3:00pm April 11, 2012

Eight Things White Parents Should Teach About Black People


Yesterday, I talked about how John Derbyshire’s “advice” to White parents on what to say to their kids about black people was the right idea with the wrong messenger. You can see my column here.

And while Derbyshire’s racist suggestions got him fired from the National Review it doesn’t mean that most White parents out there are doing a particularly good job to talking to thier kids about race.

So, I know you’ve all been waiting patiently to see … drum roll please:

The Talk for White Parents to their White Kids about Black People

In this day and age of Black presidents, a Black First Lady that still makes a White man’s head explode and George Zimmerman killing a defenseless Trayvon Martin in cold blood, you’ll need it.  It will come in handy White people, so read carefully. Don’t just open for emergencies, depending on what’s an emergency to you.  But, this should work for:

1) The first time your kid asks why there’s a Black history month

2) The first time they come to you asking about the word “nigger;” and

3) Just about any other time you’re stumped by a Black/White race issue and don’t know what to say.


Dear White son or daughter [INSERT NAME HERE], here’s what you need to know:

1) Black People and White people are different but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other. Black people look different, often eat different foods, communicate and socialize in ways that may seem strange or odd for you. But just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s bad, or that the way you do things is better. Always remember that.

2) If you don’t know something about Black people ask a lot of them. Your Black friends don’t speak for all Black people. It’s perfectly okay to not know something, because honestly unless you ask every Black person in America you really don’t know. Do you?

3) White People as a group have done terrible things to Blacks in this country – and just because they are black (not to mention Asians, Latinos and American Indians). This is a fact. You may not be personally responsible but you benefit from this fact and therefore have some responsibility. No: you never enslaved anybody, neither did your mother or I, but lots of White people did. Once slavery was over, White people spent about 100 years mistreating Blacks because they couldn’t figure out how to send them all home after that whole nation-building thing. This means that Black people used to get killed just for trying to vote, weren’t allowed to live where they wanted to, and even today some White people refuse to hire Blacks just because they are black. And while those types of things are illegal, people still do it. You benefit from this. So before you ever judge a Black person remember that other White people worked for centuries to make sure you’d be okay and Black people would stay poor.

4) Saying “nigger” is the same thing as saying “bitch.” Even though you may hear it in music, or with your friends at school you know perfectly well that you shouldn’t use that word regardless of who is in earshot. And really, why is it so important to use it anyway?

5) Always remember there is a difference between a Black neighborhood, a bad neighborhood and a poor neighborhood. Just because an area has lots of Black people doesn’t mean they’re poor or that there’s lots of crime. There are plenty of places where black people live that are nicer than our neighborhood. You should avoid any group of people that seem dangerous because of their behavior or activities, whether that’s in a trailer park or an inner city ghetto. You can get robbed by anybody.

6) No matter who your sister/brother has dated, or what your friends have told you, or how many episodes of Chappelle Show you’ve watched you do not KNOW Black people. Who or what you listen to, read, or sleep with does not make you Black. Acting like you know everything about Black people because you have some Black friends or enjoy rap music is ignorant.

7) Black people are not pets, so don’t touch them without permission, or change your voice when you’re around them, or worse: automatically try to set them up with any Black person you know. This never works out. If you’re curious about their hair just ask, you’d be amazed at some of the stuff Black folks hear all day.

8) And finally: the best way to get along with Black people is to not be oblivious. Nothing annoys Black people more than White people who pretend racism doesn’t exist and then proclaim ignorance in the face of overwhelming evidence. Just because you don’t see it, or don’t want to see it, doesn’t mean Black people are paranoid or making things up. If you think about lesson 3 you should be good on this.

I know this talk has made you uncomfortable, but your mother/father and I believe that it’s better for you to hear this at home than learning about it on the streets or from your friends. Now go out to the park and make some Black friends! But just promise me you won’t cut through those trailer parks. I heard those people are all single moms and sell crystal meth.

DR. JASON JOHNSONPolitic365 Chief Political Correspondent, is a professor of Political Science at Hiram College in Ohio and author of the book Political Consultants and Campaigns: One Day to Sell. You can read more at www.drjasonjohnson.com or follow him on Twitter @Drjasonjohnson

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Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson



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  4. jason

    Father? “What are those things?” Son..those are old fashioned and outdated farm equipment that we use to use on cotton farms. Today, they can be a bugger. When you see one near your house you set traps and make sure you have a shotgun, rifle, pistol, or whatever means of defense handy by your side……They get ALOT of free stuff in America. Son…that is why we whites have to work really hard. So we can pay for their brand new Escalades with those spinny wheel thingys. If we don’t give them what they want…Boy oh boy do they get mad. They will burn entire cities to the ground if they don’t get their own way……………………………………………and that’s it son. Just remember, if they get rid of all the white people, then they will simply die from not being taken care of. You see, they are like babies. They need a mother and we whites are their mother. If we die, they die from starvation because they cannot take care of themselves. FU

    • You got it

      You took the words right out of my mouth…good job buddy

    • Vanessa

      Wow..I am white, and white people like you makes me feel sick to my stomach. There are many blacks who are far more intelligent and successful than you are..that, I am positive of.
      Only uneducated white trash feels the way that you do. In my career, I have worked with many black, hard working, productive citizens. It makes me so angry to see this kind of dribble!

