You know You Wanna Say It: Enough GOP Debates

You know You Wanna Say It: Enough GOP Debates


We have had far too many debates in the past couple of months. We all know it. Somebody on this planet needed to say it out loud.

It seems that others in the political world have been feeling the same thing. Ed Rollins, the former campaign manager for Michele Bachmann, admitted it in a quote to The Hill. Rollins is well known in political circles and in the media. Most recently, he let his blatantly honest feelings be known about Michele Bachmann’s campaign after he quit working with her.

During the CNBC debate last week, I tweeted a list of all the GOP debates scheduled between June 2011 and May 2012. I counted 26 in total which is absolutely absurd. The South Carolina debate from November 12 was only the 12th one in the series.

The candidates spit out identical talking points during every debate. The memorable moments of the campaign, unfortunately, have been in the bickering among candidates and their back-and-forth with the moderators. Few amazing ideas or plans have come from these contests.

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