L.A. Latinos: Time for John and Ken Show to Go

L.A. Latinos: Time for John and Ken Show to Go


John Kobylt and Kenneth Chiampou are among the most famous and unapologetic immigrant-bashers in the Los Angeles area media market.  For nearly twenty years they’ve made immigration their biggest red hot button while dominating KFI 640 AM airwaves with a brand of racially-tinged rant thinly disguised as “free speech.”

During one of many California state budget battles a few years back, John and Ken openly targeted certain Republican state legislators who supported a deal that included revenue increases while calling for their “heads on a stick.” The “head on a stick” reference didn’t sit too well with many John and Ken detractors.  Many accused the duo of painting the budget scenario with a broad brush and inciting rhetoric that was simplistic and divisive.

Immigration is a policy area where nuance matters because of different visas, refugee status, economic conditions, and personal circumstances. Someone can enter the country illegally or overstay a visa, and in one day, his status changes. In a state like Alabama where a tough new immigration law was enacted, farmers are having a difficult time finding enough employees as the state’s Latinos are fleeing for cover from deportation.  The move is costing big farm industry states like Alabama, Florida, Georgia and others billions of dollars in lost, rotting crops.  California is also one of those states that could suffer massive damage to its agricultural industry if a federal law is passed mandating all U.S. businesses comply with the national E-Verify database managed by Homeland Security. So painting immigration policies with a broad brush often doesn’t leave room for the consideration of unique cases and situations.

But, John and Ken seldom care about nuance.  While many Southern Californians seek a more thoughtful discussion on immigration and tune in elsewhere, John and Ken seek sensationalism and advertising-generating radio antics. Back in 2004, the two initiated a “human sacrifice” stunt campaign to defeat Democratic Congressman Joe Baca and Republican Congressman David Dreier for their perceived softness on the immigration issue. The National Republican Congressional Committee even filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against John and Ken for running an illegal campaign against Dreier. The complaint was rejected, and ultimately, Baca and Dreier are still in Congress today.

In the past month, the California DREAM Act made it out of the state legislature and was just signed into state law by Gov. Jerry Brown.  The proposal allows undocumented youth who have been accepted into state universities an opportunity to receive state aid. But before this occurred, there was intense lobbying from both pro and anti-immigration advocates.

John and Ken seized the California DREAM Act opportunity (or “illegal alien college bill,” as they called it) to pounce on a favorite subject: undocumented immigrants.   In the process, they stooped to a new low.  On air they read the personal and office phone numbers of Jorge-Mario Cabrera, a spokesman for CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles) urging listeners to “congratulate him for stealing your taxpayer money.” Cabrera received hundreds of angry phone calls, including a few that threatened his safety.

In media relations, cell phone numbers on press advisories are typically treated with confidentiality because they can be the personal numbers of an agency or organization’s employee. On the other hand, numbers issued to organizations are widely available, and reading an audience the phone number of an elected official is a common practice. But with an issue as controversial as immigration, reading out a cell phone on the air and then encouraging calls is plain irresponsible and hazardous.

Now, the National Hispanic Media Coalition and other Latino groups are calling for a boycott of Clear Channel’s KFI 640 AM and the John and Ken show. Leaders have asked to shut the duo show down, yet the station refuses to fire them. With the boycott on, Los Angeles area residents will have an opportunity to flex their buying power through John and Ken sponsors.

“What advertiser in the world wants to be associated with hate speech?” asked Alex Nogales, the head of the National Hispanic Media Coalition in a recent interview.  “Especially in a county that’s 48 percent Latino. The large national corporations don’t even know they’re advertising on the show. Vons doesn’t know. Ralphs doesn’t know. Albertsons doesn’t know. Who shops in those markets but Latinos in large, large numbers?”

Media personalities can be against illegal immigration and against bills like the California DREAM Act, but broadcasting personal cell phone numbers on the air crosses the lines of decency. If the boycott of John and Ken sponsors goes viral, the colorful duo will back down. Already, John and Ken are writings letters to the editor of The Los Angeles Times, a paper that they both “ridicule as irrelevant,” complaining about how they are being targeted for their remarks.

John and Ken can always dish it out, but it looks like they can’t take it.


    • Sadly is normal for many Whites to Hate.No one is born a bigot! It learn behavior at home from mom and dad.Without hate many whites feel they have no Power! They hate and blame the victim such Sammy "Latinos are always crying about something"Let's all pray that special Sammy does wake up Latino or Black.Hate in America has become the norm.World knowns that.Why do you think Americans are not so welcome outside the USA.They bring the Hilter Factor with them.It shows.Stop the hate!

