POINT: Cain’s Not Dumb … He’s Just Smarter Than Most of You

POINT: Cain’s Not Dumb … He’s Just Smarter Than Most of You


So, it’s no secret that Herman Cain has experienced a jaw-dropping dip in the polls – and not because of the competition. We’re all familiar with the inexplicable statements and his take on controversial positions … several out of error, misinformation and/or misunderstanding of certain issues that a man running for president maybe ought to know.  Political prognosticators are saying that his continuous flubs and gaffes are to blame for his falling from top spots in Republican polls more so than allegations that he sexually harassed and assaulted women in his past.

For a guy presumably wanting the title of Commander-in-Chief, the faux pas’ are serious and damaging enough for some to call into question his readiness for the job.  Some of his excuses about being tired, for example, as the reason for delayed thoughts on President Obama’s handling of Libya during a recent interview, just won’t fly.  After all, national security calls will very likely come in the middle of the night after very little sleep

But the flubs are just that – flubs.  They should not be representative of Herman Cain’s intelligence – or lack of it.  Whether caused by fatigue, failing to brush up on issues he’s not firm on or reluctant to give interviews, nothing Cain says should define his past and  his brilliance as a highly educated scientist and business man.

Seriously.  How many Americans have a bachelor degree in mathematics or a master’s degree in computer science? How many can use their knowledge of applied physics to study and analyze the motion of missiles or projectiles of all types and the conditions that influence motions of weapons on behalf of the United States Navy? That’s not knowledge you can pick up in trade school easily.

Dumb and Cain should not be in the same sentence.

Admittedly, he is guilty of having a limited world view.  And, perhaps, he should fraternize enough with people of all faiths to know that American Jews, Sikhs, Muslims, Catholics and Evangelical Christians all want the same thing: to work, raise their families and be good citizens.

Had he been more exposed to diverse friends, he may not have declared that he’d be uncomfortable having a Muslim in his hypothetical future Presidential cabinet.

Had he been exposed to more hard working immigrant Hispanic families that are just like his, he may not have been so quick to pander to the legions of Americans frustrated with the illegal immigration problem in the nation.  He wouldn’t have joked about plans to build an electric shock fence on the Mexico-US border.

Had he traveled more and been more widely read in history and foreign policy, he might not have told Christian Broadcast Network’s David Brody that he doesn’t  knowing much about other nations including who the president of a fictional “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan” is or might have known that China already has nuclear weapon capabilities.

All of these flubs and gaffes don’t prove that Herman Cain is dumb as some are claiming. All it reveals is that he may not have a firm grasp on certain topics and doesn’t have the media team or isn’t listening to his team well enough to bone up on areas he is unfamiliar with.

It may be helpful to note that expert campaigner Mitt Romney doesn’t do too many media interviews and will rarely speak impromptu or reply to a random reporter’s question yelled at him on the trail.  He’s disciplined.

Granted, that is what makes many people hate the man: being so rehearsed, established, polished, controlled (a.k.a. boring) and robotic. It has kept Romney from getting caught in any gotcha moments, especially given he has a record and reputation of flip flopping.  You can’t flip flop if you’re not talking. You can’t contradict yourself any more once you limit your speaking roles to the confines of an organized debate whilst you’ve gone over your talking points and know them like you know the freckles on your face.

But what Romney lacks as a candidate whom many Republicans are willing to embrace is what makes Cain so appealing. He is charming and likeable. Cain’s humility and folksiness, similar traits that have garnered Sarah Palin many fans, have helped elevate him to where he is now.

He is the anti-arrogant intellectual. He has the quintessential bootstrap story.  Cain, who once cleaned toilets and flipped burgers at Burger King, is prototypical all-American: anyone can rise to the top with strong work ethic and dedication. You cannot grow up in a household where your dad worked three jobs as a janitor, driver and barber to feed the family and not appreciate the value of hard work.

Black pundits have pontificated that perhaps Cain is ashamed of being Black or of selling out to “the man” especially after he went on CNN and said Blacks are brainwashed against Republicans.

