We Answered That Cain Black Voter Question A While Back

We Answered That Cain Black Voter Question A While Back


The Washington Post‘s Vanessa Williams generated quite a bit of buzz on Thanksgiving Day with the obvious question regarding Herman Cain’s support among African American … oops, sorry Uncle Herman … we mean Black voters in 2012:

Herman Cain’s turn atop the polls in the contest for the Republican presidential nomination captured the attention of journalists and pundits and sparked excitement among grass-roots conservative activists. But is it really possible that he — a black man who overcame poverty in the segregated South to become a wealthy entrepreneur and front-runner in the GOP race — would be the one to bring African American voters back to their original political home?

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It’s a solid piece, a bounty of compelling quotes from a number of experts snickering at Cain’s prospects with Black voters.  And, we’re certain it made great fodder for a lively Thanksgiving Dinner discussion – with left-overs for the weekend.  In the article, Cain spokesperson J.D. Gordon offers “anecdotal” information on his boss’ belief that he’d break off a pretty sizable chunk of the Black electorate:

“He does think he can win a substantial percentage of the black vote — he’s confident he can do that,” Gordon said. “And the reason he thinks that way is the anecdotal information he’s gotten in his travels around the country, the number of black people who have come up to him and the comments they’ve made. I’ve seen that traveling with him in Atlanta and other places.” 

A good sign of a campaign in perpetual trouble is when it relies on “anecdotal” information rather than clean polling data.  But, is this really a campaign or a bunch of guys sitting at a living room couch like Harold and Kumar and deciding (“dude!”) on a get-rich-quick gimmick? This proves a point some of us have been making for quite some time: Cain never really wanted to run for President.  He’s just having a good time, selling books and raising cash along the way (which might translate into a nifty little Political Action Committee that could spread clout in future races – but, again, that depends on how politically sophisticated Cain is and/or wants to be).   That sexual harassment allegation bump in the road took a bite of fun out of it, but since he’s falling in the polls – which was the goal all along – his bid and the allegations don’t really matter as much anymore.

Back to the Black voter question: Williams’ piece would have been more complete with some actual polling data.  We leave it with a sense that everyone is basing opinions off of what they heard their cousins say about Cain in a Facebook post or during a recent church visit where several seniors sound off about what they think.  In an alternate universe, Cain probably doesn’t get that much Black vote, even though his preference for “Black American” over “African American” would resonate with quite a few older Black seniors who didn’t like the Motherland reference to begin with. So, seriously, it’s not inconceivable if Cain picked up somewhere between 15% – 20% of the Black vote in a hypothetical match-up; the bulk of that from those over 60. You’d be surprised. And, it’s not like the man said he isn’t Black; he’s just Republican.

But, for now, where are the numbers?  It’s one thing to engage in a lot of preaching-to-the-choir conversation about Cain’s lack of appeal to Black voters, but another if you actually offer something beyond banter on the subject so inquiring Black voting minds can get some better context. In case you missed it – and since we’re obviously not The Washington Post – we answered this question nearly a month ago after looking through a YouGov poll:

While only 74% of African American voters clearly support the President in a hypothetical match-up and 17% are still not sure who they’re voting for (a problem for Obama since he’ll need more), Cain only gets 3% of the Black vote; he gets 6% if the election were held today – compared to 19% – 28% of Latinos.  Romney gets 3% of the Black vote, as well.

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  1. Cain has defied the 'conventional political wisdom' (oxymoron) since day one. I believe he will get a very large portion of the black vote. That explains the 'palpable fear' coming from the left regarding this important issue. Herman Cain will be a 'healer' as well. The PC left loves to spew and skew racist bologna. It is the only way they can 'counter' Cains popularity among all people…regardless of race. Watch and learn naysayers.

  2. The more you try to convince people that you've succeeded in destroying Herman Cain's candidacy, the more we support him. Chew on that establishment right and left. You're so angry that the politicians you've been buying all these years aren't being supported any more. No wonder you want to restrict access to the Internet. We don't believe the television "experts" anymore!

  3. When you realize that both the right and the left fear Cain ,it then becomes clear why he must be destroyed early on.The establishment repubs fear him because he is a true conservative and would be impossible to get him to play ball.The dems fear him because his ethics and love of country would trump greed and hunger for power.Right on Herman .This conservative is behind you.I do not care what BS they make up.If there is any solid evidence let's see it .Clinton and many other dems got a pass in spite of absolute proof of their crimes.I wish the current administration exactly what they have given us.a royal F#$%^king.Let the black voters of America see a clear choice HO or BO.

  4. Exactly!!! the establishment (right and left) fear Cain and are doing everything in their power to destroy him. The harder they try, the more Americans support Cain! i'm black and don't believe anything the press is saying about him. the polls are even worse. I believe in his message of self-reliance and hard work. Keep going Cain…this African American supports you along with many other whites and blacks.

  5. Cain doesn't know anything, doesn't want to know anything, and doesn't see the need to know anything. He seems quite content to let others speak and think for him. His savvness as a corporate guy helped propel him to the position of CEO of GFP. That, and, of course, some other notable skills and talents. But Cain is not presidential material, as, of course, we all know. He's a business person who has no graps of foreign policy matters–or domestic matters, even. He has been in that corprate world so long that he doesn't care to know what else is important in terms of the magnitude that such a position of POTUS certainly requires. . . At least Saraph Palin had held political office. Even if she did quit.

    • I am afro-american. I will vote for Cain along with other african americans that I know. I know Cain would get more than 3%, at least in the double digits. I believe in making informed decisions.

    • If you seriously want yet ANOTHER career politician, then you must be just another one of those "sheeple".
      So keep listening to the mainstream media. They obviously have you "drinking the koolaid"

  6. Cain may garner a significant number of racialyl motivated voters, but in the end, his lack of an economic plan (9-9-9 is not an economic plan, just a statement with no meat), poor knowledge of current affairs, inability to stick to one side of an issue, and extreme lack of governing experience, too many people are not going to accept him even from his own party. If Cain and Obama run, there are going to be a lot of middle of the road GOP'ers that will just sit out the election.

    • Please don’t be quick to put down 999 becuz of a lack of substance. I remember someone campaigned on hope and the change you can believe in. He did not go into details and did not have a plan. He never ever ran even a small business. But now he is wants to run for 4 more years, for what???

      Cain simple 999 has been proven to work. Cain at least have experience in turing companies from failures to success.

      Cain was raised in the south. Obama was raised in Indonisa.

    • I think you're very wrong. If you had done your homework, then you would know that 999 is just a prelude to the fairtax being implemented. The Fairtax has more meat than commenters like you could ever understand. Go here, and pay attention to "Phase 2".
      The fair tax has incredible support, but the DC cronies are afraid of it, because it will give more control to the states, and less to the feds.
      I would study up a little more before posting on something you know very little about. Just what the mainstream media is telling you.

  7. Cain is a legend in his own whitewashed mind going around saying what his koch brothers by another mother or bunch of issue duckers. So Dont be no sucker and if I were you I'd keep vote on the Black Chip off the Democratic Block already in the White House.

  8. I am hoping that Cain makes it. They have really put him through an awful wringer of lies and slander and every low trick in the book. Having that strange white women, Bealek, come out and testify about being grouped when the two of them was alone in a car 15 years ago with no witnesses was totally over the top. They completely jumped the shark. So if Cain is so stupid and incompetent why are they so desperate to stop him from running? There is something very likable and human about Herman Cain.