  1. Funny this has nothing to do with Latinos complaining but white idiots who I've never even heard of. Never listened to these guys before. Maybe because I think for myself

    • I would call a "boycott" a form of complaining, wouldn't you? In your defense, this highly biased "article" does sort of portray them in an inaccurate bad light, so if you've never actually listened to them, I could see how you are mistaken.

    • If you have never heard of these guys, why do you refer to them as white idiots? Based on your statement, I may assume you are an idiot as well? This has everything to do with Latinos demonstrating and most likely not even speaking the language of the signs they are holding up. I would bet money that the majority of these protestors would push the "number 2 button for Spanish".

  2. You have never heard of them, nor listened to them you say. Yet you call them white idiots.

    Sounds like someone else did your thinking on that one for you to insult a couple of complete strangers you have never heard of.

    • @Sammy – It's interesting that hate filled comments against immigrants are always posted anonymously. It's the internet equivalent of people wearing white hoods. It easy to be a hate monger while you hide your identity. BTW….Please don't bother to respond unless you have the courage to identify yourself.

      • There are no hate filled comment here, Tony! That is same tired old line you and others like use to cloud the issue. You use terms like 'hate', 'racist', bigot' and any other inflammatory label to keep from addressing the real issue, because you have NO argument. If you come across the US border illegally, you take the risk of what happens in the future to you and your family. Staying here for years doesn't mean that you didn't initially make the choice to break the laws of this nation. THEY need to pay the price by being SENT HOME, then they can get a clue and start the process legally like people from every other part of the world do. You can't just waltz into the US and start claiming your right to be here….if you did it illegally, you have zero firckin' rights in this country other than to be bussed back to the border.

  3. You lose credibility in the first sentence by calling them "immigrant bashers"… they have never bashed legal immigration. The issue here is with Jerry Brown's decision to reward a criminal act with taxpayer funds.

    Cabrera is an enemy of the American taxpayer and if he can't handle a few negative phone calls, then he should get out of the business of ripping us off. The hosts at KFI get all kinds of crazy phone calls and death threats but they don't cry about it like sissy Jorge.

    If you don't like it, stick to Piolin.

      • Really? Just because they want the border laws enforced? They've never said anything racist and have a lot of legal Latino listeners. Rewarding lawlessness is insane. The illegals that come here move into Latino neighbor hoods and victimize legal Latino citizens. Not to mention bringing back diseases like whooping cough which was eradicated in the US. We must have control of who crosses our border or soon southern Cali will be like TJ. You want that? Why did you move here if you just want to make this place like Mexico, where laws are just punch lines.

      • Tony, you are blinded by your own heritage. Just because you are a Latino yourself doesn't mean you have to jump on the brotherhood bandwagon and accept what is clearly an issue about one thing only, legal or illegal status. If you don't like the laws, get them changed. In the meantime, if you are a US citizen, uphold the laws of your country

  4. Well put, Steve.

    They have said numerous times they think LEGAL immigration is a good thing, as most of us do.

    Even one cent of our tax dollars going to someone who isn't a citizen of this country is wrong.

    Of course Brown won't let the taxpayers decide. Everyone knows what the vote would be.

    No. No. No.

  5. So we have some minor children brought to America by there "illegal" parents. They are schooled in our system for 18 years and you call them criminals. So you support charging an infant with bank robbery if the mother is pregnant while she robs a bank? Let's 18 years later arrest and throw out those who have lived as American and tasted the American dream for 18 years. These kids are students for at least 3 years in America and have a high school diploma. Your plan is to export this talent to other countries so they can enjoy the rewards of what AMERICA paid for. Sounds like more backwards policies that reward everyone else then Americans, and I'm talking about future rewards. I think immigration should be legal, however I also believe in getting a return on your investments. That's what good business leaders do, and we should do the same for these kids. We invested in them, we allowed them to live the American dream, oh but wait they must pay for their parent's crimes. Makes no sense. Shoot the baby… parents get off scott free.

    • Eventually something has to give Jennifer. I'm sure you can appreciate that this State cannot continue to allow illegal immigrants to come here either with kids or by having kids while here all being educated on the taxpayer dollar.

      At the rate it is going it simply cannot be sustained. Schools are not only laying teachers off, but they are also adding mobile homes to make room for the influx of students.

      LEGAL immigration is wonderful I think. ILLEGAL immigration robs the taxpayer and their children.

