Occupy Philly and the 99% of Color

Occupy Philly and the 99% of Color


by Melissa Skolnick, The Daily Grito  

Aside from the uncertainty of what will become of Occupy Philly, an important question remains.  Is Occupy Philly, as well as other Occupy movements across the country, addressing the needs of people of color?

Differing views have cropped up in the movement, but Philadelphian Tessa Windle said she believes a common theme of economic justice has emerged.

A theme of economic justice does not necessarily encompass racial justice though, but Occupy Philly seems to be addressing racial justice in its own ways.  As of now, Occupy Philly has both the People of Color Working Group, and the People of Color Contingency.  Originally starting out as one caucus solely focused on people of color, it has diverged due to different agendas.

Especially in the beginning phases, just taking a walk through Occupy Philly made it clear that a representative presence of groups such as Latinos and African Americans was lacking.  Yet, Latinos, African Americans, and other underrepresented communities make up a significant part of the 99%, especially in today’s trying economic times.

Although Occupy movements throughout the country seem to be addressing this issue, and a higher presence of people of color is evident, there are still underlying reasons why there may be a less than representative showing of the true 99%.

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