Politic365 Welcomes Jeff Johnson

Politic365 Welcomes Jeff Johnson


Politic365.com, the only news source dedicated to covering politics and public policy from a multicultural perspective, welcomes Jeff Johnson to its ranks. Johnson, author of “Everything I’m Not Made Me Everything I Am” (Hay House Publishing), joins the publication as Executive Editor.

Known for his insightful commentary on politics, entertainment and social policy issues, Johnson appears weekly on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show, and is a frequent MSNBC contributor.

As Executive Editor Johnson will work with the editorial and executive leadership teams, and will also provide written and video commentary and analysis.

“In a very short time, Politic365 has become a leading outlet for political and policy discussions. It is a must-read for anyone interested in African American and Latino points of view on the cutting edge issues shaping our country.”

Having spent the last decade merging the worlds of politics and popular culture, Johnson has served as Senior Advisor for Media and Youth Outreach for People for the American Way, National Director of the Youth & College division of the NAACP, and was appointed by Russell Simmons as the Vice President of the Hip Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN).

“Jeff is a dynamic, forward thinking leader who understands the ethos of Politic365. He’s a great fit for our team, and together we’ll continue blazing a bold trail in this industry,” says Editor-in-Chief Kristal Lauren High.


  1. Jeff I watched you on Dr, Drew tonight and would like to give you something to ask the lawyers for Trayvon Martins parents.___Did the owners of the complex have any type of knowledge of George Zimmerman patroling the complex acting as the police, if so the complex owners should be held responsibale also…__Did George Zimmerman have a sign on the side of his truck, stating that he was the security for that complex, maybe Trayvon would have stopped, and explained his reason for walking (which he shouldn.t have to) Trayvon seeing a sign on the truck may have made a difference.
    These are questions that's been bothering me.
    Anita Smith

    Harper Woods Michigan