3:00pm April 11, 2012

Eight Things White Parents Should Teach About Black People


Yesterday, I talked about how John Derbyshire’s “advice” to White parents on what to say to their kids about black people was the right idea with the wrong messenger. You can see my column here.

And while Derbyshire’s racist suggestions got him fired from the National Review it doesn’t mean that most White parents out there are doing a particularly good job to talking to thier kids about race.

So, I know you’ve all been waiting patiently to see … drum roll please:

The Talk for White Parents to their White Kids about Black People

In this day and age of Black presidents, a Black First Lady that still makes a White man’s head explode and George Zimmerman killing a defenseless Trayvon Martin in cold blood, you’ll need it.  It will come in handy White people, so read carefully. Don’t just open for emergencies, depending on what’s an emergency to you.  But, this should work for:

1) The first time your kid asks why there’s a Black history month

2) The first time they come to you asking about the word “nigger;” and

3) Just about any other time you’re stumped by a Black/White race issue and don’t know what to say.


Dear White son or daughter [INSERT NAME HERE], here’s what you need to know:

1) Black People and White people are different but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other. Black people look different, often eat different foods, communicate and socialize in ways that may seem strange or odd for you. But just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s bad, or that the way you do things is better. Always remember that.

2) If you don’t know something about Black people ask a lot of them. Your Black friends don’t speak for all Black people. It’s perfectly okay to not know something, because honestly unless you ask every Black person in America you really don’t know. Do you?

3) White People as a group have done terrible things to Blacks in this country – and just because they are black (not to mention Asians, Latinos and American Indians). This is a fact. You may not be personally responsible but you benefit from this fact and therefore have some responsibility. No: you never enslaved anybody, neither did your mother or I, but lots of White people did. Once slavery was over, White people spent about 100 years mistreating Blacks because they couldn’t figure out how to send them all home after that whole nation-building thing. This means that Black people used to get killed just for trying to vote, weren’t allowed to live where they wanted to, and even today some White people refuse to hire Blacks just because they are black. And while those types of things are illegal, people still do it. You benefit from this. So before you ever judge a Black person remember that other White people worked for centuries to make sure you’d be okay and Black people would stay poor.

4) Saying “nigger” is the same thing as saying “bitch.” Even though you may hear it in music, or with your friends at school you know perfectly well that you shouldn’t use that word regardless of who is in earshot. And really, why is it so important to use it anyway?

5) Always remember there is a difference between a Black neighborhood, a bad neighborhood and a poor neighborhood. Just because an area has lots of Black people doesn’t mean they’re poor or that there’s lots of crime. There are plenty of places where black people live that are nicer than our neighborhood. You should avoid any group of people that seem dangerous because of their behavior or activities, whether that’s in a trailer park or an inner city ghetto. You can get robbed by anybody.

6) No matter who your sister/brother has dated, or what your friends have told you, or how many episodes of Chappelle Show you’ve watched you do not KNOW Black people. Who or what you listen to, read, or sleep with does not make you Black. Acting like you know everything about Black people because you have some Black friends or enjoy rap music is ignorant.

7) Black people are not pets, so don’t touch them without permission, or change your voice when you’re around them, or worse: automatically try to set them up with any Black person you know. This never works out. If you’re curious about their hair just ask, you’d be amazed at some of the stuff Black folks hear all day.

8) And finally: the best way to get along with Black people is to not be oblivious. Nothing annoys Black people more than White people who pretend racism doesn’t exist and then proclaim ignorance in the face of overwhelming evidence. Just because you don’t see it, or don’t want to see it, doesn’t mean Black people are paranoid or making things up. If you think about lesson 3 you should be good on this.

I know this talk has made you uncomfortable, but your mother/father and I believe that it’s better for you to hear this at home than learning about it on the streets or from your friends. Now go out to the park and make some Black friends! But just promise me you won’t cut through those trailer parks. I heard those people are all single moms and sell crystal meth.

DR. JASON JOHNSONPolitic365 Chief Political Correspondent, is a professor of Political Science at Hiram College in Ohio and author of the book Political Consultants and Campaigns: One Day to Sell. You can read more at www.drjasonjohnson.com or follow him on Twitter @Drjasonjohnson

About the Author

Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson



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    Exactly. Exactly. Exactly.

    White people are big hacks.

