GOP Candidates Owned by Hardcore CNBC Debate Moderators

GOP Candidates Owned by Hardcore CNBC Debate Moderators


(Special from Prune Juice Media)

The CNBC Republican Presidential Debate provided its fair share of memorable moments. In fact, of all the debates, this one had to rank in the top three. The topic was almost exclusively on the economy — a major priority with American voters.

The candidates were on display. However, it was the CNBC moderators and their tough-as-nails questioning that really brought some life to the event. Maria Bartiromo and John Harwood took the lead as co-moderators. They were joined by Jim Cramer, Sharon Epperson, and others from the CNBC family. This was hands-down the best moderating team of any previous live network debate.

Let me say that I have a newfound respect for Maria Bartiromo. I’ve seen her on CNBC and The Oprah Winfrey Show before, but never would I have thought she would SMOKE the candidates (esp. Newt Gingrich) the way she did tonight. We finally had a debate where candidates are not given a pass for non-answers and baseless stone throws without providing concrete solutions! I LOVED IT!!

As always, here is my quick rundown of the debate highlights:

  • The candidates were on their same talking points tonight. Please don’t think that they were going to arrive with new, fresh thinking. It didn’t happen.
  • One of the first jabs thrown was when the two moderators asked Herman Cain and Mitt Romney about Cain’s sexual harassment scandal. The audience booed adamantly against the moderators, but especially when Romney was asked. To the audience’s credit, the debate was about the economy and not the scandal.

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    • Yeah, Really?!! Were you watching the same GOP debate as I was Matt? I don't really watch much business news, but until the CNBC debate I naiively thought that CNBC anchors understood basic economics. My jaw dropped at their collectice stupidity!

      Bartiromo had her backside handed to her by Newt, AND SHE KNEW IT! But apparently, you dislike Newt so much you didn't stick around to listen to his answer. Maria understood Newt's rebuke, as all media drones would, but Newt can't force her to read books by economists other than Keynes and Marx. And it's very sad that not a single moderator, or you Matt, have the intellectual curiosity to climb down from your ivory tower during the day or out from under your rock at night and pick up some Milton Friedman, or Hayek or Thomas Sowell. The public is ill served by CNBC if it expects to learn anything other than the daily stock ticker winners and losers.

  1. Matt, I still dont think you get it. You "love it"?! It's a cryin shame. For me, Bartiromo is now nothing more than a pretty face with a non regional American diction, just a newsreader. Get it together man. You ought to be embarrassed that you wrote this garbage. I'm embarrased for you. Good Grief get a clue.