Barbara Carrasco’s How to Win Over Latino Voters 101

Barbara Carrasco’s How to Win Over Latino Voters 101


“We just share our values . . . I’m not trying to cater to anybody.  This is who I am.  This is who you are.  Do we share our values?  Do we share our beliefs? And if so, we’ve made a connection.  I’m just being the Hispanic that I am . . . and that’s how I’ve been converting people.”

In an exclusive interview with Politic365’s Justin Vélez-Hagan, Republican Congressional candidate Barbara Carrasco says that she sees an American message, not a Latino one, as the reason for some of her successes in the majority Democratic, 86 percent Latino district surrounding El Paso, Texas.

“At one point this lady says, ‘well I’m a Democrat.’  [But] after we finished talking and sharing our values, she offered to help me with my campaign.  That is the reception I’m getting from so many Democrats [even] in El Paso . . . Many that are choosing to vote Republican are doing so for the first time in their life.  But it takes a lot of grass roots work.  There is no other way [for us] to get the message out.”

Does it help to speak Spanish to a highly Latino constituency?

Describing a recent, local event, Carrasco continues to explain how knowing the language of her constituency has made a difference.  “After I spoke in Spanish, I had some of these women who were [long-time] Democrats . . . offering to help with my campaign.  So there’s a connection to be made, but the Republican Party has not been reaching out to these people letting them know who we really are.”

Carrasco continues by saying that, to Latinos, it’s about relating to them on a personal level, not on a political one.

“As soon as you tell some of these people what your history is, that you’re a small business owner and you want to make sure that that hope is out there for our kids . . . and our future generations, they’re so receptive because that’s what they want for their families.”

Coming from an immigrant family, Carrasco tells how she was the third of eleven children, who went from working in the fields and washing dishes, to running her own freight company and living the American Dream.

But is her background and campaign style enough to win her, and the Republican Party, an extra seat in November?

Listen to the entire interview here:


  1. The question is not how well she relates to the individuals in her district, it is how do the OTHER Republicans in her caucus vote, because THIS is the way SHE will vote. Repubs vote 99% of the time with their colleagues, regardless of the bill. Anti-Immigrant, anti-privacy, anti-private choice, anti-children, anti-good healthcare, anti-Medicare, anti-Soc. Security, etc. She WILL vote like Rubio, Delay, Boehner.

    • hahaha, let's only hope so. Btw, you're so 'anti'-intelligent for thinking those things. Shows how closed-minded and brainwashed you are. I'm a hardcore repub and certainly don't see Dems as evil as you portray Republicans here. Read a book, read a speech, read an article, watch a news story…just get off of facebook and tmz and you might even learn something about your fellow man. Anti-immigrant? Couldn't be further from the truth, they just don't like amnesty. One could say Dems are so pro-immigrant that they actually become anti-American. Anti private choice? Are you f-in kidding me? The only argument you can make here about Repubs is them not wanting women to have the choice to kill their babies. Instead they are for the choice of the innocent who have no say in the world. One could argue Dems are pro-baby death. Anti children? Really? You're right they are evil people who just want children dead. Even as Obama denies kids the right to attend the school of their choice (anti school voucher) to actually learn something more than what you apparently learned in the public school system. Anti good healthcare? You're right here, the only good healthcare we are ever going to get is from the government (sad thing is you probably believe this). Anti-medicare, anti-Soc Security? Oh man, turn of MSNBC, read more than a talking point in your life.

  2. This lady is about as far right as you can get. She was running around in 2010 giving her full support for the Arizona Immigration law. She is trying to hide her uber-conservative views behind her HUSBAND'S latino name. C'mon lady — you aren't fooling anyone with your lies. Just because you know Spanish…sheesh!