Ann Coulter Buys Her “Blacks” at the Pet Shop

Ann Coulter Buys Her “Blacks” at the Pet Shop


Ann Coulter, looking for more books to sell, reemerged on our minds earlier this week over FOX News’ Sean Hannity Show remarks in which she praised conservative Black Republicans much the same way an owner praises her pet. “Our blacks are so much better than their blacks,” said Coulter, not flinching, noting that “we” [conservatives … or White people … I don’t know – you decide] ” … have very impressive blacks.”

Coulter is no stranger to controversy, frequently making mockery of political correctness and putting on a show for the camera.  In her quest for “seeing what sticks” she’s known for type-setting, planning and executing sensationalistic and inflammatory statements, but this didn’t seem as if it was staged. This time, it rattled off her tongue like a matter-of-fact, without forethought of its impact.  At no point in the conversation did Coulter reveal any cognizant awareness of her usage of the term – or that it’s just not kosher to apply the possessive to a group of people once enslaved within the last 150 years of this country’s history (add perpetual poverty, recession, urban blight and the economic prison of bad credit and predatory lending, and you can make the argument that it didn’t go anywhere).

Certainly, Coulter is smart enough to know that not all whites think the same and that not all White conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party members share the same views.  I doubt she’d go to Europe and attempt to categorize all American Whites the same way – so why do the same to Black conservatives?

Arrogance? Flippant disregard? Aloofness?

Maybe all of the above.

Coulter’s defenders took to the Twitterverse and Blogosphere, with startling revelations that mentioning a race of people in the possessive form is no different than referring to the city they live in or the car they drive. Oh … so, now we’re objects? Scary that there were enough people online to actually make this into a conversation; scarier to discover so many more who see nothing wrong with the objectification of certain groups of people, lumping them into categories of other inanimate objects.

It’s the strong, unpleasant odor of tokenism or the thinking that Black conservatives willing to express their conservative views are doing so merely to run back to White masters for a pat on the head.  Coulter’s statement suggests conversations taking place where African American Republicans are considered pawns in an ongoing political war for power and influence.

But, categorizing and divvying-up conservative and liberal Blacks according to their respective corner of the political spectrum should not necessarily mean they are considered chattel … in the literal sense.

Still – it’s forever an exercise in futility to explain what’s wrong with an Ann Coulter statement. And you can’t change narrow-minded professional pundits who have a limited and deliberately comfortable unawareness of the error in their thinking.  But, it’s mind blowing to know that it still exists: that line of thinking and imposed superiority in which blocks of individual, autonomous people are seen only as sidekicks you can tuck away safely in a cage and use at your disposal.

If it hasn’t already kicked in, it may soon – fear that we are not evolving in our treatment and thinking of race but, instead, retreating into a collective lapse. Guess it just stinks that we’re not as post-racial as we thought we could be.


  1. Good grief. She was being funny. She was doing a take off on her speech to GOProud, the gay conservative group, in which she said, "Our gays are better than their gays." I suggest you open your mind to a sense of humor. Coulter can be offensive, but this isn't it.

  2. "Our gays" "Our blacks" "Our ____ (fill in the blank with tasteless)" Ann Coulter is a vile woman who doesn't mind being the mouthpiece for all of you closeted racists.

  3. I am reposting this from Facebook, because I think it's important. I think it is unfair and wrong of you to bring up a "pet shop" as if that is what she said. I didn't say she was joking. I said she was being funny. There is a difference. There are better ways of saying it, but "our" meaning conservatives, blacks, gays, women, men…all of them are better than liberal's. Of course we would feel that way. Sorry if that hurts your feelings. Sorry if us thinking that Herman Cain is a much better person than Barack Obama somehow hurts your sensibilities. But we do feel that way. Ann chooses to say it in a funny way, but you blowing it out of proportion and making it into "pets' is just wrong.

    I might add that your ancestors that were once owned, were freed by REPUBLICANS, while Democrats fought to KEEP slavery. So maybe you should be offended more by Democrat leaders like Clinton who tell other white famous Dem Senators like Kennedy that Obama would have "been bringing us coffee a few years ago." Maybe you should be offended when a white Dem Senate Majority Leader is glad Obama is "lightskinned" and has "no negro accent." Maybe, just maybe you just might rethink WHAT you should be offended by.

    • You're absurd. The Republican party of the 1860s was a far different animal than the Republican party of the late 20th and early 21st Century, and neither I bet you must be one of these people who believe fascism is not a right-wing phenonmenon either.

      Ann says what she says because that's the only way peope pay attention to her and comtemplate buying one of her books of refried musings.

    • You're not getting it. No one has a problem with anyone saying, as you put it " our conservatives are better than liberals" that's your opinion and it's well stated. But the fact that SHE said "Blacks" is the whole point! She would never say our "Whites are better than your Whites" or "Our men are better than your men". She could have just used the term 'people' and kept the entire ethnicity thing out of it, but she didn't so it shows that even though she feels Herman Cain is a better person than Obama, she still sees him as just a 'Black' and not a person.

      And the part about the republicans of the 1860s was correct, but those people were a whole lot different than the people currently running that party and so are their values. Also we were offended by what those other people said! Just google it.

      • Keeping ethnicity was the whole point! She would say "Our men are better" or "Our whites are better!" SHE DID ALREADY SAY "Our Gays are better." When did saying someone is "Better" become an insult??? YOu are wrong about the party having different values. You all may be convinced by others that the GOP is racist, but it's a lie. Color is not a factor. If we were, then why are dozens of Tea Party speakers black? Some of the most admired people I know in the GOP are black. Just don't believe what isn't true. Please answer my question though. Were you offended by what Clinton and Reid said? Because that WAS racist.