      Many come for a better life and many come to take advantage, either way there is a legal way to do it. It may be a difficult process, but it is the legal process and millions have done it, the right way.

      I'm not against the Dream Act, I'm against the timing. We are BROKE.

      By the way, you never did address how a self-thinking person like yourself came to call two complete strangers white idiots.

      • I would like some solid evidence that the reason for the increase in our student populations is because of illegals? We have budget cuts, tax cuts ( recall the Big 9 Deal). I can tell you it is the parents causing the trouble and the kids are the ones who suffer. Yes we are broke. We give tax breaks to companies that base jobs overseas, we pay people like John Boehner $250,000 a year (keep in mind Democrats want to cap pay at $90,000, this is stalled in Congress currently). There are all these examples of waste. How about California's prison psychologist who makes $800,000 a year part-time. We are slowly weakening our economy by creating hysteria. I hear all this broke garbage but when taxes ate up more of our income in 60's, 70s, and 80s America weren't struggling and we had MORE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. There has been a sharp decline in both illegal and legal immigration. Its hysteria and foolish Americans (since we illiterate and fail to read and comprehend) buy this garbage on a silver platter.

        • Jennifer,

          I don't think there would be many people on either side who are angry about companies shipping jobs overseas or obscene public worker salaries. But that's a separate topic. it's not an either/or situation. The tech boom and the housing bubble gave us the impression that our economy was fine when it really wasn't. It masked the huge jobs problem in this country – the offshoring of manufacturing and service jobs at the same time that employers got used to breaking the law by hiring people illegally in the country. The result today is record unemployment. At the same time you have state and federal government addicted to the same higher level of spending that corresponded with the tax revenues during the most recent bubbles.

          Also, you are misinformed about the number of people in our country illegally. It has never been higher. The rate of people entering/overstaying may have gone down, but the illegal population still exceeds 12 million by most estimates.

    • Immigration is legal, illegal immigration is not. Period.
      Ask a Mexican cop what he would do to your 18 year old.
      He'd slap her in cuffs and throw her in jail for 20 years that’s what he would do.
      The US can only take so many immigrants before our system breaks down.
      Like it will soon do, all our states are broke because of social programs and union pensions.

    • We did not 'invest' in them…..politicians with no balls turned a blind-eye for years and years just to garner votes from a particular constituency. These politicians are still whoring themselves out from the Feds on down to keep from upholding our laws and losing their political positions in doing so. They are sell outs. Investment has nothing to do with this issue, Jennifer….sorry

    • We can also say the education that child received on the back of legal American tax payers is a gift to that child’s homeland. The tax payers gave them a fine education and now they can go home and use it to make their homeland a better place, one that maybe people would want to stay in. I think that is a fine return on our investment indeed.

      And please, do not bring out the old worn out argument that this poor child, has never been to their homeland. If their parents can sneak them into our country illegally and make a life, that child can certainly go home and make a life legally in their homeland.

    • Jennifer, your argument is as stupid as I assume you are. No, we shouldn't charge the infant with the robbery… but we shouldn't allow the infant to keep the money, either! That's what this is… rewarding children for crimes committed by their parents. That will encourage more crimes!

      But hey, if we're trying to reward the children and not the parents, then every illegal who applies for aid under the Dream Act should have to agree to have their parents deported, right?

    • Yes, we educated the children at the expense of our own. Send the whole kit and kaboodle back to where they came from.
      Legal immigration is fine, but slipping in over the border illegally and stealing education, IDs and services in something else.

  6. Jennifer, solid evidence is with the enrollment of the students within the school of this great state and of many other states. It will show you that in many of our schools, the birthplace of many of the students is Mexico(an other countries South of the border). The schools in the Southeastern portion of Los Angeles became overcrowded in the 80's and the trend continued elsewhere. The teacher's union's lobbied and were able to get legislation passed that will have a large portion (40%) of our state taxes go towards education. We are paying for the education of residents of other countries. My wife's cousins living in Mexico City say that we are foolish to let this keep happening. Plus, the people who are more educated are not coming here. My grandparents immigrated here from Mexico and became citizens. I have students who's parent got citizenship and have their children going through the process. I know of many students who do not even start the process but "demand" that we give them "entitlements." Citizens of this state will be put behind illegal immigrants in the process of receiving financial aid. Tell me of any other country that does what we are doing. I know of now Socialist or communist country that would. It becomes self distructive. We have a process for citizenship and people need to follow the process and our laws.

  7. What a surprise, people who support people who break the law also support censorship. I guess American values are changing and the rest of us just have to sit back and do all the hard work so that everyone else can be happy.

