insistence on entitlement has crippled them and us. I see no silver lining to any of it and to suggest that we “owe” these folks anything is simply ridiculous. But for us they would be as bad off here as they are everywhere else. The white race should demand reparations from these slackers for what they’ve done to our schools, cities and economy.

    • Really Tyler?

      Come out of your idiotic sh*t box and study other English speaking countries, i.e
      First off my country and the rest of my kingdom! Scotland, England, Ireland & Wales. Then there’s Nothern Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and then some! Then there’s a bunch of other countries that are also English speaking countries but pro dominantly of another race! Jamaica being one. I tend not to let people get my goat or upset me with there stupid, uneducated, biased and rediculsous comments, oh and I am uneducated, high school only baby! That being said, you can’t teach common sense, it’s a given, honey! But you son, have taken the biscuit and the whole f*cking pack as far as I’m concerned! Do you own a smart phone? Have you heard of Google? Or a search engine of any kind? I garauntee you, that if you search your theory, in any of these other countries, google, bing or whatever search engine it may be, is gonna pop up with the response “are you smoking crack?”
      Nuff said!!!

  17. If the black man must be grateful to whites for technology,then the question is has it stopped the fundamental problems of human life that still exist and plagues all people till today- IGNORANCE,DISEASE,HUNGER,SICKNESS AND HATE. Thus technology has never being and will never be the answer. Work on your ego and your flawed white thinking. I think its time to get things straight,most especially for some white racists. You still think that the white man has any legacy then think again- it’s only a civilization of destruction and deceit . 1.) Nuclear waste pollution and radiation contamination. 2.) All manner of sexual perversion-pedophilia,homosexuality,beastiality,sadism,etc. 3.) Trans-atlantic slavery, colonization, Neo-colonization and outright western imperialism. 4.)Planned and controlled genocide of multiple native indigenous people. 5.) Unwarranted hatred against coloured people. 6.) Unfair Trade globally most especially with developing nations. 7.) Deceitful International financial system operations 8.)Endless Development and the use of weapons of mass destruction of unimaginable dimensions – Chemical, Biological, Nuclear,etc. 9,) The U.S and E.U subsidizes their agricultural sector to the tune of billions of dollar against cheaper agricultural produce of the so-called third world nations and yet wants them to fully open their borders for the entry of finished goods that they make. 10.) Less than 1% of the population of the world controls over 90% of global resources while 99% of the global population must do with the remaining 10% of world resources- pure legacies of western civilization. (Oh what else could we have expected). When blacks were masters of space and time I doubt if any white man could read and write. Some white racists think that africans are fools to be tossed around but the truth is, there are secret knowledge that some of them know which even in the next 10,000years all your working scientists would never dream of realizing. It’s time to be humble and learn from all people.

    • Africans take a back seat to no one when it comes to genocide. It’s their national pastime. They’ve been slaughtering each other by the trainload since forever.

      “…When blacks were masters of space and time…”

      Lol… Wth is this even supposed to mean?

      “…You still think that the white man has any legacy then think again…”

      …he posts using a computer.

      “…there are secret knowledge that some of them know…”

      Do tell. Apparently this “secret knowledge” is what they use to make *every* Black-run African nation a violent, corrupt sh*thole.

    • Bitch please!

      2.) All manner of sexual perversion-pedophilia,homosexuality,beastiality,sadism,etc. = um, it was black that were having sex with monkeys in Africa that caused AIDS. Not only that, what about modern day Africa having the highest rape per-capita index in the world?

      3.) Trans-atlantic slavery, colonization, Neo-colonization and outright western imperialism. = white folks were not running around Africa catching slaves. You caught your own people and sold each other off. All the white man did was pay. Who do you really think is worse?

      4.)Planned and controlled genocide of multiple native indigenous people. = Who cares? “indigenous people” are conquered. Those living in conquered nations are historically killed or enslaved. It has always been that way since the begining of time. If you think what whites did was bad, look at your tribal warlords in modern day sub-saharan Africa who drive through villages shooting unarmed men and rape the women.