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  8. Common Whitey

    I like black people. Black people are the same as anyone else….but….niggers are the problem. I know other black people will agree with me, white me. If you want the perspective of a middle class, hard working white man, then here it is. I hate, hate, hate the “black trash” also commonly referred to as niggers. Just like I hate “white trash” who don’t have an equally divisive nickname. That is all the word nigger means to me and I respect that the use of that word has deeper meanings that are offensive to a lot of people. If you can give me a better word to use that describes the black people that live by the “thug life” mentality and live like animals, then please let me know what to call these people. To the common white person, black people are just like the rest of us. We have black friends, admire black leaders like Ben Carson, Allen West, etc. We don’t see race in these people, we see character, personality and humanity. We know that the vast majority of black people fit into this mold. The problem white people (in my opinion) have with black America is the “nigger” that pillages cities, lives like an animal, lives off the teat of the government, cries racism at every turn, commits brutal crimes against others, including their own people, procreates at alarming rates without means to support and runs out on said offspring. My beef with black America is the lack of willingness of the majority of black Americans to speak out against this segment of society and stand up for what is right. For God’s sake, call out these thugs for what they are. Poverty isn’t an excuse for their behavior. There are poor people everywhere in the world, but only in America is a group of people so disgusting and at the same time oblivious to their own problems. A perfect example of black America’s unwillingness to accept their own faults is the castigation of people like Bill Cosby who dares speak out against the behavior and culture of black America. Uncle Tom, Oreo Bill Cosby is the response. As a white person in America, I think I speak for a lot of us that we are sick of the bullshit regarding race. MILLIONS of black Americans do great in our “racist” society. Good character and work ethic will get you far in America. Acting like an animal and making excuses for all your behaviors will get you nowhere as millions of other black Americans have yet to discover.

    • joey

      Well said and I wish more people had the guts to tell it like it is..

    • dan

      No, no, no. The common white, such as yourself is the core problem.Before you claim to know what your are talking about, get a true education. The common White person is the problem of the world. Ignorant, uneducated, animal n filthy by nature, violent and destructive by nature,indecure, arrogant and entitled, unholy as can be, a pathological liar and hypocrite. Oh i could go on and on, butl let me just add, demonic by nature . A wicked disgusting , oppressive beast! And you may not know this, but the majority of the world thinks this And furhtermore, Whites come from a genetic mutation called Albinism, which came from certain tribes in Africa inbreeding. Then they were cast out of Africa because if their genetic inferrioriy. Only to reproduce with Neanderthals. So now you can understand how your”Common White” is such a mess. He/She is not fully human.

      • Curious Joe

        Did you really tell that person to get an education when you claimed that white skin comes from a genetic mutation caused by inbreeding? Did you go to school?

        • bs_t

          I believe the person who really have to go to school is you Curious Joe, If you disagree with dan, then prove your point, and why you disagree. you albinos are always trying to hide your true nature, but you will never prove your point.

          Albinos would rather agree that they come from monkey instead of agree with the fact that they are from brown skin people so called black people.

          They claimed that black people are closer to monkey while if a so called white don’t shave he will look like monkey with hair all over his body. So called black people don’t have to shave their skin to have a very nice clean skin, but so called white people are like monkey. prove me wrong if you can cave man, albino, monkey nature.

        • tee123

          Right on. The average white person is a beast by nature. They are smelly, lazy, liars. They steal, kill and destroy. Their culture is unholy and their history is disgusting. They come from caves, washing in dirt and eating leaves and bloody meat. They oppress, reject and suppress and then “dont understand” when the victims of their vicious behaviours become criminal or as the typical white above wrote, “niggers”. White men covet black women and white women covet black men. White men are inferior to black men and are threatened by them physically, mentally, emotionally. Every good invention was created by the black man, only to be stolen by the white man. The best thing the white man has going for him is the discovery of electricity, and even that white man loved a black woman. Considering the disgusting history of black and white relations in America, and the oppressive, thieving nature of the white man against the black man, i think black people in America are doing well.

