Michelle Obama Opens Up About Her Past, Struggles

Michelle Obama Opens Up About Her Past, Struggles


By AMIE PARNES, Politico

First lady Michelle Obama urged a group of high school students on Tuesday to “work their butts off,” and go to college so that they can succeed in their professional lives and “own their dreams.”

The nearly hour-long gathering at Georgetown University also became, as Obama called it, “a therapy session” — as she shared her inner struggles and fears as a college student at Princeton and Harvard Law School.

In a question-and-answer session with 60 high school juniors and seniors from the Washington area, the first lady reflected on her own life growing up on Chicago’s South Side with limited resources and parents who never attended college. And she urged students to follow her lead and take risks and challenge themselves.

“There’s a lot of stuff to be afraid of but you get over that,” Obama told the students who had gathered at the university as part of a mentor program.

“I mean, this is scary,” she added, referring to her transition from her adolescence in Chicago to the wife of a public figure. “Shoot. … I married Barack Obama. I mean, he’s got big plans. He’s always pushing us beyond our comfort zones and I’m dragging along.”

When one student asked Obama about her greatest adversity, the first lady said that she has always found it difficult to “excel in environments that aren’t natural to me.”

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  1. hi michelle what was one thing that was hard in your life? Im doing my school biography on you and I need to know what was one of your struggles in life, what was hard in life for you?