2:11pm January 27, 2012

The 10 Worst Moments of Disrespect Towards President Obama


It starts from the Superiority Syndrome: People acting as if they’re more important than a U.S. President — when they clearly are not.  To fingers in the face.  To people questioning his already established and proven citizenship.

The incidents of disrespect towards President Obama continue.

When people criticize Administration policy, that’s just politics.  But several incidents directed at this President appear to find new lows.  Of course, people can disagree with the President. But, why can’t people respect the Office of the Presidency?

The very public nature of disrespect towards President Obama is noteworthy.  Did Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) have to conduct business with the President in front of reporters?  Wasn’t there a better time and place? Would a visiting leader from a foreign country be greeted with a finger in his face by a Governor? If not, why would it happen to the leader of our own country? Could a hockey goalie have executed a quiet no-show for a White House invitation honoring his team? See Facebook for the answer on that one.

It wasn’t the end of the world when Speaker John Boehner refused the President’s date to speak to a joint session on jobs in September 2011.  And yes, the White House picked that date to steal attention from a GOP debate.  But like so many moments of disrespect towards the 44th President: No one can find another example in American history where a U.S. President requested a date to address Congress and was refused. Can anyone find another incident like the Brewer one?  That the list below can even be compiled is telling.

1. The birther fiasco (2009-2011). No evidence. No proof. No documentation.  But the story traveled on for years. Yes, Hawaii is part of the United States of America.

2. “You lie” (Sept. 2009). That any individual — no less a member of Congress watching a U.S. President during a joint session on live national television — is so lacking in self control that this moment was made possible is incredible — even in an age of incivility. Remember this happened only nine months into Obama’s presidency and is another “we can’t remember that ever happening ever before” moment. Close your eyes and pretend Rep. Maxine Waters was Wilson doing this to President Bush and image the reaction.

3. Signs of the Tea Party (July 2010) and Naked Racism (April 2011).  Anyone remember California GOP official Marilyn Davenport’s racist e-mail? Did she ever resign for that?  I remember all the criticism of the NAACP – particularly from Black Republicans — for their “Tea Party resolution” of 2010.  Where was that indignation regarding what can be viewed in this video? Click here.

4. Donald “unchecked ego” Trump inflames birther fiasco, media assists (April 2011). The mouth of Donald Trump is a powerful thing when joined with a 24-hour cable news cycle desperate for viewers.  That news organizations invited Trump on the air unchallenged with zero proof of what he was saying speaks volumes on the state of journalism.  That Trump was completely comfortable demanding that a U.S. President “show him his papers” displays a superiority complex that exists among those who can’t accept someone they view as “lesser” in a position of power over them.

4. Deadbeat dad and probable one-termer thinks his presence before the President actually matters and needs to tell everyone (Sept 2011).  The disrespect isn’t that probable one term Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) wouldn’t attend the President’s Sept. 8 speech. The disrespect is that Rep. Walsh actually believed that everyone knowing he wasn’t attending was important.  That he needed to announce he would not attend on national television, as if anyone cared, was yet another delusional superiority episode.  That proudly showing public disrespect towards the President is a winning strategy in some political circles reveals a lot.

5. Newt Gingrich’s “Kenyan anti-colonial behavior” comment (Sept 2010). Even Washington Post columnist and conservative thinker George Will slammed this attempt to define the President as “foreign.” Never mind the facts: President Obama wasn’t reared by his father in Kenya with whom he spent only a month of his 50 years on this earth. The strategy to define the President as a “foreign” or “alien” being was started by Sarah Palin in 2008.

6. One of the underlying premises of disrespect towards the President is that he can be ordered around and dictated to like he’s Tipi the laundry boy.  The presumption that a U.S. President can be ordered around is a new phenomenon that appears to have gotten underway around January 2009.  From big mouth Congressmen to millionaires with nothing to do, you name it — they all inherently believe they can order President Obama around.  At least Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is an actual leader of something. Regardless, read this and ask yourself if you think this would have happened to Presidents Bush, Reagan or Clinton.

7. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer puts her finger in the President’s face (January 2012). The photo speaks for itself.  Of course there are strong political disagreements between President Obama and Gov. Brewer.  But is it just possible there was a better time and place for this conversation?  Brewer said she felt “a little threatened” by President Obama. Please.

8. GOP House, prompted by Tea Party — refuses to raise debt ceiling (Aug 2011). Sounds like this was just hardball politics right? Let’s review the facts: The debt ceiling had been raised 69 times since 1962 without incident.  Seven times during Bush II and 18 times during Reagan.  Suddenly, with President Obama, a shiny new precedent is set with regard to raising the debt ceiling.  Another never before seen incident is born.

9. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Publicly Announces His Top Political Priority (Dec 2010). McConnell wants the President out of office?  No news there, but, wait, there’s more to it. “Our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term,” Sen. McConnell told the Heritage Foundation.  Of course the Senate Republican Leader doesn’t want the President to be re-elected.  But what’s with the public announcement? In July 2010 McConnell acknowledged his single most important political goal: President Obama being a one-term President. Again: In public and on national television.

10. Speaker Boehner refuses speech date request (September 2011). No it is not the end of the world.  Of course, the White House intentionally wanted to step on a GOP debate that same night. But, this is yet another first in American history. Once again, no one can find another instance where a President of the United States requested a date to address Congress and was refused.

About the Author

Lauren Victoria Burke
Lauren Victoria Burke
Lauren Victoria Burke is a writer and political analyst. She created the blog Crewof42, a blog that covers African American members of Congress, in 2009. Ms. Burke appears regularly on NewsOneNow with Roland Martin and on WHUR, WURD, and WVON. Ms. Burke has enjoyed employment at USAToday.com and ABC News. She holds a B.A. in History from The American University. E-mail anytime: LBurke007@gmail.com. Twitter: @Crewof42



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  1. Josephine Gervais

    Did you know that while Obama has been in office the democrat lead senate that supports him has had 428+ filibusters– a filibuster is what is done by the republicans to make the usual 51 win of votes be changed to a 61 votes needed to win– just enough to keep the democrats from passing anything. So you see what a record breaking amount of filibusters that is know that Jimmy Carter had 2 filibusters in his senate. It’s flat out racism.

  2. Edwin P Whetstone

    Respect is earned not given, obama has done nothing to earn my respect but much to earn my contempt. He has earned his place as the most pathetic excuse of a President ever. I was not happy with either Bush but at least under them I could afford healthcare and to feed my family.

    • Edith Garberding

      So perfectly said Edwin Whetstone!

      • Kathleen

        This is not difficult to understand, if you’d ever been in the military you’d have a clue. You salute the uniform not the officer. Same thing with the president, you respect the office (to which he was elected by a majority of Americas — twice) not the man. How can we expect our children to respect their parents when parents demonstrate the worst incivility and disrespect to the president?

        • CnD

          thank you Kathleen, for speaking what most of us feel that still know what respect is, and those that were taught it by our parents. Respect the Office of the President, period…no one would have gotten away with that crap under Bush(I and II), Clinton or Reagan. We don’t have to agree with everything he does, says and enacts, but he’s the President…deal with it already! This happens to every President – he’s made fun of, he’s cussed, blah blah blah.

        • pedro bundol

          How can you respect somebody who scratches his crotch during the national anthem ? How can you respect a President who picks his nose and socks when faced by Putin ? The idiot
          is a disgrace to the office he held and the country he serves.

    • Sandy Sabovic

      @Edwin P Whetstone: The article is talking respect owed to the office, not the man. Your family is starving? That’s your fault, not anyone else’s. Unemployment went down over 3 points, so if you can’t find a job, you’re not look hard enough. Roll your sleeves up, put down your pride and get dirty…then you can ‘feed’ your family.

    • I believe he has earned it! He is President Barack Obama to you. You second sentence make me understand what you are boy, you are a little “bigot”. It doesn’t matter ifom it is any so-called Black man, you still in that mode to not recognize and he did attend I know that you call former Mr. Bush by last name and they were in leadership roles. What should he do murder all the Muslims?