      5.) Unwarranted hatred against coloured people. = Why is it not warranted? Blacks in the US commit more crimes per capita than any other group. I hate blacks and believe it is VERY warranted.

      6.) Unfair Trade globally most especially with developing nations. = Black people sat on their butts in the bush since the begining of time doing nothing. Then when given the opportunity to make some money they captured their own people and sold them off. Since then blacks (especially the men) have been sitting on their butts doing as little as possible.

      It is not our responsibility to enforce fair trade. We have been working our tails off for generations while you were busy playing “baby mama.”

      7.) Deceitful International financial system operations = there is nothing deceitful about it. Blacks for the most part dont have checking accounts. They go to check cashing places. So why are you worried about “international financial systems” you dont use them. If you want a part of it, go get some education, open a bank.

  18. kids….people are people. No matter what color they are, we are all the same people no matter what but everyone is an individual. Love your neighbor!!!!! Thats what the bible says. Color does not matter. Yes blacks have gone thru alot in this country but its a new day now. We’ve came such a long way as Americans….together. We have a black president, black kids, white kids Asian kids, Mexican kids all hang out together now…look how far we came in 100 years. Change is such a beautiful thing. tear…i love my country (p.s. Regardless of my race…I’m still your sister 🙂

  19. You have got to be the dumbest nigger in the world. What the fuck is wrong with you? Go back to working in the cotton fields before I call the lynch mob.

  20. You must be a nigger with an explanation like that. That meaning your a dirty ignorant person. The meaning of the word has changed unless you are white. Or did you forget U my nigga. You need more time in the streets. Cracker!!!!!

  21. This Is So Dumb You Know What I’m Gonna Talk About White People To My Kids Whoever Wrote This Is A Racist Jerk You Don’t Need To Teach Kids How To Act Around someone who Is A Different Color Than You Its Just Not Right

  22. This is some of the most racist shit I have ever read.

    “2) If you don’t know something about Black people ask a lot of them. Your Black friends don’t speak for all Black people. It’s perfectly okay to not know something, because honestly unless you ask every Black person in America you really don’t know. Do you?”

    How the fuck do you tell a “white person” not to judge all “black people” by the way their “black friends” speak/act/live as they don’t speak for all “black people” and in the VERY NEXT POINT you generalize all white people?

    Whether you admit to it or not you are a racist. You are racist against white people. You are racist because you are holding a grudge against something that happened very ~150 years ago. Something that was not done directly to you, something that was not done directly by anyone still alive

    By your logic. The Japanese in America should still be angry at “white people” for throwing them in prison camps during WW2, which happened ~60 years ago, not ~150 years ago.

    I would expect someone with “Dr.” in their title to be educated a little more and be able to think a little higher.

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  24. What an inaccurate, brainwashed & ignorant article. The last thing white parents need to do is keep pushing black entitlement down they’re children’s throats. White parents should teach they’re children to call a spade a spade & that black people desperately need REAL equality in America, not that it’s ok to behave like an ignorant animal, or that black people deserve subsidies & welfare just because they’re black & white people should feel guilty about slavery. Let me explain the unpopular truth about slavery, Africans flocked to the western coast of Africa upon the arrival of European explorers because they saw salvation from hunger and disease, the Europeans did what Christians have always done, they aided they’re suffering, they realized that Africa wasn’t suited for sustained living, not even for the “mute savages” so they displaced them to civilization where they would be given work in exchange for food, shelter, clothing and all the things a human needs to survive, later these Africans we’re offered education, money and land to farm. The reason negroes became despised in America is the same reason they’re despised today, ignorance, intolerable behavior, crime, laziness, abandonment etc. I have determined that some blacks suffer from a mental illness I have dubbed “nigger syndrome” and this illness is and always will be the reason for hate toward blacks, not their different skin color. So tell me, should white people feel guilty about slavery? Or should black people feel guilty that they’ve been given the opportunity to have a prosperous life in a great country and all they’ve done is destroy it’s very fabric? Let me ask you the author, Did you eat today? Did you receive an education that made you capable of writing an article? Or would you rather be starving in Kenya? I think you should feel ashamed of yourself for perpetuating this “nigger syndrome” that holds black people down. We as black people should be debted to the white man for giving us everything, not the other way around. White children should not be taught to tolerate the ignorant black man & waste their tax dollars pouring food stamps, welfare & child care into black communities, they should be taught to hold every man accountable for his actions & behaviors regardless of his skin color, until this is understood within the minds of blacks & whites alike, black people will always be at the very bottom of society. Throughout the world black people have shown no motivation to better their lives, they don’t possess the intelligence or integrity to build a thriving nation, it’s proven in Africa, Haiti, Jamaica etc. everywhere you get black people together it becomes a crime ridden, filthy ghetto, America doesn’t deserve to be a ghetto!!!! Wake up America!!!!!

