The 10 Worst Moments of Disrespect Towards President Obama

The 10 Worst Moments of Disrespect Towards President Obama


It starts from the Superiority Syndrome: People acting as if they’re more important than a U.S. President — when they clearly are not.  To fingers in the face.  To people questioning his already established and proven citizenship.

The incidents of disrespect towards President Obama continue.

When people criticize Administration policy, that’s just politics.  But several incidents directed at this President appear to find new lows.  Of course, people can disagree with the President. But, why can’t people respect the Office of the Presidency?

The very public nature of disrespect towards President Obama is noteworthy.  Did Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) have to conduct business with the President in front of reporters?  Wasn’t there a better time and place? Would a visiting leader from a foreign country be greeted with a finger in his face by a Governor? If not, why would it happen to the leader of our own country? Could a hockey goalie have executed a quiet no-show for a White House invitation honoring his team? See Facebook for the answer on that one.

It wasn’t the end of the world when Speaker John Boehner refused the President’s date to speak to a joint session on jobs in September 2011.  And yes, the White House picked that date to steal attention from a GOP debate.  But like so many moments of disrespect towards the 44th President: No one can find another example in American history where a U.S. President requested a date to address Congress and was refused. Can anyone find another incident like the Brewer one?  That the list below can even be compiled is telling.

1. The birther fiasco (2009-2011). No evidence. No proof. No documentation.  But the story traveled on for years. Yes, Hawaii is part of the United States of America.

2. “You lie” (Sept. 2009). That any individual — no less a member of Congress watching a U.S. President during a joint session on live national television — is so lacking in self control that this moment was made possible is incredible — even in an age of incivility. Remember this happened only nine months into Obama’s presidency and is another “we can’t remember that ever happening ever before” moment. Close your eyes and pretend Rep. Maxine Waters was Wilson doing this to President Bush and image the reaction.

3. Signs of the Tea Party (July 2010) and Naked Racism (April 2011).  Anyone remember California GOP official Marilyn Davenport’s racist e-mail? Did she ever resign for that?  I remember all the criticism of the NAACP – particularly from Black Republicans — for their “Tea Party resolution” of 2010.  Where was that indignation regarding what can be viewed in this video? Click here.

4. Donald “unchecked ego” Trump inflames birther fiasco, media assists (April 2011). The mouth of Donald Trump is a powerful thing when joined with a 24-hour cable news cycle desperate for viewers.  That news organizations invited Trump on the air unchallenged with zero proof of what he was saying speaks volumes on the state of journalism.  That Trump was completely comfortable demanding that a U.S. President “show him his papers” displays a superiority complex that exists among those who can’t accept someone they view as “lesser” in a position of power over them.

4. Deadbeat dad and probable one-termer thinks his presence before the President actually matters and needs to tell everyone (Sept 2011).  The disrespect isn’t that probable one term Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) wouldn’t attend the President’s Sept. 8 speech. The disrespect is that Rep. Walsh actually believed that everyone knowing he wasn’t attending was important.  That he needed to announce he would not attend on national television, as if anyone cared, was yet another delusional superiority episode.  That proudly showing public disrespect towards the President is a winning strategy in some political circles reveals a lot.

5. Newt Gingrich’s “Kenyan anti-colonial behavior” comment (Sept 2010). Even Washington Post columnist and conservative thinker George Will slammed this attempt to define the President as “foreign.” Never mind the facts: President Obama wasn’t reared by his father in Kenya with whom he spent only a month of his 50 years on this earth. The strategy to define the President as a “foreign” or “alien” being was started by Sarah Palin in 2008.

6. One of the underlying premises of disrespect towards the President is that he can be ordered around and dictated to like he’s Tipi the laundry boy.  The presumption that a U.S. President can be ordered around is a new phenomenon that appears to have gotten underway around January 2009.  From big mouth Congressmen to millionaires with nothing to do, you name it — they all inherently believe they can order President Obama around.  At least Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is an actual leader of something. Regardless, read this and ask yourself if you think this would have happened to Presidents Bush, Reagan or Clinton.

7. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer puts her finger in the President’s face (January 2012). The photo speaks for itself.  Of course there are strong political disagreements between President Obama and Gov. Brewer.  But is it just possible there was a better time and place for this conversation?  Brewer said she felt “a little threatened” by President Obama. Please.