    • Judith Hennen

      Edwin Whitestone: The history is that Obama took over the biggest economic mess in history. Bush and Dick Cheney and Wall Street Raiders brought the American Economy to crisis and pretty much brought the world economy to a standstill. They took the last shred of the American dream…a house ..and ended up being paid to do so. They were paid with your tax money and I don;t see that you mind that too much. They instilled us with fear to keep our eye off the ball. If not for Obama the thievery would have “kept on keepin on.” At the bottom of all this is deep seeded racism. The same Wall Street Raiders and Corporate thieves took your job overseas and outsourced everything else to lower and level salaries. Republicans don’t want any action forward and they have stopped any action forward being backed by big corporate money. They are quite proud of this so don’t expect these republicans to bring your old job and your salary back. That boat sailed. This is what Republicans don’t want…a government at all….too much money to be made without regulation and government out of the way but only an idiot would expect trickle down in this elitist atmosphere. Corporations – including Insurance companies don’t want affordable insurance. Why would they? …when the CEO’s earn billions now the way it is. Of course they will fight change and hate Obama for wanting to get Healthcare to people. Frankly sir, corporations “don’t give a damn.”

  3. Carol Bl;air

    Lets face it, much of the disrespect is about racism or elitism, pure and simple. Heaven forbid the poor or disenfranchised should have the same opportunities as those able to afford them….most of those complaining can still afford to do both, and not every one in this country can. eventually we would end up paying for these services in other not so obvious ways.

    As to “earned not given”, considering the way the plans and actions others recently in, and advising, the presidency have backfired on the american government and people…consider the euphemism “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  4. This design is steller! You definitely know how to keep a reader amused.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved
    to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job.
    I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how
    you presented it. Too cool!

  5. Jan Johnson

    I had great hopes for this president. I have been disappointed. I do think it unseemly that the office of the Presidency has garnered so much disrespect. Mr. Obama intransigence when working with congress befuddles me. I have one question about the “birther” situation. How is it that Barack Obama registered in college as a foreign student? That has bothered. He is actually a US citizen and sought to register as a foreign student? Why?

    • Cynd

      You don’t really believe that rumor Donald Trump came up with. People only believe what they want to believe. That rumor as been refuted several times.

    • Sandy Sabovic

      Come on Jan, really? Don’t be so naive dear. Even foreign students would much rather not enroll as one since the tuition for foreign students is almost tripled from our already way-too-costly education in America.

    • CnD

      Who. Cares. zzzzz. you are beating a dead horse…and many, many, many Presidents signed Executive laws before this one, many more times than this one…Reagan, Clinton, Bush I and II. They had to in order to get anything done because of all the whining and bickering back and forth between the parties. And they (the Presidents) should continue to do so…how else is anything ever going to get done in Washington?!?!

    • Margy Alft

      Sir do you think referring to any president as Mr. is respectful.

  6. Michael Craig

    In fairness could you please post the top 10 lies of Obama? It seemed OK to call out Bush when he lied and said “read my lips-no new taxes” but if you call out Obama then you get trumped by the race card. Honestly, Obama the “most transparent” and “great uniter” has been anything but! Please recall Beergate, inserting himself into the Treyvon Martin case and generally acting as if its still 1960 where blacks are still sitting at the back of the bus. Obama acts like he is still a community organizer with the rallying cry of-”it’s the man keeping you down” Well guess what? Obama is the man and is responsible for higher unemployment for blacks, women, gays, etc but you would never know it the way he manipulates the media. Obama said with his plan the average family would save over $2,500 a year. As a matter of fact- many American families are paying that much MORE a year! “If you like your Doctor and your current plan you can keep them”. Another Obama lie because you can’t keep what has been taken away from you! “I promise to keep American’s safe”. Oh is that why you are allowing our military to go where they will be exposed to Ebola? Is that why you are bringing in illegal immigrant “kids” by the bus load from Nicaragua where they had a known respitory illness outbreak and now 15 states in the US are infected and hundreds of US children are now in the hospital? Terrorists storm and kill American citizens in Benghazi, Terrorists behead American journalist’s and not only have you done NOTHING but you still can’t bring yourself to call them Muslim Terrorists. Oh yeah, I forgot-you invited the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House! Anyone who still thinks we have a great President should ask themselves if he is the supposed recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize-why is there no peace in America? Stop acting luke a community agitator stuck in the 60′s and start acting like a President now. BTW-next time American’s are killed by Terrorists-can you PLEASE cancel your fundraiser and/or golf game???!!!

