Eight Things White Parents Should Teach About Black People

Eight Things White Parents Should Teach About Black People


Yesterday, I talked about how John Derbyshire’s “advice” to White parents on what to say to their kids about black people was the right idea with the wrong messenger. You can see my column here.

And while Derbyshire’s racist suggestions got him fired from the National Review it doesn’t mean that most White parents out there are doing a particularly good job to talking to thier kids about race.

So, I know you’ve all been waiting patiently to see … drum roll please:

The Talk for White Parents to their White Kids about Black People

In this day and age of Black presidents, a Black First Lady that still makes a White man’s head explode and George Zimmerman killing a defenseless Trayvon Martin in cold blood, you’ll need it.  It will come in handy White people, so read carefully. Don’t just open for emergencies, depending on what’s an emergency to you.  But, this should work for:

1) The first time your kid asks why there’s a Black history month

2) The first time they come to you asking about the word “nigger;” and

3) Just about any other time you’re stumped by a Black/White race issue and don’t know what to say.


Dear White son or daughter [INSERT NAME HERE], here’s what you need to know:

1) Black People and White people are different but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other. Black people look different, often eat different foods, communicate and socialize in ways that may seem strange or odd for you. But just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s bad, or that the way you do things is better. Always remember that.

2) If you don’t know something about Black people ask a lot of them. Your Black friends don’t speak for all Black people. It’s perfectly okay to not know something, because honestly unless you ask every Black person in America you really don’t know. Do you?

3) White People as a group have done terrible things to Blacks in this country – and just because they are black (not to mention Asians, Latinos and American Indians). This is a fact. You may not be personally responsible but you benefit from this fact and therefore have some responsibility. No: you never enslaved anybody, neither did your mother or I, but lots of White people did. Once slavery was over, White people spent about 100 years mistreating Blacks because they couldn’t figure out how to send them all home after that whole nation-building thing. This means that Black people used to get killed just for trying to vote, weren’t allowed to live where they wanted to, and even today some White people refuse to hire Blacks just because they are black. And while those types of things are illegal, people still do it. You benefit from this. So before you ever judge a Black person remember that other White people worked for centuries to make sure you’d be okay and Black people would stay poor.

4) Saying “nigger” is the same thing as saying “bitch.” Even though you may hear it in music, or with your friends at school you know perfectly well that you shouldn’t use that word regardless of who is in earshot. And really, why is it so important to use it anyway?

5) Always remember there is a difference between a Black neighborhood, a bad neighborhood and a poor neighborhood. Just because an area has lots of Black people doesn’t mean they’re poor or that there’s lots of crime. There are plenty of places where black people live that are nicer than our neighborhood. You should avoid any group of people that seem dangerous because of their behavior or activities, whether that’s in a trailer park or an inner city ghetto. You can get robbed by anybody.

6) No matter who your sister/brother has dated, or what your friends have told you, or how many episodes of Chappelle Show you’ve watched you do not KNOW Black people. Who or what you listen to, read, or sleep with does not make you Black. Acting like you know everything about Black people because you have some Black friends or enjoy rap music is ignorant.

7) Black people are not pets, so don’t touch them without permission, or change your voice when you’re around them, or worse: automatically try to set them up with any Black person you know. This never works out. If you’re curious about their hair just ask, you’d be amazed at some of the stuff Black folks hear all day.

8) And finally: the best way to get along with Black people is to not be oblivious. Nothing annoys Black people more than White people who pretend racism doesn’t exist and then proclaim ignorance in the face of overwhelming evidence. Just because you don’t see it, or don’t want to see it, doesn’t mean Black people are paranoid or making things up. If you think about lesson 3 you should be good on this.

I know this talk has made you uncomfortable, but your mother/father and I believe that it’s better for you to hear this at home than learning about it on the streets or from your friends. Now go out to the park and make some Black friends! But just promise me you won’t cut through those trailer parks. I heard those people are all single moms and sell crystal meth.

DR. JASON JOHNSONPolitic365 Chief Political Correspondent, is a professor of Political Science at Hiram College in Ohio and author of the book Political Consultants and Campaigns: One Day to Sell. You can read more at www.drjasonjohnson.com or follow him on Twitter @Drjasonjohnson


  1. Some(not all) people of color feel entitled to life time government benefits for the wrong that was done to their ancestors. No one can change history. You cannot go back and undo it. So do you wallow in it for all eternity or do you decide to move forward? Which is more beneficial?
    My ancestors came from Ireland. Do a little research and see how they were treated. Worse than slaves and referred to as filthy drunken monkeys. I know that the people doing that were just ignorant but I don’t feel entitled to anything free and it only made my ancestors stronger by trying to prove them wrong. Look up how the Irish coming to America were treated. The Irish could have feel victim to this government. Instead, they went above and beyond to prove that they could be good hard working effective citizens. Now the USA even celebrates St. Patricks Day and everyone is claiming Irish blood! Who would have ever thought it? But, you have not choice but to move forward to be successful in life and more importantly for yourself and future generations.

    • While this may be true you as a present day Irish American are not being systematically discriminated against. Yes there is victory in over coming the struggle ;but when does the struggle end for African Americans and other people of color and not certain individuals who persevered despite the strgle.


        • So let me get this straight…all blacks behave badly? even a fool racist know better than to believe that. Racist will justify their hate of blacks by placing all blacks in the same boat of bad conduct. Let’s be fair, are all white going to commit a mass shooting? Are all whites going to blow something up? Are all whites going to molest children? One black commits a crime and the entire race is blamed for it…one white person commits mass murder and other whites want to psychoanalyze him…come on lady, you do not know every black person in this country, deal with people on an individual basis…if the person standing before you is a screw up that has nothing to do with his race, that is his problem…I will not be responsible for the conduct of another man simply because I share his skin color…you sound like a complete idiot.

        • Anna and kim, #1. When the Irish came they killed lots of Blacks so they could get the jobs. I read how they pulled a Black man from his wagon and beat him to death. They ran thru streets killing every Black they saw….children, women, too. #2. You call it bitching when I go for a job and the man tells me the White women don’t want to work with me because I’m a Black woman. I had plenty of experience in the area applied for..was a Sr. Agent. I could have made a protest but, that’s bitching. #3. The Media shows the worse of our race and they lie. All Blacks are not thieves, gang bangers, loud, wear wigs, have big butts. We are individuals. Am I to think all of the Irish are alcoholics? Paddy wagoners? We have doctors, teachers, scientists, computer experts…was the media there when my son graduated magna cum laud..he’s a computer scientist working at a University. No..they’re showing a Black kid getting busted..no wonder you people think the way you do you never see our good side. Every race have their crazies. You’re tired of our bitching? Well, I’m tired of hearing “You’re pretty for a Black girl.” or “You’re different from them.” I dare you to be Black for a day an hr. You people can’t hold it down like we do. You would commit suicide..or go on a killing spree. That’s how you handle stress..Oh wait..you have a nervous break down. You see that’s why they say we are strong..we handle it.

          • You are a complete injustice whoring fool! And your kid probably got his job over some white kid more qualified. I have lived in the ghetto and worked around blacks and no longer believe one word that comes out of a black persons mouth.

          • Afraid not jizzgirl. She is enlightened and you are an animal. Sorry! Facts are facts. And you and your kind are destroying this nation. And I’m saddened by the fact I will not be here in 100 years to see a nation without blacks. But it is going to happen. Believe that sister act.

      • Kim wrote, in part “but when does the struggle end for African Americans”

        My Response: I’ll mention justa a few “whens”: (1) When hey stop having kids out of wedlock—currently 73% born out of wedlock—- (2) When they stop committing so many crimes against blacks and whihtes—etc….

      • TODAY, not 150 yeara gao, there is twice as much black on white felony crime as compared to white on black crime, even if there are 5 tiimes more whites than blacks.

        That bolthers intelligent people.

    • Yeah, but the Irish were never bought and sold. They were, however, drunk and mean.

      The problem is lumping everyone into the same category. All Irish are mean and drunk. Joe Kennedy was Irish. He was certainly mean. Barack Obama is President of the United States and he’s 1/2 black. There are MANY African-Americans and Black people who have gone “above and beyond to be good hard-working effective citizens” and there are MANY Irish who are still just drunk and mean. So what’s your point?

    • Hey the Irish were one of the main groups of “immigrants” that came to America and oppressed Black people. Lets not forget that post slavery a majority of racist attacks, business bombings and church burnings were at the hands of Irish immigrants. The Irish tried desperately to become accepted by White Americans so they marginalized African Americans. Pick up a history book brother.

    • Amen debc2, I too am Irish and I’m glad you broke off some truth to this dumbass. you’re right the Irish were treated worse than the blacks ever were and you don’t hear us crying about it and asking for reparations or taking advantage of affirmative action. I live in the city of Philadelphia and so far I’ve witnessed thousands of blacks have positions at Companies where they do not deserve it and aren’t even close to qualified for the position then turn around and abuse the little bit of power they do get in the position. Man be honest, tell it like it is ,slavery is the best thing that happened to the modern-day black and they are all taken full advantage of it. Oh and as far as feeling responsible even know I’m only just related to some people who may have owned slaves are you out of your mind man…evidently so.

      • If your white grand daddy didn’t buy the black grand daddy from a black slave trader in Africa (yes, they sold themselves), that black grand daddy would probably have died of conditions so much worse than picking cotton. This is a tired and broke down subject. Whites should back off and demand that their taxes stop supporting blacks. Then lets watch them kill each other to extinction. Or, how about a new reality show called “African American”. We send them all back to Africa and watch them fend for themselves and right before they close their eyes for the last time we ask them how good do they think they had it in America.

    • Never fails lol. U in denial white folks come around claiming to acknowledge what was done to black folks then assert that somehow what u did to yoursef is worse? Explain how what was done to Irish folks was worse lol… the nerve, white niggas like u setback the rest of em. I wonder what Albert Einstein would say about ur bullshit lmaoooooo… i dont ever recall irish being slaughtered by millions, history erased and STILL fightin for human rights. Smh… i feel sorry for u my nigga


        • For the record, not all blacks are someone living life according to a hip hop video…I have been self employed or employed since the age of 17 (the age I struck out on my own…please stop comparing blacks who are hard working and educated to the lower classes…I have noticed regardless of the social/economic position of some whites you all think the same and believe the same bull…if blacks are truly beneath you then why do you think about and talk about us so much…you all on this post sound like typical, insecure American whites, making excuses for your own shortcomings…my family owed the same business in Albany, Georgia for nearly fifth years…my mother, my sister, my brother are all self-employed…we have never received anything from the government and have never expected anything…so what blacks are you talking about…do be late for the Klan rally darling.

        • Hey Anna,

          You sound pissed. Welcome to the club, lol!!! Maybe we can make you an honorary member. How does it feel? Don’t like it? Been there done that. And I am educated. Don’t try to compare your history with mine. You think you know but you don’t know. Slavery is still alive and well. Like I said, glad you could join us.

          • Pat That’s what i really hate people seem to ignore that slavery is rampant in America, Africa, Europe, South America, Asia and everywhere else. People walk with blinders on. We should do something today to fight inequality. We cant fight it in the past, as those battles already happened. We can heal, if we can fight together for the rights of others that remain under the radar. Millions on millions of people are suffering and dying today, because of modern day slavery

      • If you don’t recall, it is not for lack of truth but by your own ignorance. The Irish were targeted in their homeland for genocide by starvation. When they came to America, far after the Emancipation Proclamation and later the 13th amendment, business owners who weren’t racist wankers would pay Irishmen half the wages of an African. The rest would simply hang signs reading “Irish Need Not Apply.” In England, many of the Irish still live as second class citizens. Have I done a satisfactory of explaining this to you?

        • Steve,

          Actually no. Your Xplanation was not satisfactory. Now who did these things to the Irish? Exactly. So don’t be mad at us. Maybe the Irish had more support, resources, connections and right complexion to make some of the progress that they have. They are in a totally different boat with Black Americans. And now that some of you have made it yall want to blame us? Talk to your own. Tell your own how messed up this situation is. You sound like you are whining and complaining. But wait, ain’t that what yall are mad at, all the whining and complaining? Well look in the mirror. Or better yet, maybe you should stop whining and complaining.

      • Lets not forget Shakim Allah. Your ancestors where on the losing side in Africa. Other black tribes would conquer them, brutally murder them and keep the strongest ones alive . So that your Muslim masters in Africa could sell them to the highest bidder, through the rest of the world. Why don’t you acknowledge that the religion your named after, mistreated the blacks more than anyone else did. How about the fact that during Islams golden years, they murdered almost 80 million Africans, who did not wish to convert. The murder is still happening today. Or that your black brothers murdered your ancestors and sold your great, great, great, grandfather as a slave! You would not have been alive today, if it wasn’t for slavery. You would also not have been able to use the technology you have today or have all the other benefits. Yes Whites mistreated blacks, but whites where mistreated in sometime history as well.Just like the article said not all blacks are the same, well i have news for you whites have different historical and regional backgrounds also. Hell allot of us have mixed African DNA.Just like you have Caucasian DNA. Saying we have to pay you back is total BS! You have all the opportunity today to better yourself and not worry about the past.

        • Actually Howler Monkey,
          You are right about a lot of what you said. Life is and was brutal. However, up until recently, most of the time Black Americans having Caucasian DNA was not by choice. And you are right, Africans were mistreated by Muslims historically, but most of them did not come from the Black heritage. And anybody that tries to enslave me or mine was and is no friend to us. That religion as well as others were shoved down our throats at gun point (or some other terroristic means). As far as opportunity to better ourselves, some do but pay a high price, i.e. discrimination, hateration, mentalcide, veiled terrorism in the form of cloak and dagger tactics, systematic isolation. I think you get the point, if not, maybe you should do a little more research. Try to find some objective material though, if possible.

