Condi Rice as Running Mate? If She Wants It …

Condi Rice as Running Mate? If She Wants It …


by Robert Traynham, The Philadelphia Tribune

Condi Rice is being pushed by some neocons to be selected as the next Republican vice presidential nominee. When I first heard about this scenario, my instinct was to dismiss it as pure gossip, but after thinking about it some more, I have become more intrigued by the notion. In many ways, it’s the same reason why Florida Sen. Marco Rubio intrigues me on the ticket. Youthfulness, bona fide conservative credentials and diversity. Condi Rice, the first female African-American Secretary of State, brings diversity to the ticket and of course crackerjack foreign policy experience.

As I mentioned before, my money is on Mitt Romney becoming the next Republican nominee. His steadiness in the polls (yes, I know this has been a rollercoaster of a ride), his firm grasp of the issues that are demonstrated in the debates, and his ability to show considerable fundraising might compel me to believe that the primary race is still Romney’s to lose. His challenge will be whether or not he can convince conservative primary voters that he is not going to waffle on social issues if he wins the White House. Senator Rubio, as I have stated before, could be the reminder that conservatives may want in the White House; but Condi Rice could also serve in that role.

First, the drawbacks: Rice having never served in elected office, many Americans may think she is too inexperienced and naïve in the ways of the rough-and-tumble politics to actually assist Romney on the ticket.

The upside: Rice has always been and will continue to be an interesting public policy figure. She’s smart, engaging and unflappable. A debate between Rice and Biden would be must-watch television as each would be ready to better the other on hot-button issues such as North Korea, Pakistan, China and Cuba. Rice would also give African Americans a real clear choice as to which they want to represent them in the executive branch.

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  1. Evidently 'Black' Republicans have become so desperate to be seen as relevant they've gone beyond reaching for straws to now suggest any Black person with any formal involvement with Republican politics as a viable veep nominee.

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