But, he knows his Blackness very well.  The man never said he wasn’t Black.

Cain once told a policy review team, “Because I am a Black American, I’ve had to perform better than my White counterparts. This is a personal standard that I’ve set for myself: I’ve got to perform a little better in order to get the same opportunity. I can’t just be as good; I’ve got to be better. It should not be this way, but it is.”

A man who still mentors young Black youth isn’t one people can say hates his people. Several of his critics haven’t volunteered at all for anyone, nor done much for their own people.  Yet, they cast plenty of stones.

A man who once sat on a Congressional Economic Growth and Tax Reform Commission and promised that his industry would give welfare recipients jobs, training and a chance to gain economic success isn’t one who doesn’t want other Blacks to succeed and do well.

There are different types of “smart”: intelligent smart, street smarts, book smarts, job-readiness smart, quick-on-feet-thinking smart. Cain is a few of these above, but – certainly – he is anything but dumb.

Those saying otherwise obviously aren’t smart enough to read up on the man and his accomplishments.


  1. i don't think people believe Cain is dumb, although his pause when asked about Libya was very painful, very. Your analysis about Romney is dead wrong I have not seen a more articulate Republican candidate since Reagan. The attributes you castigate Romney for, rehearsed, established, polished, controlled you define as boring. Not bad attributes to have for a commander in chief. it is laughable to think that Romney doesn't talk to the press because he thinks he worries about a "gotcha moment." Isn't that contradictory to the attributes you say Romney has?

  2. lol.. how did you become journalist…. my son in high school is more smarter than Cain.. He has no knowledge on foreign policy.. he doesn't have any clear idea on Ecenomy nor how to cut and balance the budget. Atleast he stop saying 999 in recent debates.

  3. It's not that Cain doesn't know, it's that he doesn't want to know. Cain is clearly appealing to an anti-intellectual base when he said "we need a leader, not a reader." Since when did the two become mutually exclusive?

    He also said that he didn't know who the President of "Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan" is. No one expects a President to know the ruler/leader/chairman/president of every single question. What we do expect is an open-minded President. Even if Cain doesn't know who the president of Uzbekistan is, he should be open-minded and tell the reporter "I don't know, but I'll be sure to find out later." What he shouldn't have done is make fun of Uzbekistan's name and proudly proclaim his ignorance. Alas, he did, and that just goes to show whom Cain is drawing his support from … definitely not educated people like college graduates …

    • Just in case you didnt get it,the 'reader' reference is to Obama gaffes and teleprompter woes http://t.co/bQmg7OOz http://t.co/aUj5ccfv http://t.co/Rh5DCExZ

      As for 'anti-intellectual', what can be more anti-intellectual than the victimization/entitlement narrative of the Left. For the godless Left, govt is like god, so they want the poor and blacks etc to be economic slaves to govt. Those like Cain are leading the way to freedom/liberty, self-respect, self-reliance. Regarding "Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan" , the question asked was not 'who the president of Uzbekistan is'. The question asked was, how do you deal with gotcha question and he was responding that leadership is not like a pop quiz, but about values/principles/direction/discernment/decisions etc. So what we have here is a media misrepresentation. Perhaps media is desperate that Cain is putting last nails in the coffin of Left plantation.

      • You're the one misrepresenting Cain's answer with this "leadership is not like a pop quiz, but about values/principles/direction/discernment/decisions etc" bs. Occam's Razor: like most conservatives he doesn't care to know anything about the world outside America and also doesn't care who knows it because USA #1! God's chosen country!

  4. >> We’re all familiar with the inexplicable statements and his take on controversial positions

    Cain has his positions, which some agree and some do not agree. So, please dont say 'We'. As for supposed gaffes, they are mostly misrepresentations, much a do about nothings. Cain was actually right in most of those. To give an example, media made a issue of his “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan” comment. The question asked was how do you deal with a Gotcha question and he was just illustrating that leadership is about values/principles/direction/discernment/decisions and not like mugging up for a spelling bee. Even the Libya issue, apart from the pause, he was right. Regarding China, it was much a do about one fast paced complex sentence. He could be talking of more capability or Nuclear Aircraft Carrier.