  25. I Googled this subject so I could talk to my kids about their language. # 3 is written in a way that is counterproductive. As a scholar, an intellect and an educator, its a shame the author couldn’t have figured out a way to communicate his point in a way that causes unification. Jason, your pain is evident, it comes out in your writing. Please understand, your article’s title, by definition is targeting a young audience. It is a new generation. Be the change you want to see in the world.

    • Bitch please! You are not an “educator.” What do you teach, home ec?

      Seriously: learn how to use an Oxford comma, learn to hyphenate phrasial adjectives. Thank you.

      • “Seriously: learn how to use an Oxford comma…”

        Seriously, your use of a colon after the word “seriously” is improper. Nobody likes a know it all.

  26. He implies the behavior of black people is different with no qualification. Interesting. If a politician said this people would scream racism.

    Take the white guilt mantra somewhere else. Some of my ancestors owned slaves, yet generations after them were dirt poor. People have done terrible things to each other since forever. Let’s trace this back – who *sold* the blacks to the European slave traders? It was other black Africans who had been slaughtering and enslaving each other since long before they ever saw a white man. Presumably the author doesn’t wish he was still in Africa, where they still slaughter and enslave their fellow man.

  27. LET ME TELL YOU A LITTLE SOMETHING YOU BIGGOT! THERE IS ZERO REASON TO HAVE ANYTHING WITH A RACE IN THE TITLE!!! If you were to put the word WHITE in the title of BLACK history month it would be racist, put WHITE in Miss BLACK American and it is racist, put the word WHITE in the NEGRO college fund it is racist and on and on and on and on. BLACK PEOPLE ARE THE BIGGEST RACIST AROUND!! If it is racist for one it is for the other. Also if you want to be called AFRICAN anything you should just pack on up and go back to your beloved country (and yes that goes for any other group that sticks a county in front of the word American) You are either an American or not. Screw your head on straight and start looking at it as you DON’T DESERVE ONE SINGLE THING THAT OTHER RACES CAN’T DO. Just because your great great grandfather was threated wrong and lived through a horrible time in our history doesn’t mean YOU deserve one single thing any more than I deserve to get my electric free because mine worked in a coal mine! YOU are what is wrong with this country! You want special attention and privileges because of the color of your skin. You and your attitudes are one of the reasons there will never be peace between the races.

  28. Black people are the supreme beings in this planet. I say bring back racism cause we’ll kill all the whites with ease. Then we can once and for all exterminate this planet of all white people……well, we can still keep the ones that contribute to social welfare. I mean shit nigga I ain’t tryin to work. Hahaha. But all the other ones will be killed.

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  30. Actual quotes from this article:


    Saying “nigger” is the same thing as saying “bitch.”

    White People as a group have done terrible things to Blacks in this country – and just because they are black (not to mention Asians, Latinos and American Indians).

    If you’re curious about their hair just ask

    Black people are not pets, so don’t touch them without permission, or change your voice when you’re around them, or worse: automatically try to set them up with any Black person you know.

    Now go out to the park and make some Black friends! But just promise me you won’t cut through those trailer parks. I heard those people are all single moms and sell crystal meth.


    I’m pretty sure this whole article is just trolling hard core.

