Obama’s Blue Collar and PG County Training Day

Obama’s Blue Collar and PG County Training Day


The TOP 365 as picked by Politic365’s best and brightest in the world of politics …

TOP 3 Events

BLUE COLLAR. President Obama re-energizes his union base at a recent United Auto Workers event and rocks Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum on their auto bailout “revisionism” – on the day of the Michigan Republican primary.

DEMOCRACY ALLIANCE? The donor collaborative decreases support for communities of color.  So what gives?

TRAINING DAY. Nothing more blatantly corrupt that Prince George’s, Maryland County Councilwoman Karen Toles receiving just a warning from a PG County cop for going 108 mph – in a 55 mph zone.

TOP 6 People

LONE WOLF. Olympia Snowe of Maine becomes one of the last, lone moderate Republicans in the Senate to abruptly resign.  Her reason is because of the politics of “my way or the highway.” Real reason: primaries are tough and expensive these days.

HANDMAID’S TALE. Sandra Fluke – once an unknown, obscure Georgetown Law School student – is thrust in the “war on women” and becomes the face of controversy over birth control.

EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED. Ilya Sheyman, a 25-year old first-generation Jewish immigrant from the former Soviet Union runs for Congress in Illinois’ 10th Congressional district.  Profile coming soon on Politic365

EX-PRESIDENTS. Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton wound up at the top of a recent Gallup poll among the best US presidents.  Certainly, the official first Black president wants his legacy to match with the first unofficial Black president.

PIMPIN’ AIN’T EASY. North Korean leader by default Kim Jong-eun agrees to a nuclear weapons moratorium – in exchange for food aid.  We’ve been down this road before …

REQUIEM OF A FIREBRAND.  Conservative politicos are stunned by the passing of Andrew Breitbart, praising his abrasive style and unleashing a mountain of over the top obituaries. Liberals can’t curb their enthusiasm.

TOP 5 Predictions and Trends

NEWT AND THE GIANT PEACH. Newt Gingrich will win home-state Georgia …

BUCKING IN BUCKEYE. But Rick Santorum, win or lose, will unleash a stunning political storm in Ohio …

THE MACK IS BACK. But, Mitt Romney will barely claim most of the primaries on Super Tuesday

WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? Sadly, it will be confirmed that Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together again, and millions of clueless fans will celebrate, creating a very serious problem for Black women and girls: the most disproportionately impacted victims of domestic violence

RED STORM RISING. Vladimir Putin will win re-election as President of Russia with – easily – over 50% of the vote, it will be challenged and nothing will happen