Eight Things White Parents Should Teach About Black People

Eight Things White Parents Should Teach About Black People


Yesterday, I talked about how John Derbyshire’s “advice” to White parents on what to say to their kids about black people was the right idea with the wrong messenger. You can see my column here.

And while Derbyshire’s racist suggestions got him fired from the National Review it doesn’t mean that most White parents out there are doing a particularly good job to talking to thier kids about race.

So, I know you’ve all been waiting patiently to see … drum roll please:

The Talk for White Parents to their White Kids about Black People

In this day and age of Black presidents, a Black First Lady that still makes a White man’s head explode and George Zimmerman killing a defenseless Trayvon Martin in cold blood, you’ll need it.  It will come in handy White people, so read carefully. Don’t just open for emergencies, depending on what’s an emergency to you.  But, this should work for:

1) The first time your kid asks why there’s a Black history month

2) The first time they come to you asking about the word “nigger;” and

3) Just about any other time you’re stumped by a Black/White race issue and don’t know what to say.


Dear White son or daughter [INSERT NAME HERE], here’s what you need to know:

1) Black People and White people are different but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other. Black people look different, often eat different foods, communicate and socialize in ways that may seem strange or odd for you. But just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s bad, or that the way you do things is better. Always remember that.

2) If you don’t know something about Black people ask a lot of them. Your Black friends don’t speak for all Black people. It’s perfectly okay to not know something, because honestly unless you ask every Black person in America you really don’t know. Do you?

3) White People as a group have done terrible things to Blacks in this country – and just because they are black (not to mention Asians, Latinos and American Indians). This is a fact. You may not be personally responsible but you benefit from this fact and therefore have some responsibility. No: you never enslaved anybody, neither did your mother or I, but lots of White people did. Once slavery was over, White people spent about 100 years mistreating Blacks because they couldn’t figure out how to send them all home after that whole nation-building thing. This means that Black people used to get killed just for trying to vote, weren’t allowed to live where they wanted to, and even today some White people refuse to hire Blacks just because they are black. And while those types of things are illegal, people still do it. You benefit from this. So before you ever judge a Black person remember that other White people worked for centuries to make sure you’d be okay and Black people would stay poor.

4) Saying “nigger” is the same thing as saying “bitch.” Even though you may hear it in music, or with your friends at school you know perfectly well that you shouldn’t use that word regardless of who is in earshot. And really, why is it so important to use it anyway?

5) Always remember there is a difference between a Black neighborhood, a bad neighborhood and a poor neighborhood. Just because an area has lots of Black people doesn’t mean they’re poor or that there’s lots of crime. There are plenty of places where black people live that are nicer than our neighborhood. You should avoid any group of people that seem dangerous because of their behavior or activities, whether that’s in a trailer park or an inner city ghetto. You can get robbed by anybody.

6) No matter who your sister/brother has dated, or what your friends have told you, or how many episodes of Chappelle Show you’ve watched you do not KNOW Black people. Who or what you listen to, read, or sleep with does not make you Black. Acting like you know everything about Black people because you have some Black friends or enjoy rap music is ignorant.

7) Black people are not pets, so don’t touch them without permission, or change your voice when you’re around them, or worse: automatically try to set them up with any Black person you know. This never works out. If you’re curious about their hair just ask, you’d be amazed at some of the stuff Black folks hear all day.

8) And finally: the best way to get along with Black people is to not be oblivious. Nothing annoys Black people more than White people who pretend racism doesn’t exist and then proclaim ignorance in the face of overwhelming evidence. Just because you don’t see it, or don’t want to see it, doesn’t mean Black people are paranoid or making things up. If you think about lesson 3 you should be good on this.

I know this talk has made you uncomfortable, but your mother/father and I believe that it’s better for you to hear this at home than learning about it on the streets or from your friends. Now go out to the park and make some Black friends! But just promise me you won’t cut through those trailer parks. I heard those people are all single moms and sell crystal meth.

DR. JASON JOHNSONPolitic365 Chief Political Correspondent, is a professor of Political Science at Hiram College in Ohio and author of the book Political Consultants and Campaigns: One Day to Sell. You can read more at www.drjasonjohnson.com or follow him on Twitter @Drjasonjohnson


  1. it lost me at #1..telling your child that just because something is “strange” to you in another culture doesn’t mean you are better
    yes it does
    listen to your God given instinct
    if something is strange.. it is. and you are better. nothing wrong with being better,feeling better etc…
    especially when that strange behavior in the other race is repulsive and distasteful to you.
    don’t be brainwashed and go against your instincts and say oh its ok
    “I am not better” “I am just repulsed”?

    • I am an English speaker but not a German speaker. By your ridiculous logic English speakers should feel and thus are better than German because that language strange and I don’t know it. You do know that opposite would be true as well and what is left is the tension of two groups that think they are better than each other when actually both are equally ignorant and therefore lacking in an essential necessary for cross-cultural understanding.

  2. What a load of thash…. Slavery was abolished almost 200 years ago by white people. Yet there is still slavery in africa. White european civilization is responsible of 97% of world innovation. If whites are supposed to be guilty of their forefathers sins then we should be also receive benefits for all the achievements.

