Record Breaking Loot Could Dispel Myth Cain Is the Next Tom Bradley

Record Breaking Loot Could Dispel Myth Cain Is the Next Tom Bradley


Even though he’s in the middle of a sex scandal, Herman Cain’s campaign fundraising machine shows no sign of slowing down. His team just announced that it raised nearly $1 million dollars in the past four days – not too shabby for a guy looking down the barrel of relentless media scrutiny and an endless string of accusations.

Clearly, supporters seem undeterred by allegations of sexual harassment from up to three women (by last count) … and counting. Just Thursday, conservative blog Pajama Media posted an account of a woman who says she actually slept with Cain and “… was taken advantage of” by him in his corporate apartment.  But, she’s afraid to come forward out of fear of what the media attention could do to her reputation.

The continuing and unwavering support may also be a sign that Cain may not be the victim of a political phenomenon known as the Bradley effect, as some observers have predicted. Named for former Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley – the city’s first Black executive – Bradley narrowly lost his bid for Governor of California despite polling surveys prior to Election Night which showed him in double digit position to win over his White opponent. For various reasons, White voters just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a man who would’ve become the first Black governor of that state.

Last week, the Washington Post focused in on pollster Peter Holt’s survey of a focus group of likely Iowa caucus Republican voters. Each said they liked Cain, what he stood for and supported the campaign. However, when asked whether they could see Cain in the White House no one raised his or her hand.

So, what was that all about? The results could easily drum up suspicions of GOP-inspired Bradley Effect, whereby some White Republicans (by far the dominant group in that party) are merely expressing their support for Cain outwardly in order to deflect accusation that hatred for Obama is because of his race. The typical response goes something like this: “How can I be racist when I support this Black man?”

But, the jury is still out on whether they will actually go through with it and take that next step.  Will Republican primary voters seriously cast that ballot?

In the meantime, with a new crisis management team on board and in control and the dollars still pouring in, there’s still a chance Cain could survive this scandal. Only time and an accuser going public will tell.



  1. During the 90′s. Political Correctness created a situation where sexual harassment suits became lottery tickets and it was abused as such!

    his smear attack was going to come even if they had to make it all up. Better to get it over with now during the primary. No matter what the hurdle, Cain has jumped over it running. Cancer,Tight Campaign budget, low name recognition, the risk of putting a bold plan on the table, the abortion smear, lack of a major campaign machine, now this. The job of raising name recognition is done. They finished that for us. Now we can get on to other things. Even democrats and liberals are getting behind Cain. They like that he is not a politician. I have been seeing it in the tweets and in the comments. Mr. Cain is on fire! Donations are through the roof. All polls done after Sunday show Cain still gaining momentum, not faltering.

  2. What campaign fundraising record is Herman Cain remotely close to breaking?

    Before asking whether Cain will fall victim to the Bradley effect, he needs to prove he can earn a party's nomination to contest a general election. And contrary to your analysis, his candidacy is becoming more problematic by the minute due to his undisciplined, uncoordinated, and poorly funded campaign. His real accomplishment to date leading up to to the primaries is making a spectacle of himself — which appears to be his real objective.

    It seems whatever momentum he's picked up in the last several weeks is more due to Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry's implosions than an embrace of Cain and his views. Even self-identified tea partiers are hesitant in offering their endorsements. And as much as there's validity in criticism of the GOP's antagonism toward women, the middle- and underclass, the LGBT community, and persons of color, the biggest obstacle facing Cain is himself; not closeted racist voters.

    • The Bradley effect point in this particle IS about the primaries, William NOT the general election. I think you missed the point again and you really don't seem to have an informed grip on the GOP base at all, again speaking out of misinformation but trying to sound like an expert. You clearly don't have a grip on the Republican voting pool. Despite all you say about his candidacy, he is leading in the polls for a reason. Only people who don't like him or don't think he can win are focusing on all you point out here, but perhaps people like you are NOT republican and won't be voting for him anyway.