    • Dennis B

      Michael, the only people who use the terms “Great Uniter” and “Most Transparent” are critics like you, not the President himself nor anyone in his administration. You are right. We have come a long way since the 1960′s and sitting at the back of the bus but that doesn’t mean there is not a lot more work to be done in regards to race relations in this country. If you don’t see that, then it’s you who has his head deliberately in the sand. About the only factual thing you stated in your rant was the misleading statement “‘If you like your Doctor and your current plan you can keep them’”. However, perhaps you should look more to the insurance companies for dropping the ball on that one and not clearly spelling out how changes in plans may change potential doctors in a network. I know little of this will do much to change your mind but perhaps you could at least pause in mudslinging and deal in facts for a change.

    • There`s no peace in America because most of you “AMERICANS”dont want it.PERIOD:

      • JeremyS

        I need to stop you right here….I’ve been in the military for seventeen years……seventeen! You don’t speak on my behalf when you make irresponsible comments about most Americans want war and not peace. Where is your reference on that statement? It’s funny that someone who speaks so adamantly about peace is making statements to create arguments. That fairly typical of people that think and act like you….I’ve met so many like yourself. Another thing, I support my POTUS 100%, that being said, I also support people’s freedom of speech and if they don’t like the POTUS, that’s their right. It doesn’t make them a bigot or racist. The people who scream racism are typically racist. Good day!

    • .Michael Craig:You believe that it not well, it more like 1600 but in another form. You are just upset because he is a great man.he hasn’t control of the economy and believe that he did try. He had a wall in front, back and sides. Have you ever tried to manipulate a vehicle out of a closed spot and others would not allow you freedom. Well if they become ill from Ebola it Allah or God business. why are you afraid of those people? I don’t fear them for they are my brothers and sisters for the only thing that separate is “race”. Why fear someone that could careless for you?

      Beheaded! But those who look like you beheads daily the so-called Black males every other day or lesser.It’s not the beheading but that our President is former religion is Islamic and your Albino German Jews [Israelites] whose ultimate purposes are to eliminate in which they are parts of this world God, Allah,or Jehovah will never be destroy

      Read your Word!!!Remember Noah! Abraham! Moses!

  7. Michael Craig

    PS-Obama cannot take Executive Action and give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Even Ronald Reagan did not overstep his powers to give amnesty when he did for millions. He properly went to Congress. Obama seems to think the rules our government don’t apply to him and if you disagree then you must be racist. No we just actually believe in our constitution and the separation of powers between branches to protect Americans from a despotic leader that makes his own rules and forces them on Americans. We did not like it with King George and don’t like it from self elected King Obama.
    Time to impeach him for all his illegal actions against Americans. Can you say Benghazi cover up? Fast & Furious? It’s not a tax but it is a tax healthcare bill?

  8. Scott

    I love all the comments about racism and respect regarding the current POTUS. The problem is, he is the biggest racist with a blatant disrespect for America. So how as Americans can we even begin to fathom giving the office any respect whatsoever. He needs to step down and apologize to all Americans for even thinking he was capable of running this country.

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  12. Todd

    I must be the only person who had his insurance plan changed and increase in price from 169 a month to 225 a month with less coverage this past year from what I see most of you people saying on here. Also my coverage was changed for the worse. I dont like obama or the ACA. I dont like the fact that bevause I am white I am called a racist for critizing the president. I am a former Marine and I know several dark greens I would proudly go into conbat with. We have a president who is making race relations worse than they have been in my lifetime. Liberal or conservative lets get back to being Americans regardless of race. Please dont be offended but god bless you all

    • Todd: I dont know what planet you live on but the one on which I live has seen a hike in healthcare coverage premiums and a reduction in benefits way before you even heard about ACA. In fact, since 2006 my healthcare coverage at work has had some part of coverage removed each year while the amount deducted from my paycheck has steadily risen. It would be nice to blame the ACA, but of course that would be unrealistic.