    • Cause ilegal immigrants don't do any hard work, huh? Newsflash: They, along with their minor children, pick crops and work in all levels of agricultural production so that your lazy self can have affordable food. Their labor brings in billions of dollars to our state, as California is the biggest, most proftable farm state in America.

  8. Let me guess, 'Tony Herrera'…by virtue of being Latino yourself, you blindly accept the absolute illegal nature of your own coming across the borders with no bounds or rules. They are not immigrants, bonehead….they are illegal aliens. 'Immigrant' implies a legal status, which they do not have. Its not racist, its not bigoted, its not hate filled….its an issue about one thing. We have laws in this nation that specify legal and non-legal status. My whole family came from another country to the US and had to go through the legal process to become citizens, and you and your illegal-immigrant loving hordes have the audacity to say we should just turn a blind-eye to this menace while others have busted their asses to become citizens the legal way?? There is no argument past this….if you are here legally, more power to you…if you are here ILLEGALLY, you are by definition ILLEGAL and you need to go home and start the process LEGALLY.

      • Corrrection, Mr Hererra…by definition, if you break the law you are illegal. If I rob a bank, that's an illegal act. If I am here in this country illegally, that is an illegal act and by DEFINITION, I would be an illegal alien. You and those like you need to stop trying to get around the truth by always using your famous 'racist' card since you have no real argument. Racism, bigot, all those terms are your ways of saying you have no argument so you use that to try and counteract the truth with inflammatory rhtetoric that has NOTHING to do with our position. I'm all for anyone from ANY country coming here legally….just go home, get in line, and do like I had to do it and millions more have also. Stop trying to cheat the system and act like its 'owed' to you. This country owes illegal aliens absolutely nothing.

          • I have a very good understanding of it, my friend…the law itself, if upheld, would solve the whole problem. The whole problem! If our country, including the feds and the states, would adhere to the immigration laws already on the books, and arrest and deport those who have entered this country illegally, there would be no issue. Also, if we would put troops on our borders to keep them in their own country (like Mexico does on its southern border, I might add) this would prevent this scourge from coming here in the first place. That is what is broken, nothing more, Mr Herrera.

  9. So much for unbiased journalism! Just because they want the border laws enforced? They've never said anything racist and have a lot of legal Latino listeners. Rewarding lawlessness is insane. The illegals that come here move into Latino neighbor hoods and victimize legal Latino citizens. Not to mention bringing back diseases like whooping cough which was eradicated in the US. We must have control of who crosses our border or soon southern Cali will be like TJ. You want that? Why did you move here if you just want to make this place like Mexico, where laws are just punch lines.

  10. I suggest you post the following as corrections to your widely inaccurate column:
    John and Ken "rant" against all illegal immigrants regardless of race. Therefore characterizing their broadcasts as racist is in error. Please look up the term "racist.'
    Your use of the term " revenue increases" is merely a deceptive euphemism for taxes. Please use the correct characterisations of such terminology. Tax increases are just required to supplement Sacramento slush funds and special interests and as such, particularly objectionable in these tough times.
    Immigration is NOT a nuanced issue. It is clear what constitutes Illegal and legal. There is little doubt in this matter, as much as you would like to conglomerate all immigrants, there are two well defined groups – those who have the right to be in this country and those who don't.

    • Other ethnic groups have lobbied on behalf of the Dream Act, but have John and Ken ever named those activists? Did they give out the private phone number of any non-Latinos?Nope.

  11. Hate speech appears to be any opinion that is inconsistent with yours. This is not atypical of special interests, such as yourselves, who wish to suppress free speech when their position is indefensible. You have no justifieable argument and therefore resort to name calling.
    Finally, the cell phone number that they (John and Ken) broadcast was released on that particular individuals press releases and therefore public information. Please make sure that you get your facts straight before making such imflammatory statements.

    Thank you.

  12. I don't think an author that fails to distinguish between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration should be criticizing John and Ken for their lack of "nuance." In fact, they're usually quite clear about the difference, yet critics like you use bold-faced lies like "unapologetic immigrant-bashers" to make your empty case.

    And the phone number read out was listed on a press release, and was thus not "personal." If you don't want your personal number in the public sphere, don't list it as a contact number. Do your research next time.

  13. Illegal immigration is not a race! Illegal immigration is an action! It comes in all shapes, sized, ages, colors and nationalities. Quit calling the race card.

