POLL365: FOX News Has Cain Ahead of Romney by 4

POLL365: FOX News Has Cain Ahead of Romney by 4


In a recent FOX News poll, Republican primary voters have selected Herman Cain as their likely nominee, surging him ahead of Mitt Romney by 4 points.  Cain takes 24% to Romney’s 20%.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich continues surging ahead at third place with 12%, compared to 10% for the better funded Gov. Rick Perry.  Note: Gingrich was at 3% in August.

Still, Cain’s overall favorable ratings are still lower than Romney’s: 33% to 40% respectively.  And, 22% of respondents still don’t know who Cain is as compared to only 10% who don’t know who Romney is. In fact, both candidates emerge as even less favorable than President Obama, who manages a favorability rating of 48%.  That’s remain unchanged since August.

Even the President’s wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, scores better than everyone on the list with a 62% favorability rating.

In other news, the FOX News poll also shows a bit of enthusiasm gap between the Democratic and Republican primary – despite the absence of any challenger to President Obama in the former primary.  39% of respondents say they will participate in the Democratic primary compared to 36% who plan to participate in the GOP primary.

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  1. (1)Mr. Herman Cain is a good man, a good Christian, a good problem solver, has much needed common sense, and is a 'proven' business and community leader. All qualities that are needed to get us out of the economic nightmare we all face. The 'career politicians' and all of those who have, blindly, 'played along' are the problem. That means us too.

  2. (2) Over the last 60+ years we, sort of, put our trust in our leadership on ‘cruise control’. ‘We the People’ trusted too much. We didn't pay enough attention to the 'details'. BOTH parties, over that same time period, began to put stuff over on us. It all started 'innocent' enough I'm sure. They have always, operated on the 'down low' when 'serving' us. Decades of 'political engineering' and manipulation. Relentlessly spending and spending some more. Passing their often hidden personal agendas and 'pork' in the mountains of bureaucratic mumbo jumbo, legislation, regulations, and the ever more confusing tax codes. It has, interestingly, benefited everyone, the 'special', and no one, all at the same time. Then to make matters worse they would spend and spend some more.

  3. (3)Now we find ourselves looking 'down the road', seeing emanate disaster, and We the People need to 'slam on the brakes'. We must defeat BOTH parties king-maker 'machines'. We must 'see' the media 'favoritism and manipulation'. They are and have always been 'followers and opportunist'. And because of the enormous amounts of money involved, they almost always pander to the 'party line' of one or both parties..
    'We the People' have to reject this convoluted 'system', the GOP's darling RINOs, and Obama. We have let these people 'run amok' for far too long. The results speak for themselves. We are trying to survive the ‘Worst economy since the Great Depression’. They are 'running up the tab' too. Workin' on 15 Trillion in debt. Worst of all, they are passing the 'bill' over to us, our children, and our children’s children. What? Good grief.

  4. (1)Brit Hume and Karl Rove are the GOP party line 'lap dogs' of Romney and Perry. Both have been wrong about Herman Cain since day one. It must suck to predict failure for others and have it come back on you and your 'favs'. Their bias is calculated and overt. We the People can see that clearly. Bill O'Rielly is as bad or worse. He has said, from the beginning, Mr. Cain is 'entertainment' and has no chance against…guess who…the 'RINO twins' Perry and Romney. All three spew their accolades and sing their love-songs for the ‘RINO twins' non-stop, 24/7. As though if they repeat their b s enough…it will come true. Are the GOP mogul/king-makers paying them?

  5. (2) If so they are WAY over-paid. Cain is 'spanking' the 'twins' in almost all the polls in almost every state. 999 is beating Perry’s 20% flat tax and Romney’s 50-something point plan in every poll too. Is that hilarious or what? Apparently, the ‘lap dogs’ much touted 'conventional political wisdom' (oxymoron), ISN'T all its cranked up to be. All three repeat, ad nauseum, Herman Cain doesn't have nearly enough money to defeat the 'deep pocket' organized political machines the ‘RINO twins' have. Uh…look around. Wrong again! Apparently, again, Money Can't Buy You LOVE! How’s all that prognostication and political drivel workin' for ya'? Karl? Brit? Billy?…LOL