      And former marine or not, I would first like to hear “how” you criticize the president before determining whether or not you are racist. I am white too but the sad fact is, you just dont have to press many Caucasians too hard or too long today to find out how they really feel about having a black guy in the WhiteHouse. Especially when they start calling his wife and daughters ugly racist names. Truth is, its pretty rare that you dont hear of or read any criticism of the guy by whites that doesnt outright or eventually involve racist remarks. In fact, its unusual if you dont hear this sort of criticism of the guy, right up to the legislative level and judicial levels of our government.

      I dont understand the hatred for this man and I hope I never do.

  13. CBD

    Jeez, you guys take this “respect the office, he’s the president!” thing way too far. Yeah, I’ll respect the office. I won’t disrespect his OFFICE, but the OFFICE and the man who HOLDS it are two different things. The OFFICE is meant to be made of honesty, integrity, and fiercely putting the public’s interests BEFORE his own. The MAN is a political weakling who is out on the green with a putter in his hand whilst innocent people are being murdered half a world away, people who were born HERE. People who were born to our ALLIES, and therefore we should weep, grieve, and feel anger WITH THEM. “But he’s from Britain not from here” is NOT an excuse. How about you get off the goddamn golf course and do something for once? Qaddafi publicly admitted that while he hated Reagan, he respected him. Anybody yelling that about the current president?

    All your bitching is pointless. Look back to the Vietnam protest signs “John-Son $07, BLOODFINGER” and tell me that’s okay but disagreeing with the man in office now is wrong. I DARE YOU. Go ahead, shoot yourself in the foot and say “But that was okay because…” same issue, different situation.

    • Jake Eagleshield

      Disagree with his politics. Disagree with his agenda. That is fair game. But right wingers have carried it to the extreme as they have done everything else. And,attacking his family is especially despicable. If you are disappointed in the performance of this White House,Blame the obstructionist Republicans,who have had only one goal since inauguration day 2009. Make this President fail,no matter how much damage they do to the country. As for his golf,in his eight years in office ,your boy Dubya,you know,the Cheney puppet,spent 637 days on vacation. a total of almost two years.President Obama has been on “working vacations’ 187 days in six years. Americans being murdered half a world away? If you refer to that American Al Qaida that was taken out with a drone,he was a traitor. Obama did not behead those journalists. The head of ISIS was a former Saddam Bathist one of Bushes victims in his war of aggression,along with 100,000 Iraqi innocents,and 5,000 Americans who died so Bush could satisfy a personal vendetta. If anyone should be sued,it is the Republicans in the House,for violation of their oath of office,sabotafe of government function,dereliction of duty,and defying the will of the people on every single issue.I have been a Republican my entire life. Cruz and his ilk are the REAL RINOS here,insulting the legacy of Lincoln,Ike,T.R. and even Regan. Never in our history has an opposition party hoped the President would fail,and actually pray for his death. That is Unamerican and close to treason. That’s what happens when mindless automiton conservatives take their marching orders from that nut jub Limbaugh,and the wild talking heads at Vulture News.

  14. Dianne Lambert

    I am embarrassed by the way republicans / GOP think they can treat this man, our President. I voted for him both times and felt the GOP were cutting off their chances to look good by the way they started his first inauguration. Never gave him a chance, and at the cost of each and every American citizen, they didn’t care. They should never have been re-elected, they weren’t out there doing their job for me or any of their constituents and should have to pay back every penny of their wage they wasted, that is my money they stole from me to do nothing to advance our country but instead to advance their stupidity. This is a very sore subject to me and if I could they wouldn’t be allowed to be a part of our future government, starting the day after his 2008 inaugural speech. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY, but those losers need to get their buts out of DC for the good of everyone.


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