    • A.B. Smith

      This is an awesome comment

    • Tyler

      I never owned a slave but I benefit from it? Okay but you were never a slave do you feel the hurt from it? Fuck no you moron your parents weren’t even born yet so fuck off you white hating dick head. This is exactly why black people get such a bad name with us
      White boys because blacks like you!! And stupid white people who follow your word and think “oh I am an evil person because I’m white” no fuck that. You’re a moron, and you make all the decent black people look stupid when you talk some dumb shit like this. If you wanna live in the 1800s and not get over slavery then go be someone’s nigger but if you wanna grow up and live in the 21st century stop bitching and live your life without making whites hate you! It’s your fault dipshit!!!!!

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  7. Kwitcherbellyakin

    What you expressed is your configuration of how a white person should “teach” their children about black people. Sugar-coated BS. What you refer to is 150 years old and STILL you think that this is relevant? Like watching the movie JAWS and thinking its still scary. Our children SEE for themselves black influences and consequences. Yes, embrace it, mostly all-black neighborhoods are dirty with thugs and juveniles hanging out, high drug use, higher crime, violence against whites (just because they’re white by the way), welfare and proud. Blacks segregate their selves and dare anyone else to. Spewing in our faces that blacks can because they are black and if you do it’s racism??? It’s not your color we’re learning to despise – it’s your contradictions. Oh, and if an article or movie is black associated you bet there will be mention or subject of being “racial victimized” and a white joke or two… Yea, how do you feel about black jokes????? Focus on calling out and improving your own race before advising us. Sorry Sir, but we SEE the truth.

  8. Someguy

    The things everybody should teach there kids about black people
    1 Black people are dangerous and should be treated like deer sure they might seem nice but they can turn on you in a moments notice
    2 Black people will try to steal from you in public situations don’t turn your back on them
    3 Black people are rude and don’t like other races but specifically white people
    4 avoid black neighborhood at all costs take detours and if you are forced into a black neighborhood don’t make any stops your GPS should help you with this Google knows whats up

    • Vanessa

      Apparently, you have not known very many black people. I have known many, and all have been hard working, honest citizens. I am white and I continue to see so many white people whining about the ‘race card’..while at the same time being openly racist. It’s truly baffling.

      • Ray Willis

        Do you have to know multiple people who are infected with smallpox to understand the fact that they are dangerous to be around? The problem is that whether or not something is a problem is not a question of whether the percentage of people who behave in the problematic way has reached a 51% majority. If you have two or three kids throwing rocks at you, it’s not really that bad. If you have 500 people throwing rocks at you, you may be in a world of trouble. This holds true even if those 500 people are surrounded by a trillion people who are not throwing rocks. This is the problem we are facing today from the minority of minorities who are ruining things for everybody. It does not matter whether or not 5, 10, 100, or 1000 people did not shoot me for every person who does. Either way, I have been shot and you cannot blame me for being fearful and resentful of the people who are doing most of the shootings per capita. Certainly we must be calculating in the way we approach the problem lest the people who are not a part of the problem be held equally accountable. However; this whole stand back, withhold judgment, and wait for the members of the group to sort it out amongst themselves does not appear to be working. Eventually, somebody has to start doing some judging and impose consequences of people are not policing their own people.

      • Tyler

        I never owned a slave but I benefit from it? Okay but you were never a slave do you feel the hurt from it? Fuck no you moron your parents weren’t even born yet so fuck off you white hating dick head. This is exactly why black people get such a bad name with us
        White boys because blacks like you!! And stupid white people who follow your word and think “oh I am an evil person because I’m white” no fuck that. You’re a moron, and you make all the decent black people look stupid when you talk some dumb shit like this. If you wanna live in the 1800s and not get over slavery then go be someone’s nigger but if you wanna grow up and live in the 21st century stop bitching and live your life without making whites hate you! It’s your fault dipshit!!!!!

      • Tyler

        Blow me white girl

  9. BW

    I think derbyshire`s “racist” advice was right on target,especially given the extent to which the controlled media has incited blacks against whites.Blacks are already statistically more criminal and more violent,but they have become even more so because of what they have been mislead to believe about whitey.This has made whites even more vulnerable to potential black violence.We wouldnt know this because the media deliberately covers it up and instead gives us non-stop coverage of frivolous incidents like the farcical trayvon martin case.Whites are becoming increasingly fed up with blacks and those who make excuses for them.

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  11. david land

    I don’t give a damn what you think I should tell my kids about black people. I tell them “if somebody treats you good, then treat them better. If somebody treats you bad then treat them worse.” I don’t want my kid getting killed because they are driving around in a black neighborhood because I told them it was safe. Are you a complete idiot? Worry about your own damn family you fool.

  12. david land

    You forgot Number 11: Don’t EVER trust them.

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