  3. I want everyone to pay attention here. This has been happening a lot in recent times. Almost everything on this list and the complaints of blacks in general, are all things they hate, but they do exactly the same thing. Don’t want to be judged as all the same, but judge all whites the same. The generalizations they hate are the same ones they think are ok to employ against others. One reason this has become prolific is we need to be more vocal, in person not the Internet, against BS claims and counterpoint the reactionary force of crying racism as a tool to shock people into being afraid of public outrage. Just because someone yells racism loud enough does not make it true. We have a responsibility to defend ourselves loudly against false accusations.

  4. Why is it always up to White people to change and not Black people who are the racist in this country and elsewhere in the World?
    I’m tired of hearing all the complaining from Blacks who want everything handed to them!I grew up in the intercity with little of anything but pulled myself up and had a family who I SUPPORT ONLY.
    Welfare should be changed so that once a family is on Welfare and they have more children the Gov. should take money away not give them more because now by Obama they have contraceptives.

    • Do you really think only black people are on Welfare?! I’ve worked ( as in I ‘ve been employed by!)with the State of Connecticut for 33 years and believe me just as many whites are on Welfare,and by the way, for too many years when you were rewarded for ‘hard work’s Black people were not! I asked an Italian friend who’s parents came here from.Italy not even speaking english, how life was for them,she said her dad got a job in a factory as a foreman and her mom took in washing clothes for people for money.Well here is the difference, my mom ( part Black & part Native American) with parents, and grandparents etc born here in America and a high school graduate,got a job in the factory ( those were good jobs then) and was bossed by a European immigrant who barely spike English with no high school diploma! Her ( my mom) Father worked and supported 8 kids never losing a day of work nor asking help from anyone but my mom, my grandmother also like my friend’s mom took in washing and the white people usually tried to pay her in used clothing Not money not like they paid my white friend’s immigrant mother! My friend’s parents were able to save money from the washing f clothes & foreman job that my mom’s parents born here ,were never given the fair opportunity to achieve! So, enough with the ‘ I worked,blah,blah ! There are lazy white & lazy Black people, there are hard working black people & hard working white people! Our complaint us don’t judge us by the same yard stick when we have not usually had the same ‘starting point’s, don’t keep saying ‘ my parents didn’t do this or that to black people ‘ we know that,but we also know that you have benefited from the acts of those whites who DID do things to keep us back ,even those of you who came here generations after we have been here working and trying to lift up our own families! We don’t blame you newer generations we just want you to understand that : lazy , white people exist just like lazy Black people, that white people use welfare too ( and my heart goes out to any hungry people of any color who are left in desperate situations and need welfare), that chance that you were given the opportunity to take advantage of were often denied black people just because,( I have personally witnessed a Black man with a college degree denied a job that required a degree while a former mayor of my Town gave the job to a white highschool grad – but the written job requirements stayed college degree & supervisor experience – the black man had the requirements,the white man didn’t but got the job! This was eventually reported on the front page of our local newspaper ( occurring the late 1990s) And these things continue to happen,so , while I don’t begrudge you any success, don’t belittle the struggle and the racism that still exist in our country! We can’t fix a problem by denying it!

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  6. The biggest problem with this advice is that the writer takes it from a notion that all black people think and feel the same about everything.

    • Do you have sex with your sister? Do you do crack or meth?Are you a pedophile and a psychopath like “most whites”? Are you a red neck or trailer trash? Go back to where you came from and stop invading and stealing countries you unevolved parasite.

  7. Blacks need to stop bellyaching and get with the program. I know that will never happen, but I can dream. One thing I’m quite sure of, more and more white people are waking up to the 24/7 monkeyshines and negro fatigue is setting in en masse.

  8. I’m definately going to bookmark this page. It’s not something I would typically be interested in but you simply can’t disregard the fact that this really is good web content. Only if other folks would put such effort into their posts.

  9. Niggers are the only ones complaining about slavery know history Irish people were slaves in America to but because their white it don’t matter right. Jews were almost wiped out by Hitler they don’t whine about it thier and if you ever ment a true off the boat African like I have in my kitchen they hate the American nigger too so hmm

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  12. This writer is brainwashed. It would be cruel to lie to a child like this and manipulate them into thinking whites are bad. A Christian would never say these things especially an educated one who knows real facts.

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  15. Mmmm. Niggers don’t get it. Do they? White people don’t give a damn about them. Liberals don’t either. They pretend is all. Niggers need To quit wasting time. Do you honestly think white parents would take the time to discuss niggers with thier kids. Lol. Nobody cares. Why is it that niggers are treated as 22nd class citizens? Is automatic by whites. We won’t change either. We are you as less evolved. We have more respect and concern for our pets. Really.

  16. So. Let me tell u what blacks should teach their kids about white people. There are. 3 types of white people in the world. Those that are pro black for self gain, like the Clintons and Bernie Sanders, liberal’s are big fakers. 2nd group that have no opinion or concern for blacks plights or problems. Last of all and the most common (largest group by far) are those who find blacks mildly amusing to true contempt for blacks. Blacks are wasting their time. Nobody cares. As the first group is only out to get black votes. If you couldn’t vote, the first group wouldn’t exist.