    >> national security calls will very likely come in the middle of the night after very little sleep

    Thats like saying since Obama could not recollect what wants to say in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxxxGUeZtno that alone means he cant take a national security call. And BTW, there are many such gaffes and awkward situations with Obama on youtube.

    >> reluctant to give interviews…

    Thats one more fallacy, generalizing based on one incident, which is more due to timing/scheduling issue. And in fact that same interview has been rescheduled.

    >> Black pundits have pontificated that perhaps Cain is ashamed of being Black or of selling out

    The so-called black pundits of the left are the ones demeaning and dehumaning blacks, by encouraging a narrative of victimhood and entitlement. While it is true that Blacks have inherited a disadvantaed conditions, there is no excuse for a narrative of victimization/entitlement, when opportunities are there for all able bodied adults to work hard, develop talents/skills etc. Cain's principle is, 'give free fish if really starving, but inspire to learn fishing oneself'. The Left rather want the blacks to be slaves to govt (as Left considers govt as their god). No self-respecting black should support the Left narrative. People like Cain are putting the last nails on the coffin of the Left plantation. http://www.onenationbacktogod.com/themovie.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIHU7AzW30Q

    • Nothing about Black people who don't support the GOP is about entitlements. The foolery of the Republican party is in trying to convince people that there are people who "want to" spend money on entitlements. No one wants to pay taxes that go into welfare, but the bigger issue than the money out of pocket in our lifetimes is the world we leave behind for our kids and their kids. Now that I have a kid I fully understand this.

      People abuse entitlements like welfare, food stamps, disability, and unemployment just as GOP and Democrat members of congress abuse perks, campaign contributions, lobbyists and vacation days. There is no difference. Human nature is to cut corners and until the people who have it all don't cut corners the people who have very little certainly won't stop.

      The narrative is about accountability not entitlements. If this country ever began to take responsibility for what it has done and for what it does, candidates as dumb as Herman Cain would not exist and we would not have to have conversations about "entitlements."

      • >> People abuse entitlements like welfare, food stamps, disability, and unemployment

        You are mistaken if you think there is no way out. Herman Cain put it so well. 'Help those who help themselves' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAqNeB7fNt0 I cannot agree more. Give a free fish if starving, but make it mandatory to show evidence that one is learning to do fishing oneself. The country's economy is on a wreck. I hope none of us want to take pride in bringing this country to destruction by irresponsible spending. As for the congress too, we the people have the responsibility to elect the honest people, bring the right kind of pressure etc.

        >> candidates as dumb as Herman Cain would not exist and we would not have to have conversations about "entitlements."

        Some one who overcame poverty/segregation to head major businesses/organizations, and a great orator, cannot be called dumb by any stretch of imagination – hence the desperate in the left are clutching straws on isolated statements here/there and misrepresenting/exaggerating. The conversations about "entitlements" is absolutely necessary, as it is impacting the well-being of the Blacks the most. The Left narratives today are giving excuses for Blacks to fail on both economic/career front, as well as on family front (again by encouraging broken families, single parenthood, abortions etc). According to me, it is a sell-out not to call out the Left of these coward and demeaning narratives impacting Blacks the most. Likes of Herman Cain being around is absolutely important – more so for the Black community.