          • i Actually agree with you lol. Africa had a wide variety of cultures and belief systems before Islam and Christianity influenced it. But currently today i believe Islam and Communism to be the greatest threat to Africa. I don’t like to have the sole responsibility and blame for the misdeeds of my ancestors i feel this is unfair and maybe has as you say cloak and dagger element to it. I believe whites are responsible for their past, as is everyone else. But we should look at current problems and work together for a better future. I wont have some one blaming me for slavery while having an Islamic background thats just insane!

    • These comments crack me up. Umm..there are always different types of people being mistreated until ONE different looking group of peeps begins to stick out like a sore thumb. Obviously, once black folks arrived as “slaves”, they were now the ones to be mistreated and dehumanized and regarded as such. Yes, and even your Irish ancestors took part in it because being mistreated wasn’t their problem anymore. So apparently, this is how you finally received your freedom of mistreatment and became the same as any other caucasian in this day and age. Your fire red hair, palest of skin, and Irish accent isn’t anything that sticks out like sore thumb anymore ’cause them dark people have now come to take it away. If anything, Black people became your saviors.

      Fuck you and St Patricks Day, your stank research on Irish history and how your ancestors — ANCESTORS were mistreated. I do not see Irish people mistreated in America until this fuckin’ millennium. If anything, the Irish are THE WORST with racism — DATING WAY BACK to those gang days in the ghetto with they typical Irish gangs and their hold on the Police Department. Ha! My Ancestors PLUS my generation, PLUS my son’s generation and so on EVEN as we have a BLACK president in office. So fuck you and your lame advice on “getting over it.”

      • Wow this is probably the most ignorant, bigoted and disgusting thing I have read all week! Where shall I begin? The vast majority of Irish immigrants didn’t arrive in this country until centuries after African slavery had begun. Not all Irishmen have pale skin and red hair. “they typical Irish gangs” were typical of the day in New York where most racial and ethnic groups separated themselves. If anyone is the savior of anyone else (apart from Jesus) it is the Irish, who have shown repressed people groups how to overcome

        • You killed Blacks for their jobs. You killed anyone who was Black when you went on your rampage. Even little kids. They had to hide the orphans. That night you were worse than any of your White American brothers. You white people have a tendency to forget so easily your misdeeds.

        • Wow Steve,

          Why you mad? Since yall have overcome so much yall should be happy. Since you are such a history buff, how exactly did the Irish overcome? By working hard? I know some Black folk who worked hard as well, and for no pay, (aka slaves). I can’t understand yall because I am sure that the Irish fought for their rights as well. Again, why you mad? Maybe because things are not as perfect or equal as you wish to believe in yalls little fantasy world. Does our speaking up for ourselves touch a nerve, make yall feel a little uneasy? I wonder why. Can you Xplain that without all the hateration and BS?

          • Even though slavery was horrible and wrong i think it was better than what followed. Don’t forget how many whites died in the war against slavery and fought for the rights of black people. I think if segregation laws did not follow slavery, black people would have been more tolerant of whites and vice verse. Being a wage worker gave you even less right than a slave ironically. South Africans land laws of 1918 did the same to blacks. The British implemented land laws and abolished slavery in South Africa as a way to be less responsible for their workers. It also robbed all blacks of any claim to land or rights as a worker. Your boss could dispose of you at a whim leaving you vulnerable and jobless in a world where u cant own land to farm yourself for food. Because slaves were expensive they would think twice about just getting rid of a slave. Today the majority of poor people are still wage laborers and face somewhat of the same problems. In china for instance some workers would rather die at work, than miss a day sick or they would work ridiculous hours, just to keep their jobs so their families wont starve.

          • lol the Irish used force to overcome its a historical fact. I prefer peaceful means like dr Martin Luther king jr or Mahatma Gandhi. Fanaticism under the Irish and any other group/race caused pain, suffering and war


      • Hey Anna, I’m wondering, since your grand parents stole that home you live in from my Native American grandparents, and you don’t want to be responsible for their actions, would you be willing to give it back?

        • You cannot steal, if no ownership was claimed. Native Americans are as indigenous to america, as Caucasians are to Europe. You brutally slaughtered each other to gain territory, just like our ancestors did in Europe. As for america, its highly debatable what areas your ancestors “owned”(lived in) as you did not have borders. Like i said before ownership as we understand it today, differs a lot from the past. We have to comply with today’s laws. Maybe if you set up governments, like China and Japan did, things would have been different. And I seriously doubt a persons DNA “purity” in the modern world. Some of your ancestors where probably black, White, Asian etc. So stop referring to “your ancestors”.

          • Howler Monkey,

            You are mistaken, the Native Americans had a Democratic society. In fact if you research it you will find that they actually taught the European settlers a system of Democracy. Where they came from, Europe was not very democratic at that time but more tyrannical in nature, which is partially why they fled. Again, a lot of you have a habit of not giving credit where credit is due.

          • Hmm, no i think it was the Greeks who practiced Democracy first. Not that its the best political system. In my opinion, Its still flawed. However, i was not referring to democracy. My comment was about ownership. A lot of older cultures had no sense of ownership, so it would be irrational to claim ownership today in a world that revolves around it. If the native Americans set up governments, like Japan, China and India did, marked their territory, kept historical references, united as a people and formed their own military and laws, things would have been different today. Unfortunately they did not, so its very hard to determine what land was actually settled.Besides even the Native Americans where foreign to america at first. They stole territory from other tribes who settled also. This is something that happened in European culture also. We all originated from Africa. Most native Americans are as pure Indian as i am pure white. Meaning some of their ancestors are some of mine. Id rather embrace all my cultural backgrounds, its the only way to get rid of hatred, racism and living in the past. I have British ancestors and they murdered half of my family in concentration camps during the Anglo war. i also have German,Jewish,Irish,Italian,american,Russian and Coloured ancestors and that’s just the ones i know of. I do not feel any hatred to any part of my DNA because of my families past. I honestly think its even racist to say oh all black people are different as each individual person is different. As soon as you are labeled as a group, weather or not its a stereotype, its a form of racism. If a person is referred to as black because of the color of their skin that’s ok. But if we refer to a color and add negative attributes to it, like their personality,behavior,history etc. its wrong. That to me is racist. The only time color/race should be acknowledged, is in a police report that’s the only value it has

          • Howler Monkey,

            When I mentioned a Democratic Society, I was talking about in the Americas. You may not want to hear this, but a lot of the Greek philosophy actually originated in Africa. The Greeks frequently took voyages to Egypt and picked up various philosophies, science and medicine. I am not going to get into a debate about who the Egyptians were because it could go on forever, but there is evidence that the earliest Egyptians migrated from Sub Saharan Africa. Also, it has been validated that the Dogon had ancient mathematics, astronomy and philosophy. Now I know most critics on here would like to dispute that because they will try to destroy anything that might give a Black person any type of self esteem, which is one particular reason that a lot of Black Americans may fail to succeed. I don’t understand why some whites talk so much Blacks because they feel that we can’t do anything for ourselves but then the minute we do try to do something they want to block us at every turn. So in that case what is the solution?

          • Howler Monkey,

            I agree with some of what you said. However, I feel that if you are occupying a territory for a certain amount of time that sets a precedence for ownership whether they had some type of border, military or whatever. Under today’s law possession is 9/10ths of the law. Whatever system the Native Americans had was their system so I don’t think you can justify your logic to me in that regard. That being said, there are not really rules when it comes to war because most of the time the victor is the most barbaric and that is why he is victorious. My point is that the Native Americans had a different system and whether it is called democracy or not is irrelevant, whether they had physical borders or not is irrelevant. You also pointed out the hardships of other populations from around the world and I agree that they may have been treated unfairly as well, but that does not excuse the continual and systemic mistreatment of a people who due to the historical and present mistreatment may not be excelling at the same pace as the majority population who have created laws that seem for the most part to work to their advantage. And people can complain about Affirmative Action if they want to but the legislators who make the laws, and employers who do the hiring are mostly white, and that’s a fact. If they don’t like you, you ain’t getting hired and if you do get hired, if they don’t like something about you, or if your co-workers don’t like you, you’re out the door. They hold the power when it comes to sharing knowledge. But my point about the point of descendants of slaves is that it’s like someone coming up to you and beating the crap out of you and taking everything you have, leaving you cripple and then turn around and say peace, now go to work and make your own money if you want to have something and stop complaining because other people have problems too. Stop whining because my daddy knocked me over the head when I was little and I got the crap beat out of me too. But don’t get up too fast or I’m gonna knock you in the head again. Wth?

          • Ok i didn’t not discuss anything about the Egyptians or how Greek philosophy was founded. My argument was simply about ownership today. As for the Egyptians what your saying might be true but its unlike anything i’ve studied or read about except for conspiracy theory websites. Not disputing its not true but its untrue to today’s standard. Whites never claimed that their ancient forefathers where more advanced after all we went through the dark ages while other civilizations did not. We where still painting our faces while the Italians where enslaving us. If we where trying to claim our forefathers where more advanced why did we not erase these facts from our history books? The most advanced earliest civilization we have credible information of today is the Rama Empire in India. They predated the Egyptians by 8000 years.They had advanced mathematics and planned their cities in advance before building them. The Chinese,Maya Civilization and the Inca Civilizations, built huge cities, started writing and had math during the same time as the Egyptians. Their empires where just as big if not larger and as sophisticated as ancient Egypt’s. Egyptian civilization, along with Minoan and Mycenaean in Crete and Greece are in theory remnants of Osirian culture. The Osirian Civilization originates in the Mediterranean. Its currently theorized to be as old as 15 000 years. Meaning it might be the oldest civilization we know about. Interesting fact, the vikings(Norse culture) traveled to north america long before Columbus did around 10 AD and settled it for about 500 years. They also are known to have the best ships in ancient times. That’s as far as the whitest of the white culture went before around 500 AD. The Greeks, Italians and everyone else kinda predated us in all advancement in science and math. Seeing as we had the power to lie in the history books, why did we not do that? The original Chinese,Arabs,Indians,Italians,Greeks etc. are still around today. We could have robbed them of their history and claimed it for ourselves. I think history for the most part is accurate as we understand it currently. There is no mass conspiracy to cover anything non white up. I don’t pay attention to conspiracy theories, because most of it is BS lol as for the Dogon’s as far as i know their modern Ethiopians? Another example of Islam destroying a good culture. From the bible they where some of the first to have accepted Christianity. they where slaughtered by Islam and their history destroyed by Islam not the white man. They where advanced but allot of information about them have been lost due to it being suppressed by Islam. I don’t doubt that there weren’t advanced black cultures. Southern africa has advanced ancient structures. Although i would stress just like not all whites share the same heritage the same counts for black people. Some people where goat farmers while others where building cities. Today this is even true. Rome was prosperous and through their own misdeeds and bad management,they lost their civilization to the Germanic horde of barbarians lol

          • it does matter if they set up borders or not and if they where unified as a people or not. They had territorial disputes of their own and battled each other for land. If we can figure out today what part of the land it was, fine, give it to the native american victors of that land. After all most of them had to wage war, steal or barter to gain it, just like any other civilization. If there are records of the land they owned, then it belongs to them. Even in today’s world, if something is not on paper, it can be disputed. That just how things work. I’m not saying its fair, but that’s how the world is. I frankly hope one day, we can advance past territorial disputes and ownership. But i think its in our human nature unfortunately. Erm im not continually mistreating people,nor do i have knowledge of my family members mistreating others. I don’t understand your argument. If your referring to a minority group that still hold on to old views fine accuse them, i sure do. Like i said before, if you hold me accountable for crimes of the past, you should hold everyone else who was involved in those crimes accountable also. I don’t mind being blamed, as long as all the other parties “involved” also takes the stand, including your forefathers. I still don’t understand what advantage you are talking about, as i never had any federal aid except for student loans (that i have to pay back in full). Please explain what advantages you believe i have today as a white guy. I grew up in a poor family a lot of nights not having anything to eat. My dad made a home out of a garage. I went to public schools with black kids, never had medical insurance and earn min wage. My wife and i grew up im similar circumstances although she grew up in the us in a trailer. We are both studying at older ages, to get us out of poverty. I’ve also never experienced being hired because im white. I have however seen black people and white people having more advantages because they grew up in rich families. hell even in America most of the black people ive seen had more than me or equal to me growing up. Affirmative action to me is racist. Maybe a necessary evil currently, but its just perpetuation racism. Being hired because of the color of your skin rather than your personality and qualifications is racist. I do however understand that Affirmative action in the US is a bit more fair than in South Africa. Where international companies get huge tax benefits for employing only black workers. in a country where minority groups such as Asians, Whites and Coloureds do not get these benefits. Most of the time the average black person also does not get these benefits. Either because they where born into the wrong family or aren’t ANC loyalists. Id say that’s the ugly side of what affirmative action can become. It would be better if we fail to see color and hire a person based on their qualifications. that’s just my opinion. I do not agree with your statement about wars.The victor is not always the most barbaric. To go to any form of war requires barbarianism from both sides. I don’t believe the allied forces where more barbaric than the Nazi soldiers. you can be glad for whites and blacks going to war against Germany. We would have less minorities today if they did not. I do however think there is allot of truth in your last statement. Just like you feel pain because of your past and you feel your getting a kick in the teeth even today. I feel a lot of whites feel the same. They feel they sacrificed a lot to build the country, (yes some did do horrible things) but they are being kicked in the teeth today because of it. Maybe opposites sides of the same coin. Whites where forced to go to war and die, by the same government that forced your people into slavery, where they died. You feel your forefathers helped build this country and you want respect and opportunity because of it. And whites feel the same i think. Well that’s just my interpretation as a foreigner.

