We’re Not Talking About Uganda – It’s Right Here in Florida

We’re Not Talking About Uganda – It’s Right Here in Florida


On episode 4 of Season 3 of Right of Black Talk, Politic365.com Senior Washington Correspondent Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt and her co-host discuss the tragic killing of a Florida teen and refusal of police to press charges. They delve into theories of why incidents like these continue to happen and link it to school suspension and expulsion of Black kids, harsher penalties at a disproportionate higher rate: a lack of tolerance and patience for Black men who are more quickly considered a dangerous suspect warranting the harshest penalty possible.

“We’re not talking about Uganda and what warlord Kony is doing with kids,” says co-host Shanon Murray. “We’re talking about in Florida, driving distance from the studio, a young kid – race is irrelevant – is shot dead in the street while his killer is sitting home. He was a child being a child when he was killed. I want to know what was so suspicious about Trayvon.”

The women also discuss briefly the HBO movie “Game Change” and the recent Alabama, Mississippi, America Samoa and Hawaii primaries.

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  1. Radio interview said kid was 14.

    “..by a neighborhood watch member, George Zimmerman, who was NOT charged by police for a crime of killing a person who is on the street & NOT in his home. He is white, Trayvon is black.”

    In beginning of radio talk they said shooter was white, later to correct themselves.

    So, there are two falsehoods from radio and “story” as “boy” was 17 , not 14.
    Shooter was Hispanic.

    This is only “news” or a “problem because victim happened to be black and shooter was not. So where are all the stories protecting blacks from other blacks, which a black is MORE likely to be murdered by another black. A white is more likely to be targeted by a black than his own “race.” Where are your complaints of this????? I find it odd y'all constantly ignore this and keep pointing fingers at others.

    At Least “JJ” addresses part of this.

    And, the “funnies” made by radio is disgraceful – a youth died and you are laughing? You need to grow up!