Why the Need for a Colorado Black Caucus?

Why the Need for a Colorado Black Caucus?


Politic365 Managing Editor Charles D. Ellison talks with State Rep. Angela Williams (D-7-Denver, Stapleton), one of two African American members in the Colorado State legislature and the Founder and Chair of the newly established Colorado Black Caucus.

While not the first Colorado Black Caucus, the new group recognizes a growing trend in the Rocky Mountain state as there are “more and more Black elected officials,” says Williams. “It is a time for us to come together as a unified body that will advocate on behalf of African American communities, people of color and the underserved.”

In answering some critics in the politically “purple” state with a conservative bent that the new “CBC” somehow alienates other demographics or is too focused on one constituency, Williams is adamant.  “Our issues are no different from mainstream issues in the state. Everyone is challenged by tough economic times, good paying jobs, and a quality education.  It was a time for us to have an equal voice at the table. How do we more strongly advocate for our issues and for our state.”

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