GOP Tricks on Immigration are for Kids, Not For States

GOP Tricks on Immigration are for Kids, Not For States


Ahead of the Arizona primary, Mitt Romney said that the state’s immigration law SB1070 would make a strong model for the rest of the country. This may be smart politics in a Republican primary where rhetorical thumping of chests replaces cogent articulation of any immigration policy.  But, it is also indicative of a GOP presidential field that shows a stunning lack of understanding of how state-passed immigration laws work and a very real contempt for the Hispanic vote.

The GOP embrace of SB1070 as a national model is ridiculous for several reasons. As Andrés Oppenheimer recently wrote these laws are toxic for state’s that have passed them and are exceedingly difficult to enforce. The difficulty in enforcing these laws does not come from the various lawsuits which come with them, but from the fact that these state passed immigration laws are designed to mirror federal enforcement practices without giving state’s the resources to enforce adequately.

State’s quite simply do not have the infrastructure, money or time to enforce federal immigration laws. Despite the open rancor of these GOP debates, and the overheated rhetoric of a few local elected officials, the fact remains that the majority of states in the country are facing an improving fragile economy and are looking to capitalize and grow. Re-regulating federal immigration law is quite simply not something the majority of local legislatures have much interest in.

The GOP’s lone contribution to fixing our broken immigration system, so-called “self-deportation,” is completely contrary to a state model. Under this scenario if a state like Arizona passes SB1070 and California, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico do not pass similar laws, then what is to stop an undocumented immigrant from simply moving to another state as opposed to leaving the country? Even if the Supreme Court was to rule that state’s can pass their own immigration laws, there is no guarantee that even half the states in the country would do so. Why? Because most state’s do not want the added cost and problem of enforcing federal immigration laws. States know the federal immigration system is broken, but they also know that at this point they cannot fix a national problem on their own.

For those who may think that an embrace of these state laws may pay political dividends, think again; these laws are politically toxic to the Hispanic community. As a recent Time Magazine cover story pointed out, Hispanics will be a deciding factor in this year’s presidential race. Poll after poll shows that the Republican candidates who continue to embrace these harsh immigration laws see their profile diminish with the Hispanic community on a national basis. Arizona Senator John McCain, who had some good will built up in the Hispanic community from his time as an avid immigration crusader, got 31% of the Hispanic vote. The top three Republican candidates do not have nearly that type of recognition among the Hispanic base. Among Hispanic voters none of the GOP candidates receives more than 24% in a head-to-head match-up with President Obama.

The most frustrating thing about the Republican Party’s embrace of a patchwork of immigration laws is that it misses the broader problems facing local governments; our federal immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed, not by states but by Congress. The original drafters of SB1070 legislation wrote the law to directly challenge the federal government to do something about current national law. These state laws were never designed to be sustainable models for the country; they were designed to highlight problems in our current legal system.

Over the last three years the Obama Administration has done its due diligence to enhance our immigration system, making legal immigration more efficient and smarter. The GOP’s embrace of these laws in their primary season merely highlights the intellectual bankruptcy of the right on immigration. The fact remains that it is disingenuous at best for the Republican Party to say out of one corner of their mouth that our immigration system is broken – then do everything they can in Congress to stop any wholesale fix.


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  2. States with very large populations of illegal aliens, beginning with the election in Michigan and Arizona should be very aware of non-citizens voting. The Democrats and its Liberal progressive core have been shown in the daily news reports, which many in their party have strayed from election laws and remained indifferent to illegal acts. Whether it’s in gubernatorial, state or local election cycle and leading up to the 2012 presidential election, be wise to how easy it is to cheat the system, if no form of picture ID is required. The Absentee Ballot can easily be altered and non voters have found the way. With similar organizations to ACORN, condemned for its canvassers signing up anybody with a pulse, this method netted hundreds of thousands of illegal voters in eleven states. without any form of official ID non citizens have located the loophole, and after voting themselves turn over their card to a cousin, sister or any relative with the same address, can impersonate the real citizen. What even is far worse is that canvassers, who sign up people, do not even tell the people in many cases, they are not eligible to vote. Therefore non voters who are in the country legally, but then some non- citizens are misled by people collecting signatures?

    As the presidential race is most probably the most important race in decades, the consequences are so high, specifically in close races. Those GOP (TEA PARTY) candidates Matt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich for president need to enlighten with statements, about the very urgent need for proof of citizenship, when voting. You may have already seen the chaos with nationwide immeasurable ID thefts, which cause aggressive action by financial institutions and sometimes years of anguish by victims. Yet the do nothings in Washington do nothing to end this epidemic. Until discovered later in life, children of citizens find they now have a complex predicament in sorting out a credit mess as their Social security number was stolen. Yet Washington does nothing. It is way past time that like many European countries a national picture ID was issued to every citizen, with biometric information. But until an elitist Republican or Democratic leaders has their credit compromised, the theft will continue and no laws to stop non-citizens from voting will be passed?

    All 50 States have been trying desperately to save their legal population into forfeiting dollars for illegal alien welfare, but they have received an extreme bombardment for decades, instigated by Liberal media, religion, unions, special interests and radical minority groups, that insist we pay for their settling here. This will not occur under TEA PARTY legislation and in fact they will pass bills, as the mandatory E-Verify “THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT” (H.R.2885) Placing federal enforcement obstacles to halt illegal workers being hired, the “BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP ACT” (H.R.140) to right a wrong by adjustment to our law, that says no child gains instant citizenship if neither parent is a U.S. citizen and owes allegiance to a foreign country. Soon as (H.R.2885) is enacted self-deportation or ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT will commence as with jobs unavailable, they will leave. “Foothold Babies’ which goes by another name is the most expensive outlay of dollars, cemented by our judicial system that is crippling this homeland’s economy.

    This has been a huge mockery of our laws, as 300 thousand females annually will purposely cross our border or enter as a tourist from another country, to have her unborn here free of charge and then apply for a green card. Then If you are not versed in the “The Legal Workforce Act” which directly affects millions of citizens-residents jobs or the “Birthright Citizenship Act” that will finally contain billions of dollars of your tax-money and not spread to nationals. Google NUMBERSUSA for much in depth portrayal of this issue and then report this fiasco to your important federal or state lawmaker and demand they pass these laws. IN COMING ELECTIONS DETERMINE WHICH DEMENTED POLITICAL ARROGANT PERSONA’S SHOULD BE DISCARDED BEFORE THEY GIVE YOUR COUNTRY AWAY. These laws above-mentioned are not state laws, but to be introduced into Congress if voters demand it from their representatives; it might just save their jobs?

    The Liberal Vendetta has surpassed the rationality of blaming the Constitutionalists. Far from it; we need engineers, scientists and highly skilled professional in computer technology. What is not wanted is unfettered poverty that seems we are getting more of every day? The top classes of potential immigrants already have been sponsored by companies waiting for them, and its ascertained they are unlikely to be paying a visit to the welfare offices? Guest Workers for the farming industry should be well regulated and only on a temporary basis, with no path to citizenship. Anybody caught illegally in this nation, must face a felony charge. Annually the cost for this paramount immigration issue has climbed to a hundred billion and still rising.

    If you really want the facts about the illegal alien incursion and many other problem that cause Americans unnecessary pain and suffering, then you need to view the uncensored pages, not suppressed by the Leftist media at (Google) AMERICAN PATROL. For information about the dishonesty in Washington and state congressional seats of power, check the web pages of the (Google) JUDICIAL WATCH.