          • tee123

            And let us not forget white women. They need drugs to produce children, the ones they birth naturally are weak and sickly.They allow their men to molest the girls and beat the boys. They are intimidated by a black woman with a healthy, large family so they try to shun her by spouting lies about the so called need for population control due to resource limitations while secretly popping their ivf drugs hoping to produce a gaggle of abnormal, sickly children. White women emasculate their men, defile the marriage bed and promote homosexual behavior and lifestyles among their men and children. Their homes are unkept and disgusting. They leave everyone else to raise their children through their selfishness. They suffer from the most godless mental illnesses and leave their children victims to them. It never ends with the she beast known as the white women.

          • New for you

            Well said tes123,

            These sub-human never admit the fact that they are a bunch of sick albinos. 955 of them suffer with cancer of some sort which their unnatural side on the planet, they are racist, stealer, child-molester, unreal, stink, and destroyer of things, but they always blaming dark skin real human of steal, unreal, and racist.

      • Smart1

        PUHHHLEASEE!!!!!! Are you even reading what you’re typing? Niggers are the plight of society. Everything you just stated is exactly what is wrong with the niggers in America. I’ve traveled throughout the world and other countries are so pleasant because there are no niggers anywhere. Honestly. Niggers are lazy, stinky, stealing, lying, absent-minded, uncivilized, creatures that should go back to africa and stay there just to see the whole continent go to hell, similar to what is already going on over there now. Stupid ignorant niggers constantly trying to turn the tables on things instead of being kind and working hard to make something out of your life, meanwhile you just wanna have something to bitch about because it’s easier than working for something. Stinky niggers. This white dick is all up in your ebony’s asses by the way. It’s fun to splash their faces with that WHITE goodness.

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    • Gohard

      I agree with you, and i’m a black man who is studying sociology. The one thing i’m facing the most is my intolerance for ‘niggers’. We as a people do need to speak out, but it is those at the top in our culture who keeps these negative aspects alive, which are embraced by the youth. They grow up with that nonsense with no positive reinforcement, only for it to be repeated through their children, so it’s an endless cycle destined for destruction.

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      person stop the lie’s.

    • bs_t

      So called white man created both of these diseases and more, and their plan was to kill all black people, and they realized that Aids takes a very long time before it can kill a so called black man, and also they realized that they cannot live without black people and their people started to get Aids also, they try to stop it. Ebola has been around for many years and was first in the white people nation, so my question is how the hell did it get to Africa? The albinos so called the white man brought it there to kill those people so that they can go steal wealth of the land.Now, they feel like they will be in trouble also if that disease spread in their countries and trying to stop it. You white devil will be vanish very soon.

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  15. Polar bear

    Hard times don’t make, they reveal. Blaming others, expecting government to fix you and lawlessness are not the mark of a culture that deserves sympathy or respect.

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    sorry, crime stats and IQ tell otherwise. a savage low IQ sub human race

  22. john smith

    This list told me nothing about the habits thoughts and intentions of the coloreds in america. Please be more informative next time because i want to know if americans from africa approve of the messages conveyed by young rappers. Please. I hear my friends say they like rap music and im possessed by both fear and sympathy for them.

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    Created everything and it was good,and to hate your black women.
    And you or black is sad because if it was not for your parents.
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  30. Rick

    You stupid NIGGERS need to understand you will never be accepted to Real White humans! You are sub human descendants of the ape. Throughout history we have always reconnize a resemblance of characteristics (looks and behavior)of any living thing ie dogs,cats and apes. Go to the zoo and watch the baboons,gorillas or the chimpanzees, that’s what you are!! This is the reason you behave as you do. Your not human nor should you be treated as one.

    • New for you

      That is the thing I tell every body and they don’t understand. Albinos which are known in the bible as the red man so called themselves white men to hide their true identity are trying to take the place of the real people by calling themselves real humans. You so called white men are sub humans, thousand of years ago black women breast fed you as albinos children which were rejected by the true human kind brown skin men and women which you call black people today. to save yourselves, you had to hide in caves thousands of years ago, now you are calling yourself the true human. Let me ask you that, why can’t albinos so called white people stay under the sun for too long, why do they have to have black people around to make everything for them? remember, your race is the only race that cannot live on its own because they will vanish from the planet. you aren’t real, your identity is albinos known as the cave men, so close mouth when you don’t know shit.