  14. So the illegals want to shut people up who oppose them, yet keep spewing the hate themselves? So they want to keep all opposition down, they don't want an intelligent debate or an honest debate. They just want to scream the race card, because they can't understand how Illegal is not a race. It figures the same people who break the law and support the law breakers also support censorship and don't respect the USA or the Constitution, but demand respect anyhow.

    • John and Ken don't debate anything. They give out private phone numbers to their ignorant, lunatic listeners. The CA Dream Act is such a non-isue. Less than 1% of aid will go to illegal immigrants and most of that will not even go to Latinos. It will go to Asians.

      Meanwhile Wall St. and war contractors are stealing trillions of out tax dollars everyday. The top 1% use illegal immigration and tools like John and Ken as a distraction. But people are waking up.


      • For the millionth time, Jorge-Mario Cabrera's phone number is not private. He is the Director of Communications and Public Relations for CHIRLA. Sounds like someone that publicizes his phone number, huh? That is why he posted it on the press release CHIRLA sent to KFI. He also lists his phone number on the CHIRLA website and makes it clear that it is his direct line – 213-353-1789. He obviously wants people to call him. Unfortunately for him, the people that called did not share his position on taxpayer money being used for the college eduation of illegal aliens.

        If the Dream Act is a non-issue and less than 1% will go to illegal aliens, then why did the illegal aliens fight so hard for it to pass? If it is a non-issue and Latinos will not get most of the money, why is it that every group that supported the passage of the Dream Act appeared to be 99% Latino?

        Then you try to change the subject in an effort to deflect attention to another problem in our country. The subjects of this debate are illegal immigration, John & Ken and the Dream Act.

  15. These two ILLEGAL ALIEN activist chumps aren't going to have any effect at all!!!! The management at KFI are behind J & K. They have spoken about this openly on the air!!! Go read the letter put out by KFI management on the J & K website.

    J & K speak for the MAJORITY of Californians on this issue and it will be the demise of Jerry Brown!!!

    J & K are going nowhere!!!! Boycotts don't work, and niether will this one!!!

  16. "John and Ken can always dish it out, but it looks like they can’t take it"

    Can't take what Adriana??? J & K will STILL do the show the same way they have always done it!!! Do some more research before you look like a FOOL again!!!

  17. Illegal Immigrants are foreign nationals violating Americas sovereign laws. We should not be doing a single thing for any illegal immigrant. Illegals should have no political representation in our nation other than your diplomats. YOU DO NOT FALL UNDER OUR CONSTITUTIONAL JURISDICTION.

  18. I, like the majority in the Country, have a real problem with any person coming into this Country illegally. We have laws that are meant to be followed by EVERYONE. I also have a huge problem with those same people sucking this Country dry of it finances and resources and then whinning for even more. You want to speak out and protest…GO HOME AND DO IT! Go fix your own sewer of a country you call home! You don't want to be a citizen here and we don't want more criminals around (and you are criminals because you broke the law to get here). John and Ken don't say anything we haven't heard else where or said ourselves. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND WE WILL DEFEND IT!!! (even if our Government, and certainly our Governor, don't have the balls to do it)

  19. Umm, excuse me, but isn't the Dream Act for ALL undocumented illegal aliens? Why do certain Latino factions think that just because a taxpayer(of a broke State) disagrees with the bill, they're anti-Latino? Are John and Ken loud? Yes. (Well, John is). But, if you listen vs. hearing 2nd, 3rd, 4th hand hearsay, you'd know that J&K have no party, ethnic, or religious prejudices. Do they protest waste from the government? Yes. Ridiculous regulations that stifle business? Yes. Are they racist because they disagree with the politicians who pander to certain groups just to get votes? (which is racist through and through, BTW) No. If advertisiers want to pull off b/c of J&K's free speech, then I will see it as an attack on free speech and choose not to buy from those companies. But, alas, I'll still be at work vs. having a march about it.

  20. I get it. I really do. The people, like Ms. Meastas, will argue California really belongs to Mexico and the Mexican citizens are taking back what is rightfully theirs. There is a radical faction who thinks this way. If you don't think this way, then why wouldn't you be for putting American kids ahead of anyone else? Trying to reason with people who have such a skewed philosophy is trying to reason with a drunk.

  21. Go John and Ken!! – I did it the right way – took me 14 years but I am legal. I hate LAZY people trying to get things the EASY way. If you've been here since you were a baby, WTF is taking you so long to apply for citizenship or a visa or a work permit? If you're too lazy to do that, why should any of us pay for your school, your medical bills, your car insurance, your prison time? Lazy people piss me off!