        • I don’t think her grandparents stole their house from your native American ancestors and it wouldve probably been great if not great-great grandparents. Plus I don’t think Lonny’s living in a teepee either. You and others need to get over the past. I’m white I or anyone still alive in my family has ever as you say stole land from Native Americans Or Owned a slave in our lifetimes. If anything the white people have done more than enough to try to make up for the horrible things done to other races in the past. So get over this past talking because no one alive has done any of these horrible things. I also get tired of hearing how more black men and women are on death row getting executed or being imprisoned. If you do your research in early 1900’s till around 1950 it may been 3-1 on blacks being executed. Of you keep researching from then till now you be really surprised especially since 1976 when death penalty was brought back its probably 5 whites to 1 maybe 2 blacks getting executed. I don’t know total numbers in prison but I know Wabash Prison in Indiana is by far much more white population then any other races combined. Not that I’ve been there but watched special on Walbash Prison & they were telling of the much larger white population. Its just all other races think since couple 100 years of horrible acts by whites now every race tries to get as much for free as they can.

          • Statistically people of color end up in jail more than whites, even though the majority of inmates are probably white. because we outnumber the minorities. But the problem is poverty not genetics.

      • Anna,

        This is not a rhetorical question but Xcusie? Who has benefited the most from the labor from others? Free labor or cheap labor from the masses? Maybe you should volunteer to give up some of the benefits that you have received from people who have worked so hard in the past as well as in the present. Yep, you got us pegged. We planned the whole thing (premeditated). We planned to be kidnapped, chained and whipped so we can come to this country to receive a few crumbs and social welfare along with psychological decimation. I guess our plan worked out for everyone. So why you mad? Maybe you need some therapy but I’m gonna tell you this for “FREE”, you are sick and you sound tired…real tired so maybe you should go back to sleep, I think it’s past your bedtime so maybe yall should let the grown folks handle this.

        • I believe there is allot of racism in america from both sides ever since ive immigrated here its all i see everyday! Apartheid South Africa aint got shite on America lol. For the most part whites and blacks in the new South Africa try and support each other to the best of our abilities with the corrupt government we are stuck with. When i lived there i always used to think what BS the New South African Dream is. Since i moved i realized Tutu’s Dream actually did come true to the best of its ability currently. I dont like the racism ive faced from American and british black people for being south african and white. Back home myself other white people, black people,asians and coloured people(non discriminatory term for mixed heritage in south africa) respect each other and try to move away from the past and battle the current problems our country faces. I guess with all the hardship the new government brought there is a silver lining because now were all in the same boat. There are obviously very racist groups on both sides in south africa , but their in the minority these days. One thing , i would not rely on the medias portrayal of the new south africa its largely false.

          • Howler Monkey,

            I actually saw a program on South Africa that said the same thing you did. They said that the people in South Africa were trying to move on because the South African government had recognized what it had done to the Black Africans and tried to make amends. I don’t know how true that is or if it is just propaganda (we get a lot of propaganda about Africa over here), but if it is true, then America should take a lesson. The first thing America can do is correct this unjust penal system.

          • Well i can tell you that the new government discriminates equally lol. The majority or poor blacks are just getting poorer middle class whites how used to have power are getting poorer and a minority of whites and blacks are enriching themselves and stockpiling their wealth offshore. The media always portrays a positive south africa but its not. But i think all the negative things like the high Crime rate,levels of poverty,HIV etc. are actually bringing us closer as people because we all want to see a better south africa. Color is a minor issue compared to the other social and economic problems. The racism that does exist is mostly behind closed doors and not very blatant. Racism is mostly connected to negative personal behavior.Although still wrong, not as frequent as here in the USA. For the most part everyone gets along. There is to much to deal with while living there than to bother with race. I mean we have coalition parties with all races in them competing to overthrow the ANC government. The ANC government still gets a majority vote about 50% of all votes when it comes to election times. Its been dropping over the years since after Pres Nelson Mandela . But when talking to the average South African most of them do not want the ANC in power or want different leadership in the ANC. I honestly feel the election are rigged most of the time. But the more people have been suffering the more they have drawn together. There is a huge portion of the population though that will always vote ANC due to intimidation or being paid to vote ANC. Also some will always Vote for the ANC because they feel a betrayal if they had to vote for any party other than the ANC. One thing i failed to mention is that we have bigger problems with Classism in South Africa than Racism. During the tough economic times in America i think Classism is starting to show more often. Not as often as in developing nations though. Your class gaps are not as big as in South Africa or other countries

        • I think cheap labor is still a huge problem today. It’s still a form of slavery if you ask me lol. There is also an invisible slave market in the world today which should be addressed.

    • I answered you and Anna. Read what I know about the Irish in America how you killed Blacks to get their jobs. You have dirty hands, too. Why don’t you tell the Jews to stop bitching about the holocaust? They bitch all the time but they do it thru movies. They have their own schools They have money and hire their own, THEY HAVE MONEY. You don’t see what I see. My uncle opened up a sundry..the police was there every week harassing him. They arrested everyone in there the one night I didn’t go. It was some made up charges. Drugs weren’t out then. If that’s your first thought. He finally just closed the store. We will be protesting til’ Jesus come back. It is our only alternative. Please, lady if you walked in our shoes you wouldn’t last a day. You people go mad from just a little oppression. Read Duet C. 28 Vs 68 and you will be reading about my people.

  2. Seriously.. typical nigger bullshit propaganda. And I seriously mean that… its like the stupid kid in class that holds everyone else back but no one wants to hurt his feelings so we make excuses for him. Grow the fuck up and get with it. Life is supposed to be survival of the fittest but for some reason we forget this. Black or white you should reap what you personally work for.

    • Yup, you said it. Grow up and stop the “Madness” with the Pity Card! Before we came to America, we were tough to work hard, earn it, live what you say, and be nice to others regardless of were they came from in life. Remember one thing, there is TRASH in every group of society, regardless of color or financial standing in life.

    • Another one with blinders on. Love using the word. Only defense they have. The Bible said they will make up ‘By’ words to call you. The Bible talks of my people in Duet C. 28 Vs. 68 also your demise.Satan has no heart so why should I expect you to. After all, White people came about from the mating of Fallen Angels. The Book of Enoch. Lamech says to his father ‘my wife has had a baby who has white hair and white skin like the angels.’

      • Alex,

        We learn from the best. But I guess you are mad now cause you feel like you shouldn’t have to work so hard yourself. Why don’t you and your little crew on here take the credit for that. Maybe yall or not that smart after all. And if you all are complaining about having to work so hard, doesn’t that make you sound like a lazy person? If you are so happy to be working then why you mad?

        • Alex,

          In the previous post I’m not certain who you were referring to but if you were calling the slaves stupid and lazy, I have to disagree because if that were the case my people would be extinct right now. But there is a proliferation of Black and Brown all over the world. So as far as survival of the fittest goes, so far we are still here despite the various attempts to completely annihilate us. But if the American majority still wants to annihilate us, they may wind up annihilating themselves as well.

    • Right Matt and you worked for every single thing or opportunity that you have. Like that candidate from MA said. You built the roads and the bridges all by yourself right. Now I think that people like you are more adept at spreading propaganda than people like me. After all, you all control everything right?

    • Sad but very true. Blacks have dug their own graves. I know people that have grown up as tolerant as the Pope and they despise blacks. This occured just by observation.

  3. “White People as a group have done terrible things to Blacks in this country”

    A group of people who happened to be white did something awful to black people; since we are going to say something about slavery, did you know that 80% of slaves where sold in Africa by black people? Then to say that we are guilty because we benefit from it…. What do i benefit at all? Besides the opportunity to bust my ass for a living while there are perfectly healthy niggers out there raking in a welfare check to spend on some fucking tires that spin when you don’t move..

    Something else that makes me so mad about niggers is that they cant take criticism at all. Even though all of this is the truth, not one black person will take this information that we give you and try and improve as a human being. They will throw their hands up ranting on about how racist I am; And the truth is, I’m not racist. I have several black friends who have the same point of view as I do.

    One more thing, if a white person accidentally does something to a black person.. IT IS NOT FUCKING RACISM. White people feel like they are walking on egg shells around black people because they don’t want to have the Negros finger pointing at them. Any remark about race, its all of a sudden racism. Though black people can run around calling white people crackers and hicks, but that’s not racism is it?

    • You ARE a Racist. I know one when I see one. I’m white and from Montgomery, AL, so I am well familiar with bigots and white trash. You can say you’ve got black friends, but they couldn’t say the same. You are a sad, ignorant, pitiful little person. Just using the word “nigger” SHOUTS that you’re a racist. You can’t hide from who you are. But you can shut the hell up.

      You say “not one black person” will take the information you’re giving them and try to improve. Are you retarded?? Barack Obama’s PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!! Who are you? A sad, pathetic, angry, little person (not sure if you’re a man or a woman). There are more black people with integrity, good hearts and souls, and better education than you than you can imagine. Why don’t you try to improve yourself? America would be a much better place if you and your kind would just shut up and work harder on being a better person instead of trying to put others down so you can feel like something.

      Go back into your rental trailer in the trailer park and turn on Duck Dynasty or Wrestlin’ with your Bud Light and leave real Americans alone.

      • Now just a damn minute. I’m an educated white person, I’m in no way bigoted or racist, but I take great offense at you bad mouthing Duck Dynasty. It’s a very entertaining show. Get your head out of your butt and laugh at life a little. It might make you feel better about all the idiots out there that we have to deal with on a daily basis.

        • Robert P, Shugarts,

          I like your style…people should laugh more, and dance, especially during a drought. Do a rain dance people, wash away the hate.

      • Teresa:

        You ROCK, Girl!!

        Keep nailing the bastids wherever you find them.

        Unfortunately, if you’re still in AL, you’re in what we call a “target-rich” environment. Toss a pebble in Montgomery, and it’ll bounce off at least five racist heads before it falls to earth.


      • Firstly, I couldn’t agree with you more. However, I’m laughing to the point of spitting my coffee. Blessings to you for calling it unbiasedly. I don’t understand how people like this sleep with themselves.

    • Bro.. do some research. welfare was invented for WHITES only. and whites still are the majority of welfare, foodstamps, medicare, and social security benefits. Affirmative action and welfare benefits WHITE WOMEN more than ANY other race.

      • more half true facts from someone not ready to accept the truth. while caucasions currently contribute to 28% of welfare recipients. african americans are around 26%. now lets factor in the fact that whites constitute 60+% of americans and blacks are 15%. now im sure math isnt your strong suit but im sure you could tell me which one has a higher propensity of abusing the system.

    • Just a little American History. While there were other forms of slaves prior to slavery, the difference is that the African Slave was different because they were the first to be singled out because of skin color, the idea that they could perform better in the sun and because they were thought of as less than human beings. In addition while, others slaves like criminals sent to the New World from Britain were treated poorly, they were also given a time period after which they were free with rights, land and opportunity which the Blacks never had; it was not an option because they were not valued as human beings
      While others like the Native Indians were enslaved it was an entirely different situation and circumstance; the difference was what made slavery available and so potent.

      • You’re almost right, my Native American ancestors were also targeted because of their skin color. The switch was made to African slaves because they were immune to the diseases that were killing the Native slaves. SOME people were only slaves for a specified period of time, but they were called “indentured servants” and do not constitute all of the non-African slaves brought to this great land. The only thing different about African slavery from that of the Irish, Asian, Scottish, Italian, French, Nordic, Scandinavian, Hebrew etc is that it is still blamed for their problems today

        • Do not forget about Australia which is where the criminals from England were banished. They exported their reign of terror and took over the land. Sound familiar?