8. GOP House, prompted by Tea Party — refuses to raise debt ceiling (Aug 2011). Sounds like this was just hardball politics right? Let’s review the facts: The debt ceiling had been raised 69 times since 1962 without incident.  Seven times during Bush II and 18 times during Reagan.  Suddenly, with President Obama, a shiny new precedent is set with regard to raising the debt ceiling.  Another never before seen incident is born.

9. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Publicly Announces His Top Political Priority (Dec 2010). McConnell wants the President out of office?  No news there, but, wait, there’s more to it. “Our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term,” Sen. McConnell told the Heritage Foundation.  Of course the Senate Republican Leader doesn’t want the President to be re-elected.  But what’s with the public announcement? In July 2010 McConnell acknowledged his single most important political goal: President Obama being a one-term President. Again: In public and on national television.

10. Speaker Boehner refuses speech date request (September 2011). No it is not the end of the world.  Of course, the White House intentionally wanted to step on a GOP debate that same night. But, this is yet another first in American history. Once again, no one can find another instance where a President of the United States requested a date to address Congress and was refused.


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  9. Obama does lie. Obama stood in front of the American people and blamed an innocent American for putting up a youtube video that criticized Mohammed, and said it caused the embassy storming at Benghazi. he dared to act like that poor man was the guilty one, and not the Jihadists that took Americans dragged them through the street and killed them. And Obama KNEW it had nothing to do with the video. He didn’t care about that guy, like he doesn’t care about any Americans. Now, the way people are treating Trump, that is disgusting. Making a video accusing his ten year old son of being Autistic. Accusing Trump of racism, and sexism, all while Hilary has a rally with Jay Z( also a buddy of Obama) who sings about the glory of being a pimp. And speaking of racism, Obama has encourages black Lives Matter, an openly racist group to operate. Who does that? Obama has ruined enough American lives. Especially veterans have been treated like refuse by Obama. His defunding of the VA hospitals have led to them literally dying before they could get to see a doctor. Worse yet, the restructuring means the VA is staffed by people who could care less if veterans die. Its cheaper then to treat them. Obama deserves to be hated.

    • Show me the taxes…
      In lieu of the current political landscape, how would you ‘know’ what Obama actually knew?
      According to 45, the Intelligence community doesn’t know anything and Obama would have surely received his intel from that same committee… the video posting was irresponsible…
      now if you want to discuss lying… I can start at 45’s taxes… but that would be just ONE lie to add to the ‘covfefe’ of not only lies but incorrect spelling and grammar that continuously fly out of a WH in dissarray.
      And yes Obama supported the movement ‘Black Lives Matter’, not the organization. If you do not know the difference then I suggest you watch something other than Fox. Before that, let me drop a lesson in semantics on you… That org BLM cannot be racist, they can be prejudice, but not racist… the BLM org does not believe that blacks are being treated equally thus are prejudiced against any organization that supports inferior treatment of blacks. RACIST would mean they feel superior to…. that is not possible in the good ole’ US of A.
      Show me the taxes…
      The fact is: There is a disparate difference in the number of blacks being killed while under police protection, detainment, etc. that is a problem… maybe not for you but to Obama and me.
      You said Obama hates the VA… really, HaHa! I am a veteran and you are misinformed…again!
      FACT: there was an 85% increase in VA spending during OBAMA’s watch… so vets ‘treated like refuge’… NOT!
      Show me the Taxes…
      So you are upset about how Trump is getting treated? then you have forgotten about how he joked on a disabled reporter, grabbed a married woman by the ‘covfefe’, calls women ugly, used/and still uses unnamed and un-vetted sources in personal attacks against the former president, a sitting judge, FBI director, Congressman, senators, the list goes on and on. His actions alone sent 5 [FIVE] innocent kids to jail (Central Park 5) ‘because he is Trump’, and they were black. After years in jail they were fully acquitted! Where was the apology [crickets], where was the public outrage at unjust and un-fair treatment? [crickets] Ill take my a nasty tweet about my son over him getting accused of rape and sent to a penitentiary for a crime he did not commit… any day!
      Hillary hanging with Jay Z, who is an owner of an AMERICAN NBA team, AMERICAN production company, an AMERICAN sports media agency and an AMERICAN artist over half my sqad meeting with the Russians any day… I suggest you step away from the Faux…
      Show me the taxes

  10. I personally never saw in Obama, anyone I could respect. especially after being “gifted” the Nobel. it was clearly given and not earned, obviously, when one realises how long the process takes, and how long after taking office . he was “given” the gift of the nobel. there is absolutely no way he ever earned it.

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