Rick Perry Shows His Crazy Side In Campaign Speech

Rick Perry Shows His Crazy Side In Campaign Speech


By Prune Juice Media

If you haven’t done so already, please take some time to watch this video of GOP presidential candidate and TX-Gov. Rick Perry.

He gave a now well-slandered campaign speech on October 28 in New Hampshire. The press are saying that Perry was “drunk” and acting really strange during his time onstage.

Let me tell you this. Rick Perry was NOT inebriated on that stage. He put his true Texas roots on display. His guard was down and he was showing the audience just how off his rocker he can be. That’s the natural Rick … just deal with it.

In his speech, Perry talked about taxes, abortion and pro-life support, the economy, and making President Obama a one-term president. He also touched on how he can’t stand gay marriage and job-killing Obama Administration regulations.

The crazy thing about the whole clip is that Perry eerily reminded me of former President George W. Bush. Shifting at the podium with constant jokes and just seeming non-presidential overall gave me some bad memories.

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