Condi Disses Cain; Nigerian Cosby Show; Obama Poll Bump

Condi Disses Cain; Nigerian Cosby Show; Obama Poll Bump


Condi Rice Leaves Cain to Hang

There are a couple of things that have always been clear about Condoleeza “Uhura” Rice. First that even though she was the lone sista in a White House full of angry rich old white men, she was considered one of the “boys.” Second, that like her name sake, it seemed like everybody from Captain Kirk to Kahn had the hots for her 80’s perm and gap toothed smile.

The most important thing about Condoleeza Rice is that she’s been the only person from the Bush cabinet to ever come close to breaking ranks on anything having to do with the Republican Party. Donald Rumsfeld’s stayed quiet; Dick Cheney has been openly critical of Obama and more talkative since 2008 than he was in 8 years as vice president; and Karl Rove has been towing the party line on FOX for years.

But Condi has tepidly admitted that the Bush Administration could’ve ‘done better ’ in Iraq, was openly tearful when Obama got elected and even defended some of his Iraq policies.

So in some respects we should not have been surprised at her take on Herman Cain during a Wednesday morning interview on the CBS Early Show. Condi could’ve come to Herman Cain’s defense when she was asked about the recent sexual harassment allegations against him. Instead she basically said “we’ll see” and left Herman to dig himself out of his own hole.

As the most powerful African American woman in the Republican Party, Condi could’ve done the Black GOP frontrunner a solid by going through the party talking points and claiming the stories about him are a witch hunt or politically motivated. Instead she just blathered that neither side should play the race card and left it at that. I know you may not be endorsing him, but as a fellow Black Republican you couldn’t give the man a little lift on CBS? Where’s the love Condi?

The Nigerian Cosby Show?

When is the last time you saw a black sitcom that featured Black folks from the diaspora? I swear I still get blank stares sometimes when I talk about watching the Desmonds on BET in the early 90’s, a British sitcom about a Carribbean family running a barbershop.  And shows like “The Crouches” never even made it to the United States.

That’s why the new on-line hit show “Meet the Adebanjos” is exactly what the doctor ordered to expand and improve what’s on the menu for Black entertainment this year.

Meet the Adebanjos” is a new web-only situation comedy about a typical family of Nigerian immigrants living in London and their London-born children. Created by Nigerian Londoners Andrew Osayemi and Deborah Odutuyo the show premiered in June and 8 episodes have been produced running throughout this fall. Featuring some comedy and some drama the show’s producers have already been sought out by television stations in Africa to run the show and produce future series.

The success of this program is a good sign politically, economically and culturally for the mother land as well as for the future of Black themed television and media. From Awkward Black Girl to 12 Steps to Recover Black folks are increasingly realizing that the web is a great place to put your content out if you don’t want to deal with the politics or the slime associated with Hollywood – or in this case Nigeria’s Nollywood.

More importantly the web only format of the show is an indicator of the progress of telecommunications infrastructure in many African countries. Web penetration and reliability has improved considerably in the last 5 years in most African countries making a show like this possible – when, in the past, few if anyone outside of England or most capital cities in Africa would’ve seen it.

So you better catch “Meet the Adebanjos” as soon as you can online while it’s still doing baby steps. Like most shows from overseas, once it becomes a hit you know some American producer will get their hands on it and ruin it with an Americanized cast of former 80’s stars and lame sex jokes. I can see it now “Tyler Perry Presents: Meet the Adebanjos” starring Mr. Gaines butchering an Igbo accent every Tuesday night on TNT.

Obama’s Poll Numbers Looking Up

All poll numbers a year out from a presidential election have to be taken with a healthy grain of salt, but a recent Quinnipiac poll shows some surprisingly good news for President Obama.

Their poll, conducted from October 25thto 31st, shows Obama’s approval rating at a shockingly high 47% up from 41% at the beginning of the month. His disapproval rating is down to 49% from 55% – and his lead against Republican candidates remains steady or in some cases widening.

What could explain this type of change?

It’s not the economy since unemployment numbers from last month were stagnant. It can’t be the death of Quadaffi, since that wasn’t going to move the needle 6% points over the course of a month. The pollsters seem to believe that Obama’s new ‘fightin’ mad stance may have boosted his numbers a bit, but I’m not quite buying that.

I think that Obama’s numbers have been muted over the last 4 or 5 months based on the horrible debt ceiling debacle as well as the belief on the part of many voters that the GOP might have a solid alternative. With the debt battle in hindsight and realizing that we will have an election with WhichMITT  vs. Obama, Americans are simply become more comfortable with the choice they already made. When you have a choice between two sorry options, sometimes you just stick with what you know.

Dr. Jason Johnson is a political science professor at Hiram College and author of the book Political Consultants and Campaigns: One Day to Sell. Read more at and follow him on twitter @DrJasonJohnson