Perry’s Blues, California Cannibal, Obama Fried Chicken and Cain Rising

Perry’s Blues, California Cannibal, Obama Fried Chicken and Cain Rising


by Dr. Jason Johnson, Chief Political Correspondent for

That Niggerhead Story Just Won’t Die

While Herman Cain pretends to be offended and the rest of the Republican field is oddly silent, Rick Perry continues to stew this morning and await further fallout from the Washington Post “Niggerhead” story. Perry’s owned family property called “Niggerhead” for almost 20 years and there are questions as to when or if he ever got around to painting over the sign in front of the property with those fateful words on them. While all press has a take, the story on captures the real issue here, namely: it’s not the name of the hunting ground itself as much as what Perry’s fond memories of his childhood in a hostile segregated town say about his current politics.

Eat Your Heart Out….No Seriously

It is amazing how issues like Law and Order and crime are no longer important in presidential politics. When is the last time candidates really said anything about crime in this country except when discussing executions, which are at the back end? One wonders, however, if the GOP might want to make hay with an upcoming appeals hearing in California this week. Omaima Aree Nelson has already served 20 years in a California state prison and will seek parole on Wednesday the 5th of October. The crime? She killed her husband, then proceeded to chop up, cook and then eat his body for two months to hide the evidence. The Egyptian-born former model claims her husband repeatedly raped her during their marriage, but former boyfriends who helped her….finish off the body…claim she was quite glib about the whole thing. Rick Perry needs a distraction right now. So, given his history of executions, he should be all over this story and argue this woman deserves the deep fryer.

China’s Economic Plan: Eat Obama’s Chicken?

It’s hard enough when the President is constantly assailed by racist fools in the United States but he has to wake up every morning and find himself being attacked by foreign foolishness as well. The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom notes that an “Obama Fried Chicken” restaurant has popped up in Hong Kong and other locations around China.  With Colonel Sanders likeness in the logo and the “We are so cool” catchphrase you can’t see why this franchise wouldn’t spread across the rest of Asia and Europe with a little more marketing. Then again, some speculate that the restaurants are a response to American complaints about Chinese tariffs on our chicken. Apparently, China pays almost twice as much for American chicken as locally grown chicken. Of course ours is Obama-lickin-good and doesn’t have bird flu.

Cain wins back to back Polls

I have long hoped for an America where Black and White political leaders are treated with the same biased, dismissive brush by the press. And it appears we have reached that point. Herman “I Come to bring the” Cain has been steadily improving in the polls over the last month winning the only two contests that have occurred in the GOP race; the Florida Straw Poll and the Republican Woman’s Straw Poll in Kansas City last week.  Yet, in the GOP race he is still polling somewhere between John Huntsman and a hot ham sandwich. What’s brother got to do to get some love from the mainstream media? Cain is effectively being given the Ron Paul treatment, where despite his popularity or the number of people agreeing with his statements, he will be ignored because political leaders on high and the press gatekeepers think he’s ‘unelectable’. When you consider straw polls, Romney has zero, Perry has zero and Bachman only has one in Iowa where she barely beat out Ron Paul. Cain has half the organization as the top two candidates but has won in a crucial swing state and a safe red state. Welcome to post-racial America Herman, where you can be dismissed despite your success as much as any other White GOP candidate.