    • You sound miserably angry and hateful. Truly to a point of laughter. While you may have parts of points that are quite legitimate, your variable points are quite incorrect.
      Allow me to pose a question to you. When the Oklahoma bomber set of the blast in OK killing so many people, or when the mass murderers whom are WHITE Americans go into the schools and kill children. Should the terrorists from the Middle East then feel that AMERICA has given them a pass to come and kill in America because of the bad seeds here? Does this give terrorists the right to come into your country for their own religious agendas? I have a strong feeling that while you are perhaps fuming at the idea of such comparisons being made, you would agree that they had no right.
      While there were tribal wars going on in Africa, while different tribes would imprison for petty crimes; crossing into another tribal area. Do you truly believe that makes it ok, acceptable, or reasonable for the traders to come across seas to purchase these people, sailing with them for 7 weeks, urinating, shitting on themselves up to 700 men in a hole with a true capacity of maybe 100?
      It doesn’t! It never can, and it never will. In addition, its people like you trying to justify what you feel, or not and close a door which you’ve never had to walk, while asking the people who were actually impacted to get over it. Although people aren’t being shipped on boats across the middle passage, when a young man can get shot down because he is black in the “wrong” area the growth that you try to personify does not exist.
      The problem is that many people ask that blacks get over it. How can they? Unlike the Jews, or the Native Indians, or the British servants; who by the way were criminals sent to the Americas to get them out of Britain, they all got land- compensation. BLACKS IN AMERICA GOT NOTHING, Afro Americans got nothing. So again, get a grip as your history is lop sided and you are misinformed.
      I am from the Bahamas. The descendant of slaves. Although we were emancipated before slaves in the Americas, we were also enslaved before the slaves in America. In addition, we were given what is called generation land. This gave us an opportunity that African Americans never got. Yes, they are angry, many confused, many lost, and many with a feeling of hopelessness. But until people like you are prepared to face the fact that History has done them no justice, then your country which was built from their backs continue to owe them. The history books say that the Africans brought wealth to the Americas. So yes, all that you enjoy is because of the “niggers” you refer to.
      In closing, you can not say what they would have been because they were not given the opportunity to decide that for themselves. However, most of the Africans from our mother land whom I have been privileged to meet are so much smarter than the above average American. They often speak 4-5 languages. They have a sense of being. They understand and appreciate their culture and they know their mother tongue. This may be of no importance to you, but that would be in part because your history decided itself. Ours did not. So to you I say.. Power to every Nigger Power to every Negro Power to history taken and power in the lives we make our own. Blessings

      • Black West Indian, let’s say you are 100% right with this entire post. Let’s say you were right that the reason America grew was mostly because of black slave labor in the make-or-break a nation industry of cotton. Let’s say you are right about them being horribly mistreated for a very long time. Let’s say you’re right that white people, descendants of the white people who emancipated black people, are wholly insensitive to the plight of modern day blacks and how historical events not continued today persist at keeping them from success. Throw those assumptions together, and it seems to me that waiting on the white people to give the black people enough reparations, privileges, apologies, etc. is a pretty stupid idea. I guess my point is that even if you are right about everything, all it amounts to is whining about your lot in life. I think the right thing for blacks to do is take a cue from the Irish, Native Americans, Chinese railroad slave descendants, Japanese (who were put in internment camps in semi-recent history), Latinos, and every other race on the planet and roll up their sleeves and do the work to improve their lives. When I say, “Do the work,” I don’t mean get preferential laws passed. I don’t mean march until whites give you a fair share of everything. I don’t mean take up arms and start a race war. I mean teach your kids to work hard and aspire to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or an engineer rather than, say, a professional athlete. Blast everyone’s notions of black stereotypes by showing up to work every day, refusing to fall back on unemployment or any welfare, or putting a little bit of that paycheck into a savings account. These are the things that make all of the other ethnicities so much more successful. You know what? It’s much easier for us to remain successful by demonstrating these hallmarks of citizenry than it is to organize a hush-hush conspiracy among all white employers and politicians to make sure the black race is forever our bitch.

        • Logic,

          Use logic. Do all white people display the fine upstanding and moral conduct that you have just mentioned. Do all white people work hard everyday to show others how it is done. When you talk about hard working whites, are you talking about the ones like Bernie Madoff? When you say moral whites are you talking about the ones like Arnold Schwartzenneger ( don’t get me wrong, some of his movies are very entertaining) who likes to add a little spicy Latina to the mix every now and then or some of the your forefathers who liked a little cocoa brown from time to time and I’m not just talking about slavery days. You mean fine upstanding men of god like Jim Baker, Ted Haggert? I guess Black people are not the only one that are bytches after all. There are a lot of new bytches being added to the mix. In fact you and some of your heroes might be able to give me a few tips on how to be a bytch. Care to show me how it’s done since yall seem to be the experts on everything. Or is that still hush-hush. Please don’t forget to include these in some of the things that make yall successful as well.

      • I’m so amazed with at all of the information you have on African Americans and you are not American. Do you live in a state that gives absolutely everything to blacks for free? Even a free cell phone with free text and web? Do you pay taxes that are supporting the 3rd and 4th generation of blacks that have been given the opportunity to succeed like President Obama has? You know, the generations that came up with rap and wearing pants down to the knee with a dirty ass sticking out. Be quiet my friend. You read like a book in the library that hasn’t been picked up for centuries. Useless and unrelated information!

        • Disani,

          You seem to be really upset with Black folk because of some type of perceived favoritism that you think we are given. If you think that we are being favored and America loves us so much more than everybody else, you must be having some real problems. Maybe you should focus on doing something about your own problems a little more or getting some professional help. I know I go through my ups and downs but I will usually try to be a little more realistic about trying to understand the problem. I have problems as well and some are truly because I may have made some bad decisions but I will at least try to analyze myself from time to time and try to change when I feel that I am able. But it seems like you do not even want to look at things realistically. The government hands out cell phones to white people too. If you think the government is favoring Black folk then don’t be mad at Black folk in need, be mad at some of those white folk in need too. Are you ever in need? Obviously you are because you seem pissed. Then why don’t you be mad at yourself. If you are going to be mad at Black folk then recognize the complicity of others as well, including yourself.

          • He is trying you stupid ape. He’s trying to stop this country from spending billions of dollars a year on your lazy monkey asses. Of course not. Don’t be mad at black folk. We don’t be doin nutting. Wez jus be chillin and grabbing a few bicycles now and den. You make me want to puke.

      • A Message to my True African Brothers and Sisters….





        • Then obviously you don’t need our white money that saved you from extinction in Africa. You know, the population management system that you Africans came up with…. SELL SELL SELL. Live and die in the jungle where you belong. If blacks were left alone in Africa, they would have all been gone already to disease because they are dirty people that don’t know a thing about anything. Damn, the whites did screw up!

          • Wow Dasani,

            You all saved us? Then why are you so mad? You are right, you guys screwed up a lot of things, so be mad at yourselves. If you feel like you saved us then why can’t you save yourself? When I look around the globe, it doesn’t look like Black and Brown people are extinct, despite all the various efforts. But I am sure that is still being worked on. In case you didn’t know this, there were various populations that were killed off by some diseases of the European settlers. And even today, ever hear of biological warfare? As far as living in the jungle, the animals there might be safer than some of the animals in this concrete jungle. As a matter of fact why don’t you use some of that white money to save yourself because you are not acting like a person who is truly saved. So how you gonna save someone else?

        • I don’t agree with all the dumbass white supremacists on this board.
          But I don’t agree entirely with saying, well, generalizing every individual white person as a spawn of Satan either…

        • Although i do not agree with Disani racist and highly stereotypical comment. I can understand hwy he got upset because An African’s comment was also racist and demonizing to all whites. I find An Africans comment more disturbing though. From his tone he also sounds Islamic as he clearly hates Jewish people. If he is Islamic he is more responsible for the pain Africa has suffered and is suffering currently. I’ve heard this propaganda before in Africa. It Is usually an Islamic tactic to gain favor and coverts from black people. They play on the pain and anger black people have towards whites. Yet they hide the part they had to play in the suffering of Africa.

      • JEWS? Which one of the 6 million Jews got compensated with land?

        Oh! I guess they got compensated with the land they were mass buried in.

        In America, the black man got the right to vote in the 1880s. Women didn’t get it until the 1920s–let’s talk about prejudice.

        As far as whites go:

        1) Every white person in America today owned slaves. So they’re all at fault. Even if they say they didn’t, they want to so they’re still at fault.

        2) There is no time limit for whites on paying for the crimes against blacks. Whites must pay, and they must pay until the end or until all blacks have been compensated because they are black.

        3) Blacks intend to enslave whites eventually. The way this will be done is that blacks will disproportionally use government services (welfare, prisons, etc.) while whites pay increasingly more taxes. Eventually, you’ll be working for us.

        4) Blacks will not buy into the white systems of education. Blacks, especially males, will refuse to become educated so that they become less and less employable so that they can be supported. Blacks will not support anyone including the children they have outside of marriage.

        5) When any black is denied any item available to whites for any reason, blacks will continue to demand that they receive that item at less cost than it costs whites for example an education, a diploma, housing, a job, and anything else blacks want that whites or anyone else in America has. Blacks have a right to be fairly treated.

        6) If whites refuse to make blacks equal, blacks will rob, kill and destroy. Then whites will get the idea. If blacks go to jail, blacks will claim racial discrimination because more blacks are in jail than whites. Blacks are sent to jail because they are black.

        7) Blacks have been in this country longer than most whites. Therefore, any newcomers that have ideas about this country being the land of opportunity will not influence how blacks will act. Blacks will continue to demand their rights to the same quality of life as anyone else has regardless of how hard those people worked for it. Blacks will demand equal quality and demand that the government provide it. When we don’t get equality, we will make you pay for racial discrimination.

        8) Blacks know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and black intend to loudly proclaim that blacks have been cheated by all you whites. If you don’t want to give blacks what they want–don’t forget–while you are out working, nobody is there to guard your stuff.

        So either blacks get what they want or whites will pay. Make your choice.


          The origin of the people today known as Jews is a subject that only a few historians have been brave enough to discuss. Because this is a subject that has been left untouched, the average person has assumed that the Ashkenazi or Eastern European Jews, as they are currently known, are the descendants of the Biblical Hebrews. The Ashkenazi are not the people of the Bible but are the descendants of Khazars, caucasians who converted to Judaism in the 8th century A.D.


          The Land of the Khazars extended between the Caspian and the Black Sea. Its inhabitants were pagan steppe tribes’ men of Turkish stock.


          The Kharzars, because they were strategically located in the middle of Muslim and Christian empires were instrumental in protecting the Byzantine empire from the Muslim onslaught that threatened to sweep across parts of Europe during the Dark Ages. For this reason both the Byzantine emperors and the Baghdad caliphs were interested in cultivating the Khazars and bringing them under their influence, by winning them over to their religion.


          In the year 965 the Khazars were defeated for the first time in 500 years by Prince Sviatoslav of Kiev. King Bulan of Khozaria concluded that Prince Sviatoslav emerged victorious from the war because his troops and mercenaries were Christians, while his nomads were pagan worshippers. Paganism was on its last legs. Kagan Bulan of the Khazars, over who reigned over his people in the middle of the eighth century, decided to abandon his pagan faith, but could not make up his mind what new faith to adopt. There are stories of the efforts of the Muslim caliph and the Christian emperor of the Byzantium to win over the Kagan to their belief. They sent delegations to him with letters and expensive gifts, accompanied by men learned in their religion, to influence Bulan. The confused Kagan ordered a Christian and a Muslim to conduct a debate to establish whose faith was better. The debates lasted for a long time without concrete results. The Kagan noticed that both the Christian and the Moslem debaters referred to the Jewish Torah to support their arguments. The Christian priest admitted that the Jewish religion was superior to that of Mohammed, and the Moslem imam asserted that Judaism was better than Christianity. This being the case, the Kagan decided to adopt the faith of the Jews. The king and his nobles embraced Judaism in 965, and in 966 a royal edict was passed enforcing Judaisnm as the only legal religion in the Khozar Kingdom. Tribesmen had to undergo circumcision, learn Hebrew prayers, and recognize Jewish rabbis as their spiritual leaders – on pain of death.

          Kagan Bulan King of the Khaza

          Within a few centuries the people of Khazaria convinced themselves that they were not gentiles, but the physical decedents of Abraham.

          By the 10th century A.D. a nation of converted Jews thrived in what is now central Russia.

          During the middle ages Mongols from the east and Russians from the north drove the Khazars west out of their ancient homelands. Most of them settled in Eastern Europe, especially Poland where they established large communities of artisans, traders and merchants.

          Judaism is divided into two separate groups which remain today. The Ashkenazi’s which are the Khazars of Eastern Europe and the Sephardic which are Jews of Turkey, Spain and the lands bordering the Mediterranean.


          Today the Ashkenazim or Khazars (as they should be rightfully called) are the people who call themselves Jews. They have no genetic or historical relationship to the people of the Bible.

          Arthur Koestler, in his book ‘The Thirteenth Tribe,’ goes into fascinating detail tracing the history of the Khazars. He concludes by writing:

          “The story of the Khazar Empire, as it slowly emerges from the past, begins to look like the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated.”

      • Yeah, we know you’s got each other’s back. We know all about the secrets and the networks…nothing new. It would be a lot less complicated if you all would wear some kind of identification so that us clueless people could recognize you all before we are trapped into a situation that may be hard to get out of. Maybe you all could print up and wear some “Nate Higgers” T-shirts or something. Put some signs on some businesses like “No need to apply” . Then some of us wouldn’t have to waste so much time. But some want to claim that some of us are not skilled enough. It’s kind of hard to concentrate (for some of us) when we constantly have to watch our backs. Believe me, sometimes a smile is just a disguise. Unfortunately, some of us are not crafty enough to thrive in that type of environment. Maybe that sounds like inferiority but I for one know that I will never feel at ease with the level of hateration that persists in some places of employment. Unfortunately it’s like being a fish out of water. The more subtle it is, the more insidious it feels, and the more dangerous.

        • You don’t need us to wear identification. We are ALL sick of black people and their racist violence and entitlements. Every time a nigger commits and act of violence he creates, not 1, but 40 new racists. It’s the Catch 22 of the grave the black community is digging for itself.

    • When I listen to you White people talk about my race like all of us are on welfare it makes me so angry. I’ve been working so long and finally retired. My mom..even when she and dad divorced worked. My grandmother had to raise 8 kids when her husband was murdered by some White men because he was talking about civil rights. She worked. we didn’t get welfare or handouts. All the people in my family and the people I knew worked..worked and worked. My Lord there are more Whites on welfare than Blacks. Just because Africans captured and helped you is no excuse to feel you can throw the guilt around. Whites are so defensive about their evil conquests..and they are many. You White people are going to make war with Jesus..You will have the chip embedded under your skin. You will be like zombies. I could almost feel sorry for you but I mustn’t you are Satan’s children.

    • has to be a joke,

      you are joking right? I am sorry that you feel that you have to feel as though you have to walk on eggshell for saying “nigger”. I’m sure you wish it could be like the good ole days when you actually were expected to use the words. Not that that word bothers me, however, what does bother me is that when someone says something about white folks, they have to worry about being monitored or under constant surveillance, worried about what they say online and refused employment because of it. Or if they are hired, they are subjected to mentalcide because believe me somehow “they” know all about your past or your online activity. There’s more than one kind of whip. But thanks for confirming what a lot of us already know, especially about your Black compatriots who feel the same way about us so called low life niggers. I think they might have a little Stockholm Syndrome or like the Pavlov’s Dog experiment they receive a few doggie treats for touting the party line. I bet that makes you feel a lot better or vindicated in some way. Well thanks for the education and clarification. I think I finally see the light. Thanks for the advice on how to work it.