        • It is venomous and misleading to say that government programs, many of which at their inception were supported by both leftists and rightists, encourage broken families or perpetuate excusing what you have characterized as "black economic and career failures." I agree that a lot of government functions are broken, marred by bureaucracy, red-tape, special interests, lobbying and the lot of the poison in politics – Cain and very many others are no strangers to the majority of this exercise. This doesn't simply support the irresponsible claim that there is a conspiracy afoot. The one fallacy in your assertion about showing evidence that one is learning to fish for oneself is that fishing is not innate. We have bred the instinctive hunter-gatherer out of our society and depleted too much of the natural resource for him to come back. None of your beloved "success stories" taught themselves anything beyond guitar, piano or "Cuban" perhaps. It's just not possible. We have to take cues – or learn – from someone else or something in our environment outside ourselves. And the most venomous idea of all is that people who are rich – or by your account "successful" – were born with the knowledge that they needed to thirst for knowledge (and the work ethic to go get it) – that behavior is very much learned as well – and a luxury no less. If you don't teach a man why he needs to know how to fish (especially when so many people around him eat without knowing how to fish) then the expression about teaching a man to fish is null and void to begin with. This is just common sense and has nothing to do with any political ideology.

          My father, mother, grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts, and many more overcame poverty, segregation, and overt racism to go on to successful careers and raise successful families, and several even founded (unlike Cain) and ran successful businesses. When they were accomplishing these things they were being very intelligent, but several of them did things that were not smart in the end. And their accomplishments in no way qualified them to be president. Herman Cain has done things that a lot of smart people have done, he has shown intelligence in his lifetime; however he has run a primarily stupid campaign for the presidency and has represented himself stupidly to boot. That's just my opinion, but I think the video tape all proves it. Herman Cain will sell some books, and probably land a spot on Fox News, which I think was his overall goal in this any way, and the world will not be any better or worse for it.

  5. What does it say about his alleged intelligence that he is running for President yet doesn't know which side of the Libya war we were on? Come on now. That's not even a gotcha question like "who is the prime minister of Ubeki-beki-beki-stan-stan?"

    • And what side of the Libya war are you on? In fact, what side is the President on? I have yet to hear one articulate, informative "speech" from him or anyone as to WHY we went there in the first place. Wasn't that the one where he said we would be there a matter of days not weeks and then weeks not months…and it went on for 8+ months. He must be on the side for the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law to take over Libya…just like Egypt, Tunisia, etc. And Syria is next. Mark it down. Is this the same Pres. that said he would get out of wars yet he gets in many more. Herman Cain is at least a person of integrity, character, and has EARNED everything, never worked a real job EVER in his life. I will take that any day over someone who was GIVEN everything and feels ENTITLED because they can't EMPOWER themselves through hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.

  6. Thank you very much for this assessment. I really admire cain and would love to see him as our next president. One can always hope. Good luck to you Herman……………..godspeed!

  7. Those on the left think all Republicans are stupid. We must be because we fail to see the innate brilliance of their ideas and agenda. They are trying to portray Herman Cain as a moron because he threatens their racist mindset that minorities cannot succeed without special help and government programs.

    Mr. Obama's flubs, gaffes and misstatements as both a candidate and President are the stuff of YouTube legend and yet they are ignored by the left and the MSM. In one memorable meltdown in a campaign speech about healthcare, Obama explained that he had gotten little sleep in the past 48 hours. That was all the explanation his supporters needed. Yet those same apologists use Mr. Cain's claim of lacking sleep as further evidence of his lack of fitness for office.

    Those who support Herman Cain will continue to do so. Those who hate him and the very idea of a successful black conservative, sadly will also continue to do so.

    • You are confusing between 'taking inputs' and 'need to be told what to do'. There is a big difference between the two. Every president, no matter how much academic knowledge he himself has, still needs to take inputs from many sources before taking decisions. Left media who feels threatened by Cain, as a black conservative hitting hard on the Left with his brilliant speeches, want to exploit Cain's lack of foreign policy experience to demean him and discredit him. Should not fall into that media trap.

      • the man can't even have a position on things like foreign policy, he won't say anything, he just resorts to "surrounding him with the right people". ever heard of group think?

        herman cain is not fit for office

    • Why would anyone want yet another career politician? I'm sick of the cronyism and corruption that consumes our government now.
      I want someone who will take us in an entirely different direction.

      No one can know everything. Every president relies heavily on advisors.

  8. Cain lacks political savvy. He doesn't know how to respond to questions or attacks. He doesn't know enough to not change his story every few hours when some new gaffe is committed. He completely misses the "optics" of how his campaign looks to normal, thinking people.

    He may be "smart" in some ways or on some subjects, but as a political candidate he is as dumb as a stump.

  9. There is a distinct difference between the words "smart" and "intelligent". Herman Cain is "smart"; clever, stylish, quick-witted, practical, whimsical; all terms often used for People of Color when they achieve a degree of success through imitation and shuckery. Cain is a survivor in a World that wants and needs him to "toe the line" for a specific agenda. The word "intelligent" is based upon "potential", evolving knowledge, wisdom, the ability to grow and adapt and for Herman Cain, that ability, he does not have (and career-wise has never shown) nor would his backers allow for it. His political, social and economic agenda prevents him from being so, that being said, to an intellectual community or just to those whom exercise "common sense", Herman Cain falls short of being competent of being President of the United States and the Free World. Although not a glamorous statement to be made, in the political realm, he barely makes for a decent House of Representative.

    You can't cram for the role of President of the United States, especially now since the stakes are too high for incompetence and or a single indecisive decision; Democrat or Republican. We already had a ( series of) smart President(s), for the issues and agendas on the table, its intelligence that's going to matter. Herman Cain may be "smart" but he is far from being "intelligent". An intelligent person would have done his homework a lot better and gone on the campaign trail with more shine and polish.

    • totally agree, i don't see how people see him as a viable candidate at all, the "sexual allegations" mean zip to me, he is just completely not prepared, did not take the time to brush up on anything

      • I had a conversation (which ended up in a debate) because I stated that "if" Herman Cain was being interviewed for a High Level and Visible position in corporate America and his responses and actions were the same, he would not get the position. The only way he would is is he had a friend with some authority and influence requested that he go through the motions because the job was guaranteed to him. If anyone didn't know the JOB DESCRIPTION and didn't speak with the confidence that they knew what they were doing, would be passed over without pause.

        What goes missing is that many Conservative feel the same way about Herman Cain. Not to be confused with the Republican Party, but Conservative know the difference between a candidate that is liked and one that can do the job, and right now the Koch Brothers are playing his as their strategy. Cain isn't a leader, he is a "decider". The last time we had a "Decider" in office he got what we currently have as the worst economic, political and social mess since the depression.

  10. Cain is at his best as an orator and I doubt anyone really challenges his educational accomplishments. He is terrible in face to face interviews because he comes across as uninformed to the point where it is painful to watch. No doubt he does have many things to think about, but why put yourself in a position that will highlight that you are not prepared to answer fairly simple questions? If he is to be taken seriously, he needs to take the time to become familiar with the issues of the day be they domestic or foreign policy. There is no such question as a "gotcha question" if you are prepared. His somewhat aggressive defense of his flubs indicate, at least to me, that he knows he is not performing/prepared and yet he seems reluctant to do anything about it. Imagine saying you can't answer a simple question because of lack of sleep! I'm sorry but when the crisis hits I want someone who can cope with it no matter how little sleep they have, I don't want to hear excuses. So Mr Cain, either get yourself "an expert" who can teach you what is happening in our world and answer the questions with the same style and panache you exhibit when you are giving a speech or get out of the race. At the moment you are not qualified for the top job.

  11. An arrogant statement about people not having read up on Cain has nothing to do with his intelligence. Thankfully, someone came along today and dispelled the ignorant and idiotic presumptions of this author.

  12. RUSH, URGENT. WE NEED TO DROP CAIN AS CANDIDATE. HE IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE CANDIDATE WITH INNECESSARY EXPENSES TO THE PEOPLE. Is he afraid of the sexual harassed women? Is not them he should worry about, but God. PRIVATE PROTECTION 24 HOURS is super expensive AND IS NOT IN BUDGET. It will be more debt with interests for the tax payer. CAIN IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE INCREASING THE TAX PAYER DEBT.

  13. They think you support Cain for president now Jeneba. I don't know that you don't, but it still just doesn't seem likely.

    A couple questions though:

    How can one who has made overtly racist comments; generalized African Americans as brainwashed and told folks who are not rich to blame themselves to the national media be considered charming or folksy? Herman Cain's appeal is of the minstrel show/soft-shoe variety. When he talks I often hear: "Yall's a blacks needn't to stop bein' so opposed to massas views of points" ( translation: black people are brainwashed against republican ideals). Anyone not making more than $250K annually and voting republican is brainwashed against their own economic interests and that is far more powerful than a racially motivated brainwashing – because race is a social construct and in essence a figment of our imagination.

    How do you trivialize all of those things in your first several paragraphs? Those are the things that make Herman Cain dumb. A candidate for POTUS listens to his teams, keeps up, reads between the lines, says the things to showcase his/her intelligence quickly and confidently. Running for president is a job interview Jeneba, only reality show characters get hired for being "folksy." Turning our political system into the Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, or Keeping up with the Kardashians is not something I want, but excusing Cain (or Palin) and talking about their stupidity as "charm" does exactly that.

    How is Cain not off the hook for not being more well traveled? How can he be given a pass? Oh he climbed up out of such destitution to live the dream, ripe with all of the opportunity being a millionaire has to offer, but he still comes across as a dim witted uncle at a fish fry. What has done with all of that time and money? His squandering the opportunity to be more well rounded, or not recognizing that he had it, further signals his lacking intelligence.

    What's with all the talk about Romney? Romney is well rehearsed and a professional loser of elections, which makes him a perpetual campaigner and savvy at the exercise. It's clear that he is a snooze fest unable to excite the angry mob that is the republican base; however, I am unclear as to how this effectively proves that Herman Cain is a genius?

    Great debating with you once again Jeneba!

    • >> generalized African Americans as brainwashed and told folks who are not rich to blame themselves

      Please do not forget, Cain is fighting against a situation, where a lot of Blacks are bought into a victimization/entitlement narrative. It is indeed difficult to explain to many black youth today that racism is no excuse for failure. It is hard to explain that instead of entitlements, they should seek to be entrepreneurs, businessmen, hardworking technical experts, bring value in their jobs to grow in careers. It is hard to explain that there is no pride in unemployment entitlements. This is very sad state of affairs, missing out on opportunities out there. Indeed, the primary responsibility to get a job, bring value in a job to grow in careers etc lies with the individual. Also Cains comment has to do with what kind of pressure one puts on govt, what kind of people are elected. If the pressure on govt is to increase irresponsible entitlement spending, condemning it as racist if not etc, amounts to wrecking economy, making the country to collapse, and in the process creating a lot of distress like joblessness etc. (BTW, I agree with Cain's doctrine on welfare = 'help those who help themselves')

      >> Herman Cain's appeal is of the minstrel show/soft-shoe variety.

      Do you think there is pride in sitting around and always blaming whites, racism etc and using that as an excuse for failure? That may sound 'brave' condemning people around, but in my view, that is cowardice (unless talking specifically about a real, genuine incident/issue of racial injustice etc). Many will testify and agree with Herman Cain wholeheartedly, that for someone willing to work hard, innovate, develop skills/talents, the sky is the limit in this country. What is wrong is admitting truth and seizing opportunities. It is time, the Left narrative of patronizing blacks as ‘needy’, who can only be soft recipients of care is one that should be seen as offensive, and even racist.

      >> How do you trivialize all of those things in your first several paragraphs? Those are the things that make Herman Cain dumb.

      No, these are desperate clutching of straws by those desperate not to let Cains voice be heard as an influence, as his speeches are death knell to the Left. Just do a youtube/google search on Obama gaffes or teleprompter woes, you will find plenty. Nit-picking on a statement here/there, misrepresenting, exaggerating etc is something that can be done on anyone. It is a fact that Cain is a great influential orator, whose voice of influence is an existential threat to the Left. You many be too influenced by the desperate Left in media and their desperate clutching of straws, but fact is many do like Herman Cain for his simple, clear, strong and concise vision on Economy, Taxes, Budget, Welfare, Right To Life, Immigration, Border Security, Foreign Policy etc.

      • >>>Please do not forget, Cain is fighting against a situation, where a lot of Blacks are bought into a victimization/entitlement narrative. It is indeed difficult to explain to many black youth today that racism is no excuse for failure.

        Where are these black youths? Where are the transcripts and manuscripts from the scientific study you have conducted to make such a sweeping general claim? This is ridiculous. You have a command of the language, but denigrate your arguments with overarching themes that are baseless. I hypothesize that the conversation would be more focused on issues of class than on race in the neighborhoods densely populated by these "hard-to-reach" youths you speak of. Studies have shown for quite some time that class is a far greater delineating factor than that of race.

        >> Herman Cain's appeal is of the minstrel show/soft-shoe variety.
        >>>Do you think there is pride in sitting around and always blaming whites, racism etc and using that as an excuse for failure?

        I am talking about Herman Cain and his tone and timbre. The grammatical errors in his speech (i.e. "blame yo-self") his – what to me feels like – blatant pandering to a base seeking the sentiment of yesteryear where the good negro from down the street would lead his people lockstep with the ideals seeping out of the plantation. Herman Cain's behavior and approach and tone have nothing at all to do with the attitudes of blacks in America. This conversation is not about that, and even the nonsense you spew were true Herman Cain is not fighting against these attitudes in AA communities – he is fighting to have Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh and all of their buddies evaluate him as being "charming" or as someone who could fit in with them – as that group will never accept him as one of them. What's further is that I have not encountered a single African American person – in a very very long time – who talks about whites or so much as mentions whites in the way you have generalized and imagined these conversations to be taking place as a derivative of the "leftist" conspiracy theory you propagate. My grandparents who endured a generation more than Herman Cain in terms of Jim Crow, segregation and overt racism don't even talk about or blame whites for anything, so really, where are your studies to back up these claims about AA attitudes towards whites? Get real.

        >>>No, these are desperate clutching of straws by those desperate not to let Cains voice be heard as an influence, as his speeches are death knell to the Left.

        I don't know how video of Cain's performances as a GOP primary candidate – no involvement from the left – amount to a clutching of straws. Tell your boy to get out of the primary and we'll see just how much a "death knell" for anything his bumbling and babbling stack up to become.

        *Shakes head as this is an exercise in futility.

      • Please @FreshLook11 debate something critical; that we can meaningfully sink our teeth into, especially considering that all this talk about gaffes, flubs and pregnant pauses are insignificant…. I'll even set it up for you

        >>Anyone not making more than $250K annually and voting republican is brainwashed against their own economic interests…

  14. I am deeply saddened by the sentiment scores and comment threads. I don't want to change the minds of those who support Cain, but the tone and timbre of his support speaks volumes for where we are headed as a nation. *Shakes head stoically.

  15. I would be willing to bet some fairly serious money that Cain has an IQ below 100. You are quite deluded as to how degree programs, especially MS programs work, and often how little it takes to get through. I would like to hear from some of his academic overseers at Purdue and early jobs. Utter idiot!

  16. We must all remember…Washington is full to the brim with 'geniuses'. We all know that. Look around. They are the folks that have 'served' us the wonderful economy we all try to endure. Worst since the Great Depression. Great. 15+ Trillion in debt…growin' by the day. We really know how to pick um'. Those who belittle and dismiss Herman Cain had best get their heads out of…the sand.
    Mr. Herman Cain may not be perfect…but he is WAY better than many of the 'leaders' that all of us have voted 'in' over the years…including the present POTUS for sure. The list of his shortcomings goes on and on. Wake up America. We Cain do better.
    Cain 2012!

  17. Don't worry conservatives. Obama is out there campaigning in all '57' states. Prompters are rolling 24/7 and America is in capable hands…as long as they do. LOL

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