  22. If you are an immigrant and are in the U.S. legally, welcome. Happy to have you here. But if you are in this country illegally, then get the h**l out and go back where you came from, and take your anchor babies with you.

  23. In the author's opinion they are racist. She's only saying that because they are White. Only White people are called "racist" for wanting to enforce the most basic of immigration laws. That's why I think that anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-white.

  24. No one is Demanding Japan be flooded with Non-Japanese and are encouraging everyone to “mix in”, until the Japanese are blended out of existence.

    No one is Demanding the Middle East be flooded with Non-Arabs are and encouraging everyone to “mix in”, until the Arabs are blended out of existence.

    Only citizens of White/European Countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all the countries in Europe are having this immigration Forced on them without a vote or discussion allowed anywhere.

    This “assimilation” or blending is nothing more than an attempt to wipe out my race, the White race. It is genocide.

    They aren’t anti-racists, they’re anti-White.

  25. Free speech is not a disguise for anything. It's free speech.

    No one is demanding Japan be flooded with Non-Japanese and encouraging everyone to "mix in", until the Japanese are blended out of existence.
    No one is demanding the Middle East be flooded with Non-Arabs and encouraging everyone to "mix in", until the Arabs are blended out of existence.
    Only citizens of historically White countries are having immigration forced upon them without a vote or genuine discussion.
    This "assimilation" is really an attempt to wipe out my race, the White race. It is genocide.
    They aren't anti-racist, they're anti-White.
    Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White.

  26. Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  27. Africa for the Africans,Asia for the Asians,white countries for EVERYBODY!

    Its politically incorrect to defend your race if you`re white.

    Its politically correct to demand the GENOCIDE of your race via mass non-white immigration and "assimilation" ONLY for white countries.


    Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white.

    • What a joke you are. White people stole their countries from non-white people. They stole America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc. They committed genocide against the natives and the ones who managed to survive are now called "aliens" or "illegals."

      You are from EUROPE.

  28. Being undocumented (illegal) doesn't make you a special "race". John and Ken expose those who abuse our tax dollars without worrying about who might be offended by it. I don't care what race you are- if you come here illegally, abuse our systems (designed for tax paying Americans) you deserve nothing but a ride back to wherever you came from. Want to come to our universities? Get back in line and pay for your own education. Just in case you morons forgot, CA IS BROKE!

  29. I don't think its about race, its about being legal. Or Illegal. If you are illegal, you need to leave. No money, no education, no job, no stealing from taxpayers. Illegal is illegal. Period. Get out, take your kids, your mother-in-law, etc. Just get out.

  30. Nobody is flooding and “integrating” black nations and ONLY black nations with non-blacks and calling native blacks evil racists for opposing their replacement. This is happening in white nations and ONLY in white nations. They say they are antiracist. What they are is antiwhite. Antiracist is a code word for antiwhite. And what they want is genocide.

  31. Illegals HAVE NO RIGHTS. You DO NOT BELONG HERE. GET OUT. And that phone number, was public knowledge, quit crying about it you pussies, you got some calls that let you know HOW AMERICA FEELS. GET OVER IT, AN LEAVE THIS COUNTRY

  32. AT&T and Verizon are pulling their ads from the John & Ken Show on KFI due to pressure from pro-illegal alien groups! My family, friends, co-workers and I will BOYCOTT! I was going to drop Sprint for Verizon, but NO WAY now….and I am getting rid of AT&T at home because they SUPPORT CRIMINALS! "ILLEGAL" is not a race, you idiots….it's a CRIME!

  33. Enter text right here!The so-called "anti-racists" here can`t deny that they want a world in which white people are an ever-decreasing population until eventually we no longer exist because of mass immigration and "assimilation".

    It is an act of genocide to advocate or facilitate the destruction of a racial or other group.

    Lots of people are saying: Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

  34. The cell phone number was publicly out there on the press release!! None of these articles care to mention that. John and Ken vocalize what the vast majority of Californians feel, otherwise they wouldn't have a 1.2 million listener base.

  35. John and Ken are employed by the top 1%. The top 1% passed NAFTA and the War on Drugs which pushes Mexicans off of their land and forces them to come here in search of work. Then the top1% use the media to scapegoat Mexican immigrants and blame them for the bad economy which we all know was caused by the top1% stealing our money through bailouts. The top1% use illegal immigration to distract the 99%.

    • Says the person typing on the computer made by a corporation, which by definition of the Occupy Movement, is the 1%… Go back to carrier pigeons, you sheep.

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