Dr. Israel on Ghetto Defendant (Raw Talk)

Dr. Israel on Ghetto Defendant (Raw Talk)


Politic365 Managing Editor Charles D. Ellison talks with Dr. Israel, the acclaimed dub reggae and hip hop fusionist from Brooklyn, NY about his latest project on tap, the new free EP titled “Ghetto Defendant” which is the prologue to his new multi-media series “The Liberation Chronicles.”

The Liberation Chronicles” is the tale of a dreadlocked insurrectionist battling an evil post apocalyptic corporate empire.  The EP contains 5 new powerful songs which stay true to the doctor’s revolutionary production history.  Guests include Killah Priest, Lady K, and Katrina Blackstone, with mixes by Bill Laswell.  The digital EP also includes a video trailer, (co-produced with Brooklyn based director / film maker Johnny Kraljevich), a teaser for a graphic novella, and a teaser for an e-book short story.

“We’re trying to create a story and a mythology that resonates with fans,” says Israel. “I’ve always used music as a vehicle for my political ideology. This interview is a special treat for me since most interviews don’t want to talk about the politics.  They want to talk about the music.  They key is how do create this positive political expression without getting trapped in political dogma and rhetoric.”

Here the complete interview below:

Here the complete EP below: