LIVE365: Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee on Debt Committee, 11.22.11

LIVE365: Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee on Debt Committee, 11.22.11


Politic365‘s Jeneba Ghatt spoke with Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) about the recent failure of the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction to reach a compromise on $1.2 trillion of federal debt.

“The ‘super committee’ was bogged down by Republican dissension that did not or would not listen to [the majority of] American people that indicated that they were willing to tighten their belts, willing to make the sacrifice, but they wanted to have a mutual burden and benefit,” argues Jackson-Lee.

“The unwillingness to do the job that’s necessary was what torpedoed the super committee. We can [now] move into the next fiscal year and do our job.”

Listen to the complete interview below …


  1. She kept saying listening to American people? Did she not see her ilk get voted OUT of office? Where is she getting this fictitious 54%? The "occupy wallstreeters" who are preforming criminal acts and getting arrested for destroying public places? Can she tell us WHERE in the US Constitution health care, federal education, etc, etc IS????? Can she show WHERE she has Right to force us to pay/buy federal insurance policy?

    • What the heck are you talking about? Nothing you say in this response even replies to anything she says in the clip. Did you even listen to it or resort to your usual errant rumblings about irrelevant stuff that has nothing to do with the post? Short attention span theater, you are.