    • your comment would have held some value if you didn’t use derogatory words and did not hold prejudice views against fellow human beings. Stop your racism. Your just as bad as racist blacks and your proud of it?

    • this is like back in the bible when the Egyptians in slaved the Hebrews only in this case the punishment effects generations. Funny how history repeats. Now a days it not race its more education now and who can be the best. At least thats how i see it

    • has to be a joke,

      I saw the youtube link you posted about no hope, no change. I know one thing this so called “brother” ain’t no hope for me either. He sounds like he got some real Stockholm Syndrome and be licking and lapping real hard. I know for sure he can’t do a dang thing for me but maybe he can bend over for you all. I tell you what, there may not be no hope for me from any of these Black intellectuals, politicians or juggernauts but at least for now I can sing, dance and sit back and laugh at yall game playing azzes. Now why is he mad at us? Why are you mad at us? Did we so called hopeless negroes invent this freaking rigged game? Talk to the creators and sustainers of the game. If it’s falling apart, then do what you have to do. Maybe if some of the other Black folks want to take his advice they can jump ship and start licking and lapping themselves. Hey, people do what they have to do but I am happy for you, happy that you found a Black spokesperson to speak to your issues. Where can I get one? Do you know any for sale? Let me know. Thanks, I would appreciate the favor. PEACE.

    • Jackstone,

      Are you a rich white person that has pity? Please, can you save us cause I need some help for real. If you can, I would be oh so grateful. I would be running around grinning everyday. I wouldn’t have a care in the world. Where else can I find some more rich white folk like you? Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some rich white people out there that try to do what they can, but there are a hell of lot out there that think Black people got what we deserve. However, I disagree. I don’t think anybody deserves to be treated like us. I know some white folk that don’t deserve to be treated as bad as they are either but most of us are not in the same position to stop this madness so for people like you, don’t pat yourselves on the back so quickly. I know that people like look at me and wonder why I feel so hopeless at times but it is the unseen things that can be the most profound. There is only one thing that can help make It right. Coming to the table.

  4. Wow. This thread really takes me back … back to one trip I was on thru a Southern State in the late 50s … Stars & Bars everywhere … no sign without misspelled words … no conversation that wasn’t filled with hatred of “niggers” … no conversation that rose to the level of a mentally-challenged 12 year-old … again, WOW! I thought all of you had died out by now. Wish I’d been right!

  5. My fiance & I laughed while & after reading this article.
    My apologies, but it was so unexpected to come across this.

    I noticed a lot of negativity in the comments (of course).
    Were all human beings, the past is in the past.

    But if we want to get more realistic on this matter, I see a difference between black people & niggers. Unfortunately I come across more niggers than I do a black. Call me racist or whatever else you will.
    When I was in high school it always seemed like every single trouble maker was black or “ghetto”. I’ve been threatened, harassed, & something they call “d blocked” (by someone who was obviously nigger which we use the word nigger as in “Ignorance”) I was sitting on a bench & opened my purse & they walked by & quickly grabbed money right out of my purse. After everything I had seen & gone through, I am racist. I’m racist against all different types of people & I’m sure everyone would like to know why.
    The reason why: Most stereotypes are True. & I am a Christian & God forgive me. I just cant help it.
    Using the past about “we were slaves!” Well I could use the same thing because I’m irish. The irish were slaves & treated like dirt, but you dont see us getting any type of special attention. I’m so sick of hearing & seeing the same thing come out of most mouths of a black.

    • I’ve gotta agree about the part about being Irish. I’m of Italian lineage, and I get sick of hearing all the “Whop” jokes, or how greasy we are, etc. It’s part of life. Get over it. You’re black, there’s nothing you can do about you color (Unless you’re Michael Jackson), so get over. All a person can do is try to better themselves. Quit crying about how whitey has hold you do. Quit whining about slavery. That’s been over for years. You’re going to run into bigots on a daily basis. Rise above it and become a better person. Then you can laugh in the face of that stupid “whop or mick or rughead” because you’re better than that.( Of course, if you’re better than that, you wouldn’t laugh in their face.)

    • Im glad to see you married so well, into the same base of ignorance and hatred. read a bit more to open your life’s and hearts to both the Bible and the world. Proverbs speaks highly of wisdom and understanding. However, that which you just allowed to spill from your keyboard, lacked both.

    • Catherine,

      I can see that you are a Christian. One of the “Nice People’. The kind of people that hide behind hoods on one day and stand behind the pulpit on another. Or the kind that sit on the bench or hide behind a badge. Are you one of those nice people? Well I might seem to be nice too if I had certain advantages. But thanks however, I was able to get a Professional diploma, a degree, and two professional licenses by being subjected to all types of mentalcide which was more excrutiating than most types of physical pain. At least with physical pain your wounds will eventually heal, but with spiritual pain not so much. Especially if the so called healers who are attempting to heal you are partly a part of the problem. So if you got robbed or beat up I might feel a little bad for you and although I don’t condone that type of behavior, I understand it. Because when you are in my position and you have different beliefs, ideas and opinions, you may have to run for your life in this country if you try expressing them in public. Or you may be denied employment or become the victim of a smear campaign and held against your will for some made up accusations by a network of systematic slander.

    • Job 30:30
      My skin is black upon me, and my bones are burned with heat.

      Song of Solomon 1:5
      I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.

      Song of Solomon 1:6
      Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.

      Jeremiah 8:21
      For the hurt of the daughter of my people am I hurt; I am black; astonishment hath taken hold on me.

      Jeremiah 14:2
      Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish; they are black unto the ground; and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up.

      Acts 13:1
      Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen, which had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul.

      Daniel 7:9
      I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.

      Revelation 1:14
      His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.

      Isaiah 29:22
      Therefore thus saith the Lord, who redeemed Abraham, concerning the house of Jacob, Jacob shall not now be ashamed, neither shall his face now wax pale.

      NO Edomite GOD HATES YOU. Romans 9:13As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.


      The Twelve tribes of Israel, the people of the Bible, were and still are black people. This is a fact that shall be proven with ease.

      For years, through religious doctrines, reniassance art and pictures depicting white people in scenes from the Bible, the world has been led to believe that the people of the Bible were white.

      For over two thousand years since Europeans have dominated the world, the illusion that the ‘Chosen People’ are white dominated the world. In the face of Biblical evidence to prove the contrary and with the truth finally beginning to emerge, there are still those amongst black people who continue to remain in spiritual bondage and cling to this lie. “What difference does colour make?” Some may say in order to evade the issue. The difference that colour makes is the difference between the truth and a lie.

      Ephesians 4:25 says, “Wherefore put away lying, speak every man truth to his neighbour: for we are members one of another”.

      Although colour is a subject avoided in todays politically correct society, the Bible contains detailed narratives on physical appearances and skin colour. Because the history of black people has been erased, we, more than any other nation struggle with the misconceptions about our self image. This is not only because our history has been erased, but the denial of our contribution to history was based on maintaining the myth that black people are inferior in order to make slavery justifiable.

      One of the major obstacles black people have been confronted with is not realising and accepting that the Bible is the Black Israelite’s book. The scriptures contains the history, culture and geneologies of the Black Israelites. There are many indications in the scriptures to prove these facts.


      When Joseph’s ten brothers came into Egypt in Africa to buy corn, they could not recognise him as their brother. They did not recognise him because he had dwelled amongst the Egyptians from a child. His brothers could not distinguish him from the black Egyptians because Joseph himself was black. If he were white he would have stood out and raised the curiosity of his brothers straight away.


      When the new Pharaoh of Egypt promulgated an edict of genocide to cast all the Hebrew male babies into the Nile river, Miriam and her mother hid the baby, Moses in the bulrushes. When Pharaoh’s daughter came down to the Nile to wash herself, she saw the basket and the baby. Pharaoh’s daughter knew the baby was a Hebrew and she adopted him. Moses was then raised in the house of Pharaoh as his grandson. If Moses had been a white child he would have stood out like a sore thumb. It would have been impossible to conceal him because the Egyptians are a dark skinned nation. If we turn our attention to Exodus and the miracle G_d showed Moses we are told:

      Exodus 4:6, “And the Lord said furthermore unto him, Put now thine hand, into thy bosom (chest). And he put his hand into his bosom: and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous as snow.”

      Leprosy is a desease that turns the skin white. The miracle was to turn Moses’ hand white. He was then told to put his hand back into his bosom again and as the Bible says, ‘…behold, it was turned again to his original flesh’. Common sense tells us that if Moses had already been a white person, this miracle would have been impossible to perform. Once the skin had been turned leprous and white it returned to its original flesh. If the miracle was to turn it white then the ‘original flesh’ would have had to have been black.

      Continuing with the story of Moses, after he had slayed an Egyptian for smiting a Hebrew, he fled to the land of Midian. While he was there the Bible tells us a story of how he helped the daughters of Jethro to water their flocks. Upon her return, when she was asked by her father why she returned early she replied:

      Exodus 2:19 “… An Egyptian delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds”

      Moses was described as an Egyptian. The Egyptians are Hamites. The Hamites are black!


      In the book of Leviticus the thirteenth chapter it further sheds light on the fact that the Israelites were black. The Biblical laws of leprosy is the skin turning white! In other words, to have white skin according to the Bible is to have the curse of leprosy!


      To prove this point further we need to turn to the story of Miriam. Miriam, Moses’ sister was cursed because she grumbled against Moses having an Ethiopian wife.

      In Numbers 12:9-10 it says, “And the anger of the Lord was kindled against them; and he departed. And the cloud departed from off the tabernacle; and, behold Miriam became leprous, as white as snow:”

      This scripture proves two things. For Miriam to have been turned white she would have had to have been black to begin with, and to repeat the point I made earlier, to have white skin according to the Bible is to have the curse of leprosy! This refutes the spurious claims made by white Christian fundamentalist groups who have taught for hundreds of years that to be black is a result of a curse!!! It is the contrary. These laws of leprosy were given to the nation of Israel and they could not apply to white people.


      Next we turn to the story of David when the prophet Samuel was secretly sent by G_d to anoint him king in Bethlehem.

      In I Samuel 16:12 the Bible describes the future king of Israel by these words, ” Now he was ruddy, and withal of a beautiful countenance,…”

      In his book “Ancient and modern Britons,” David Macritchie, refers to the word ruddy: “Again, it was noticed that the adjective ruadh,-or as we now pronounce it in “English,” ruddy and red-signifies both black and tawny, and red, or ruddy,…” He also goes on further to explain, “Also that dearg, which is understood to mean red in “Gaelic,” has become dark…” (pp.377)


      Now if his father David was black, his son Solomon would have had to be black. Just as the Bible describes David in the verse above as ruddy (black) and beauiful, Solomon describes himself in the same way.

      In the Song of Solomon 1:5, Solomon says, ” I am black, but comely (beautiful), O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Ke’dar…”

      In the Dictonary of the Bible, by Dr William Smith, volume2, 1888; page 1526:

      Qadar/Ke’dar means ‘black skinned man’

      The Bible compares the Isrealites and the Ethiopians together.

      In Amos 9:7 the Bible says, “Are ye not as the children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel?”

      The Roman historian Tacticus wrote that many of his time believed that the “Jews were a race of Ethiopian origin”. Keep in mind that in Tacticus’ time there was no country called Africa. The whole of Africa was called Ethiopia. In other words, The Israelites were of the black race!


      Moving to the New Testament we turn our attention to the descentant of David and Solomon, Christ. In Matthews 2:13-14 we read that when Christ was a child Herod made a decree that all Hebrew males be killed. Fleeing for the saftey of their child we are told that Joseph and Mary ran into Egypt to hide among the Egyptians. As mentioned earlier, with the example of Joseph, the Egyptians and the Israelites are similar in appearance. Being in Africa, a land of black people, Christ and his family could disguise themselves among the Egyptians.

      When we turn to the book of Revelations John the revelator gives a detailed description of Christ he writes:

      Revelations 1:14-15 “His head (the hair on his head) and his hairs (his beard) were white like wool, as white as snow (fully grey) and his eyes were as the flames of fire…and his feet like unto fine brass as if they burned in a furnace…”

      Now there are two things to gather from these verses. The first is the texture of Christ’s hair and the second is his skin colour. When you read the beginning of the verse his texture of hair is described as being like wool. Wooly hair is black hair. Next it describes the skin colour of Christ’s feet. Keep in mind that your feet is the same colour as the rest of your body. John describes it as being like brass. Now brass is a derivative of brown. It is a copper colour. Now if you take brown copper and burn it in a furnace (oven), it will turn jet black. As a matter of fact, if you take anything and burn it in an oven it will turn black!

      Josephus a Jewish historian of the first century said that Christ “was a man of simple appearance, mature age and dark skin”.


      Due to the Greek influence on the language we speak today, the savior is called ‘Christ’ rather than ‘Mashiyach’ which is the Hebrew equivalent. A quick inspection into the New Webster’s Dictionary reveals another interesting point about the name ‘Christ’. The etymology of the word Christ as given in the said dictionary is:

      [ ME & OE. Crist. LL Christus, GR Christos, the anointed, spread over, smear, grime]. ‘Grime’ is defined as dirt, especially sooty dirt, rubbed into or covering a surface, as of skin.