    • New for you

      Your race is about to be cut off, and your next life will be slavery just as you enslave my forefather. When your sub race, sub human become my slave, make sure you be ready to call me master. The most high will make your people fight each other to deliver the true Jews who are in bondage in Egypt consider America, Haiti, Jamaica, Bahamas and many other nations around the world. you will become small as you were before, and you will pay for the evil things you have done to my people. The stupid albinos so called white’s theory is that black man comes from ape, while the smart albinos so called white men know that white people comes from black people, and black people are created by God in his image according to the bible. If you want to know what God looks like go to Daniel, and you will get an idea. He is pure black man with wool hair, just like Jesus in Revelation with brown skin and wool hair.

      White men tries to put in people’s mind that GOD looks like them because they feel sad he is not and want people to believe that without showing any proof. They created white Jesus which is the devil of the planet at this moment. You sub human albinos decent are done……..

      • And I been thinking all this time that Niggers came from DEVILcrats!!!!!!!!

        • New for you

          The reason you thought that is because the albinos have been trying to fool people all over the world by telling a bunch of lies to make them look good, but they can only fool people who don’t like doing research. I was always asking myself how come everything that is good always comes from albinos so called white people, and I asked God to lead me to the truth, that is how I started to discover a lot of hidden information about the those albinos.

          The main reason they hate brown skin people is because we used to kill their asses and use them in sacrifice with the believe that we would be rich or more spiritual. They left Africa to save themselves from being killed, that is how they got settle in Europe in a mountain eating crap and transform to what you have today.

          I know many people will not believe me, but you can do your own experiment of albinos if you want to. Take two albinos born from black people have them married to have babies, they have 98.99 % chance that their babies will be so called white with low pigmentation, they will more likely to have different color of eyes and hair because both mom and dad have pigmentation disease which is refer to as the leprous in the bible.

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  40. Ragnar Systrer

    This is one of the most asinine articles I have come across. What nonsense. We treated them badly?? Cmon, I nor anyone I know has ever owned slaves. This sounds so much like a yuppie take on the subject. Hey, the truth of the matter is that they will grow up and will have their own experiences and will formulate their own opinions regarding the matter. No one is born a racist or non-racist. Their Personal experience with other will dictate how they regard things

    • david duke

      And my personal experience with any of these niggers is that they are the scum of the earth. Niggers why do you think all other races move away from where you live? We dont like you! And all these dumb peace white people who stick up for them are even worse! The same crackers taking up for the niggers are the same ones that ran far away from the niggers hood! Deep down they know niggers are horrible! Just admit it!

  41. Tom Topper

    I am a retired anthropologist with ties to China and Sub-Sahara Africa. US Blacks do not have a clue how to protect themselves or interact. I have yet to see Obama lift a finger to help Blacks in six years, yet the ‘Jim Jones’ mentality exists. The Jews exploit Negroes like no other and have since they financed slavery when they realized Negroes do not die like Indians do exposed to the diseases of western civilization. The Chinese Communists want every negro dead and are moving right along to accomplish this goal with their own version of the ‘small pox ‘ blanket. All the riches of Africa will be theirs and none the wiser. A negro could not ever attempt to figure this out. They have been brainwashed by Jewish media not to see any enemies, just drink the kool aid !

    • New for you

      What you said in the post is a weapon, many dark skin people know all their hidden plan, but they cannot do any because have been brain washed. In Haiti, the Haitian people stood up against those albinos so called white people and destroyed them one by one, all countries including US, Canada, France, Spain and many come together punish the nation to never be able to grow. France charge Haiti billions of dollars to pay after many were killed to get their own freedom, American invaded the country during 1915 if I remember correctly and charged Haiti to pay them money that we never owed them, they destroyed our production to make us poor, and now they are collecting money from other countries on us as they are helping us and demonized us as devil is the reason for our poverty.

      Whenever dark skin people are trying to do good, albinos so called white people will stand against them to put them down because they hate them. They hate them because they actually come from us as albinos thousands of years ago. They steal everything we invented and claimed they did, while every body knows that white people are lazy, unreal, and weak. Now black people in America are blinded by too many lies, but they become free of darkness, the same thing that Happen in Haiti will happen here in America. I have I am still alive to laugh at those albinos.

  42. sane white man

    This is a joke, especially No.4, what happened 200 years ago has NOTHING to do with anyone today. This is just another anti-white liberal propaganda page, I love how people in 2015 are still spreading silly bogus clichés left over from the 90′s.

  43. david duke

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  44. david duke


  45. Pat

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