    DR. JASON JOHNSON??? Yeah right… Pulling the race card while your calling Native Americans “American Indians”. If this is real, you’re a moron, your degree is worthless and I pray to Kwanzaa that this stupid blog is your only public forum.


  31. So Africa is the only place where wars and genocide has taken place globally. Europe, that has caused two world wars and equally has and still produces all weapons of mass destruction used by third world nations has been the pinnacle of supreme peace truely.

  32. I normally don’t engage in these internet debates or what-have-you, but I felt compelled to comment here. If I step on any toes, I apologize. However, my goal here is to get a point across; not to concentrate on being “politically correct.”

    In a perfect world, a person’s skin color would be largely irrelevant. Obviously, we don’t live in a perfect world. Racism does happen. Some whites do discriminate against blacks. But, what some fail to see, is that this discrimination can be reversed.

    Reverse discrimination is discrimination in the workplace, educational setting, etc.against white people (or other majorities) based solely on skin color. This is achieved through programs such as affirmative action, which benefit minority races only because they are in the minority.

    Now, this doesn’t sound too bad if you are an African American, right? More African Americans and other minorities in better schools and better careers; can’t be a bad thing, right? Wrong! I urge you to look at the basis of these policies: discrimination based on skin color. Chief Justice John G. Roberts says it best, “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” Policies such as affirmative action create a divide between races among numerous other problems.

    I write this not to condemn African Americans in any way, shape, or form, but to enlighten others on the negative effects of these programs for all races. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a day when his children would be judged based not on the color of their skin, but the content of their character. Do programs like affirmative action move us, as a nation, towards or away from his dream?

    • You better shut your mouth you slave crackin cracker! I dont know who in the hell you think you are talking all that mess about the honorable Dr. King.

      You cant quote him, you cant talk his words and bend them to your evil devil ways. I am an enlightened man, not some stupid dog that you crackers can crack it up and order us around. I know and am down.

      Spittin mess about “reverse discrimination?” Let me tell you about real discrimination you white devil! Growing up I went to school and was indoctrinated in the white mans ways. I was told to study hard, go to church, and suck and jive for the man and I would be rewarded.

      My reward was 2 1/2 years in prison for defending myself after being jumped on my college campus by two white fraternity brothers.

      You whites are all the same. You pretend to not hate us, but you do. But thats ok whitey, cause I hate you too!

      • Honestly, I thought this post was a joke the first time I read through it.

        “slave crackin cracker…you whites are all the same…that’s ok whitey, cause I hate you too” Sounds like reverse discrimination to me. I wouldn’t consider wanting equality for everyone to be “evil devil ways.”

        Judging by your post, you probably didn’t study too hard in school. I’d also be willing to bet that you blame the “white devil” for all of your problems in life. Grow up and find someone else to blame.

        By the way, people don’t spend two and a half years in prison for self defense: there are two sides to every story.

  33. I refuse to contribute to the sense of entitlement carried by SOME black people: I don’t owe black people a damn thing other than to treat them like I would any other person. Nothing more. Nothing less. With that being said, I expect black people to pull their own fucking weight in society. The majority of welfare recipients are black, the majority of prisoners are black, and the majority of unemployed people are black (black unemployment rate nearly twice that of whites). As a group, black people are sub-par citizens. However this does not mean individual black people have to be sub-par citizens. I would encourage blacks to “be the change you want to see in the world.” Don’t be another statistic, earn your own money and don’t take the easy way out offered by the government.

  34. Let’s get one thing perfectly fu$%ing straight right G.D. now: NO WHITE PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE IS IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT RACIST WHITES HAVE DONE IN THE PAST!!!!! Are you stupid??

  35. 9. Black people will steal from you. They call this “jacking.” The majority of black men from 14-30 smoke marijuana, assault people, and commit thefts. This is the reason there is such a high incarceration rate of this age group.

    10. Black people are dangerous. The new game “knockout” is very popular with the 14-30 age group, where black men will run up to normal people and attempt to hit them and knock them out with one punch. This is played as a sick and twisted game. In addition black men like to commit assaults, they often commit these assaults while stoned off of marijuana cigarettes and malt liquor.