        Biblical Names Slave Names

        1. Judah……………………………………………Black Americans
        2. Benjamin…………………………………………….West Indians
        3. Levi……………………………………………………………Hatians
        4. Simeon………………………………………Dominicans Indians
        5. Zebulon…………….Guatemala,Panama, Equador (Maya)
        6. Ephraim……………………………….Puerto Ricans(Tahinos)
        7. Manesseh………………………………………………….Cubans
        8. Gad……………………………………..North American Indians
        9. Reuben……………Seminole Indians (Florida Everglades)
        10. Napthali…………………………Argentina and Chile Indians
        11 Asher…………..Brazil, Columbia, Uruguay Indians (Inca)
        12. Issachar………………………………Mexican Indian (Aztecs)

    • Catherine is the most honest person here. I try to justify being religeous and despising blacks. And I have found alot of literature on blacks being considered “the beast” in the Bible. I think hating blacks doesn’t mean you can’t love God. Black people can shoot a store clerk in the head and the next day they will be singing about Jesus when they are being arraigned. I am starting to truly believe that “the beast with hands” in the Bible is what we are dealing with.

  6. When blacks stop being racist. they keep play race card and talking about being slaves when the blacks of today never been slaves. they know nothing about being slaves. They talk about slavery when they know nothing about being a slave they need to go asked a chinese what its like being a slaves. I think when black people stop being racist then whites and blacks will get along.

    • Not every black person plays the race card, and not every black person talks about being slaves. Maybe you need to expand your view of black people, we are not what you see on television. Blacks and Whites will get along when both sides stop seeing color. Be acceptable of the differences and know one or two people of a race are indicative of the entire race.

      • I’m confident that there will come a day in the very near future where the good blacks and the bad blacks will seperate like oil and water. When the benefits stop and the hand-outs are no more, you will see chaos in the black community. I’m hoping that a few took advantage of the free education that WAS available for 2 generations. Not all blacks are bad however, the good ones always find excuses for the bad ones….stop it! It’s a self destructive culture that is being put on the burner right now. Even Obama said it’s time to stop and the last time I checked, he was of dark skin. Listen to him. He is simply warning blacks that things are changing and it is coming very soon. Time to work like those who supported you for generations.

    • Sonya,

      There are different types of slavery. One type is not having access to employment, to free speech, to vote, to defend ones self, access to clean air, decent food, health care and I can go on and on. A lot of whites might experience this as well, but at whose hand? And don’t just try to act like it happened within the last, it has been perpetuated since the inception of this country. Sure it might be a lot worse in some other countries but that does not diminish the experience of Blacks in this country. Did Black people being racist cause white people to be racist? I’m sure that you might think that if I was happy about being subjected to the systematic discrimination that goes on then we would all just get along right? Okay then, give me something to be happy about. If you really want to know what will make me happy then maybe you can help me gain access to someone who can do something about this situation. Until then what other recourse do Blacks have except to complain about racism? You can write it off by calling it the race card but if that is the only card in the deck what else can we do? It’s not only about being about slaves in the past, it is also about the HERE AND NOW!!!

      • Hi Pat even though i know you get a bit hotheaded on some posts as do i. i do respect your posts as i feel your the only person whom i can really converse with on here. I would like to know what is it black people want from whites in america and globally?

      • You don’t have access to employment, to free speech, to vote, to defend yourself, clean air, decent food, health care? Really? Where do you live? I’m sure you have access to all those things just like whites. But of course, we have to work for those things and many blacks don’t.

  7. This is the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever heard. We don’t owe these niggers anything. They’re all living off the back of others because their mammies have taught them that it’s the white man’s fault they are the way they are. How about you fuckers get off your lazy asses and go to work. Better watch out, the mexicans want to kill all you jiggs.

    • I am killing myself laughing…. You have truly won the race. You are absolutely the stupidest adult ever. Oh, and yes I am black although not American.

    • John Booth,

      You got that right but you better watch out as well cause they want your jobs too. Then yall can complain about the new niggas. At least they will look more like you, that oughta make you feel better. If you think that Black people feed off of the system, why don’t you ask your great, great grandparents who they feed off of. Anybody want some milk? Oh but some of yall better watch out cause the milk in the store may get to expensive or scarce for some of yall too. When that occurs, some of yall might be wishing for the good ole days when some of the Mammies were giving milk for free. Mooooo!!!

  8. “6) No matter [blah blah], you do not KNOW Black people.”

    And yet somehow you think you KNOW White people.

    At least enough to lecture them on what they should and shouldn’t be telling their kids.

  9. My Grandmother went to college in the 40s she’s a black woman worked hard all her life. Her college was segregated she never speaks ill of white people none of her kids were ever on welfare. She was a nurse. What type of black people are you guys referring to? We don’t talk “ghetto”in our family. My mother is white and she’s the ghettoest person I know lol. Every person in my family has a degree and a job. .Point is all black people don’t live the same lives. Yes there are bad ones like there are in every race. But saying “nigger” just proves your trash . White people with class and education even when they’re racist don’t say ” nigger”lol…I must admit I don’t agree with the statement that white people today are at all responsible for anything their ancestors did.its 2013 that slavery excuse is bullshit. Yes sometimes when you are black you are discriminated against but that doesn’t mean all white people are responsible. Yes racism is alive and well. But when the same shit is regurgitated over and over again at that rate racism will never go away. I must admit racism seems to be more of a class issue I find that it is more prevelant in poor communities both white and black who lack education and economic means . In white collar communities black white and mixed it at least seems less evident. Education is your most powerful weapon…btw aren’t mixed people like so gorgeous…

    • Mike,
      I bet deep down inside you wish you could. Thou dost protest too much!!! No seriously though, maybe this type of forum is good to release some of your frustration. I understand the dilemma of some white folks. Some of yall are hurting too and feel stigmatized by speaking on it. I feel the same way, however, all I can do is talk, I don’t control anything and if I did, I would try to listen to people and their complaints. I would not just try to lock them up and forget about them. This only escalates the problem,. Maybe you need to get some things off of your chest. That’s completely understandable. This game is not working for a lot of people, not just Black folks. However, place the blame where it belongs. It’s not totally your fault or ours. But you and yours need to take a good look in the mirror and speak the truth. I know I am not perfect and I lash out too. But the worst thing is is to have my voice silenced because I am not politically correct at times. To that I have to say, what is the basis for political correctness? Because some of the things that are supposed to be politically correct are not correct for a lot of people or else a lot of people wouldn’t be so mad.

  10. Why do so many people take offense when someone else calls them a racist? You should only be offended if you ACTUALLY believe that you can’t state certain facts based on race.

    Theres two people. One black, one white. I say there is a better chance that the black person has either been in jail or awaiting trail than there is for the white person. Thats a racist statement. And its a totally correct statement.

    A racist being a negative is only AN OPINION. NOT A FACT. Saying there is a difference between races is supported by scientific studies that the PC crowd wants to bury.

    • NCK,

      So true. The fact is, more Black people have been locked up, but it is mainly due to an unjust judicial system that has double standards. And yes, there are differences between Blacks and whites, but that being said, I am not ashamed of the things that make me different as a Black person and I don’t mind if anyone points out my differences. What I have a problem with is when someone tries to use those differences to hold me back. And unless you have experienced this for yourself, you can’t truly understand why some affirmative action programs may be necessary. Some white folks might claim that some Blacks are not qualified for certain positions which may some times be true. However, due to certain circumstances that may have to be endured by some people (if considered on an individual as well as collective basis), they may have to have certain hardships considered. Although white people may have extreme circumstances as well, some are sick or injured, try being sick or injured as well as Black, as well as Female, etc., etc. White males have benefited from certain priveleges for countless centuries so it is hypocritical to point the finger. This system has been set up to perpetuate those same priveleges. If I am wrong, then why are mostly white males upset about perceived changes and inclusion? Mostly white females (may be the reason for the current gender wars) have been the beneficiaries of the Civil Rights fought so hard for by so many Blacks (other immigrants have benefited as well). Then everybody wants to sit back and point the finger at Black folk and once again use us (especially Black women these days) as mules. Then if we break down or cry and feel as though we can hardly go on we are ridiculed for being inferior, weak or a wimp. Well say what you want but I am not some robotic automaton and if you don’t want to hear about my feelings (because I’m too emotional, therefore inferior) so be it. You geniuses go ahead and do your thang, yall want to claim or the credit so deal with the backlash.

  11. The man who wrote this is a hypocrite….he has the nerve to lecture white people and says “You don’t know black people.” OK maybe he is right. However, he don’t know anything about white people either so STFU Uncle Tom!!! I am personally glad I “don’t know” about black people, that is why my spouse and I live in the suburbs in a neighborhood most of their lazy welfare Section 8 food stamp lovin’ single mom with 8 illegitimate bastard spawn by 8 different ABSENT prison inmate baby daddies free cheese Kool-Aid drinkin’ crack whore car jackin’ Ebonics speaking uneducated liars nappy headed thieving criminal loving big butts could never begin to afford!! (We do have a very nice black family down the block, the dad is a mechanical engineer like my husband, the mother teaches 4th grade. Black families like that i have no problem with.)Furthermore, we also send our 3 children to Catholic/private schools to keep them out of the “diversified” public schools. I am perfectly happy never knowing any black people. At least the ghetto ones anyway. So proud to be a prime example of “White Flight.” And to the gentleman that wrote this article, I apologize for nothing and you dear sir can kiss my blonde haired blue eyed white IRISH arse. Hell, your own people sold you down the river centuries ago.

    • I am killing myself laughing…. You have truly won the race. You are absolutely the stupidest adult ever. Oh, and yes I am black although not American.

    • Dear Peaceful,

      You don’t sound like you are at peace at all. Are you one of the nice white people? Please can you wear some type of ID so if I ever see you walking down the street I can run for my life. I have lived around “NICE” white people all of my life. That’s why most of the time I am scared out of my mind. I think I might be safer in the ghetto, at least I might have a better chance of recognizing someone who is mentally deranged. I would just like to say thank you to all of the “NICE” white people, especially the “pretty” ones who run the world. So many Shiny, Happy, People everywhere. Again, Thank You and Rest In Peace.

      • Agreed pat this is as despicable as the last comment on the page. Unfortunately you get these people just like those that refer to whites as pig skinned,devils etc. It doesn’t help getting mad at them because you end up looking like them. Like i said before its people that hold those views that are the problem not the average guy on the street . I cant imagine that the average person is as racist as this as i know allot of people and form my experience not even a handful react like this.

  12. This is in regards to number 3 “even though you personally weren’t responsible and your parents or ancestors didn’t own blacks, you still benefited.” O.o I am a white person, im poor…I lived in housing, my parents got food stamps, I went to all black schools. I was constantly bullied because of the color of my skin. Black people say I deserve it because of the color of my skin and the way I was born. My ancestors were Irish and Indian, both were enslaved. Yet I went through my childhood in the ghetto because my parents could only afford to live in section 8 even though they were working 3 jobs. How the hell did I benefit? My kids doctor (who is black btw) has a hell of alot more money then me and lives a hell of alot better.

    • Oh and now that I think about it, I think the OP is Racist. Yeah you heard me, Black people are racist and ive experienced Racism alot while growing up. But not from anyone other than black people.

      • Crystal,

        We learned from the Masters. Why don’t you ask some of them why they don’t like you either. Maybe you should listen to that song by Sting. The lyrics go…”I will turn your face to alabaster, when you learn your servant is your Master”… lol…just being snarky, don’t get mad, sometimes I play too much. It helps to laugh sometimes, it might sound psychotic but some times it helps just to get some relief. It goes to show that when you treat people like animals they might just react in a way that you do not approve of. Then everyone has to beware of the casualties.

        • It’s a vicious circle if you react in a racist way because some one else is racist towards you your just perpetuation the situation. Therefore the only way to fight racism is to not react in anger. If we stop holding grudges against each other racism will go away. The change comes with us as individuals, not as a group.

  13. An interesting fact about the slavery era was that there were black slave owners. These were not always benevolent relationships to protect family and could be as unsettling and mean as encountered with white owners. William Ellison was one of these less benevolent black owners.

  14. The past is the past? I will come back to that statement later. I read all the comments on here and one of the comments stuck with me…”saying nigger just proves your trash, white people with class and education even when they’re racist don’t say “nigger “. I understand some blacks call each other niggers and although they use the word differently than the people on this post they are trash too and what I mean by trash I mean ignorant. Their is a difference from blacks and niggers just as there is a difference whites and white trash. I assume as a black man it would be ignorant to write a comment with the assumption that most white people are white trash. And yes their is a higher percentage of blacks on welfare than whites but remember we only make up %15 of the population, %75 of welfare are non blacks with %60 from whites, so when whites say that most of their tax dollar are going to lazy blacks it’s simply not the truth. Now let’s get to this “the past is the past” crap that some whites love to say, it’s like some whites think the past has NOTHING to do with why blacks have a higher percentage on welfare and etc, not making a excuse for blacks but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out 400 years of slavery and oppression being strip of your native language and 100 years of further oppression after slavery that um, that may carry some type of economic affect to a race. And what is this “your own people” sold you crap? Okay initially they did but after that the whites just starting stealing them and what’s the point of saying that anyway? Is that suppose to excuse your ancestors from the business of slavery? That’s like saying “your parents sold you so it was okay for my parents to abuse and rape you”…….wtf, sometimes I read these hurtful comments by whites and realize this is the real America…..but that’s okay too because this layer of people shall die off too.