        • Kat,
          Blacks make up something like what, 2% of the GOP? You probably could name every black person you know in the GOP on a single hand.
          Don't play obtuse. Ann Coulter said what she said because she knew it would be a provocation. That's what she does in order to pay the bills.
          The GOP may not be racist, but being exposed to the circles that I've been exposed to here in Texas, the GOP here is very much about maintaining their Good Ole Boy Network, and non-WASPs have to play step'n'fetch to their idiotic backwoods ways to be a member of the club. No thanks.

        • I did answer your question (check the very last sentence of my other post). And you just contradicted yourself to the extreme. First you said: "Keeping ethnicity was the whole point!" Then you say: "Color is not a factor." Which is it, Kat? I think you're finally starting to get it…

          BTW, I don't believe the GOP is racist and I've never said that. I do believe they insult African Americans quite a bit just as those other people you named did. That isn't restricted to a political party, it's just the way things are obviously and I'd like them to change.

        • "When did saying someone is "Better" become an insult???"

          PS: I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure that's ALWAYS an insult. Like if I said, 'My mother is better than your mother' … In fact, you'd probably get really angry and turn bright red. Right?

    • "Maybe, just maybe you just might rethink WHAT you should be offended by"

      Wow! Telling black people what we should or shouldn't be offended by. How very high and mighty of you. And what's a "negro" accent? Have you ever heard white Cajun's or southern whites speak? If so, would you say they sound like "negros"?

      You're such throwback! Much more – OFFENSIVE! But I am impressed how many sentences a blonde such as yourself managed to string together.

    • It seems like you are only comparing Herman Cain to Obama because they are both african-american. I think that is the real problem here and why people are so upset. It should not be an issue of race (which Coulter has made by saying what she said). We should be comparing every politics ideas and thoughts, and race should not even be an issue. Of course, leave it to the republicans to be childish for media attention. Just when you think they can't possibly say anything more stupid than before they surprise you!

  4. RE: "might add that your ancestors that were once owned, were freed by REPUBLICANS, while Democrats fought to KEEP slavery."

    Well, a hearty thank you to you and your GOP ancestors!! I guess I should keep on owing you and your GOP friends my undying loyalties from here on out. What has the GOP done for me lately? Tax cuts for the wealthy? (White Americans now have more than 20 times the wealth of the average black household and 18 times more wealth than that of Latino household, according to a study released Monday by the Pew Research Center.)

    Geesh, these GOPers will go to the grave defending people like Ann Coulter. Glad someone is writing articles and calling them out. SMH.

    • What has the GOP done for you lately?? The better question is what has the Democrats DONE TO YOU? Historic black unemployment, policies that have created generational poverty and dependence on the government. How has that voting Democrat worked out for you? More black men in prison than college. 70% of black babies born into unwed homes. It's time for you to open your eyes.

      • Most of that historic black unemployment and poverty is occurring in very red states like Mississippi and Alabama where a progressive liberal politican can hardly be found.
        There are a number of factors at play to contribute to the problem, and certainly black people need to face the inner demons maintaining these vicious circles, however GOP economic policies of catering to the wealthy would be a complete and total disaster to many black people and middle class/working class peoples in general.

      • Why don't you make a list too? And then we'll compare what the GOP has done for anyone lately? (well except rich, white men) Are you a rich white man?

        I've always said, "the only female, black or gay republicans are rich ones." None of those people have any business being republicans unless they are self-loathing or just plain delusional.

  5. We really need to get it through our collective American heads that we are not living in a post-racial time. Sure, some things have gotten better but racism and racial consciousness have simply moved more underground, more subtle and more insidious in some ways.

    Personally, I'm glad that Ann said that nonsense. We need to be reminded that there are plenty of people out there who think like this. Also, we need to confront these issues with real talk instead of assuming these racist belief systems have disappeared just because we elected a Black president. These conversations are not fun and they make most people, black and white, uncomfortable. But we need to confront this stuff head on or we'll never get to the so-called post-racial promised land. And, you know what, maybe we don't need to. Maybe it's good enough to confront our biases, our beliefs and our shortcomings. Maybe it's good enough to have honest confrontation so that we can work through the problems instead of burying them.

  6. Just a historical point about the GOP party that freed the slaves duiring Lincoln's time. The support from African Americans flipped from the republicans to the democrats in the 1960's when Kennedy and Johnson proposed and passed the civil rights laws. Many southern democrat's ("dixiecrats", who opposed the civil rights movement) moved from the Democratic party in 1968 and supported George Wallace and then Richard Nixon in 1972. They migrated to the Republican party and that's where much of the conservative, anti-government sentiment came from. They joined forces with the Barry Goldwater branch of the Republican party and created the modern conservative movement. African Americans who were part of the Liberal wing of the Republican party (remember Ed Brooks?) drifted to the democrats because there interests were more aligned.

    • The republicans passed civil rights laws, and don't you forget it. Name the dixiecrats that came over to the republican party….

      Let me help Strom Thurmond

      • Not entirely true. While several Democratic senators (noteably Robert Byrd) delayed the bill w/ filabusters, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Senate version) eventually passed the House with a sizable majority – 289-126.

  7. Nice to see that Conservatives are being kept in their place by criticizing them when they make a mention of any race but Caucasian.
    It is all part of a political game.
    The people manipulating this type of censorship are wealthy, connected and mostly white.
    Does Ann Coulter offend people because she is Conservative? Or white?
    For some reason certain people have decided she does not deserve the right to free speech that the rest of us enjoy.
    Maybe she should scream racism at her detractors, at the top of her lungs. Even though that would make her look like a spoiled little child.