    • I agree with your comments Austin, but I’ll tell you one thing that I’m trying to understand as a white person. I was raised to treat everyone by who they are, not what color they are, which for the most part has been fine. I do however not understand the undue racist comments directed at me, without me even saying a thing, or even giving body language to suggest any racist thoughts towards those that have called me “Cracker”, “Honkey”, or whatever slur they feel fits me. I’ve never uttered the word, and honestly believe in the words of Bob Marley. One Love, not “My Race” as I see from many of all races.

      I also don’t understand the point that as a white person, I benefit from other whites treating blacks poorly. My ancestors weren’t in the US until the late 19th century. Granted things were different then in terms of how people acclimated with each other, my Grandparents never instilled what was common in the 1920’s into their kids, or grandkids.

      I personally believe that the only way we all shall overcome racism is to abandon the idea of “protect my race first, and be guarded towards those of other races until I know for sure they’re okay” or worse “Treat them like their ancestors treated mine” and instead go forward with the idea that people are either good or bad, that’s it. I know, there are racists from my race, but that isn’t a reason to treat me like one because I’m white. That’s just as ignorant as some of the dumb, incindiary comments I’ve read here directed towards the black readers.

      • John your words ring true like a bell we have a responsibility to each other it has nothing to do with race because before I am white or black I am a person I wanted to be treated like a person but it first starts with treating others with respect that why its called the Human Race whatever happened to the Jews or even the black was a crime against Humanity when give and live in hate it poisons you worse than what you hate God bless.

    • Please review the statistics that you posted. They are not correct. Also, while you are at it, review the percentages of tax dollars paid to the government by white, blacks and other. As an educated man that you are, you will see where the whites have an issue with blacks on welfare. Simply put, it costs more in tax dollars to support the black race than the tax dollars earned by the black race. DONE! Do you get it now? We are discussing nothing more than a self destructive culture that is using a tired and broke down excuse. Why do you make excuses for those who didn’t work nearly as hard as you did to become educated and articulate?

    • Austin,
      Thanks for the truth. This sounds like a bullying mentality, because someone else kicks you when you down then that means it’s alright for me to kick when you are down too… wth? Is it any wonder why the bullying statistics for Black youth, white youth, etc. are through the roof. Is it anyone that most of this country is being operated out of fear and pointing the finger at any and everybody? Who is benefiting from this. Think about it. Are disaffected Black folk the benefits of this current situation? Pleeze be real and stop medicating yourselves off of false beliefs. Those Black criminal, thugs, or what have you didn’t get that way for no reason. That’s not an excuse but just maybe one explanation for their current situation. Some of you white people be looking for scapegoats because you can’t deal with the reality and scared somebody might one day blow up your spot? Then what yall gonna do when it happens to you? Yall better wake up and get to the root of the problem and root out the real culprits. Yall been blaming us since the beginning but is that helping?

  15. Terrific article. I’m verifying regularly this site using this program . impressed! Helpful information and facts particularly the last aspect 🙂 I actually look after similarly info considerably. I’d been trying to get this particular selected facts for the quite lengthy occasion. Thank you plus best of luck.

  16. Wow this is some propaganda garbage. I don’t think any person needs to be “taught” what to think about blacks. All he has to do is just look for himself. He probably won’t like what he sees.

    • hf243s

      I could say the same for you. Back at you. There are all types of propaganda, especially the type that is fed to us from the time we come out of the womb by the majority culture who controls the media. If you want to look for yourself than look at that.

  17. How about, 1 thing all parents should teach their children: We are all human beings not colors. Some people descend from different parts of the world which makes a difference in the toning of the skin. There are darker skinned people all over this world where the climate makes that possible. Why aren’t the darker skinned Italians called black Italians, etc.? Wisdom and understanding people. Where did the black and white come from and why? My point is, at the beginning of life we all must take a breath and at the end the breathing stops. What we do in between is up to us. Think for yourself, make your own choices. God bless!

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  19. It never made any sense to me that Jesus died for my sins in Sunday School because Jesus wasn’t around any more and he died before I was born so how the hell could he die for sins I hadn’t committed? And I ain’t about to take the rap for what awful whites did to innocent Black people. I prefer to be color blind and though white, or at least mostly so–you never know about them southerners–I am so glad that my kids, born in 1959 and 1966 truly don’t notice what color anybody is. My grandchilllun gots all kinds of multicolored cousins and aunts and uncles and nobody has ever mentioned color any more than they comment on my blue eyes and my husbands brown ones.

  20. Frankly, I grew up in NY where I had black and white friends…but the thing that still bothers me is when there is a mix of race as to when a white man is with a black woman or a white woman with a black person! This to me is wrong, and should not be! Why doesn’t a black man date a black woman? From what I can tell because a black woman won’t take crap from him? It truly sickens me actually…even though I have black friends! Date your own RACE PEOPLE!

    • Thank God you only have to give account for your own willy…, Because who sticks theirs where, really is non of your business…. I cant believe I really needed to type that.. You people are silly..lmbo

      • It’s not really where you put the willy (A Black West Indian). Its the fact that black people don’t know when to pull it out. I can’t believe I really needed to type that….. Open your eyes. You can’t support them, then DON’T have them. Morons

  21. Those are 10 of the most racist statements I’ve read.

    I assume you are a Christian or grew up in a Christian home.
    Believe this!

    Deut. 24:16
    Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their fathers; each is to die for his own sin.

    You won’t get away with “Collectivism for sins” – No Collectivism for sins!
    All whites will not be judged on one white individuals sin.

    PS. You may want to throw in other African tribe that ‘sold’ other black Africans to…….wait for it…… MUSLIM SLAVE TRADERS. Not that FACTS would deter you but those two factions African tribes and MUSLIM slave traders are the main black African people traders and NOT “great white hunters” of Africa. It would seem to me you and other black folks in America would, after 400 years or so, assimilate in the most prosperous Country in the world. Had you grown up in Africa you would have 1/2 dozen or so of your closet tribal friends listening to your rants orally in hut number three (3) and the only Popeye’s chicken is located in “South Africa”
    Shop 11, City Square, Fathima Bhayat Street
    South Africa

    • Ralph Monroe,

      Because you live in South Africa, you may know some things about my ancestors that I am not aware of so thanks for your point of view. However, Islam and Christianity sprung from Judaism. There is a plethora of racism in the Torah. It is the story about favoritism and a race of people and slavery. Before Judaism there were many tribal wars in Africa. But Africans were fighting their own battles and therefore there were victors and losers who may have become slaves. However, there are none that have benefited from the enslavement of Africans than the progenators (sorry about spelling) of these religions. Slavery in more recent times is on a whole other level than the more ancient tribal fighting and conquests. In more recent times, Blacks were indoctrinated by several systems of slavery and saw the benefits of being complicit with these processes. Today a Black person will cut your throat for personal gain as quick as anyone. But what I want to know is, what are we going to do about it? For the beneficiaries of this current state of affairs, probably nothing to change it. And as far as Popeye’s goes, most are owned by white people who love fried chicken as much as anybody. If you go to a white suburb anywhere in America you will find one or more Kentucky Fried Chicken’s which has the Colonel as a mascot. What color is the Colonel? Blacks are not the only ones making the Colonel rich. And wasn’t fried chicken invented in Germany anyway? Once again, like I said Black folks get to be the scapegoat. Well thank you great whites for all you have done for us. Now if you want to talk about African History talk about the real history and accomplishments of Ancient Africans that continue to be suppressed by this great global society. I wonder why that doesn’t really happen that much.

  22. Are you kidding me? You’re going to compare blacks and whites honestly and not realize that whites built literally EVERYTHING that other race use today?

    You’re out of your mind.

    I advise everyone to google “The Myth of Black Inventions.”

    You people were brought here by the slave trade ship owners also known as the Sephardic Jews of Spain and Holland, who are NOT the racial kinsmen of white Christians btw. Every place you’ve lived and become “equal” with whites through jewish-funded leftism such as the NAACP, Civil Rights, etc, that place begins to experience cultural corrosion and the city, state, nation begins to revert back to Africa… which is, nothing. History doesn’t lie. You people are incapable (as a racial rule/stereotype) of ever achieving self-sufficiency in a modern sense. Stereotypes are often true. Let’s walk down the street of any major city today with a heavy black population. Let’s go back 50 years to those same neighborhoods where it was a heavy white population. And you want to think we’re equal. Of course you want to think that, but it’s a lie.

    • Qed,

      Please trust and believe, I do not want to be anything like you, which is, to put it nicely, unaware. History is told by the victors of the war. I will give you that your ancestors, The Greeks, Romans, Goths, etc. won a lot of wars. But the first thing that would be destroyed by those victors are the libraries, temples, and art works. Then the monetary systems and anything else that would prevent those populations from being totally dependent on their conquerors. This has been going on for centuries and have cut Black populations off at the root all the while promoting their supremacy and need to be worshipped. Anyway you look at it, even if you believe we were inferior, we were assaulted and abused, raped if you will. Therefore I believe being superior or inferior is relative to your point of view and your values. And if you feel like you are so superior than why are you on this blog trying to prove yourself. You should be happy and at peace. If this current state of the world is a testament to your superiority than why do you feel the need to try to keep us down. Could you be worried about something? Deep down not so sure of yourselves? Or maybe you are just having fun trying to torment people? If so, to me, that shows a lack of vision and makes me think you don’t believe your own fallacies. The clock is ticking….tick tock…time to wake up and smell the air before you have to use a gas mask when you go outside…geniuses.

    • Stop it! You’re only teaching your kids that because…..it’s true. Stop with that truth BS. The truth is the blacks worst enemy. And of course video cameras and DNA.

  23. Ok. I for one am sick of hearing so called Irish Americans (which is an insult to most irish people from Ireland who have actually faced persecution and war in their lifetimes and not 500 years ago) bitch about their treatment in America. First of all some Irish were enslaved in early America but so were some British. Why don’t YOU do some research?! Secondly, for any white ethnic group in America (many of whom faced at least some level of persecution) to belly-ache about your mistreatment and compare it to the plight of Africans (2 million of whom died while chained by their necks to skave boats often by you persecuted irish) and native Americans who had 90% of their population wiped out are ignorant redneck a$$holes who likely have no real ties and would not even be considered as Irish by REAL Irish people in Ireland. Second, are you even semi intelligent enough to realize that Irish and other European immigrants were able to assimilate more easily to white society because YOU are white? I swear irish Americans are about the biggest rejects going.

      • I have to say i’m am disgusted by the frequent use of the N word in these comments. I think this is internet hate at its best. from both sides on here black and white ive only seen filth on these posts. I think the majority of people who post on sites are just, ignorant,bigoted,racist,a holes. And me along with other people just wish for a decent debate. Unfortunately we cant get it because the internet is filled with people who only seek to destroy and hate. Luckily most of the people that spend so much time on the net, proclaiming their hatred to others are social misfits and in the minority.

  24. I’m half italian (and really italian , my father is from Italy) and half Russian Jewish. My grandmother lost most of her family on the holocaust. I would never compare the treatment italian immigrants received to the treatment Jews received in the holocaust. Because anyone with half a brain knows the difference between intolerance and GENOCIDE. What happened to blacks in the slave trade as well as to Africans subject to European colonialism was GENOCIDE. And I can understand why people think Americans are the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet when I read this shit. Rest assured non of you white people will be forced on to reservations, enslaved or gassed so fuck off.

    • HA! That explains it, Italians, with their racist chants and air-borne banana attacks in football stadiums and Jewish people with their “chosen race” bollocks combine to make the most racist piece of human excrement on the message boards

      • Wow,

        This sounds like some white on white hate. Be careful, Steve your ranks might be thinning…that is the ranks of ignorant people like you… not every white person thinks like you… uh oh, can’t trust your own kind anymore? Scary right… Now how are you gonna tell the good people from the bad? I guess you will have to start reaching across the aisle and find some more Blacks to do your bidding. Oh but I guess that will mean you will have to actually support some of us and maybe you might have to take a trip to the ghetto to try to see how some of us think. If some of us are smart enough to understand the benefits of forming an alliance with you and yours. Maybe you might have to pay some of us. Then maybe some of us can afford a house in your neighborhood. Will that make you feel more comfortable? No. Will I guess you will have to come up with some other idea like an invention or something to hypnotize or exterminate us some how. I’m sure you geniuses will think of something. Yall been at it for a long time. But look around, some of us are still here. What happened to your superior intellect, shouldn’t we all be gone by now? Oh I see, yall are still working on it. Well I guess you all will be happen when you finally achieve Whitopia. Or will you? Hmm, then I wonder what else yall will figure out to fight about. Maybe you can figure out how to change your hateful nature? Hmm, wonder if that’s possible.

  25. I lived in areas where I was the minority and have to say it is just animosity that has been produced here in the United States. Luckily I can say my ancestry had nothing to do with slavery nor Sunday picnics with whole families eating under men hanging from trees. I have benefited from being white but have also been fired by a black man and am sick of the animosity I received while living in areas dominated by blacks. My goal is to move to what they call progressive areas(mostly white) where I can be liberal again. Im sorry but most black people are crazy, just as one they will tell you “that —— crazy”.
    Maybe I am upset because when I was younger I saved a black man from loosing his job and got a white man in trouble and lost a few friends. I did not know any better back then, I thought I was doing the right thing not knowing we were all different and that there is a black society which I can tell you I found out this “whiteboy” dont belong. I know now that my only association with black people should be to be generously and openly kind but only to befriend only what was deemed as Oreos because they do not fit the “black criteria”.
    Jesus may of been black but I know Peter was not because he would of never gotten out of the boat. Only the Educated are climbing,Peace!

    • Jeffrey,

      Funny, I can somewhat relate to you. I grew up in a white neighborhood and prevented a white girl from being beat up by other whites. I have some lives and have comforted some whites due to my profession who have turned around and figuratively spit in my face because they looked at me for being inferior even though I was in the position to help them. I grew up around whites most of my life and consider myself somewhat educated, but in no ways an oreo. Say what you will about educated Black folk but just cause some of us may be educated doesn’t mean we are anything like some white folk. The difference between you and me though is that I do not regret helping people. Because it helps me to help people become more conscious about their false notions. You should watch a movie called “Rosewood” it’s about a segregated town of Black folk who were thriving during segregation. I’m not sure the decade that it was portraying but it was during cowboy days. The town was burned down by whites because they couldn’t understand how a segregated town of Blacks could be doing better than they were. This is typical thinking for people like you who are not happy until Blacks have been decimated and dependent on whites. Then they can talk down to us like we should be grateful for all you have done for us. If I have gotten any benefits from this country, I will feel guilty and give them up when everyone else does the same. I believe in accomplishing what I can but sometimes some people are unable to prevail against things that are out of their control. If you want to use that to make yourself feel superior it shows how really sad and insecure you are.

  26. Niggers are fucking disgusting people. They have ruined every urban area in this country. Fuck this politically correct shit. Tell your kids the truth if it’s not already obvious to them.

    • Don’t really care for your language but I do have to agree. Everything we built and gave to the black communty was destroyed. Have you seen the new black teen gangs that are flooding the streets of Chicago on the magnificent mile? Now they want to ruin the income generating businesses that support their housing communities. CRAZY!

      • Ronald,

        Telling your kids the truth might work if you knew or cared about the truth. Disani…All you have created? Typical thinking, I guess the slaves did not do any labor or contribute to this current capitalistic system of today. Destroyed everything you have built or created? Sort of like Frankenstein was created, maybe you have created a monster, so who are the crazy ones? And you want to talk about entitlement. Well then you are entitled to take credit for your (since you want to talk about them and us) creation.

  27. This motherfuckin shit is so fucking racist and your black and you don’t know what the fuck your talking about you need Jesus and serious help

  28. White people have not done bad things to black people in this country. 200 years ago, dead white people had enslaved dead black people. It’s over. Let it go. Stop hating.

  29. The only people who will take this article to heart are other black people

    We still don’t get it.

    White people know EXACTLY what they are doing — practicing racism — and plan to keep right on doing it. All you have to do is read some of the comments from whites who are PRETENDING that “racism” is something in the past and to “forget about slavery” — YET they force feed our children THEIR “his-story” and expect us to remember and worship it.

    Look at the comments when you KNOW white people KNOW whites are still greatly mistreating black and other non-white people yet they will put up this false white innocent act:

    “Oh, I don’t know what these blacks are comining about”

    as they see racism being practiced on their jobs, with the police, with the loan companies, and recreational activities and nignt clubs and universities and in their fraterniies and sororities as they dress up as black people at Halloween, wearing Afro wigs, in blackface and carrying a slice of watermelon and exchanging “ni**ger jokes and just talking about black people negatively in general and will still say

    “Oh, I’m not a racist.”

    No disrespect to the author of this article, we all think we are saying something NEW when this argument has been made tens of thousands of times — that black people are HUMAN BEINGS like all human beings and that people should not be mistreated based on color.

    We will NEVER be treated correctly in a white supremacy system and so we’d be BEST served by spending ALL our time NOT trying to “convince” white people not to be racist but to explain to the victims of racism what is is and how it’s practiced and how to protect themselves on a psychological, sexual, financial, educational, and physical level from white supremacy and white supremacists

    because only a BLIND man or woman can’t see the hand writing on the white wall, with movies like “The Purge” and “The Help:” and “The Butler” being made

    These “Birth of a Nation” aka “the good old days” when blacks either KNEW or place, or were shoved into them.

    check out the website for “The Purge” — newfoundersamerica_org — a Universal Studios website and you will get a glimpse of where we might be headed as a nation.

  30. correction:

    “Look at the comments when you KNOW white people KNOW whites are still greatly mistreating black and other non-white people yet they will put up this false white innocent act:

    “Oh, I don’t know what these blacks are complaining about.”

    • Ever have a boss treat you poorly? Because he pays you he feels he doesn’t have to tip toe around issues and can be upfront and honest with you? Whites support blacks… they get paid! Whites put roofs over black families and food on their table. We are sick and tired tip toeing around an issue that is really really worn out. Do it yourselves. When the hand out’s stop, you will see the truth in the black community.

      • Disani,

        When the masks come off, you too will see the truth. If you are taking credit for putting food on the table of Blacks then why are you complaining. You should be happy about being to take credit for your generosity. When have people like you ever tip toed around anything. You don’t seem like you are tip toeing now. Please be yourself. As far as doing it yourselves, why don’t you tell that to your boss? Or if you own your own business, Why don’t you tell your customers to do it yourself instead of buying your product or service. You are sick and tired. How long have you been putting food on my table? I never even met you? If you are supporting me then thank you, much appreciated, so why you mad?

        • Because I want to stop supporting you… Talking in circles. Must be the education you received in the free excuse class that was taught in the new school built aside of the new homes. You know, the area that is now a drug infested ghetto. Wow, you just can’t see the distruction can you? If so, why do you continue to make excuses? Set an example and stop backing the majority of the blacks that just don’t give a shit.

          • Disani,

            You as well should stop making excuses. Why don’t you go tell some of the white handicapped people or senior citizens who are in hospice or nursing homes to stop making excuses, stop whining and begging for pain killers, etc. And believe me, you are right, sometimes I just don’t give a shyt because of constantly feeling like I have to defend myself more than anybody else every time an accusation is thrown in my face. Just like anybody else I have my good and bad times, good attributes and bad flaws. I get tired of having to explain myself and compare my situation to everybody else who has in the past and still do get over like a thief or thieves in the night. Please, oh please stop acting like you are giving people like me a hand out. What the h*ll have you actually given me but some BS? Where is your dossier or resume or record of your flaws, needs and misdeeds? Care to share? No I think not. So If you want to point the finger, blame somebody or look down on somebody I suggest you start with yourself. You can’t make me feel guilty cause you need to learn how to deal with your own guilt first. And you have actually helped me to realize that I am not the one that has to feel guilty or explain myself to you or the likes of you. Now you want to be mad, then be mad at that. If that is not enough, I will happily provide you with some more things to be mad at cause I got plenty.

          • Disani,

            And if you are supporting me, I can tell you of a few more things that I need. Can you send some funds post haste? Because if you are supporting me, I never received the check in the mail. You must be slacking. And why do you assume that someone like me knows more about the ghetto than someone like you. If you give a shyt so much than why don’t you set an example for your people and stop being a judgmental ahole and go back to school and get a real education so that you can know what the h*ll you are talking about because obviously from your conversation you don’t know jack or you are severely delusional to the point where I think you may need a serious reality check. Now if you do not live in the ghetto yourself and you live in some fancy suburb, then be grateful like you try to tell the Black folks who you claim to have saved. Otherwise, I just can’t help you cause you will not be happy until Whitopia occurs. When and if that happens, I hope you are equipped to deal with it or are somewhere near the top of the food chain or else you might become one of the new niggas. So take a lesson son, maybe I can give you a few tips. Let me know.

      • If all your statements where true. How come you get people like dr. Ronald Mullet and dr. Benjamin Carson (who is my all time hero). a lot of black people have achieved great things even though they come from impoverished homes. Your statement is false and you have a bigoted outlook on life. The reason black communities have these problems is social, economical and educational. White people who are poor deal with the same problems black people do in these situations and they also cant escape it. i think the average income for a black family is $1000 less than a white family in the grand scale of things that’s not a lot less on average. Also the majority of black households are run by a single mother which would account for a huge drop in the median household income. The Criminal black element you are referring to is a minority. as far as i know america has 2 million prisoners most of which are not hard criminals. I do not know what percentage of them are of color, but i can tell you that its far,far less than the black population in america. Meaning you are stereotyping all blacks under the same label. Im not black by the way, just had to throw it out there. I also have to say yes , sometimes i do see color, but i try to be a better person than that. The color does not make the man.

    • Its called projection. Blacks are envious of whites and project their sizable aggression onto whites claiming Whites are hurting them when it’s really the other way around.

  31. STILL WAITING FOR: “Eight Things Black Parents Should Teach About White People” I am not White or Black… SO, I guess I don’t have the right to share my opinion to this nonsensical forum of Opinionated knuckle Heads who

  32. Perhaps you should write an article on a few things black parents should say to their kids about white people.

    1) Yes, black people were discriminated against for a long time and will continue to be simply because people shy away from differences. However, you should be mentally strong enough to let go of the past and ignore the present, and to simply write it off as ignorance. Anything else shows you as weak and a victim.

    2) Every race is susceptible to discrimination.

    3) Never look for a handout. Have some pride and work hard for what you want.

    4) Pull your pants up.

    You come up with the rest…

    This article was sickening. Stop playing the victim for things that never happened to you.

    • OKAY People, NICK said it all! Right on Brother, Couldn’t agree more. I heard someone say the other day; “just cause I am the same color as those who oppressed those of cultural differences in our history doesn’t mean I am to blame and I should not feel bad about how I live my life and treat others today. Or something like that. It is like, you do not inherit all things your birth parents did when they grew up. Like if my dad or mom were begets, doesn’t mean I will be or my children or their children. Certain attitudes and behaviors are learned and accepted by each of us and how we choose to value good or bad isn’t predetermined or set by the previous generation. Its best to be real and simply put, just own it!. I can’t speak for other, but I am dam sick and tired of political correctness (PC), saying American after each word and other horse shit created by groups or individuals who think society should act only a certain way. US Constitution says otherwise. Freedom to Express, privacy, liberties slowly seem to be fading away.

      • Hey Mic,

        You are probably right, just because your parents were “begets” does not mean you will be a “beget”. But can you tell me this, if your parents were stupid, does it mean you will be stupid? DOYYY…I hope I am not being politically incorrect by asking that question. Yeah, it’s a shame the US Constitution only ” talks” about freedom cause I see some people still feel free to do anything they want to people like me. So sorry that your rights to constantly torment an threaten people are making you feel discriminated against Bro. Sorry that you feel that your freedom to express yourself and then cover it up seem to be fading away.

    • Nick

      You seem to be playing the victim of people who are claiming to be victims. Why are social programs considered to be hand outs. They didn’t say that during slavery when your ancestors benefited to the point of making sure that a certain population would reap the benefits that this capitalistic system has cemented in place. As far as having pride and working hard for what you want, sometimes when someone like me tries to have pride, they get dogged out to the point where it’s even hard to speak about the real issues. Sometimes no matter how mentally strong a person may be they are up against such insurmountable forces that they must yield. For instance, someone who has a whole army behind them has a better chance of having their beliefs heard than someone who does not. I think it might require a little more than mind over matter. If that were the case a lot of yall would be kissing some place unmentionable. Because when I read some of these comments that is really on my mind. Oh well, so much for mind over matter. I think I may need to marinate on that a little longer. Let’s see if I can get this meditation technique down to a science. Let’s see…Om…Omm…Ommm. Nope, still not working, I don’t see nobody puckering up yet. But I’ll keep at it though, in the mean time, I’m gonna wipe off that special spot to make sure it will be ready if my dreams ever do come true.

      • Let me ask you Pat. I’ve grown to respect some of what you say. You mean to tell me that the majority of blacks do not embarrass you? Make you hate the stereotypes? The majority of blacks are only making things harder for you. Know what I mean? Pants hanging low during an interview wont get them a job. A tattoo of a tear under the eye wont land the job. A crazy baby momma screaming at her 5 kids in the car that just dropped you off wont land the job. Does this all add up? It’s in the presentation. If you want to be equal then stop screaming out that you are different!!!!!!

        • Disani,

          Thank you for addressing my comments but why do you think that different always has to mean inferior. For one thing, I try to understand the underlying causes for some of the problems in the Black community which seem to manifest themselves in sometimes nefarious ways. But why does this have to become a stereotype or equate to all Black people in general. If I see a white person who is strung out on drugs, has black eyeliner, tattoos all over his body, listens to hate music, etc., etc., why is that not considered a stereotype for white people? It’s a matter of perspective. If you are the one who is doing the hiring, are you going to deny other white people employment based on some other white drug addicts? Probably not because you are going to recognize that as a stereotype that applies to you. Now whether you look down on that other white person or not is another story. However, why would I look down on or try to feel bad about what some other Black people are desperate enough to do? How do I know how I might act or display my pain if I were in their same exact situation? I know that sometimes I may lash out on white people (Black people as well at times), but it is more of a rage against the machine. If you are being attacked by a group of bullies, you are going to try to defend yourself against who you perceive as your attackers right? It’s human nature. However, I think for the most part, white people in general have more power to keep Black people down then vice versa. I am not sure how you choose to vent or display your anger but as long as I am not denying anyone’s rights then please do not deny me the opportunity to vent my frustrations as well.

      • Deflection… Good one Pat. Why don’t you answer for Robert Peale? Don’t want to admit the “black secret”. You know; “tear it up brutha and we will den make cracker feel bad so dey build somting nicer and hooked up yo…”

        • Disani,

          Could you please rephrase the question? I’m having trouble understanding your pseudo Ebonics. It’s too deep for me, I’m not sure why but you seem to have a deeper understanding of Ebonics than I do. I only know a few bits and pieces here and there so maybe you can educate me on another level.

        • Disani,

          I had to re-read, I think I get it now. It’s similar to other psychotic behavior, which is no secret. When people have limited options or alternatives to their seemingly helpless situations, they may display self destructive behavior. Different people react differently, some people become serial killers, some rapists, drug addicts, porn stars, alcoholics, genocidal maniacs, I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.